Newsletter - Edition 13-2015

News From the Principal

Dear Parents

I warmly congratulate Karen Jebb who will succeed me as Principal at Genazzano FCJ College in January 2016. Karen comes to the College after a distinguished career in a number of Catholic schools, most recently as the Principal of Our Lady of Sion College in Box Hill. I know that the Genazzano community will make Karen most welcome and that she will thrive in this wonderful environment.

Congratulations too are offered to our Year 3 students on their simply superb drama presentation for the Children’s Book Council of Australia Awards on 21 August at the Melbourne Town Hall. The CBCA have been presenting awards in celebration of Australia’s vibrant children’s book industry since the 1940s, and these awards, given for literary merit, are the most prestigious in Australia.  We were thrilled when our College was invited to provide a performance for the event. Our Year 3 students were chosen to represent the college and with the able assistance of teachers Julia Petricevic and Tanya Salinas–Byrne the students performed a ten minute homage to the six short listed picture books of 2015. Many of the authors and illustrators of the texts were in attendance and everyone noted the high standard of the performance complimenting the girls on their dramatic efforts, knowledge and enthusiasm.

This evening we are celebrating 30 years of Rowing at the College, at the new Genazzano / Xavier rowing facility in the Burwood Reserve. Anthony Jackson, father of Ciara (Year 12) 2014/15 and one of this season’s Captain of Boats, has dedicated many long hours researching and writing our rowing history. The book will be a hard bound coffee table style book of our history of rowing with photos and images sourced from our archives. The book will be available to parents early in Term 3. We are most grateful to Anthony for the enthusiasm and commitment he has demonstrated towards this project.

On 2 September, we organised and hosted this year’s Genazzano, Loreto, Sacre Coeur (GLS) Alumnae Breakfast. Our key note speaker was Danielle Sibosado (py 2012). Dani spoke of her journey as a young Aboriginal girl from Lombadina, her schooling in Broome and her move as a Boarder to Genazzano in 2010 where she completed her VCE. As a young activist and a passionate indigenous mentor with the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience program Dani is a remarkable young woman who is leading a life of commitment and service to others.

The Genazzano Mothers’ Association Ball with an Oriental Nights theme, was held on Saturday 29 August at Zinc. It was a marvelous evening of fundraising and friendship. My particular thanks to GMA President, Debbie O’Halloran, and to the Ball Committee Chair, Johanna Nesbitt, and Ball Committee members - Zana Bytheway, Sonia Cappellazzo, Helen Condilis, Julie Douglas, Cathy Frawley, Nadia Peters, Belinda Rotella and Bozena Zembrzuski - for the very detailed preparation required for such an evening. Thanks must also go to Linda Sprott and the College Advancement Team for all their work behind the scenes.

On Tuesday evening, I was one of four principals invited to address youth as part of a panel of Principals on Principles, Q&A style. It was a great privilege to be part of this Dinner and Dialogue at Hawthorn Parish Centre and to meet with so many young people who are working to actively engage young people through the Youth Engagement Program (YEP) as well as older parishioners who so enthusiastically joined in the conversation and gave so generously of their time.

The Parent Forum held in the College Boardroom on Tuesday evening also provided a great opportunity for parent and staff in senior leadership to discuss a range of educational issues that are pertinent to all aspects of education at Genazzano. I am so grateful to the parents who attend these Forums and urge all parents to join us for the next conversation in Term 4.

In our prayers this week we remember:

  • Barry Curtis, husband of Joy, father of Anna Hojok (1982), John, David and Caroline Harken (1988). Father in law of Cristina nee Shannon and grandfather of Miranda Hojok (Year 9)
  • Bruno Caruso, husband of Jenine. Father of Emily (College Captain 2004) and Ben.
  • Maria Drevensek, aunt of staff member Maura Milanovic

Patricia A Cowling



Springing into New Life

Loving God of new beginnings,
the days lengthen,
the darkness recedes
the blooms in trees and flowers
spring into new life.
Change is evident in the air we breath
and the blossoming colours we behold. 
The season of spring heralds change.
Some changes we eagerly await,
and some we would rather run away from.
Some changes we plan carefully
and others arrive uninvited.
To all these changes we ask the gift of
your perspective beckoning us to expectation,
hope, rebirth and re-creation.
May the lengthening sunlight and
the refreshing rain be reminders that
you are at work renewing the face of our earth.
Your Holy Spirit fires renewal of creation,
you are ever at work in our lives, too.
Open our eyes and lives to the needed changes
in our daily living this Spring.
Awaken us to new life
new perspectives, new beginnings and new visions.


Latest News

Appointment of New Principal

New Principal for Genazzano FCJ College

On behalf of the Genazzano FCJ College Council, I am delighted to announce the appointment of Ms Karen Jebb as College Principal, commencing on 18 January 2016 to replace Mrs Patricia Cowling after her 15 wonderful years as our Principal.

College Council members unanimously recommended Karen’s appointment, which was endorsed by the FCJ Province Leader, Sister Judith Routier fcJ, and personally ratified by Archbishop Hart.

Karen is a faith filled modern educational leader who is ideally placed for Genazzano to continue nurturing girls and young women for 21st century career opportunities, balanced by an innate sense of social responsibility and personal purpose.

Karen comes to Genazzano with an exemplary career as a Principal in Catholic education, with a long history promoting science and mathematics and a strong track record advancing her current school, Our Lady of Sion College, Box Hill.

Karen has demonstrated significant talent in strategic planning, leadership, team building and improving academic results during a 27 year career in Catholic Education.

Prior to Our Lady of Sion College, Karen worked at MacKillop Catholic Regional College, Santa Maria College and Ave Maria College. She is highly regarded within Catholic education as a progressive and innovative leader.

The Genazzano FCJ College Council undertook an extensive search and rigorous recruitment process over several months, ensuring that the best possible selection was made. This process included the engagement of a global external recruitment firm and consultation with staff and representatives of the College community. We were delighted with the high calibre of candidates for the role. Karen stood out as a proven outstanding leader and experienced educator, with great commitment ot the mission and values of Catholic Education.

Karen has a very strong work ethic and the capacity to build healthy, productive and creative teams and professional relationships. Furthermore, she strives for excellence, fosters innovation, pursues authentic relationships and works in the spirit of collegiality.

Her academic qualifications include a Masters in Education, Graduate Diploma in Theology, Graduate Diploma in Educational Administration and a Bachelor of Education/Bachelor of Science. She is now studying to fulfil the requirements of an Executive Master of Business Administration through the Australian Catholic University later this year.

The Council’s role is to ensure a smooth transition for the Principal, and there is more than sufficient time for this process to occur. There will be ample opportunities for our community to thank Trish for the 15 years of dedicated service she has given to Genazzano.

These are exciting times and the beginning of a new era for the College. Please join me in congratulating and welcoming Karen to her new role at our remarkable school.

Lindy Priest
Chair, Genazzano FCJ College Council

Genazzano ELC Gets Top Marks!

The Early Learning Centre at Genazzano has recently received the highest Quality Standard Rating for their Kindergarten program: Exceeding National Quality Standard.
The co-educational 3 and 4 year old centre was assessed as a part of the National Quality Standards framework by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Services.
The framework aims to assess each education service against the National Quality Standards and Regulations and supports ongoing quality improvement of all services.
The highest rating was awarded to the Genazzano ELC in recognition that the Kindergarten program has performed at a level exceeding the standard.
College Principal, Patricia Cowling, commented “We are thrilled with this result and so proud of the great work that our dedicated ELC staff undertake each and every day”.
The Centre, in only its third year of operation at the College, was commended for the value it places on collaborative partnerships it holds with families, where communication builds the foundation of understanding about each other’s expectations and attributes.
The report outlined that the Centre’s program reflected a clear commitment to continuous improvement.
ELC Director, Judy Johnston, outlined that the approach of the Kindergarten program curriculum was based on each child’s knowledge, ideas, culture, abilities and interests.
“We aim and have been recognised for working with each child and their family in an active and consistently supportive way to gain full engagement in the program”.
Mrs Cowling concluded “This assessment is so pleasing as it recognises the commitment we have made to providing a program that maximises the child’s learning and development opportunities in an environment that is dedicated to the development of our children’s early learning and wellbeing.”
Mark Glover
Business Manager


2015 GLS Breakfast

For its thirteenth consecutive year, Alumnae Associations of Genazzano, Loreto Mandeville Hall and Sacré Coeur colleges came together this morning for the annual GLS Breakfast. The sold out event was held at Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club and featured three very special guest speakers. From Genazzano FCJ College came Passionate Indigenous Mentor, Danielle Sibosado (2012); Psychologist and Occupational Rehabilitator from Loreto Mandeville Hall, Bridie Scanlon (2003); and Multi-faceted Chairman and Director Sacré Coeur, Paula Dwyer (1978). Together, these three inspiring and motivational women spoke to a congregation of 295 friends, family, students, staff and fellow alumnae about their journeys. All proceeds from the GLS Breakfast provide scholarships and bursaries for students for the three colleges. 

We invite you to read about Danielle's journey below:

The Kimberley Exchange, a programme of shared experiences for students of Genazzano FCJ College and St Mary’s College in Broome, is renowned for promoting tolerance and understanding between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. For one St Mary’s student, the programme was the catalyst for something more than a once-in-a-lifetime visit to Melbourne – it has led to a permanent move south.

Danielle Sibosado (2012) spent the first three years of her high school education at St Mary’s before successfully applying for a boarding and academic scholarship at Genazzano.

“I have four older brothers and two older sisters and a few of them did the exchange as well. When I was growing up I always wanted to go on the exchange because I’d seen them do it. When I did the exchange … I fell in love with Melbourne – it’s got a good music scene and the school was great. I’d never really seen a school with such good facilities and such nice grounds!”

Given her Kimberley upbringing and subsequent Genazzano education, it’s perhaps not surprising to discover that Sibosado, who will speak at the 13th Annual GLS Breakfast on Wednesday 2 September 2015 at Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club, is a passionate advocate of education for indigenous Australians.

“I started doing a course at RMIT in 2013 studying the music industry and through that I got involved with (community radio station) 3CR. That got me thinking a lot about the issues facing indigenous people. Around the same time I started working for an organisation called AIME, which stands for Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience, as a facilitator working with Year 9 indigenous kids in Ballarat and Gippsland. I was still doing my music industry course but had a realisation that maybe youth work was something I wanted to do and was something I was passionate about so I changed courses half way through last year.

“The whole point of AIME is to try and get indigenous students going all the way through high school to Year 12 because the rates (compared with non-indigenous students) are different. I think it has a lot to do with identity. If you’re at a school where you don’t feel comfortable … it can really play a role in how you feel about (continuing) through school. If you’ve worked out who you are and what you want to be, it’s a bit easier to manage everything else.”

For Sibosado, boarding at Genazzano helped grow her independence and she describes with pride having to make her own way to far-flung grounds during winter to play football, and her appreciation of the faith shown in the boarders by the boarding house staff.

“I loved the boarding school. There were only 40 students so it was really small, which was nice. Everyone got to know one another. We enjoyed the trust of the headmistress and the supervisors, especially our year level because we always communicated well with the ladies of the house. In turn, they put a lot of trust in us and we never thought to break that trust. That meant … if you go into the city they prefer you go with another person in the boarding house but they trusted us enough to allow us to do that ourselves. From that, we gained a lot of independence.”

Sibosado comes from a very large family of ten children (for the record, she was number seven), several of whom have also enjoyed an education in Melbourne. When it’s put to her that it takes a very special kind of parent to allow a child to pursue their educational and developmental dreams on the other side of the country, Sibosado explains that both her parents travelled to Perth for their education and wanted to afford their own children every opportunity.

If there is something that appears to define Sibosado, it is that she is a free spirit who, thanks to her time at Genazzano, has a limitless number of pathways to follow.

“There are so many different opportunities at Gen. You can give anything a try. There are so many different sports that I didn’t really know about or had never played before, and I gave them a shot and ended up really enjoying them. I’ve taken that away from school – if there is an opportunity I will just take it and see what happens!

“The teachers I had were always so encouraging. I’ve gone back to Gen a couple of times and they all still remember you. That sense of community is something I’ve always appreciated, especially being so far away from home.”

Year 9 Student Wins Wool4School Competition

Out of more than 10,000 registered students from across Australia, Year 9 student, Bronte Senn, is the National Year 9 winner in the Wool4School student design competition.
Open to Year 7 to 11 design and technology, textile, home economics and visual arts students, the competition challenges students to design an original outfit made of Australian Merino wool.
Bronte’s design of a coat, hat, blouse and pants, combines the different elements of Tokyo architecture and traditional Japanese fashion. She incorporated the concepts by referencing their colours, lines and shapes.

“My winter design is inspired by Tokyo and is intended for myself to wear in this chic and cool city.”

A full description of her garment designs can be read in her creative statement, on the Wool4School website.

Congratulations also go to Emma Chan (Year 9) and Adita Singh (Year 11) who received Honourable Mentions for their designs. Genazzano FCJ College was also given an Honourable Mention in the school category.



Open Mornings
Tuesday 8 September
For more information visit:

Les Jeunes Artistes – ELC to Year 4 Art Show
Wednesday 9 September 2015
5.00pm – 6.30pm
For more information click here

Outstanding Alumnae Awards Evening
Tuesday 15 September
6.00pm – 8.30pm
For more information click here

Outstanding Alumnae Awards Assembly
Wednesday 16 September

An Evening of Jazz and Contemporary Music
Wednesday 16 September
7.00pm – 9.00pm

GFA Footy Luncheon
Friday 18 September
12.00pm – 3.00pm
For more information click here

GFA Golf Day
Friday 9 October
11.00am – 7.00pm

Faith and Missions

St. Mary's Exchange Program

From the 19 July to 2 August, we had the privilege of having students from St. Mary’s College Broome stay with our families in Melbourne. They arrived with four St. Mary’s boys, who were hosted by Xavier families, and their teachers Mrs Michelle Hamaguchi and Mr Brad Carmody. Whilst they were here, the St. Mary’s students were immersed in the city and school lifestyle and spent time at both the Genazzano All Hallows and Kew campuses.
We enjoyed having the Mary’s students join our classes at All Hallows and they particularly enjoyed being a part of our sport and language classes. During their stay, they visited the Kew campus and spent time in the Early Learning Centre and visited classes from Year 3 to Year 11. They also participated in co-curricular activities such as rowing, bands, basketball and netball. We all enjoyed attending the Opening the Doors Oration Evening and our visitors shared with us just how friendly everyone was and how excited they were to meet Vicki Clark.
The girls from St. Mary’s also took time out of school to travel around the city with their teachers. They visited the MCG and went on a Foodies Tour at the Queen Vic Market. They also joined the Year 9s on our Aboriginal Immersion Day where we went to the National Gallery of Victoria and the State Library. On two occasions, after school, we took them to explore the joy and excitement of Bounce and Darkzone. During their stay, all of the St. Mary’s students spent a night in Ballarat with their teachers and were lucky enough to go to Sovereign Hill and experience the performance, ‘Blood on the Southern Cross’.
On the weekends our visitors from Broome stayed with their Genazzano Host Families. Each family prepared a special weekend. There were visits to the beach, the snow, Sassafras, the Docklands and the city. One of our final get-togethers was a night at the football watching the Richmond vs. Hawthorn game at the MCG. The St. Mary’s visitors proudly wore Hawthorn scarves that were donated by Stuart Giles and the Hawthorn Foundation.
The importance of this twenty-seven year old program was obvious. We have had a wonderful opportunity to form some special friendships that will last forever. We have learnt so much from our friends from Broome  about their culture, story and family which has reinforced the message of reconciliation and understanding. Our visitors had a wonderful time and plan to return to Melbourne, perhaps when the weather is a little warmer!
Maddison Casey (on behalf of Kate Cooper, Eleanor Kirkland, Hannah McLaren and their families who hosted the St. Mary’s students)
2015 Kimberley Exchange Participant

Social Justice Week

 The Social Justice Teams from Gen and Xavier started to meet at the end of Term 2 this year. There is a long lead in to Social Justice Week, lots of activities involving lots of people, so the planning is intense. The team is made up of the Justice and Service Prefects from Genazzano and Xavier and some great Year 10 and Year 11 volunteers from both schools. Clementine Scheffers, Emma Delahunt, Caitlin McClusky, Anushni Fernadapoulle, Ciara Ward, Lily Tawk, Mark Aloi, Gareth Kiernan, Tom O’Connor, Callum Nguyen, John Ginnane and Dan Crowley worked really hard to plan and prepare for a week of activities.
The activities for the week began with a stutter, as the Gen Prefects were comprehensively outclassed on the Netball court by the Xavier boys. Although our pride was saved when on Tuesday in the Montagner Theatre, the Gen Ensemble beat the Xavier singers. The sing off was judged by Jan Blazejack from Genazzano and Greg Carey from Xavier so objectivity was maintained.
There was a healthy anticipation of the return netball on Wednesday, and despite the heavy rain, Centenary Hall was full to bursting with Gen girls cheering on their team…and it worked! Genazzano triumphed! It was a great victory.
All the activities of the week lead up to our Social Justice Dinner which is traditionally held on the last evening of Social Justice Week. The team work hard all term getting raffle prizes, soliciting donations for food and prizes, planning a theme and inviting a speaker. The night is a culmination of the hard work and the generosity of all involved.
This year we supported Caritas, Australia’s work with women and children, and our passionate and inspiring speaker, Pamela Curr, spoke about the hardships that women face trying to provide for their children and families. Pamela is the detention Rights Advocate with the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. She works to provide support for refugees and asylum seekers, be they men, women or children.
The Gen/Xavier Glee group entertained us and we were really grateful for the music of Emma and Sienna who used their own material for this occasion.

Thanks must go to the Genazzano and Xavier staff who supported this dinner and worked hard throughout the evening. The Genazzano and Xavier Prefect body who helped serve the meal and cleaned up and Bambi Bressanuti and Tom Colledge for their work with the meal and the Audio Visual support.
At Genazzano, we raised $ 3,548.05 which we will put together with the monies raised at Xavier and pass on to Caritas for their work with women and families in the developing world.
Anne McIlroy


Children's Book Week at GEN ELC

Monday 24 August to Friday 28 August, we enjoyed a lovely week at the Early Learning Centre with all the children celebrating books, wonderful inspirational books!
On Monday we visited the Grange Hill Prep to Year 4 students in their Book Character Dress ups. We watched with delight and cheered on our Year 4 Buddies.

Amongst other events were our series of ‘Special Guest Storytellers’ who came down each day to Grange Hill to read a picture storybook to the ELC children.  Genazzano staff that are not necessarily teachers came along and shared about their job at Genazzano, their children’s names and their favorite picture storybook.  We had a gardener, a secretary, a payroll officer, a business manager amongst a wonderful fleet of Storytellers.
We delighted in dressing up as a Book Character on Tuesday and well done to all parents for your amazing inventiveness!  I know this can often fill parents with dread, about what to choose or how to help their child dress as a book character, so it was impressive to see the breadth of storybook characters, and not a Superhero in sight!
A week of true celebration for the extraordinary – BOOK!

Judy Johnston
ELC Director

Early Years

News from the Early Years

Bookweek 2015 was an outstanding success at Grange Hill. The week began with our Storybook Parade on Circular Drive. It was marvelous to see the girls really get in to the spirit of the event. In addition to dressing up, many also readily displayed the book from which their character was taken.  The lucky winner of the Grange Hill Book Week Raffle Big Basket of Books was Ava Mercadante Year 1. There were also four winners in the Grange Hill Bookweek Treasure Hunt: Cameo Porreca (Year 4) and Jessica Bianco, Carla Pertile and Criselle Cayetano all from Year 2.

The Year 3 girls are still receiving accolades from their performance at the announcement of the 2015 CBCA Book Week Awards announcements in Melbourne Town Hall and one of the highlights was Sophia Mercadante meeting the real live Uncle Ed, the character she portrayed on stage. All the girls did extremely well and we were so very proud of the way they readily adapted to the small stage space provided. The girls performed with great confidence and in many ways, really stole the show. They were fantastic ambassadors for Genazzano FCJ College.

On Wednesday 2 September, the Prep to Year 4 girls joined their peers in Years 5 and 6 to take part in a special Prep to Year 6 Eucharist in the Genazzano FCJ Chapel. It was a beautiful opportunity for all the girls to be together and for the Year 4s to once more attend mass following their recent Sacrament of First Eucharist.
Thursday 3 September saw the Grange Hill atrium once more transformed into a Father’s Day Market Place with lots of goodies for the girls to purchase for their fathers. A big thank you to the fantastic GMA Grange Hill mothers who coordinated and organized this very special event.
Thank you also to all those who sent in photos of Dads and Daughters for our Grange Hill Reception display. It was great to see so many fathers and their daughters and sons enjoy a delicious breakfast in the cafeteria this morning in celebration of what it means to be a father
We wish all our Grange Hill dads, granddads and special father figures a very Happy Father’s Day.
We look forward to seeing you all at Les Jeunes Artistes on Wednesday night 5.00-6.30pm for what will be another fantastic opportunity to admire the many creative talents that our young students have to offer.

Upcoming Dates
Sunday 6 September - Father’s Day
Wednesday 9 September - Les Jeunes Artistes
Wednesday 16 September - Outstanding Alumna Assembly at 8.50am
Thursday 17 and Friday 18 September - Parent Teacher Conferences
Thursday 17 September - Term 3 ends at 3.25pm
Monday 5 October - Term 4 begins
Wednesday 14 to Friday 16 October - Year 4 Camp
Thursday 22 and Friday 23 October - Year 3 Camp
Jackie Horgan
Director of Early Years

Middle Years News

Year 5 Orienteering Excursion - Finding Our Way in Westerfold's Park! 

In Geography this term, our Year 5 classes have been undertaking the unit, ‘Finding our Way with Maps’. We have been learning about all the different types of maps that there are in the world: community maps, land and sea maps, country maps, worldwide maps and even Google maps!

To get another sense of what mapping is about and how important the skills of mapping are, we headed out to Westerfolds Park, Templestowe on Monday 24 August for a day of Orienteering.  The park was huge and it didn’t take us long to realise, the skill of being able to read a map confidently was going to be our biggest challenge! Westerfolds Park is situated beside the Yarra River at there are over 120 hectares of parkland…a perfect place to try out our skills of navigating a number of courses using only a map!

The morning began with a number of instructions from the Orienteering Leader. They were quite simple; we were all put into four groups and given a map marked A, B, C and D and a stamper sheet. Each map would take us out to a different course within the park and our stamper sheet was for when we found one of the stations and needed to record that we had located it by using a shape or letter stamp found there.

After all the students had set off on the first course, one orienteering staff member and teacher stayed back at the shelter to see which group was first to come back and had completed each course locating all the stations successfully. Everyone went off at different times and everyone came back at different times! Some people got a little lost navigating themselves around the course; one group even found a mob of kangaroos!

Most groups completed two or three courses, however, one team completed all four! Lauren Keller and Olivia Benston completed the four in a fast time of 1 hour and 32 minutes, which was on average, 33 minutes per course! After that everyone had to come back to base and the staff gave out awards for the fastest times and who finished first overall with Lauren and Olivia winning a compass for their achievement.

After lunch and a big play in the playground, we found our way back to Genazzano, using all our newly gained knowledge of locating our way around places!

Olivia Benston, Eliza Board and Imogen Steward
Year 5A

Tournament of Minds

It all started with 7 weeks of preparation. Making costumes out of recycled materials, writing a script and rehearsing a 10 minute play. Choosing the weakest link and deleting Cleopatra, Leonardo Da Vinci or Henry the 8th from history.
Then the day came round, we did our play successfully, but it came down to the spontaneous challenge. The spontaneous challenge involved a lot of teamwork and co-operation. We had to come up with a new word for the dictionary and its meaning. We came up with the word TAGLFYD and its meaning mixed emotions. This was a great experience and we learnt so much. We learnt about teamwork, working efficiently and managing our time, we learnt about different points of view and of course we learnt about these three magnificent people.
Read the script that Isabelle Ballek, Isabel Finch, Bridget Greer, Lauren Keller, Abigail Schlicht, Catherina Stella, Zoe Typaldos, wrote here.


Wayne Murrill
Director of Middle Years

Later Years


Unit 3 & 4 VCE Examinations

Student Information Booklet

Parents and students are advised that the 2015 VCAA Exams Navigator booklet is now accessible on the VCAA website.

The booklet contains important information for students regarding VCE examinations including:

  • Approved materials and equipment for VCE examinations
  • VCAA examination rules and their observance for the conduct of VCE examinations
  • 2015 VCE examination timetable
  • Special Provision
  • Advice for students presenting for Performance and Languages oral examinations and the Extended Investigation oral presentation
  • 2015 VCE Results and ATAR Service.

Students will also receive a hard copy of this booklet closer to their exams.

2015 Examination Timetable

The VCAA examination timetable is accessible via the VCAA Exam Timetable webpage. Please note that students will also receive a hard copy summary of their exam timetable. 

2016 VCE Examination Periods

The following examination periods for next year have been approved by the VCAA. Visit the VCAA Future Exams webpage for more information.



Where can I go with maths?

Maths Ad(d)s  is a publication showcasing the sought after careers underpinned by mathematics and statistics. Unlike some other professions like doctors or lawyers, working mathematicians and statisticians don’t get a working job title. There is a wide range of career pathways that rely on mathematics as an important general goal.

Maths Ad(d)s helps to answer that old question, “Where can I go with maths?”. It goes a long way to helping students and their parents understand the wide range of job opportunities open to capable students who enjoy maths.

Download a free copy of Maths Ad(d)s at
Carol Patterson
Curriculum Leader - Mathematics


SSV Update

On Tuesday 1 September, Chiara Chiarelli (Year 4) and Hetty Donoghue (Year 6C) competed at the SSV Beachside Division Athletics Carnival at Duncan Mackinnon Reserve, Murrumbeena.  This was due to their outstanding performances three weeks beforehand at the Armadale District event. 
Their parents kindly transported the girls to the venue while they were ably assisted by Monica Clarke once there.  Chiara did particularly well in triple jump (6.99m) while Hetty placed 3rd in high jump with an outstanding jump of 1.37m on the first attempt.  Neither girls progressed to the next level of competition, but they can both be proud of matching or beating personal best performances.
Adrian Daly
SSV and Year 5/6 Sport Coordinator


Evening of Jazz and Contemporary Music

Our Evening of Jazz and Contemporary Music will be held Wednesday 16 September in the Montagner Auditorium. Come and relax with friends and family and enjoy the atmosphere of round-table seating, nibbles and drinks and fine entertainment from our contemporary ensembles and solo performers.

This year, we have the privilege of featuring Olivia Chindamo as our guest artist. Olivia is one of Melbourne’s rising jazz vocalists and is a recent a recipient of the James Morrison Generations in Jazz Vocal Scholarship.
Tickets for this event are free and can be obtained via
Emily Tarrant
Head of Jazz and Contemporary Studies

2015 Annual Music Concert DVD

A DVD of the Annual Music Concert will be available for purchase at $20.00. To secure a copy of this professionally recorded DVD, please download, complete and return the payment slip to Student Services.

2015 Music Calendar

Term 3

Monday 7 September Percussion Concert   ♪ 1.30pm-5.00pm                  Auditorium
Monday 7 September VCE Music Solo Unit 4 (Group 1)   ♪ 7.00pm-9.00pm Auditorium
Thursday 10 September VCE Music Solo Unit 4 (Group 2)   ♪ 7.00pm-9.00pm Auditorium
Monday 14 September Xavier/Gen Combined Vocal Concert   ♪ 7.30pm-8.30pm Auditorium
Wednesday 16 September Evening of Jazz and Contemporary Music    ♪ 7.00pm-9.00pm Auditorium

♪ Genazzano Director of Music highly recommends



Chinese Exchange Program

I would like to express my sincere thanks to all the staff and students, especially host families, for their warm welcome and wonderful hospitality during the Chinese exchange students’ stay at Genazzano.

The Chinese Exchange Program is a great success, providing host students with valuable cross cultural experiences. It will be an unforgettable experience for both the girls at Genazzano and the Chinese exchange students.

The exchange teachers and students flew to Sydney on Saturday 22 August, where they will spend a week before returning to China.

We hope they have a good time in Sydney and wish them a safe journey back to China.
Ms Yu Chong
Chinese (Mandarin) Teacher

Aliance Francaise Berthe Mouchette Competition

Every year, for over a century, millions of French students in Victoria have participated in the Alliance Française Berthe Mouchette Competition.

The Berthe Mouchette Competition is an opportunity for students to practise the French language by participating in a competition with great prizes to be won. As the oral assessment is conducted under exam conditions, the competition is an excellent practice for the end of year VCE examinations.

On 4 August, Genazzano’s Year 11 and 12 French students had the opportunity to participate in this unique and memorable experience. French examiners came to our school and evaluated the performance of our students in a two-part oral interaction: a general conversation, and then the discussion of a theme studied in class.

Congratulations to all participants for their preparation and results. Special congratulations to Shefani Perera in Year 12, and Amy Catanzariti, Emily Zdilar and Erin Donoghue in Year 11 who obtained a perfect score and will represent Genazzano in the final stage of the competition in September. The calibre of participation this year was extremely high, with another 6 students from Genazzano narrowly missing out on places in the final.
Silvia Duparc
French Teacher

Careers News

Year 12 – Tertiary Study Applications

VTAC applications opened in August and all Year 12 students have been receiving support from the Career Development office to put in their preferences during study periods. Extra support has also been provided for those needing a Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) application, assistance with folio and audition applications, scholarship applications, and for those wanting to study interstate or overseas. It is important students now pay their $29 processing fee through their VTAC account to ensure they receive an ATAR in December as well as an offer in January.  For further information, go to

University Information for Parents

Most universities have information to help support your daughter in transition to university and to help you understand the process. Here are a few to get you started:

Year 9 Work Experience

Students in Year 9 should start thinking about options for Work experience in 2016.  Some Hospitals start advertising from now on. Your daughter needs to be checking websites of interest to ensure she can apply in a timely manner. Should she need assistance, encourage her to email me on judy.o’

Interesting Job for those who want to Lead Change 

Here is a job called a ‘Futurist’. An interesting role for your daughter maybe? Find out more at
Judy O’Donohue
Careers Advisor

Research and Performance Excellence

Engineering Link Project

Do you have daughters in Year 10, 11 or 12 and wondering how they can use their love of Science and Maths in an exciting career? Do they want to meet like-minded people who share their passions? Register them in the Engineering Link Project at Latrobe University!

It will be two days of hands-on engineering projects, working with La Trobe and industry engineers. They will work in project teams to solve real engineering problems. There are projects in Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Aeronautical, Environmental and Robotics Engineering.

Discover what engineering is really like, and how fun and fulfilling it really is!
La Trobe University Melbourne
28-29 September 2015

Full details are available at


Other News

2015 Term Dates

Term 3  
Monday 13 July Staff and students return
Thursday 17 September Last day of Term
Term 4  
Monday 5 October Staff and students return
Friday 4 December Last day of Term
Friday 11 December Teaching staff and Category B staff conclude
Friday 18 December Category C staff conclude
Wednesday 23 December Category A staff conclude

2016 Term Dates

Term 1   
Monday 4 January Category B staff return
Wednesday 20 January Executive Return
Thursday 21-Friday 22 January All POL meeting
Monday 25 January All staff return
Tuesday 26 January Australia Day
Friday 29 January Students (new)
Monday 1 February All students
Wednesday 10 February Ash Wednesday
Wednesday 23 March Students finish
Thursday 24 March Staff PL day
Term 2  
Monday 11 April Staff and students return
Friday 17 June Last day of term
Term 3   
Monday 11 July Staff return
Tuesday 12 July Students return
Friday 16 September Last day of term
Term 4  
Monday 3 October Staff and students return
Wednesday 7 December Students conclude
Friday 9 December Students conclude
Thursday 13 December Teaching staff and Category B staff conclude
Tuesday 20 December Category C staff conclude

GFA News

News from the GFA

Spring is here and with Father’s Day this weekend all Genazzano Dads will no doubt take a moment to acknowledge the immense pride and privilege one feels to be blessed as a Father! It was a great pleasure this week for me to be able to attend the ELC to Year 4 Father’s Day breakfast and spend some time with the energetic bubbly younger members and Fathers of our College community.

The GFA has some great things on the horizon for us all to get involved in, with our daughters and with our fellow Genazzano Dads. Here is a taste of what we have to look forward to for the remainder of Term 3 and heading into Term 4:
GFA Footy Finals Luncheon
GFA Footy Finals Luncheon is on Friday 18 September 2015 – only 2 weeks to go now and tickets are selling fast.
Don’t miss this chance for lunch with one of the best Football panels ever to entertain (Shane Healy, Billy Brownless, Luke Darcy and Cameron Ling) while you eat, bid on rare memorabilia at the auction and have a great time with other Dads, partners and friends. The Footy Finals Lunch is held at Etihad Stadium and has built a reputation as one of Melbourne’s best Corporate Lunches. Every year it just keeps getting bigger – $125pp, book NOW at
GFA Golf Day
The GFA Golf day will be held on Friday 9 October 2015a fantastic opportunity to play at a premier golf course with other Dads, friends and business associates.
A great day out for both men and women, and you don’t even have to be a regular golfer to have a great day! A light lunch will be provided, with drinks and finger food at the 19th hole and BBQ dinner to follow. Golf only, Golf and Dinner or Dinner only options will be available – places limited so book now at Look out for further information heading your way soon!
GFA Wine Appreciation evening
GFA Wine Appreciation evening is on again on Friday 30 October 2015 a fun and informative evening with the GFA’s very own Stan Gawel, who will share his insights into how we can better understand and appreciate the wines we drink, coupled with great food to match. Bookings will open soon.
Year 5/6 Father-Daughter bowling and laser skirmish
Year 5/6 Father-Daughter bowling and laser skirmish on Sunday 1 November 2015 – don’t miss this great event with your daughters!
Get fired-up for an action-packed afternoon of bowling and laser skirmish, with nibbles and drinks provided. This is a great event to spend some one on one time with your girl and other Gen Dads. Bookings opening soon.
The next GFA meeting will be held on Wednesday 9 September at 8.00pm in the College Boardroom, and is a great opportunity for you to meet other Dads in a relaxed setting, provide some input and get involved in the great work of the GFA!
Our next Remember that to be a father is a gift, to be a Gen Dad is a rare privilege that we celebrate by Loving, Laughing and Making a Difference….
Rob Bischof
Genazzano Fathers’ Association                  

GMA News

News from the GMA

Events Held
Oriental Nights
What a night! Please see the page below for the write up.
The annual City/Country Mothers Mass and Luncheon, coordinated by Liz O'Dwyer, a Xavier boarding mum, was a great opportunity to come together with mothers, staff and friends from Xavier and Genazzano. It was great to have a strong representation from the Gen community, past, present & future, including, Sister Maryrose, Kerry Hogan, Lauren Kennedy, Libby Sier and lots of mums. The fun & frivolity began for many on the buses that left The Xavier car park at 9am. We started the day with a delicious home baked, good old fashioned morning tea at The Avenel Bowling Club then we gathered at Fowles Winery, where we not only shared a delicious lunch but Fr Chris Middleton XJ, celebrated Mass in the wine shed. As usual it was a day that didn’t disappoint. Many thanks to Liz and her team of merry helpers, for organising a great event once again. 

Save the Dates
Year 11 Mum’s Happy Hour Thursday 10 September
ELC Bundoora Park Sunday 13 September
Year 6 Family Day Sunday 13 September
Year 12 Parents and Daughter Breakfast Sunday 13 September
GMA Committee Meeting Monday 7 September in Cafeteria
Straight after drop off at 8.40am
Last Class Reps Meeting Monday 20 October at 7.30pm in cafeteria

2015 GMA Annual Ball – Oriental Nights
What a Night!
There’s so much to tell you and so many people to thank. The night had a great buzz about it and I really appreciated hearing from people who told me what a great time they had. The venue, Zinc on Federation Square was perfect, the band, Big City Beat, had us dancing from the very first to the very last song, the food was really delicious and the fundraising was fun. In summary the night was a great success. It was great to be able to welcome parents from ELC right through to Year 12, and we even had a table of boarding parents. Thanks to all who attended.
We almost have final figures on the fundraising and as we currently stand we’ve made a profit of about $80,000!!!
The Winners!
The Major Raffle
Although we sold raffle tickets to the wider community, all four prizes were won by Gen families! We congratulate our winners:
First Prize - Airfares to any destination donated by GMA and Surry Travel
Marisa and Mark Delahunt (Year 12)
Second prize - An Apple MacBook Air donated by Reflex Technology Group.
Ann Balic (Year 2, Year 3 and Year 5)
Third Prize - Dinner for 2 at Centonove.
Cheryl Miller (Year 8 and Year 10)
Fourth Prize - Fitbit Flex Wireless Wristband donated by RH Sports.
Michael O’Donnell
A warm thank you goes to Cathy Frawley who coordinated the entire raffle including printing, working bees to collate tickets for the mail out, collecting sales, etc. Thanks to all who bought raffle tickets.
The Lucky Coin Prize
Every year at the beginning of the evening we sell a limited number of envelopes to win a piece of Jewellery. This year the GMA donated a stunning Hermes Bangle worth $960. We sold almost all of the 120 envelopes with a gold coin inside on the night during pre-dinner drinks and drew the lucky winner at speeches. This year you had to throw your lucky coin in the Wok, where Trish Cowling drew out the winner with chopsticks – not any easy task! A very deserving Linda Sprott Head of our Advance office won the bangle. Congratulations Linda.
Thanks to Our Helpers
The Committee
Planning began for “Oriental Nights” ball six months ago, with a very dedicated committee. I’d like to give them a big thank you: Johanna Nesbitt who chaired the committee, along with Zana Bytheway, Sonia Cappellazzo, Helen Condilis, Julie Douglas, Cathy Frawley, Belinda Rotella, Nadia Peters and Bozena Zembrzuski. We got to know each other and had lots of fun along the way. Sharing the journey leading to the Ball is a large part of the friendship building and we certainly made a lot of friends. My warmest thanks are extended to them and I’d like to give a special mention to Josephine Lee who worked with Johanna on Trybooking.
The College
As usual, we were greatly supported by the College. Ultimately we thank Trish Cowling for her support by allowing us to use the College’s resources. The support of deputy principal, Lila McInerney, and our College Board Chair, Lindy Priest, was also appreciated as was their attendance on the night.
Particular thanks goes to Linda Sprott in the College Advancement Office for her enthusiasm, help and advice and to Lara Antonelli who liaised with Three’s A Crowd to create the very impressive programs we had on the night.
Nikola Shearer who created all the bidding sheets, stickers and other finance documents, as well as put together the PowerPoint slides with sponsor’s logos etc. which were viewed during the night on one of the 2 plasma screens, thanks Nikola you’re superstars!
We also sincerely thank Mark Hueston, Ian Curnow, Peter Moutray and Julian Caddy who helped us carry and deliver auction prizes and table gifts to the venue. No job was too inconvenient for them.
Mark Glover, Director of Finance, happily shared with us the names contact details of the College’s providers and contractors, many of whom sponsored us.
Renae Hill, Finance Manager, along with her team Scott Fulton, Eamon Lynch and Gayle Molloy, who not only came on the night in their personal time to collect and count money, but also helped the week following with all the finances.
Beryl Miller at Student Services is a champion! The GMA is always dropping off and picking up and using her area as the key point. Thank you, Beryl, for your great sense of humour and your wonderful enthusiasm. Thanks also to each of the main receptions at the Gen campus, Grange Hill and All Hallows.
On the Night
There’s always much to do on the actual night and the committee had volunteers to help the night run smoothly: We warmly thank Mike Lescai a past parent, who was our MC and Mark Verrocchi from Nelson Alexander who was our auctioneer for the night.
Thanks to all Our Contributors
Thanks to local businesses, our parents, school providers, alumni and others who generously donated. Our cash sponsorship totalled $39,450 an increase on last year’s.
Please see the list of contributors below. We thank them all.


Platinum ($5,000) Gold ($2,500) Silver ($1,250) Bronze ($600) & Others
Bilia Volvo Hawthorn 2Construct Pty Ltd Capital Finance Australia Limited Bernie’s Musicland
Duesenberg Salon Bob Stewart Higgins Coatings Pty Ltd Crown Coaches
Nelson Alexander Glenferrie Orthodontics RG Floors Hunter Industrials
Specialised Therapeutics Australia Lemon Baxter Southern Victorian Plumbing Pty Ltd Mattioli Group
  Morgan Legal Travel Design International Mermaid Cleaning Services
    WOW Electrical Nobody Denim
      Cappellazzo Couture
      Nathalie Johnson
      Linea Technica
Our Donors
Absolutely Delicious Endota Spa Newham Interiors
Acorn Window Cleaning Flavour East Kew O’Donnell Family
Barlow Family of Jerilderie Furlan Family O’Halloran Family
Basile Imports Genazzano Fathers’ Association OPSM
Boccaccio Cellars John Stewart and Jo Molony Petstock Hawthorn
Julie & John Bradford
Marylynne & Tim Bradford
Kew Swimming Pools Pharmacare Laboratories
Byron Yoga Centre LAPG Education part of the Reflex Technology Group
Cavalier Menswear Compass Group Australia RH Sports
Centonove Luckman Catering Santilli Jewellery
City & Coast Macedon Ranges Interiors Scarvelli Café
Collingwood FC Manly Plumbing Service Signed & Framed
Cycle Sport Victoria Melbourne Victory Surrey Travel
Dimattina Coffee Mint Gifts on Cotham Timeless and Ageless
Dipalma’s Restaurant Montagner Family Velissaris Photography
Domo 1770 Larc! Tours Wesson
Duesenberg 1770 Liquid Adventures Yum Catering
East Ivanhoe Skin & Body Morgan Legal  

 All proceeds from our “Oriental Nights” Ball go towards the College’s building works in accordance with the 2020 Master Plan.


Community News