Newsletter - Edition 1-2016

News from the Principal

Karen Jebb Eucharist.JPGDear members of the Genazzano FCJ College community,

I am delighted to welcome you to the College community for the 2016 school year. I officially began my role of Principal of Genazzano FCJ College on Monday 18 January and I can say that I have enjoyed every single moment so far. I feel incredibly energised and excited about being part of this wonderful College. I could not have been welcomed more warmly and openly. Over these past few days I have enjoyed meeting many people connected with this College: our staff, students, parents and alumnae. Remembering everyone’s name at the moment is a challenge, but a challenge I am committed to overcome.

On Wednesday 27 January, teaching staff returned for a two-day program in preparation for the arrival of our students. It was extremely exciting to welcome our students last Friday and on Monday. There was lots of enthusiasm, some nerves and much anticipation! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting our students in assemblies and as I've walked around the classrooms and school yard I have noticed many happy faces. I felt an air of excitement from our students about being back at school after a long break. The ELC Parent Information night was held last week and I was pleased to also attend the GMA Year 12 Parent Welcome BBQ on Friday evening. Both of these events were excellent and provided a wonderful opportunity to meet parents. Term 1 is a short term, only eight weeks, and we have many events and activities organised, so I encourage you to read all communication from the College and follow the school calendar carefully.

Our College theme for 2016, ‘Fidelity and Joy in the Year of Mercy’ is a meaningful and timely theme which we will explore throughout the year. Within the context of our FCJ charism, this theme will inspire our Catholic College community in many ways and has the potential to take us on a rich journey of exploring our faith and reflecting on our experiences of joy and mercy. I think an annual school theme provides a deep and meaningful framework for the school community to explore the rich and life-giving charism it has been blessed with. It provides a particular lens through which we journey in the ongoing understanding of our faith and our relationship with God. There is much to explore with this theme, and so it is good that we have the whole year in which to do it.

In Pope Francis’ introduction to the Year of Mercy, he spoke about the symbolism of the door. He has called the ‘Holy Door’ (the main entry door to St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican city) the ‘Door of Mercy’. Anyone who passes through this door can experience the love of the God who consoles, pardons and instils hope. I think this is a beautiful image that reminds us that “Mercy will always be greater than any sin, and no one can place limits on the love of God who is ever ready to forgive”.

The act of mercy comes from a deep love and John’s Gospel (Chapter 13) provides an insight into this: “I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another.” I have already experienced a sense of the deep love that is part of this College community. A love that comes from an understanding that we are all made in the image and likeness of God and have the potential to become even more than we can imagine.

I believe that every person is a gift from God, full of potential and with the capacity to both give and receive great love. A Catholic education is about recognising the gifts of each child, young woman and adult in our care, and cultivating these gifts to enable each individual to reach their personal potential. Each student is to be named and known for who she or he is. We have a responsibility to ensure that each student is inspired to achieve his or her own very best

Matthew’s gospel provides further insight into Jesus’ understanding of mercy in his discourse on the Beatitudes: (5:7) mercy is an ideal of life and a criterion for the credibility of our faith, “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy.” This is a beatitude to which we should particularly aspire this year. As we can see in Sacred Scripture, mercy is a key word that indicates God’s action towards us. God does not limit God’s self merely to affirming God’s love, but makes it visible and tangible. Our challenge this year is to make the action of mercy visible for the whole school community and beyond. It is through these actions that we can truly experience joy and hope in our life. Extending mercy and love to the other is what we are called to do as a faith filled community. The founder of the Faithful Companions of Jesus, Marie Madeleine D’Houet, models for us the fidelity and joy that comes from extending mercy to others. The words and actions of Jesus, as written in the Gospels, provide us with examples of how we are called to extend our mercy to others. This is beautifully described by Pope Francis: “We need constantly to contemplate the mystery of mercy. It is a well spring of joy, serenity and peace.”

I extend my gratitude to the College Ministry Team for their insight into formulating this theme for the 2016 school year and I look forward with hope and joy as we journey to discover the depth of its meaning for our school community this year.

Being a leader of a Catholic order owned school is a true privilege and joy. I am a passionate educator who believes wholeheartedly in educating within a faith-filled Catholic environment. I am thrilled to begin my journey at Genazzano FCJ College and I have so much hope for the future. For me, Catholic education is about learning for life: it is holistic, purposeful and hope filled and it needs to challenge everyone.

I believe strongly that our core responsibility is to offer the very best holistic learning environment we can in order to cultivate the gifts and talents of each individual, within the context of a faith community. Learning is at the centre of all we do and it is our faith community that guides us in how we do it. Learning must be purposeful, engaging for all students, dynamic, contemporary and innovative. We need to celebrate all aspects and types of learning. It should bring joy, happiness and provide opportunity for every student. Learning, in all its forms, is about moving forward, developing, growing, experiencing, evaluating and improving.

As a new person to the school, I have lots to learn, and I recognise that I must do this quickly. The College is in a great place and I am looking forward to leading the school in the next phase of its history. I am grateful for the very warm welcome I have received over the last three weeks and I look forward with energy, passion and hope for the future of this wonderful College.

Finally, I look forward to gathering with many of our families at ‘Gen Welcomes’ on Saturday 13 February. I am told it is a very special evening that I will enjoy very much.

With every blessing.

Karen Jebb



Lord Jesus Christ, 
you have taught us to be merciful like the heavenly Father, 
and have told us that whoever sees you sees Him. 
Show us your face and we will be saved. 
Your loving gaze freed Zacchaeus and Matthew from being enslaved by money; 
the adulteress and Magdalene from seeking happiness only in created things; 
made Peter weep after his betrayal, 
and assured Paradise to the repentant thief. 
Let us hear, as if addressed to each one of us, the words that you spoke to the Samaritan woman: “If you knew the gift of God!”

You are the visible face of the invisible Father, 
of the God who manifests his power above all by forgiveness and mercy: 
let the Church be your visible face in the world, its Lord risen and glorified. 
You willed that your ministers would also be clothed in weakness 
in order that they may feel compassion for those in ignorance and error: 
let everyone who approaches them feel sought after, loved, and forgiven by God.

Send your Spirit and consecrate every one of us with its anointing, 
so that the Jubilee of Mercy may be a year of grace from the Lord, 
and your Church, with renewed enthusiasm, may bring good news to the poor, 
proclaim liberty to captives and the oppressed, 
and restore sight to the blind.

We ask this of you, Lord Jesus, through the intercession of Mary, Mother of 
Mercy; you who live and reign with the Father and the Holy Spirit for ever and ever.



Faith and Mission News

College theme

Our College theme for 2016 beautifully encapsulates our belief in the God of love and compassion: Fidelity and Joy in the Year of Mercy. Fidelity to the call of the gospel, to the tradition of the Faithful Companions of Jesus and to the service of others will lead to joy, especially in this Year of Mercy.

The Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy was called by Pope Francis, and began on 8 December 2015 (the 50th anniversary of the closing of the Second Vatican Council) and concludes on 20 November 2016. The official proclamation (or ‘bull of indiction’) of the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy is entitled Misericordiae Vultus (‘the Face of Mercy’) and explains how in Jesus Christ, in his words and actions, the mercy of God has been revealed.

Our College theme informs and inspires all we do – we will teach with fidelity, learn with fidelity and walk in the footsteps of the Faithful Companions of Jesus with fidelity. We will do that because that’s what we are called to do as people of God, as a joyful people gathered together to celebrate all our gifts, keenly aware of our privileges and also of our challenges. My prayer is that at the end of 2016 we may look back upon the year we shared and say together, “Yes - that was joyful, we shared some special times and walked the path of mercy”. May God bless us all on our journey. 

Bill Fitzsimons
Deputy Principal: Faith and Mission



News from the Deputy Principal

Welcome to all our families for 2016 – the beginning of the year is an exciting time but it can also be a challenging time as we face new opportunities and change. The beginning of the year also provides us with a wonderful opportunity to think about how we would like to make the most of our learning journey at Genazzano. Perhaps this year it is a time to make new friends, to discover a new subject, try a different co-curricular activity or to focus on a different gift or talent. That’s one of the wonderful things about education; each year brings the possibility of starting afresh.

A particular welcome to our incoming students. We have a number of new students commencing at each year level and many procedures have been put in place to ensure a smooth transition to the College. We are mindful of our boarding students as well. Boarders new to Genazzano have a particularly exciting time as they adjust to a new ‘home away from home’ in addition to meeting their new friends and undertaking a different learning program. 

I am also pleased to welcome the following staff to Genazzano:

  • Dan Allen (Multimedia Technician)
  • Alister Barker (Cello Teacher)
  • Bridget Barnes (ELC Assistant 4yo Program)
  • Alicia Bendall (Classical Voice Teacher)
  • Jane Birrell (ELC Lead Teacher 3yo Program)
  • Catherine Bryant (Japanese Teacher)
  • Moira Christie (English Teacher Year 8,10, 11 & 12 & Winter 4 Homeroom)
  • Chris Day (Head of Brass)
  • Bill Fitzsimons (Deputy Principal: Faith & Mission)
  • Tanya Holla (Food Technology & Health/Human Development Teacher & Winter 1 Homeroom Teacher)
  • Moira Keen (Braille Transcriber / Learning Support)
  • Deon Ning (Classroom Music Teacher)
  • James Song (VCE VCE Chemistry, Year 8 Science & Year 8 Homeroom Teacher
  • Matthew Tyler (Creative Arts Technician)
  • Wendy Wang (Manadarin Teacher ELC-Year 8)
  • Zen Zeng (Piano teacher/College Accompanist)

In addition we welcome the following staff who are returning from an extended period of leave:

  • Sonia Boyer (French)
  • Louise de Iongh
  • Amanda Kazalac
  • Carmel Kelly
  • Sue McNamara

Cathy Jenkins
Deputy Principal


Curriculum, Standards & Innovation News

It was wonderful to see all students return to the College last Friday, following what I hope has been a relaxing and enjoyable break over the summer period. I also take this opportunity to warmly welcome our new students and families to the College. We all look forward to working with you and your daughters on their learning journey throughout 2016.

VCAA examination periods 2016

As a reminder, please note the following dates for all VCE students:

  • General Achievement Test (GAT)
    Tuesday 7 June 2016, 10.00am-1.15 pm
  • Performance and Languages oral examinations and Extended Investigation: Oral presentation
    Monday 3 October 2016 – Sunday 30 October 2016
  • October/November written examinations
    Wednesday 26 October 2016 – Friday 18 November 2016

VCE Season of Excellence Top Designs

Congratulations to Emma Delahunt (2015 Food and Technology), Emma Georgina Hentschel (2015 Media - Photography), and Catherine Ingham (2015 Product Design and Technology), on being selected to display their works in the VCE Seasons of Excellence Top Designs exhibition at the Melbourne Museum. Emma was also one of three students to be filmed making one of her dishes, which will be presented at the exhibition.

Top Designs is part of the VCE Season of Excellence, managed by Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority. The exhibit is running from Friday 18 March - Sunday 10 July 2016, at the Melbourne Museum, Carlton. Bookings for Top Designs can be made through the Melbourne Museum website.

Robert Tassoni
Deputy Principal: Curriculum, Standards and Innovation


Student Learning and Wellbeing News

What a powerful theme our College has adopted for 2016;’ Fiedlity and Joy in the Year of Mercy’. It resonates so powerfully with what Genazzano is seeking to achieve in its learning and student wellbeing values, programs and procedures. In this first week of Term 1 when I have been walking around the College, teaching classes and greeting students first thing in the morning, I have witnessed the girls’ fidelity to the values and beliefs our College celebrates. I have experienced the beaming joy of smiling faces and welcoming words as they enter the College and I have already seen examples of their mercy and compassion in a number of pastoral situations.

What of ‘fidelity’? Fidelity resonates so strongly with our College motto ‘Fidelis’. In our learning about our world, ourselves and our God how can we be faithful to who we are and what we believe in the face of challenges that sometimes can be overwhelming for us? I hope our girls this year can be faithful to those deepest beliefs and values they hold because they are supported by their friends and peers and by their teachers.

What of ‘joy’? It is my hope, as Deputy Principal of Student Learning and Wellbeing that all our students experience a deep and sustaining joy throughout this year, that they feel valued and important, that they experience love and indeed can experience a world of learning and relating that brings them deep personal joy and happiness. If we can say to ourselves that we have done our best, then a deep sense of joy must enter into our lives.

Lila McInerney
Deputy Principal, Student Learning and Wellbeing


News from ELC

It was a joy to welcome our youngest students to the Early Learning Centre this week. The ELC3 boys and girls entered the Eugene Playroom eager to engage in sand play, painting, blowing bubbles, eating  morning tea and listening to stories with puppets. At the end of a busy first morning the educators asked the children to reflect on what they had enjoyed most during their first day:

Sienna – “playing with tea party”
Evie – “I liked balancing”
Stephanie – “I liked playing in the sandpit”
Eva – “I enjoyed the sandpit”
Peter – “the sandpit”
Madison – “playing with the sand in the  inside sandpit”
Grace – “I liked the boats outside”
Madison – “I liked painting my rainbow painting”
Emily – “playing tea party”
Luca - “I liked painting my purple painting”
Nicholas – “it was fun digging in the sandpit”
Xavier – “Lego”
Lola –  “I liked blowing the bubbles”
Mickey – “playing in the sand”
Toby – “bubbles”
Coco – “bubbles”
Ethan – “wearing the mask”
Cocoa – “playing with Coco and Ethan”
Hattie – “playing in the sand”
Christopher – “bubbles”
Alexandria – “sand”

ELC 1_0.jpg ELC 2_0.jpg
ELC 5_0.jpg ELC 4_0.jpg ELC 3_0.jpg

Alison Lucas
Director of ELC


News from Early Years

A warm welcome to our new Early Years families and welcome back to our many familiar faces! We were blessed with beautiful weather on Monday, our first day at school, and the girls looked fabulous in their neat uniforms as they waited in turn for their school photograph to be taken, before attending a special assembly to meet our new Principal, Ms Jebb.

The school year has begun well and we are amazed how settled the students have been, including our new Prep class. They look so small compared to our Year 4s who seem to have grown a few centimetres during the holiday break.

Early Years First Day 2.JPG Early Years First Day 1.jpg

The first week has been one of settling in, unpacking supplies and learning routines. As we begin the second week, we encourage student independence by asking them to organise their belongings themselves, in the designated areas, within the classroom. This is a great way to promote resilience which is so important in our modern world, and we ask our parents to support and encourage this initiative.

We also ask that all parents and grandparents remain in the reception area in the afternoon until the dismissal bell rings. You are then most welcome to approach your daughter’s classroom. This avoids congestion in the hallway and minimizes disruption to student learning during the last period of the day.

Prep to Year 2 students should wait at reception until they are picked up and all playgrounds are off limits to students after school, unless they have a designated adult with them. Students in Years 3 and 4 may wait at the Moonbria and Glendene gates with the teacher on duty but must return to Grange Hill reception if they have not been picked up at the end of the duty period.

The beautiful warm weather means that hats for playtime, a water bottle and sunscreen are a must at all times. A reminder that due to the dangers associated with allergies, we are a 'nut aware school' and discourage nut and nut products for snack or lunch.

For those children arriving early in the morning, GOSH is available from 7.30am. Students should not be in the Grange Hill hallways before 8.20am unless accompanied by an adult. All students should register with Camp Australia. This ensures that if you have to unexpectedly book your daughter in to GOSH, Camp Australia have all the necessary contact numbers and details. Registration is free!

2016 Early Years Homeroom teachers

  • Prep - Ms Cate Kalnins
  • Year 1 - Mrs Geraldine Lucic
  • Year 2 - Mrs Jackie Horgan
  • Year 3 - Mrs Anita Wilson (Mon and Fri) Mrs Lisa Kapa (Tues, Wed and Thur)
  • Year 4 - Ms Caitlin Curran

Further details of events at Grange Hill and in the various classrooms can be accessed on Schoolbox via the LMS button on Gen Space.

We welcome you all to our Ash Wednesday Liturgy to be held in the College Chapel on Wednesday 10 February at 9.00am. Please visit College Dates for the Next Fortnight for additional upcoming dates.

Jackie Horgan
Director of Early Years


News from Middle Years

Welcome to the beginning of a new school year.

On Friday 29 January, our Years 6 and 8 students returned for a day of reflection and goal setting activities led by their Team Leader and Homeroom Teacher. For Years 5 and 7, we held our Learning and Wellbeing conversation. This was a wonderful opportunity for our teachers, students and families to speak about their hopes for the year ahead.

A new school year is filled with boundless opportunities. However, for some students, getting back into the routine of learning can provide a feeling of angst. The University of Melbourne has published 6 Tips for Mindfulness; techniques which can be used at home with your daughter, when speaking about their concerns and stresses.

‘Home learning’

Homework, or ‘home learning’ both reinforces and extends ideas, skills and concepts students learn at school and encourages lifelong study habits. The homework set for your daughter will vary depending on their age and the subject.

In the Middle Years, homework is allocated on most weekdays. It is expected that students allow the times listed below as the maximum for homework per evening, from Monday to Thursday:

  • Year 5 & 6: 45 - 60 minutes
  • Year 7 & 8: 60 - 90 minutes (15-20 minutes per subject)

Weekend homework

Given that many students are actively involved in activities on Saturday and Sunday, homework is not set over the weekend. However, it is expected that homework not completed during the week should be finalised on the weekend.

Holiday homework

Term breaks and holidays are opportunities for students to rest and renew their physical and mental energies. Therefore, no new tasks should be set over a holiday period. Students may like to use this time for revision of work covered, independent reading, instrumental music practice or reading ahead for future learning.

Strategies to support your daughter’s learning at home

The Victorian Department of Education and Training offers the following tips to parents to support your daughter’s learning at home:

  • encourage a regular daily time to examine and complete homework
  • discussing key questions or suggesting resources to help with homework
  • helping create a balance between time spent doing homework and recreational activities
  • asking how their homework and class work is going and celebrating their successes and achievements
  • attending school events, productions or displays your child is involved in
  • talking to teachers to discuss problems with homework
  • checking whether homework has been set and encouraging your child to keep a homework diary
  • discussing homework with your child in their first language (if English is not the main language spoken at home).

More homework tips can be found on the following sites:

Wayne Murrill
Director of Middle Years


News from Later Years

First day at All Hallows

All Hallows first day.jpg All Hallows first day_21.jpg
All Hallows first day_35.jpg All Hallows first day_13.jpg

DATTAVic ‘So You Think You Can Design’ textile challenge

On 3 December, Olivia Peters (Year 10) and Phillippa Phiri (Year 11) competed in the ‘So You Think You Can Design’ Textile Team Challenge held at the DATTAVic (Design and Technology Teachers Association) Conference. To qualify for the competition, Victorian schools were invited to submit design entries comprising of a mood board and fashion illustration that reflected either an era or world city. From the schools that entered, three were chosen as finalists to compete in the textile challenge at the conference; Genazzano FCJ College, Emmaus College and Salesian College (Sunbury).

On the day, the three schools were provided with a challenge – to select from a range of muses and then design and create a bag inspired by the muse. The students were to use innovative materials and production processes to create their bag and only had 4 hours to complete the challenge.

At lunchtime, a number of teachers scored the students' work and the winners were announced in front of a large audience of Design and Technology Teachers. It was exciting to hear it announced that Olivia and Phillippa won the challenge and each won a Bernina overlocker!

SYTYCD 3.jpg SYTYCD 1.jpg
SYTYCD 2.jpg

Congratulations Olivia and Phillippa! 

Katrina Wheaton-Penniall
Product Design & Technology Teacher

Melbourne University Australian Youth Humanities Forum 2016

During the holidays in January this year, Anna Steghius and I attended the University of Melbourne’s Australian Youth Humanities Forum 2016. The forum took place over a couple of days where a selected 100 students from across the country came together to listen to lectures from successful people in the humanities and what exactly they did in their lives with an Arts degree and participate in tutor group style workshops.

We listened to the likes of Jessie Taylor, a Barrister at the Victorian Bar who worked in immigration, produced two films on the matter and even fostered a 14 year old Afghan refugee by the age of 27. We also heard from Peter Ho, a successful businessman and innovative architect, Daniel Teitelbaum, Head of curriculum at The School of Life Australia, Tony Birch, a well-known activist and speaker on human rights issues as well as a credited author, and many more. 

We were given the opportunity to workshop on George Orwell’s Politics and the English Language with current university students, discussing his contention and method regarding political speeches and essays. I found the forum an eye opening experience as to where the humanities can take you and what exactly to focus on in the future, not only as a career, but personal goals as well. 

One thing that I took most from the entire experience was from Philosopher, Simon Faivel’s lecture where he quoted “The unexamined life is not one worth living” from Socrates. This is something I believe we should all think heavily about in 2016 as we learn how to adapt and change, one being retroactive rather than retrospective.

Mia Quinlan-Pretto


Careers News

Year 12 – Tertiary Study Applications

Year 12 students will be encouraged to attend a careers interview during a study period in Term 1 to discuss the upcoming year and assist with preparations for Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) applications as well as Special Entry Assistance Schemes (SEAS). The requirements for folio courses, options for which university to attend and other preparation information such as registering for the UMAT will also be covered.

Year 11

Students are welcome to make a time to see me before or after school or during lunchtimes to discuss subject changes, pathways and options.

Year 10

All Year 10 students completed their Career-Wise assessments on Friday 29 January and will receive the feedback documentation during the information evening to be held at 7pm, Tuesday 16 February. This information will assist them in navigating their way to the VCE and beyond, will open dialogue about career options and pathways and will be utilised during both the GenSTAR session in May on researching occupations and their subject selection interview which will take place in July/August. 

Please take note that the GFA ‘Talking Careers’ session will take place on 9 May. Please make sure you keep this night free and bring your daughter to hear different professionals talk about their occupation and what it is really like.

Work experience will take place from 17-21 October 2016 and all students should now be calling to obtain a placement from potential employers. Forms are due back on 23 March, (the last day of Term 1).

Year 9

Year 9 students will participate in a range of Career Development programs across the year including resume writing, interview skills, financial independence and work experience preparation

Judy O'Donohue
Careers Advisor


Co-curricular News

The Co-curricular Program at Genazzano which is open to all students in Year 5-12 commences on Monday 8 February.

All students should now be aware of the Co-curricular schedule for this term as it has been posted on GenSpace (My College/Co-curricular) and in all Homerooms. The schedule details the activities on offer, when and where they occur and the staff member responsible for the activity. Please note at times there may be minor changes to some activities and the most up to date schedule is located on GenSpace.

This term there are over 130 activities available in the areas of sport, music, service, public speaking and debating as well as a diverse range of clubs and student interest activities. It is pleasing to see that many students have already registered their co-curricular involvement via the College co-curricular database in order to be eligible for colour points. I encourage students to take ownership of this task.

Any student who would like assistance with the process of registering for their chosen activities are welcome to attend an information session at lunchtime on Wednesday 10 February in D338 (Year 7 Area of the d’Houet building). The session will be advertised in the Student Bulletin prior to the day.

Students are invited to choose and commit to activities on a term/semester basis. For those students who participate weekly in an activity over a semester or equivalent, a colour point may be awarded. A minimum commitment of 80% attendance is required to qualify for a colour point and this will be determined by the teacher managing each activity. These points are cumulative over a student’s years at Genazzano and may contribute to the acquisition of a Red, Stripe or Gold Laurel Band. These bands are presented at College Assemblies and displayed on the blazer pocket.

Gold and Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

One of the co-curricular activities on offer to students in Years 10-12 is the Silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award followed by the option to continue on to the Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. I am currently seeking interest from all students wanting to register for either the Silver or Gold Award. Students are asked to see me to collect all the relevant information and registration forms now as it is beneficial for all participants to begin the Award as soon as possible. For general information, please visit the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award website.

Any queries about the Co-curricular Program can be directed to the Co-curricular Office (WG104). Students are welcome to visit the office or contact me via email 

Catherine Murphy
Director of Co-curricular Program
Coordinator of Duke of Edinburgh Award


Drama News

2015 VCE Theatre Studies students shine

Freya Monologue with friends!_0.jpgThe Drama department was very excited to hear the 2015 VCE results announced, 75% of the class received a study score over 40 and the top three students in the state were all Gen girls! Many students received A+ for their stagecraft examination and invitations to audition for Top Class Season of Excellence performances. Congratulations to the students and their support teams at home.

Speech and Drama classes

The department has received a large number of applications for individual and group Speech and Drama classes this year. Classes begin on the week of 8 February. If you are interested in applying for these classes, don’t delay!

Drama performances 2016

The Drama department has an exciting array of performances scheduled in 2016, from storybooks coming to life to new performance opportunities in the Middle Years. We are looking forward to seeing the College community in the audience so please keep an eye out for the Drama calendar.

Friends of the Performing Arts at Gen – FOPA

Last year, the department was excited to announce a new group for parents, friends and Alumnae who are keen to support the performing arts at Genazzano. For those Alumnae who are pursuing a career in the Performing Arts, positions become available in the areas of direction and assistant direction, choreography and vocal coaching. We are also calling out for parents and friends who love costume and design to assist in the areas of costume, prop and set making. Outings to professional performances are also planned.

If you are interested or know someone who might be interested in using their skills to join our happy throng, please contact the Drama technician or

Gabrielle Quin
Curriculum Leader: Drama


Performance Psychology News

Gen Talk program - Year 7

This term, College Psychologists Natasha Ascenzo and Amber Kelly will be running ‘Gen Talk’ a six-week program for Year 7 students. This program aims to support students as they transition from primary school to secondary school and navigate their way through new academic and social situations. This program focuses on improving self-esteem and resilience in young girls and covers topics such as:

  • friendships
  • communication
  • resilience
  • self-worth
  • positive thinking
  • coping with stress and other difficult feelings.

This program offers Year 7 students a great opportunity to learn new skills and supports them in further developing relationships with their peers.

Gen Talk will run every Tuesday lunchtime during Term 1, beginning on the 16 February. If you would like your daughter to take part or if you wish for further information please contact the Performance Psychology department:

'Growth Mindsets' - What is it about?

The past 30 years has seen huge advances in cognitive psychology and the brain sciences. Remarkable research has overturned the picture of the brain as being hardwired at birth and shown that it is remarkably plastic, capable of growth and change throughout life.

Excellence is achieved through the process of learning and deliberate practice, and not the result of innate, hardwired gifts. Practice and effort cause the brain to rewire itself, which we recognise as improvement and learning. These insights have powerful implications for educators and parents. Intelligence is a highly dynamic, diffuse and ongoing process - a process that is imminently teachable, and the result of the rewiring of our brain. The challenge for parents and educators is: How can we put this research into practice so we can teach our children to learn more intelligently and become more successful. What do you teach? How to teach it?

Adapted from ‘The thoughtful Teacher’ by James Anderson

'Developing a Growth Mindset for Optimal Learning' seminar: Wednesday 9 March

James Anderson is an expert in helping students become more effective thinkers and the only person in Australia to be certified by Mindset Works (co-founded by Carol Dweck). James will outline Professor Carol Dweck’s research on Mindset, and the impact it has on your child’s learning. Discover useful strategies you can take home to help develop a stronger growth oriented Mindset in your child, to help them achieve even greater success in school and life.

This seminar offers simple and practical strategies to assist children to develop a confident approach to new challenges and a love of learning. This community event is free, however please still book. Save the date details are below.

Date: Wednesday 9 March
Time: 7.00-8.30pm
Venue: Madeleine Centre, Genazzano FCJ College (301 Cotham Rd, Kew)

Catherine Brandon
Senior Psychologist
Director of Research: Programs and Performance


Sports News

Welcome back to Sport @ Gen in 2016!

GSV Sport Term 1

GSV Sport is now underway for Term 1. Try outs for tennis, softball and indoor cricket are taking place for Junior, Intermediate and Senior categories. Matches commence very soon. Please check your daughter’s permission letter for specific dates/times/venues. This can be downloaded from GenSpace via the Sport website or students can call into the Sport Office.

Students are advised to check the student bulletin each day for information in regards to their chosen sport. Students can access permission forms on GenSpace under the Sport Section.

Student Sporting Profile & Sport Prefects' Report

Stayed tuned for these regular student contributions that will appear in future editions of Sports news.

Inter-house Swim/Dive Carnival- Boroondara Aquatic Centre

Please pencil Friday 19 February into your diaries for the Inter House Swim/Dive Carnival. All students will receive a letter outlining all the details on this event.


The sporting calendar for girls from Years 3 to 6 is underway!

Around 20 girls attended the first swimming squad session on Tuesday, led by coach Max Thorn. These numbers are certain to grow as girls new to the College become aware of sporting opportunities on offer. Also on Tuesday, eight Year 6 girls took part in tennis trials to determine who would represent Genazzano at the Armadale District Tennis Trials on Tuesday 9 February. These girls were chosen from over 30 who attended sessions in the last term of 2015. Jacqueline Crock and Sienna Corelli (both 6B) won their games against strong opposition to progress through to next week’s trials. Best wishes to our team.

Swimming – GenAquatic

Hannah Macdonald (Year 11 D’Houet) has had a busy summer preparing for the Rottnest Island Channel Swim. This is a 20km swim from Cottesloe Beach in Perth to Rottnest Island on 27 February. Final preparations are in place for nutrition, hydration, boat and kayak.

Hannah participated in the 'Big Swim' over the Australia Day long weekend. This is an 11.2km swim from Frankston to Mornington. She was one of the youngest swimmers competing and placed 3rd in the females category (time 3:21). Hannah also swam in the 5km race at the Swimland Great Australia Day Swim at Brighton and finished 3rd in her category.


The Rowing Camps held during the school holidays gave the coaches a great opportunity to work on the technique and fitness of the rowers. With huge improvements across all squads, the girls are ready to race in upcoming regattas. We wish our Rowing Coordinators and all of the coaches and rowers all the best, as they compete in various regattas in upcoming weeks. Each crew will continue to train and race in the lead up to the Head of School Girl’s Regatta which is only weeks away!

GSV Saturday Sport Skills Program - Term 1

Opportunities for involvement in Saturday Interschool Sport Programs for Term 1 include Surf League, Golf and Triathlon. These sessions focus on skill development and training. Please see Melonie Fulton in the Sport Office or GenSpace via the Sport website for more information. Closing date for Term 1 offerings is Friday 19 February.

Tennis lessons

Opportunities exist for anyone interested in private tennis lessons at the College. Lessons for 2016 commence next week. Students are guaranteed a minimum of 32 lessons of 45 minutes duration. Classes will be conducted all year round. Please contact the Sport Office for further information.

Running group

Planning is underway for a running group here at the College, beginning at 7.00am each Thursday, meeting in Centenary Hall. This activity is open to students in Years 7-12. Students are asked to check noticeboards and listen to bulletin messages for details.

Genazzano Snowsports 2016 - advanced notice

Please register your interest in the Sport Office to receive further information.

Saturday Netball

The Genazzano FCJ College Saturday Netball Program is available to any student in the College regardless of their netball experience or ability. The program aims to provide a positive environment to allow students to develop their netball skills, personal and team values, a love for physical fitness and an active and healthy lifestyle.

In Term 1, 2016, all students who are interested in the Genazzano Saturday Netball Program are invited to attend the following try out sessions. Please note every student wanting to play netball will be selected in a team. Team selection is based on netball ability, team balance and where possible friendship groups.

Year level Date Time Location
Year 4 Friday 12 February 3.45pm-4.45pm Genazzano Netball Courts
Year 5 Friday 12 February 3.45pm-4.45pm Genazzano Netball Courts
Wednesday 17 February Lunch time Genazzano Netball Courts
Friday 26 February 3.45pm-4.45pm Genazzano Netball Courts
Year 6 Friday 12 February 3.45pm-4.45pm Genazzano Netball Courts
Wednesday 17 February Lunch time Genazzano Netball Courts
Friday 26 February 3.45pm-4.45pm Genazzano Netball Courts
Year 7 Wednesday 10 February 7.00am-8.00am Genazzano Netball Courts
Wednesday 17 February 7.00am-8.00am Genazzano Netball Courts
Wednesday 24 February 7.00am-8.00am Genazzano Netball Courts
Year 8 Thursday 11 February 7.00am-8.00am Genazzano Netball Courts
Thursday 18 February 7.00am-8.00am Genazzano Netball Courts
Thursday 25 February 7.00am-8.00am Genazzano Netball Courts
Year 9 Monday 8 February 3.15pm-4.15pm All Hallows campus
Monday 15 February 3.15pm-4.15pm All Hallows campus
Year 10, 11, 12 No tryouts (teams selected on netball ability, team balance and where possible, friendship groups)

The try out sessions for Years 4-8 will be held on the outdoor courts at Genazzano. The try out sessions for Year 9 will be held on the outdoor court at All Hallows campus.

Students are to wear their Genazzano sports uniform to the try outs and must also bring a water bottle and any strapping or support braces that they need to play.

To register your daughter’s interest in the program, please complete the enrolment forms and return, including payment, by Friday 5 February 2016 to Mrs Sarndra Kennerley in WG104 or via post Attn: Mrs Sarndra Kennerley.

Genazzano Sport Office

Please note the Sport Office is located on the ground floor of the Wardell building (WG101). The office is staffed by Miss Melonie Fulton (Sports Administrator) and the phone number is 8862 1008. Alternatively, email

Matthew Wesson
Director of Sport


Further News from the Deputy Principal

Student attendance

Records of student attendance are managed electronically at the College. Teachers mark attendance each period and if a student is absent without a reason, parents are notified. In the event of illness, we would be grateful if parents could notify the College prior to 8.20am by telephone (Student Services Office 8862 1013) or via text to 0428 458 626.

For students in Years 5-8 and Years 10-12 the Student Office is located on the Ground Floor of the Wardell Building, adjacent to the Health Centre with Mrs Beryl Miller working in the Office and Mrs Virginia Boyce, our College Nurse in the Health Centre. Students in Years 5-8 and Years 10-12 who are late for any reason must receive a late slip from the Student Office. If leaving throughout the day, students should sign out from the Student Office.

Students in Year 9 are asked to sign in and out at All Hallows Reception, managed by Mrs Marie-France Louis and students from Prep-4 sign in and out at Grange Hill Reception which is managed by Mrs Jenny Jordan and Mrs Jennie Siem.


It is very important that students arrive at school on time so that classes can commence promptly. For students from Years 5-12, the first bell rings at 8.20am and students are expected to be in Homeroom by 8.30am. In the event a student is late, they should receive their late slip and then knock at the door of their classroom and wait outside the classroom until the teacher invites them in. The late student may then take a seat quickly and quietly.

Classes for students in Years P-4 commence in their homerooms at 8.40am.

Before and after school supervision

Formal supervision commences at 8.10am.

Years 5-8, 10-12: Prior to 8.10am, students are asked to wait in the cafeteria.

Year 9: Prior to 8.10am students, are asked to gather in the grounds of All Hallows campus.

Prep-4: Students in P-4 can gather in their classrooms at 8.40am and the corridor is supervised from 8.20am. P-4 students who arrive prior to 8.20am can attend GOSH Club, where they will be supervised until the first bell. Supervision of the Grange Hill corridors commences at 8.20am and teachers will direct P-4 students to GOSH if they are in corridors prior to this time.

At the conclusion of the school day students are supervised as they depart the College both in the grounds and at the tram stops at Whitehorse Road (All Hallows) and Cotham Road, (Kew). The Genazzano Out of School Hours (GOSH) Club is available for P-4 students who cannot be picked up prior to 3.55pm. Further information about GOSH can be found on the Camp Australia website.

Access to the College grounds

Please note that for security reasons the Moonbria Avenue gate is locked at 9.30am and access to the College is via the student entry on Mont Victor Road after this time.

Playground equipment

The P-4 students and the Year 5 and 6 students have dedicated play spaces. Both of these play spaces are supervised by teaching staff throughout the day but parental supervision is required for children who are playing in these areas out of school hours.


We commence the College year with Summer uniform and remind students that when travelling to and from school on cooler mornings or evenings, the blazer should always be the outer garment. From time-to-time students need clarification about the expectations with regard to uniform and these are listed in the Student Planner. Any further queries should be directed to the relevant Team Leader.

Traffic management

Traffic management is always a challenge in an urban environment such as Kew. A reminder to parents to please be mindful of our neighbours during drop off and pick up times. These can be difficult times of the day for the surrounding residents so please note that City of Boroondara Council discourages drop-off and pick-up in Glendene Avenue. Be aware of the relevant “No Stopping, 8-9am, 3-4pm” signs and please be considerate of residents by not parking across driveways – even for what may seem to be the briefest period.

It would also be helpful if parents could discuss with their daughters the importance of crossing at the designated crossings on Cotham Road and Moonbria Avenue. Year 9 students are reminded to use the pedestrian crossing on Whitehorse Road and the designated student crossing on Brenbeal Avenue. The safety of the students must always be a priority even if it means walking a little further to cross at the designated crossing.

Medical issues

Virginia Boyce (8862 1180), our College Nurse, is available to discuss any particular health needs of the students and is currently updating health plans for students who have been diagnosed with a particular allergy or condition.

Protocol for going home during the day

From time-to-time students may feel unwell during the day; in the event of illness, students should notify their teacher and, if necessary, go to Student Reception (Prep-4 and Year 9) or the Health Centre (Years 5-8; Years 10-12). The Health Centre policy is that unwell students can rest for half an hour. If after half an hour a student is unable to return to class, parents will be notified. Please note that unwell students must be picked up by a parent or guardian – we do not allow unwell students to travel home alone.

Term 1 student free days

  • Monday 14 March (Labour Day)
  • Thursday 24 March (Holy Thursday)

For a full list of the 2016 Term Dates, please visit our website.

Finally I wish all our students a happy and productive year of learning and friendship.

Cathy Jenkins
Deputy Principal


News from the GMA

Welcome back everyone, I hope you have had a relaxing holiday and are ready to embrace another year full of exciting events.

We’d love to encourage your involvement in the GMA; become a class representative or just come along to our events and meet mothers from your year level. 


Welcome Morning Teas

A very wet morning on the first day back at school didn't dampen the mood at the main campus or All Hallows for a Welcome Morning Tea. It was great to see many parents join us after drop off. A big thank you to Sonya Morrissey and Karen King, our coordinators for this event. Thank you also to the mums who baked or helped serve on the day.

Welcome Morning Tea 1.jpg Welcome Morning Tea 3.jpg
Welcome Morning Tea 5.jpg Welcome Morning Tea 2.jpg
Welcome Morning Tea 4.jpg

Year 12 Welcome Paella Night

We have had a great start to 2016 class events with the Year 12 Parents and Daughter Paella Night, held on the evening of their return to school. This has become a tradition, with 200 parents, girls and members of staff coming together, enjoying good company and delicious food provided by Yum Catering.

A big thank you to the Year 12 class reps who organised the event, ensured everyone had a great time and worked together to make the first event for the year a huge success.  

Yr 12 Paella Night 1.jpg Yr 12 Paella Night.jpg

Class Representative roles

We’d love a few more mums, especially new ones, to become Class Reps, particularly from ELC, Prep, Year 2, Year 5, Year 6, Year 7, and Year 9.  If you would like to help coordinate one year level event per term and encourage class participation in GMA and College events, this role is for you!  Please contact your class rep coordinator:

Our first GMA Class Rep meeting is on Monday 15 February at 7.30pm in the Wardell Theatre and everyone is welcome to attend, not just class reps. 

Second hand book sale

We congratulate and thank Gilda Riccio for running a very successful second hand book sale at the end of 2015.

A BIG THANK YOU goes to all the wonderful volunteers who gave up their time so generously to assist.

Finally, to those who used the second hand book sale to sell and buy books, thank you for your support!

For upcoming important dates, please visit the College Dates for the Next Fortnight section.

Carmel Greer
President, Genazzano Mothers' Association


Latest News

  1. Genazzano Alumnae in Australia Day Honours

  2. Australian Catholic Youth Festival

  3. Charlotte's Web a Sell Out!


Genazzano Alumnae in Australia Day Honours

On 26 January, two members of Genazzano’s Alumnae received Australia Day honours in recognition of their achievements.

Governor General Peter Cosgrove approved the annual honours list, which he said were “a source of courage, support and inspiration” who have made Australia a “stronger, safer and more caring nation”.

“For over 40 years these honours have helped to define, encourage and reinforce our national aspirations and ideals by acknowledging exceptional Australians,” General Cosgrove said.

“Today, we add a new group of names to those we should all admire”.

Dr Jane Carolan OAM

Jane received a Medal (OAM) of the Order of Australia, for service to the community as an historian, archivist and author. She was one of the 35 Catholic lay and religious clergy that were honoured on Australia Day.

Dr Carolan recently obtained her PhD and has completed a history of Loreto Mandeville Hall in Toorak, and prior to that a detailed record of Trinity Grammar. 

She graduated in 1966 having held the position of School Captain.

Fiona Lawton

Fiona received an Australia Day Medallion in for her outstanding performance on special projects and in the performance of her core duties with Airservices Australia.

Fiona graduated from Genazzano in 1987, having been House Captain, Prefect and Dux of English in her final year.

Fiona contributes actively to the aviation sector, seeking to promote Airservices, the profession of air traffic control and the role of women in aviation whenever she can. In 2015 she presented at Swinburne University to aviation graduates on ATC as a career, participated in the 8 month Chief Executive Women Leadership program, hosted female industry leaders from a number of sectors at Airservices facilities in Brisbane, and is a member of the Women in Aerospace/Aviation Association.

Fiona’s youngest son was born with Angelman Syndrome (AS), a rare severe neurological disorder. It is characterised by profound developmental delays, problems with motor coordination and balance, and epilepsy. Individuals with AS do not develop functional speech, suffer sleep disorders and the seizures can be difficult to control.  Fiona devotes herself tirelessly to fundraising and raising awareness for the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics (FAST).

Fiona was a founding Board Member of this not-for-profit organisation that is dedicated to funding research to find a cure for AS. She remains active within this parent-run organisation and provides specialised support to the Board through writing of grant applications, and driving social media support to help FAST obtain corporate fundraising dollars. FAST recently won the Microsoft social media competition UpgradeYourWorld, earning $US50,000 for research.

Fiona Lawton Aus Day Medal Aus Day Medal


Australian Catholic Youth Festival

In December last year, Clara Ho, Lorena Stents, Erin Donoghue, Isabele Zupan, Kate Delaney, Madeleine Meehan, Emma Mammolito, Grace Ross-Farrell and Lily Tawk travelled with Mrs Murphy and Mrs Lanki to Adelaide to attend the Adelaide Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF).

The ACYF offered an event which focused on the full communion of the Catholic Church in Australia, and celebrated the life of young people within it. The festival was developed by the Australian Catholic Youth Council, an advisory body of the Bishops Commission for Pastoral Life. This Festival gave young people the opportunity to listen, share and reflect on the message of the Church and the gospels whilst also discussing current global issues and the role of the Church in our world today. One of the highlights of our journey was catching up with our friends from FCJ Benalla.

The Genazzano students worked closely with Mrs Lanki and Mrs Murphy as they engaged in a personal spiritual journey with their peers from schools across Australia. The theme for the festival was Pure of Heart, linking the message of ACYF with Matthew’s gospel, Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God. (Matt 5: 8)


Marea Lanki
Coordinator ACYF


Charlotte’s Web a Sell Out!

In December 2015, the Drama department was proud to present the inaugural Year 5/6 musical production “Charlotte’s Web”. Throughout the semester all Year 5 and 6 students rehearsed and developed their characterisation and learnt new songs and choreography. As production week approached, many parents joined working bees to create costumes and props and the students began rehearsing with these items along with stage lighting and a live band to accompany them. The girls performed to a sold-out Montagner auditorium. The performances were outstanding and each student demonstrated a sense of maturity beyond their years on the stage. The production of Charlotte’s Web from start to finish was a wonderful learning experience, and one we trust the girls will cherish.

Charlottes Web_32.jpg Charlottes Web_97.jpg
Charlottes Web_75.jpg Charlottes Web_40.jpg
Charlottes Web_102.jpg

Samuel Jackson




GenWelcomes 2016.jpg

Saturday 13 February 2016
5.30pm for Mass at All Hallows Church, followed by drinks and finger food on the Gazebo Lawn at the College. Dinner will be served on the Circular Drive.
RSVP by 5.00pm, Sunday 7 February 2016
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Open Morning

Wednesday 24 February 2016
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Anything Goes (Genazzano/Xavier Musical)

Anything Goes.jpg

Wednesday 24 - Saturday 27 February 2016
from 7.30pm
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Developing a Growth Mindset for Optimal Learning


Wednesday 9 March
Booking details to be confirmed
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GMA Ladies Lunch

Ladies Lunch.jpg

Friday 18 March 2016
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Open Day

Sunday 20 March 2016
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College Dates for the Next Fortnight

Monday 8 February

Learning and Wellbeing conversations

Monday 8 February, 8.40am GMA Committee Meeting, College Cafeteria

Tuesday 9 February, 8.45am

VCE Celebration of Excellence Assembly Centenary Hall

Wednesday 10 February, 9.00am

Ash Wednesday

Thursday 11 February, 7.00pm

Parent/Daughter Sacrament of Penance Information Evening, Grange Hill

Friday 12 February

Centenary Swim Meet 

Saturday 13 February, 5.30pm GenWelcomes
Monday 15 February, 7.30pm GMA Class Reps Meeting, Wardell Theatre
Tuesday 16 February Opening Eucharist
Tuesday 16 February, 7.00pm Y10-12 Information Evening, Montagner Auditorium

Wednesday 17 February, 7.00pm

Y9 Information Evening, All Hallows

Thursday 18 February, 7.00pm

P-4 Information Evening, Grange Hill

Friday 19 February

Y5-12 House Swimming Carnival, Boroondara Sports Complex

Please visit our website for a full list of 2016 Term Dates or our College calendar.

Community News

New Genazzano Buses

The College is excited to announce that three new buses were added to our fleet over the summer. Two 12 seat commuter vehicles and one 28 seat mini bus have been acquired to support our student transport needs. One of the 12 seater buses will also support the Boarding House for Year 9 student travel to and from All Hallows daily during term, as well as their out of hour/weekend commuter needs. The consistent branding also allows us to promote the College as they travel around the metro and regional areas.

Gen Bus 1.JPG Gen Bus 2.JPG


Dance Fitness at Genazzano in 2016

Genazzano Dance.jpg

Dance Fitness conducts exciting and fun jazz classes at Genazzano after school! No extra picking up and dropping off required!

Students will experience everything dance has to offer in a familiar, fun and friendly environment.

  • ELC & Prep Jazz Class: Monday after School 3.15-4.00pm
  • Grade 1 – Grade 3 Jazz Class: Wednesday after School 3.45 – 4.30pm
  • Grade 4 – Grade 6 Jazz Class: Wednesday after School 3.45 – 4.30pm

Enrol online now!

Please contact Ash on 0403 135 850 if you have any questions. Ensure to download the information pack.

Genazzano Dance 3.jpg Genazzano Dance 2.jpg


Most Likley To Succeed

Most Likely To Succeed.jpg