Newsletter - Edition 12-2016

News from the Principal

Dear members of the Genazzano FCJ College community,

Our College has indeed been blessed with many women leaders who have been outstanding role models over its rich 127 year history. The last two weeks have heightened our awareness of this reality with the celebration of Annual Music Concert, the conferral of the Outstanding Alumna Award and the introduction to the Prefect election process with our Year 11 students.

What a celebration of excellence our Annual Music Concert was, on the evening of Wednesday 3 August at Hamer Hall. It was an outstanding night that showcased the many and varied talents of our music students. Without taking away from all students who performed exceptionally well, it would be remiss of me not to acknowledge Jacinta Ryan’s role in the music arena at Genazzano. Every member of the audience that evening listened to a young woman who epitomises the best that can be found in the Genazzano spirit. Jacinta Ryan, our 2016 Music Prefect, delivered not only an inspiring address but performed solo, demonstrating her magnificent skills with voice and violin. She is a talented and gentle leader who encourages the gifts of her fellow students in the music department and models how a love of and proficiency in music contributes to the growth of a deep humanity. I feel privileged to have witnessed her leadership and role modelling this year. I extend my congratulations to Jacinta and every student who performed on Wednesday night. I think they should be very proud of their achievements and recognise how much joy the audience gained from their hard work, professional demeanour and dedication. I am grateful to all our music teachers, especially Mr Jan Blazejczak (Director of Music) and Ms Janet Dawson (Assistant Director of Music) for their passion and commitment to our students and I thank parents and guardians for your support of the music program.

Our College Alumnae Association is a passionate, creative and energetic family of past students who are committed to maintaining their connection with the College and giving back to current students in a variety of ways. On Wednesday night, 10 August, we presented Jane Kennedy (Class of 1982) with the Outstanding Alumna Award in recognition of her contribution to the Australian film and television industry and her service to others. In addition to her career in the media and a long list of television and film awards, Jane has been a board member with the George Gregan Children’s Foundation, funding playgrounds for children’s hospitals around Australia. She was an inaugural ambassador for e.motion21, a dance and fitness group for children and teens with Down Syndrome and she has been closely involved with The Learning for Life Organisation, which aims to improve the quality of life for autistic children.

Jane was a student at the College from Prep to Year 12, serving as College Captain in her final year. Her achievements have been plenty and so it was a delight to welcome her back to the College to receive this Award. Jane also attended the College Assembly on Thursday morning to address all current students where she spoke about her fond memories of her time as a Gen girl, her gratitude to the Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus, the importance of being kind to each other and validating it’s ok to be different! Jane is an excellent role model for our students and I am sure her words will inspire many of our girls and young women to pursue their passions and dreams for the future. We are grateful to Jane for accepting the Outstanding Alumna Award and addressing our students at the College Assembly.

Over the last fortnight, the Year 11 students have attended information sessions in preparation for the College Prefect selection process that will lead to the appointment of our student prefects for 2017. It is an exciting time for these young women as they discern the skills and talents they can bring to a wide range of leadership roles at the College. As they honour the current team of College Prefects, I am sure they are looking forward to making their mark on and contribution to College life in their final year. I would encourage all Year 11 students to see themselves as leaders and role models regardless of whether they achieve a formal Prefect role or not. Every student at Genazzano looks up to our Year 12s as they can make a very positive impact on the College community in so many ways. As role models, I encourage them to embrace every aspect of what it means to be a student in an FCJ school, particularly in relation to the key six life-giving and faith-filled values Marie Madeleine d’Houet calls us to discern; companionship, excellence, respect of human dignity, justice, hope and gentleness.

In the spirit of exceptional role models, I have mentioned in this newsletter, it is fitting to recognise that Monday 8 August was the Feast Day of St Mary MacKillop, otherwise known as Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop. This visionary, compassionate and resourceful Australian woman inspired great commitment to God's work in the then new colonies. In today's world, she stands as an example of great courage and trust in her living out of God's loving and compassionate care of those in need. May her legacy and the legacy of our founder, Marie Madeleine d’Houet continue to inspire us all.

With every blessing,

Karen Jebb


Faith and Mission News

Words are often inadequate to fully express God and the sacred – how can we possibly contain God in a sentence or even a book? Not even Thomas Aquinas at the height of his powers could have adequately expressed the central mysterious core of what we believe: a loving God who became human in Jesus for our redemption.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to encounter God. One of the most powerful ways is through music – because it is in the beauty of music that we can most profoundly experience the sacred. The majestic and glorious music I experienced last Wednesday at the Annual Music Concert was just such a time and was a tribute to all those involved.

Of course in our Catholic tradition, we also have beautiful rituals to remind us that we are living in the presence of God. One of the most important of these rituals is the mass for the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Mary is the ultimate Faithful Companion – her words in response to Gabriel’s invitation in Luke 1:38, “be it done to me according to your word” reveal a faith and trust in God that changed all of human history. It is all of this that we celebrate on 15 August – Mary’s companionship, her strength, her faith and her love.

The Feast of the Assumption is one of only two Holy Days of Obligation (apart from Sundays) in our Church calendar (the other being Christmas Day). Mass will be celebrated at school at 8.00am in our College Chapel and all parents, family members and other visitors are invited to join us for this most important celebration.

We pray for the Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus in their various ministries throughout the world.

Bill Fitzsimons
Deputy Principal: Faith and Mission

Prayer for the Feast of the Assumption

Almighty and everlasting God,
Teach us how small earth becomes when viewed from heaven.

Make us realize that death is the triumphant gate
through which we shall pass to your Son
and that someday our bodies shall rejoin
our souls in the unending bliss of heaven.

You have taken the Blessed Virgin Mary,
Mother of Your Son
up body and soul
into the heavenly glory.

Grant, we beseech You that,
ever intent upon heavenly things,
we may be worthy to be partakers of her glory.

Through Jesus Christ Your Son, our Lord,
who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit,
One God, forever and ever.



News from the Business Manager

Early Full Fees Payment Discount Program

A reminder to all families that we are nearing the due date for those wishing to obtain a reduction in fees by paying two years or more in advance.

Where two years or more tuition fees are paid in full in advance by 30 September 2016, families can obtain a significant discount on such payment as the fees are charged for the respective year levels at current (2016) rates. Thus, you obtain the discount benefit of not being subject to any (compounded) fee increases for the 2017 and 2018 school years (and subsequent years where additional payments are made).

Should you wish to take up this offer, please contact the Finance Team on +613 8862 1234 or to obtain details of the incentive offer and arrange payment.

Mark Glover
Business Manager


News from ELC

The circus came to ELC on Tuesday 2 August, with the children performing in an interactive drama incursion with Drama Toolbox. The ringmaster from Drama Toolbox led the circus performers in a variety of acts. First, the lions roared and leapt through the ring of fire, then the elephants sprayed their trunk with pretend water all over the audience. The clowns juggled and performed funny tricks, while the horses galloped around the circus ring. To conclude the circus performance, the children jumped through the ring of fire, to loud applause and cheers. The educators have extended this interest in the circus to the outdoor environment with our very own circus tent. The children are creating circus tickets to sell to the audience and the children perform juggling acts and spin rings, while the strong man lifts weights to the cheer of the audience.

PicCollage.png Circus photos .JPG

Alison Lucas
Director, Early Learning Centre


News from Early Years


What a fantastic night the Annual Music Concert was. Our Prep to Year 4 girls performed a wonderful rendition of ‘My Favourite Things’ and ‘Down by the Bay’. Several of our Year 3 and 4 students were also part of the Madeleine Strings, who played beautifully.

Several families took part in the Gen Outback bush dance evening on Saturday 6 August. It was great to see parents and students alike learn the steps necessary for all the various dances. Wandering emus and unicorns added to the atmosphere. Well done to all the photographic, drawing and colouring competition winners and to the GFA for organising yet another great night.

P1010686.jpgRio fever has come to Grange Hill with all things Olympic taking over our classrooms. At Assembly on Wednesday morning, the students wowed the audience with their colourful flag bearing entrance. After presenting various aspects of what they have been learning about the Olympics, the girls ended with a powerful musical message: try everything even if it means making mistakes.

The rest of the day was spent on a myriad of activities, ranging from creating Olympic passports, designing medals and a competition to see who could extract the most chocolate chips from a chocolate chip cookie. It may not be an Olympic event, yet, it certainly created a lot of excitement. The afternoon finished with several fun-filled competitions, such as the slingshot throw. Well done to all our Grange Hill athletes!

Jacqueline Horgan
Director of Early Years


News from Later Years

Reserve Bank of Australia/VCTA on Monetary Policy

The VCE Economics class attended a lecture on 3 August at Trinity Grammar Kew, presented by the Reserve Bank of Australia’s, Mr Tom Rosewall, the Senior Representative of Victoria. The lecture explored crucial factors impacting upon Australia’s current economic performance, and how this had influenced a recent reduction of the cash rate from 1.75% to 1.5%, which occurred on 1 August. At the moment, Australia is experiencing low levels of inflation hovering around 1.3%, slow economic growth at 3.1%, and an unemployment rate of 5.7%. In addition, Mr Rosewall also highlighted that the decline in China’s demand for our primary resources, together with low wage growth, levels of under employment and consumer confidence coupled with poor economic performance, were the reasons for the rate cuts.  

This presentation further enabled our class to understand how the RBA interpreted the graphs and data to make forecasts about the future state of the economy. Statistics relating to the factors mentioned earlier influenced their decisions and subsequent announcements regarding monetary policy.

The lecture was quite timely, as we had just begun learning about Monetary Policy in class in preparation for Outcome 1 of Unit 4 of Economics. The knowledge of each member of our class was greatly broadened by this experience that focused on this key macroeconomic tool.

Bridgitte Buhler and Olivia Ongarato
Year 12


Drama News

Twelfth Night poster.jpgTickets are Now on Sale for the Year 9 Production, 'Twelfth Night'

This classic Shakespeare comedy is presented by Year 9 students from Genazzano, in collaboration with the Year 9 students from St Kevin's College.

Shakespeare’s affinity for the complexities and comedy surrounding the triumphs and tribulations of love are again on show in his much-loved comedy. The play sees complex love triangles, mistaken identity, mischief and jealousy combine to challenge those who seek love, and pester those who rebuke it!  

Modern interpretations of Shakespeare, and especially that of 'Twelfth Night', have proven to be continually popular and often provide a relatable link to that which many dismiss as ‘old hat’. The Year 9 production will offer a perspective of this story through a playful and upbeat influence from the ‘90s era.

“Be not afraid of greatness” and come along to what is sure to be a youthful spin on one of Shakespeare’s classics.

Event details

Date: 30 August to 1 September 2016
Time: 7.00pm
Venue: Vaucluse Hall, St Kevin’s College - Waterford Campus
Cost: $16 adult, $11 concession

Book online now.

Gabrielle Quin
Curriculum Leader: Drama


Music News

Annual Music Concert – Bravo!

Congratulations to all the students who participated in the Annual Music Concert on Wednesday 3 August at Hamer Hall. It was an evening of musical celebration and a showcase of the wonderful musical tradition we instil in our College.

Every ensemble performed with musical flair and it was lovely to see our performers enjoying every moment. Throughout the day we prepared with a dress rehearsal that provided the opportunity for the ensembles to get used to the wonderful venue.

A sincere thank you must go to all the students, staff and parents for their support of the day and evening. We look forward to welcoming you to any of our future concerts.

160803GEN-040.jpg 160803GEN-070.jpg
160803GEN-502.jpg 160803GEN-524.jpg

View more photos here

Annual Music Concert DVD – Order Form

You can relive your daughter’s performance through a professional DVD that will be available through the College. To ensure you obtain a DVD, please fill out the order form in this newsletter and return to Student Services with correct payment.

DVDs will be available by the end of this term.

Jan Blazejczak
Director of Music

Victorian Schools Music Festival – Concert Band Gold Shield Performance

Members of the Concert Band attended and performed at the Victorian Schools Music Festival, held in Week 2 at the Hawthorn Arts Centre. This was the first time the band had attended the festival with 47 students taking to the stage to perform two works, ‘Ironheart’ by R Standridge and ‘Risk Everything for a Dream’ by L Saucedo.

The ensemble delivered an energetic, musical and disciplined performance of both works, which was the result of countless hours of hard work in the form of lessons and rehearsals. Chief Adjudicator Sally Davis took the ensemble for tutorial on stage, where soloists Anushi Fernandopulle (Year 7), Katy Livingstone (Year 8), Laura Dioguardi (Year 98) and Myfanwy Halse (Year 8) all received positive feedback for the confidence they showed in performing their solos. The ensemble performed alongside three Melbourne based schools in the session and received excellent feedback from both adjudicators.

To the students’ delight, and in recognition of their outstanding performance, Genazzano College Concert Band was awarded a Gold Shield. The girls should be proud of what they achieved and the hard work and dedication it took to perform at that level on stage.


Christopher Day
Head of Brass


Careers News

Year 12 VTAC Applications

Year 12 students are currently applying for their tertiary courses through VTAC. On 17 August, during GenSTAR, Year 12 students will gain vital information from universities on what scholarships are available to them and how they should apply. Accommodation, Special Entry Access Schemes (SEAS), early entry programs such as ‘Aspire’ and ‘Early Achievers’ will also be covered during these sessions.

Year 10 2017 Work Experience

All students in Year 10 for 2017 will be required to find a work experience placement from 16-20 October 2017. Please encourage your daughter to have a look at websites of interest, to think about what she might like to do and consider talking to relatives or friends about what opportunities are available within their organisations. Some employers, such as hospitals have very early closing dates and some, such as Victoria Police and Zoos Victoria only allow one application per school.

University Open Days

Please ensure your daughters in Year 10, 11 and/or 12 attend University Open Days during August and September 2016.

Coming Up

Sunday 14 August:  ACU and RMIT
Sunday 21 August: Box Hill Institute, University of Melbourne and Monash University Pharmacy (Parkville).

For a full list, please visit the VTAC website.

Engineering/IT Event at Monash University for Year 10 Girls

This event will be held on Wednesday 28 September at Clayton Campus, Monash University. Hands-on activities will be available to expose your daughter to the different fields of Engineering and Information Technology (IT). They will have the chance to meet like-minded girls and get involved in speed networking sessions with alumnae working in the industry, women researchers and current students, gaining an insight into the diverse experiences and career paths available in Engineering and IT from a female perspective. For more information and to register, visit the Monash University website.

Current Information on Job Prospects by Occupation

There is a wealth of knowledge online about earnings and job prospects. This government website, Job Outlook, has up to date information on occupations, potential earnings, skills and training and prospects. There is also a free Career Quiz to try. This link uses Data Base Administrators and ICT Security as an example. Good earnings, good job prospects and good growth. 

Judy O'Donohue
Careers Advisor


Co-curricular News

On Monday 1 August, Genazzano chess students attended the Victorian Zone Championships, hosted by Marcellin College. Our students, ranging from Years 7-11, competed against 150 male and female students from secondary schools within our Chess Zone. Each student participated in seven rounds, which saw them playing 15 minute matches. Throughout the day, students were challenged and their ability to make quick decisions under pressure shone through.

Chelsea Kwan (Year 8) won four of her seven games which saw her take home a bronze medal, being the 3rd placed female overall.

Congratulations to all students who participated:

  • Year 7: Effie Zhou, Sarah Vilo, Georgia Kanellis, Anushi Fernandopulle and Allegra Lipscombe
  • Year 8: Emily Croagh and Chelsea Kwan
  • Year 11: Cindy Liu, Elizabeth Te Lintelo and Alex Scalzo
Cindy Lui Aug Chess.jpg Chelsea Kwan Aug Chess.jpg

Vanessa Frazer
Director of Co-Curricular Programs


Performance Psychology News

Interested in Science and Innovation? University Mentoring Opportunity for Year 10 Students - Apply Now!

Is your daughter thinking about pursuing a career in Science, Technology or Innovation? This could be for her. Year 10 students are invited to apply to participate in the ‘Brain STEM Innovation Challenge’.

A team of four students from a school are matched with a mentor from a university. These students will engage in four or five mentoring sessions at the university (roughly once a week) to develop an idea aimed at solving real world problems. Students will present their outcomes to a university panel and audience. The project will take place during October and November at times negotiated with students. A Genazzano staff member will accompany the students.

 Students will:

  • Grow their interest in STEM by working on innovative ideas
  • Learn ‘hands on’ and have a practical experience of working with scientists
  • Integrate learning with research and develop sense of curiosity
  • Solve real world problems with innovative thinking.

They can discover their creative side, by asking questions, being challenged, exploring ideas and working to create a practical outcome.

Contact Catherine Brandon on to register your daughter’s interest or to get an application form to be on Genazzano’s team.  You can also find out more at the Brain STEM website. Applications close 19 August.

Catherine Brandon
Director of Research: Performance and Programs and Senior Psychologist


Social Justice News

2016 Social Justice Week: 22- 26 August

Genazzano and Xavier Colleges join together this week to work for justice for refugees and detainees.


Monday 22 August
Genazzano and Xavier Sing Off
1.10pm – 2.00pm (lunchtime)
Montagner Auditorium, Madeleine Centre for Music and the Performing Arts, Genazzano FCJ College

Tuesday 23 August
Bread Roll Day
12.50pm – 1.20pm (extended homeroom)
Years 5-12 House Assembly venues

Genazzano vs Xavier Prefect Netball
1.45pm – 2.15pm (lunchtime)
Xavier College

Wednesday 24 August
Genazzano vs Xavier Prefect Netball
1.45pm – 2.15pm (lunchtime)
Centenary Hall, Genazzano FCJ College

Thursday 25 August
Staff vs Student Comedy Debate
1.45pm – 2.15pm (lunchtime)
Centenary Hall, Genazzano FCJ College

Friday 26 August
Genazzano and Xavier Social Justice Dinner
6.30pm – 9.30pm
Great Hall, Xavier College

Anne McIlroy
Social Justice Coordinator


Sports News

Farewell to Swimming Coach

After four and a half years of coaching the Genazzano GSV and SSV Swim squads, we recently farewelled coach Mr Max Thorn. We wish Max well with completing his university degree and thank him for the dedication, care and commitment of our swimmers throughout his time.                                         

GSV Track & Field

We extend our best wishes to our GSV squad competing in the GSV Championship Division 2 Carnival this week (17-18 August) at Lakeside Stadium. The team performed strongly in the Preliminary Carnival, finishing in a close 4th place. Intermediate and Senior age-groups both finished 3rd. The coaching team, led by Miss Kylie Williams (Head Coach) is looking forward to another day of strong performances and PBs next week. Full results are available on the GSV website.

Matthew Wesson
Director of Sport

SSV News

District Athletics Carnival

On Monday 8 August, 40 students from Years 3-6 travelled to Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park, for the SSV Armadale District Athletics Carnival.

Since making the squad through trials, the girls attended training at various times each week under the guidance of myself, Gen Alumnae, Miss Monica Clarke and Miss Georgia Mort as well as Mrs Anne Balic, mother of three daughters at Genazzano. Our athletes enjoyed excellent conditions, performing their best throughout the day. This resulted in 26 top-three placings and 11 new records for Genazzano students. Both of these statistics are an improvement from last year. Detailed results and record can be found at the 5/6 Sport and SSV SchoolBox page.

We extend our congratulations to four students who have earned a place in the Armadale District team for the Beachside Division Athletics Carnival held on Tuesday 30 August. They are:

  • Hannah Rusmir (Year 3) – U10 800m
  • Jessica Balic (Year 4) – U10 Shot Put
  • Eliza Board (Year 6) – U12/13 80m Hurdles
  • Sarah Calvisi (Year 6) U12/13 100m and Discus

Year 5/6 Hooptime

basketball.jpgOn Wednesday 27 July, a group of 20 students from Years 5 and 6 competed in a Hooptime Basketball tournament at MSAC.

Miss Melonie Fulton and Miss Dani Calvisi, another Gen Alumna, coached our two teams (Maroons and Whites) and the girls responded with progressively better cohesion and skills. The Maroons entered the grand final undefeated after a strong semi-final win, but the Whites just lost their semi-final and became an enthusiastic cheer squad for the final game.

Sandringham Primary School made a strong start to the decider, leading at half-time by 5. The Maroons showed plenty of determination to largely control the second half and trail 10 to 11 as the game entered its final minute. An inventive shot by Sarah Calvisi (Year 6) with just seconds left, secured a thrilling one point win to be remembered. They have qualified for Regionals in October. Congratulations to all girls for their exemplary effort and conduct, and for the many parents who were there to support the girls.

Adrian Daly
SSV Coordinator


snowsports.jpgThe 2016 Snowsports season so far has been a fun and exciting way to spend time with a tight knit group of Gen girls, while representing the College doing something we all love! Despite the freezing and horrible weather of 23-24 July at Mount Buller, 36 members of the Snowsports team were able to train and have some fun over the Genazzano Championships weekend. This is designed in preparation for the Interschool Championships taking place in late August also at Buller.

On Saturday 6 August, two students represented the College in the Interschools Cross Country Skiing Championships. Sisters, Mary Henry (Year 10) and Bridget Henry (Year 9), performed strongly and gave their all in what is generally regarded as one of the most demanding short-term aerobic events.

Last weekend, 20 members of the team joined the Year 8s on the Falls Creek ski weekend. Thankfully, the weather was in our favour this time! We look forward to seeing what the rest of the season has in store and wish all the girls on our team the best for the Interschool Championships!

Carla Riccio & Alice Collinge
Snowsports Co-Captains

GenAquatic News

Club Night

The next GenAquatic Club night will be on Friday 16 September. This is sure to be a great night of fun, laughter and races. Points are awarded to swimmers based on participation and improvement. These points are then tallied up with awards presented at our next AGM.

State Age & Open Championships

The State Age Championships will be held on 2-4 September. For more information, please visit their website. Please note, the 12 and U11 age group events will be conducted during the Open SC Championships, however they still form part of the Age SC Championships Program. Point scores for the 12 and U11 age groups are combined with the 13-18 Year point scores. All age events refer to the swimmer’s age as of the 2 September.

Amon Soerink
Head Coach, Aquatics


Saturday Netball - Spring Fling (Term 4)

The 2016 Winter Season will finish at the end of Term 3 with Grand Finals to be played on the 3 September. A new Spring Fling Season will start in Term 4 and run for seven weeks from 8 October to 26 November.

Please contact me if your daughter would like to play netball in Term 4. New players are most welcome and you do not need to have any netball experience.

It will not be possible for any students wanting to row in season 2016/2017 to play or coach netball in the Spring Fling.

Netball Victoria Schools Championships Tournament – Primary School Team

netball_0.JPGThe Netball Victoria Schools Championships are one of the largest netball tournaments conducted in Australia and attract Government, Catholic and Independent school teams from around the state.

Teams play in a round robin format over multiple preliminary days across Victoria. The top teams advance through to the Finals Day on 31 August at the State Netball Hockey Centre, where the State Champions are crowned.

Congratulations to the Genazzano FCJ College Primary School team who travelled to the VU Community Sports Stadium, last Friday, where they qualified for the State Finals. This is the first time our Primary School team will play in the State Finals and we extend our best wishes to them.

Sarndra Kennerley
Netball Co-ordinator


College Dates for the Next Fortnight

Monday 15 August, 8.00am

Mass for the Feast of Assumption

Tuesday 16 August, 3.45pm

Early to Middles Years Soloist Concert

Wednesday 17 August

Year 4 First Eucharist Reflection Day

Wednesday 17 August, 7.00pm

Science and Arts Tour Parent Information Evening

Saturday 20 August, 7.00pm

GMA Annual Ball – African Rhythms

Monday 22 to Friday 26 August

Social Justice Week

Tuesday 23 August

Bread Roll Day

Wednesday 24 August

Prep to Year 4 Excursion to the MCG

Friday 26 August, 3.50pm

Woodwind Exam Concert

Friday 26 August, 6.30pm

Simply Sharing Dinner

Please visit our website for a full list of 2016 Term Dates or our College calendar.


News from the GMA

Recent Events

The Year 7 mums met at the Fat Penguin for a beautiful morning tea. There was a fabulous turnout, with many new mums coming along.

yr 7 mum morning tea.png

The Year 10s recently held a Mother and Daughter Breakfast at Now & Then Café. Approximately 50 mothers, daughters and grandmothers caught up to enjoy a meal and share wonderful experiences.

yr 10 mother daughter breakfast 1.jpg yr 10 mother daughter breakfast 2.jpg
yr 10 mother daughter breakfast 3.jpg yr 10 mother daughter breakfast 4.jpg

Fathers’ Day Gift Idea!

Are you looking for that perfect Fathers’ Day gift, especially for those hard-to-buy-for dads? What could be better than socks or hankies? The Entertainment Book of course! Why not give the gift that keeps on giving? Purchase an Entertainment Book now and dad will receive over $15,000 worth of offers, from dining to golf, wineries to footy and more! Contact Cathy Frawley at or mobile 0421 010 347 to reserve a copy.

Fathers’ Day Stall

Preparations are underway for the Fathers’ Day stall. Grange Hill ELC to Year 4 students will be able to purchase suitable gifts for their fathers and grandfathers on Thursday 1 September.

First Eucharist Celebration Supper

The Year 3 Reps have been busy planning for the traditional celebration of the Year 4 First Eucharist to be held in the Furlan Room on Friday 2 September. We are calling all Year 3 parents to help us set up and to serve supper to the Year 4 girls and their families on the night.

City-Country Mothers’ Mass and Lunch - Book Now!

The annual City-Country Mothers’ Mass and Luncheon is to be held in the Macedon Ranges on Friday 2 September. The luncheon has been a highlight of Genazzano and Xavier Colleges for many years and is an excellent opportunity to meet other mums and enjoy fine food, wine and beautiful scenery.  Bookings can be made online.

GMA Annual Ball

GMA Ball Banner.JPG

This grand occasion is drawing near....
It's the Gala night of the Gen Social year
Preparations are being made with much finesse
This is your chance to spruce up and dress to impress!

Don’t Forget to Book!

The GMA African Rhythms Ball will be held at the RACV Club on Saturday 20 August. Have you purchased your tickets for this night of nights? Ticket sales have been fabulous but this is your last chance with ticket sales closing next Tuesday so don’t delay!

Get onto trybooking and set up your own table of 10 or join a year level table. 

All ticketing enquiries to Rebekah Wraith on 0407 003 605 or

Raffle Tickets

Please remember to return your raffle tickets (sold or unsold) before next Friday 19 August so you are in the running to win one of our four wonderful prizes.

First prize: Airfares to Johannesburg (or any destination) for two valued at $5000
Second prize: Apple MacBook Air valued at $1399
Third prize: Lunch at Centonove valued at $200Fourth prize:
 Fitbit Flex Wireless Wristband valued at $129

Please return ticket butts, cash (or cheque made payable to Genazzano Mothers’ Association) and any unsold tickets to Student Services or Reception at Grange Hill and All Hallows as soon as possible, as we need to finalise sales.

All Raffle inquiries to Cathy Frawley at

Save the Date

Saturday 20 August

GMA Ball - African Rhythms

Tuesday 23 August

Year 6 Mothers Movie Night at Lido Cinema

Thursday 25 August

Year 4 Coffee Catch Up at Town & Country

Thursday 1 September

GMA Fathers’ Day Stall

Friday 2 September

City-Country Mothers’ Mass at Luncheon

Monday 5 September, 8.40am

GMA Committee Meeting in the Boardroom

Carmel Greer
President, Genazzano Mothers' Association


News from the GFA

It continues to be a terrific Term 3 for the GFA, let me share some of the excitement with you:


Gen Outback was held last weekend on 6 August. What happens when you mix 20 Gen families, Blackberry Jam Bush Band and a whole lot of GFA super snags? A great night of fun and whip cracking dancing. This is what GenOutback is all about - family fun! We danced and laughed the night away, celebrated the great artwork of our girls, ate some great snags and won some wonderful raffle prizes. It was also great to see some of our ELC girls having their first ride on Emily the Emu. Of course, it did not happen by itself. Special thanks to our Gen dads: Mr Andrew Sticca, Mr Paul Crock, Mr Peter Grounds and Mr Neville Drake. We also appreciate the support of our community with generous donations from Snuggles, Gippsland Natural, and the Wine Whisperer.

gob01.JPG gob02.JPG gob04.JPG

GFA Year 8 and 9 Father-Daughter Bowling: Sunday 14 August

This great combined event for girls in Years 8 and 9 is on this weekend! It provides a fantastic opportunity for dads to enjoy a fun night of bowling (and refreshments) with their daughters! For bookings, go to the GFA Events website.

GFA 2016 Footy Finals Luncheon: Friday 16 September

The tables are filling fast for this classic GFA event. It is a wonderful opportunity for you, your friends and colleagues to enjoy a sensational afternoon while helping the GFA “make a difference”. Just like you, we love to laugh and support a good cause, so come along and be part of this great event. See the flyer for more information or book online now.

GFA Monthly Meeting

The August GFA meeting will be held next week, on Wednesday 17 August commencing at 7.00pm in the College Boardroom (Wardell Building). Our monthly meetings are open to all Gen dads and this is your opportunity to hear what is happening, have your say and participate in the GFA.

Remember that to be a father is a gift, to be a Gen Dad is a rare privilege that we celebrate by Loving, Laughing and Making a Difference.

Rob Bischof
President, Genazzano Fathers’ Association


Latest News

  1. Outstanding Alumna Award


Outstanding Alumna Award

Jane Kennedy Headshot - web.jpgCongratulations the 2016 Genazzano Outstanding Alumna Award recipient, Jane Kennedy (1982). Jane was honoured for her outstanding dedication and commitment to the film and television industry on Wednesday 10 August at the Awards Evening and again at the College Assembly on Thursday 11 August.

As a member of the D-Generation and Working Dog Productions, Jane has made a remarkable contribution to Australia’s cultural landscape, with a CV that includes TV shows Frontline and The Panel, along with movies The Dish and, of course, The Castle.

“We were just making a film about a happy family that was facing some hard life issues. I think people from all walks of life could relate to it. To watch the success of that film has undoubtedly been a highlight of my career.”

Performing is at the centre of Kennedy’s reflections on her school days, which began in 1970 as a prep student.

“Drama was a really big part of my life at school. We would do concerts that were a bit funny and silly. On reflection, I can see that taking risks was encouraged. The only job I’ve ever known is in the entertainment business and it really did evolve from school.”

She enthusiastically offers words of encouragement for the girls who are fortunate to be in receipt of a Genazzano education.

“Your school years are gone so fast, even though you don’t think it at the time. Savour being a schoolgirl. In the big wide world, you’re a grown-up and everything changes. So have a go, sign up for clubs and find your mojo. The school is on your side, it wants to make you the best you can become.”


GMA Annual Ball - African Rhythms

GMA ball
Saturday 20 August 2016
7.00pm for pre-dinner drinks
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Genazzano and Xavier City to Country Mothers' Lunch

Xav-Gen Mothers Lunch
Friday 2 September 2016
8.30am bus leaves Xavier College. View the event flyer for a full timetable of the day.
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GLS Breakfast

gls breakfast banner for web.jpg
Wednesday 7 September 2016
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GFA Footy Finals Luncheon

footy lunch
Friday 16 September 2016
12.00pm - 3.00pm
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Community News

2016 Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) Parent Satisfaction Survey

Reminder to Participate

You will have already received an email inviting you to take part in the 2016 ISV Parent Satisfaction Survey. This is just a reminder because your opinion is most valuable to us.

The aim of the survey is to gain general feedback and understand your perceptions regarding the quality of your daughter’s educational experience with the College. The information obtained will be used by us to evaluate parent/guardian opinion, in order to improve the quality of education at the school for your daughter, and will enable benchmarking of the school against other Independent schools.

To complete the survey, please go to the ISV Parent Satisfaction Survey website.

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete, and we would be grateful if you could complete the survey by Friday 26 August 2016.

Either parent/guardian may fill out the questionnaire or both parents/guardians may complete the survey together. We ask that you complete the survey for your eldest child at the College. However, you may also complete the survey for each child you have at the school, by clicking on the link again and re-doing it for other children. When working through the questionnaire, when you read ‘school’, think of your child’s school and when you read ‘student’, think about your eldest child.

We would like to emphasise that the survey is completely anonymous. ISV reports the results to the College in aggregate only. 

Youth Engagement Project (YEP) Events

TGI Fridays

The next TGI Friday for the year. Monthly youth nights with different themes and heaps of fun! Team members will be at All Hallows from 5.30pm, so students in Years 9-12 are welcome to drop by anytime after that for some table tennis fun.

Date: Friday 19 August
Time: 7.30pm - 10.00pm
Venue: All Hallows Parish, 17 Brenbeal St, Balwyn

de Castella Run: Sunday 28 August

2016 de Castella Run 2 Mend Minds DL_Page_1.jpg

'Moving Bodies Moving Boundaries' Documentary World Premiere


Date: Friday 19 August
Time: 7.00pm
Venue: Hoyts Melbourne Central

For more information, visit the Moving Bodies Moving Boundaries website or read the promotional flyer.