Newsletter - Edition 13-2016

News from the Principal

Dear members of the Genazzano FCJ College community,

Over the mid-year school holidays, I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the Faithful Companions of Jesus Pilgrimage following the Footsteps of the Foundress, Marie Madeleine d’Houet.

Having completed a journey such as this has provided me with a much deeper appreciation of the charism and values that inform the vision and the endeavour of Genazzano FCJ College. This rich experience also provided me with a deeper connection to the story and further insight into the rich history of this unique and faith-filled society. The program was the result of careful planning, extensive research and thorough preparation. It helped develop participants’ depth of understanding of the FCJ story and indeed of the events that led to the formation of the key values and aspirations of our founder, Marie Madeleine d’Houet. I was moved by the places we visited and the heartfelt story telling of Sr Mary Campion fcJ. One could not help but appreciate how Marie Madeleine d’Houet was an extraordinary woman of her time, a woman of profound faith and an exceptionally practical and visionary leader.

The Pilgrimage embraced all the elements of her truly spiritual life journey. The slower pace encouraged by the Pilgrimage journey provided valuable time for reflection, as we explored Marie Madeleine’s life story in detail; all this was framed by many moments of meaningful prayer and contemplation.

It was also a blessing to journey with pilgrims from all around the world, inspired by a common purpose and vision, namely to get to know more about Marie Madeleine d’Houet and the society of the Faithful Companions of Jesus. The rapport among group members was palpable as we journeyed through the week and our companionship grew closer. I felt enriched by the conversations I had with others and the sharing of values and aspirations. It struck me that the international reality fostered by the society is a gift to embrace.

Marie Madeleine’s story came alive when we visited places of significance in her life. Spending time with the direct descendants of Marie Madeleine was very much a highlight for all of us. Their warm hospitality and engaging manner demonstrated the spirit that lives on within the family.

In preparation for the Pilgrimage, each school/country was asked to prepare and share a prayer based on the story and location visited during the Pilgrimage. These daily prayers were a highlight that was looked forward to each day. The research and spirituality shared were testament to the vitality of the FCJ charism that is evident in the schools and various FCJ ministries around the world. The symbolism, context, music and words shared and explored were profound as we stood in the footsteps of Marie Madeleine d’Houet. Shared insights came to life as we were challenged to lead a contemporary expression of the distinctive FCJ spirit in our schools and ministries.

I feel privileged to have shared this journey with the Faithful Companions of Jesus who led the Pilgrimage, and the group of pilgrims who entered wholeheartedly into the experience. I sense my understanding and love of the Society of Faithful Companions of Jesus has been deepened as I became more familiar with the person and the life story of Marie Madeleine.

From the time of Marie Madeleine d’Houet, the values are implicit to personal excellence, the demands of serving justice, the call to companionship, the desire to impact our world for good, the recognition of the dignity of each person, and the invitation to go forth with gentleness, have been at the heart of FCJ school life. At Genazzano FCJ College, we embrace this tradition that God has entrusted to us with deep pride and gratitude and move forward to build the God’s kingdom here on earth.

World Youth Day

Five Genazzano students, Clara Ho, Sophie Zebrowski, Emily Attard, Rebecca Feneley (Year 11) and Grace Nesbitt (Year 10) have recently returned from their own Pilgrimage, attending World Youth Day, in Krakow, Poland. I met with them last week and it was evident in our shared discussion that the five girls had a profoundly spiritual journey, and, although very challenging at times, their experience was something that will stay with them for their lifetime. To experience a gathering of over a million young people, who have a common faith from around the world, is something unique and inspiring.

I would like to share the contents of an email I received from one of the teachers who accompanied the students on the Pilgrimage. It provides a great insight into how our students represent themselves and their College when they are given the opportunity to experience something unique.

"Recently, I returned from accompanying students from Catholic schools around Melbourne on their Pilgrimage to World Youth Day in Poland – one of the students in my small group was Sophie Zebrowski. Sophie is a very impressive young woman and a delight to work with. She approached each experience the Pilgrimage offered with openness and enthusiasm, her insights showed evidence of thoughtful reflection and she willingly shared these with her peers. She was a courteous and positive member of our small group, with a gift for ensuring those around her felt included and supported. Sophie is an outstanding ambassador for your College community. Often the unexpected challenge of World Youth Day is returning to our normal routines – I hope that this Pilgrimage continues to nourish and inform Sophie’s faith journey as she shares her experience with your community and in the years to come."

I extend my congratulations to Sophie, as well as Clara, Emily, Rebecca and Grace for embracing the opportunity and for being great ambassadors of our College.

Pope Francis has announced that the next World Youth Day, in 2019, will take place in Panama, Central America. In the tradition of Genazzano, I hope we will again have the opportunity of sending student representatives who will have similar faith experiences as this year’s participants

GMA Ball

On Saturday night, at the RACV Club in the city, I experienced my very first GMA Annual Ball. All tables were filled with parents and guardians representing all levels within the College, from ELC to Year 12. It was a fantastic evening of entertainment, great company and friendship, with many prizes on offer. The generosity of our sponsors was exceptional and the College is most grateful for their valued support. I extend my sincere thanks to Ms Carmel Greer, President of the GMA, and the GMA Ball Committee members: Mrs Johanna Nesbitt and Mrs Bozena Zembrzuski (Co-Chairs), Mrs Zana Bytheway, Mrs Sonia Cappellazzo, Mrs Helen Condilis, Mrs Cathy Frawley, Mrs Franca Henger, Mrs Jean Losinno, Mrs Nadia Peters, Mrs Jacqui Pirone and Mrs Rebekah Wraith. I know they spent many hours planning the event, down to the minute detail, and they carried this out with good grace and humour. I am sure they were delighted with the results of their hard work. You can read more about the GMA Ball in this newsletter.

With every blessing,

Karen Jebb


Faith and Mission News

In the past week, I have had the privilege of interviewing Year 11 girls who have applied for Prefect positions in 2017. In many ways, the girls I interviewed were able to very clearly articulate the Ignatian model of leadership that was so important to Marie Madeleine d’Houet; to be servant leaders. Marie Madeleine believed in the importance of having good leaders in her schools. She believed that excellent leaders lead by example, with integrity and gentleness. They demonstrate through their own high expectations and actions the values of the Gospel, and they lived the FCJ charism and vision.

In each interview, I was impressed with how much the girls love their school – almost every interviewee spoke about being part of the Genazzano community and how proud they were to be a Gen girl. They really want to give something back to the College and to contribute to making life at Genazzano even richer that it currently is.

The events of Social Justice Week are a significant part of this richness. The Social Justice Coordinators, Ms Anne McIlroy and Ms Marita O’Shea, and their team of engaged students have worked for weeks to plan and prepare events that raise money, and just as importantly, raise awareness of Social Justice issues. This year, we are supporting the work that Caritas Australia do with refugees and asylum seekers. Genazzano is an exciting place to be when the FCJ Charism shines so brightly.

We pray for the Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus in their various ministries throughout the world.

I have included a prayer for leadership, written by Sr Joan Chittister OSB, and I invite your prayers for all those girls who are elected to positions of leadership at Genazzano for 2017.

Bill Fitzsimons
Deputy Principal: Faith and Mission

A Prayer for Leaders - Sr Joan Chittister OSB

Give us, O God,
leaders whose hearts are large enough
to match the breadth of our own souls
and give us souls strong enough
to follow leaders of vision and wisdom.

In seeking a leader, let us seek
more than development of ourselves—
though development we hope for,
more than security for our own land—
though security we need,
more than satisfaction for our wants—
though many things we desire.

We trust you, Great God,
to open our hearts to learn from those
to whom you speak in different tongues
and to respect the life and words
of those to whom you entrusted
the good of other parts of this globe.

We ask these things, Great God,
with minds open to your word
and hearts that trust in your eternal care.



Student Learning and Wellbeing News

Relationships and Life Skills

So far this year, I have written two brief articles about the importance of study skills for our students and how developing these study skills will, in turn, transform into important life skills. As our school year progresses, I want to share with you some thoughts on some simple relationship skills, which again are so important for any of us who live in a family and a school community.

I am constantly reminded of Marie Madeleine d’Houet’s wisdom when she wrote about the importance of ‘gentleness’ to her sisters and encouraged this value in her foundations. No doubt she was influenced by the words of Jesus in the Beatitudes, “Blessed are the gentle”. In 2009, Gen adopted ‘Gentleness’ as the College theme. This simple message of Marie Madeleine has a profound, relevant, even urgent, significance for our world today! Our Outstanding Alumna for 2016, Jane Kennedy, touched on this important relationship skill when she spoke to our girls about ‘kindness’. “This simple attitude in life will get you far.” In the Year 10 GenSTAR session last week, another Gen Alumna, Meg Durham (nee Daniher), in her session on ‘The Perfectionist Trap’, spoke about the importance of developing friendly relationships with every girl at Gen, not merely one’s friendship group. She said this because students will meet so many Gen girls later in life and it is helpful if they were friendly with them during their time at school.

Some years ago, Steven Covey wrote a bestseller called ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’. In this groundbreaking book, he explores two important relationship skills that help a person to live a fruitful, happy and meaningful life with others; namely the importance of seeking to understand others first, then to be understood; he also explored the crucial life skill of developing the habit of ‘creative co-operation’. Covey quotes the great Greek philosopher, Aristotle, who wrote on ethics and friendship: “We become what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not a single act, but a habit.”

We often remind the girls of the memorable acronym that can help us reflect on whether our actions are life-giving or life denying. I believe it is in the best of our Ignatian tradition which encourages discernment in all we do. 

THINK before you speak:


T: is it True?
Is what I am saying, posting on social media, texting, true about the person and do I really need to say it?
H: is it Helpful? What is my motivation for saying what I am? To prop up myself or put down the other?
I: is it Inspiring? Is what I am saying going to lift up the other or cause hurt and pain?
N: is it Necessary? Do I really need to say what I am thinking or should I discern whether it should not be said?
K: is it Kind? Should I think about what would Jesus say or what would Marie Madeleine do before I speak?

Some simple but hopefully helpful thoughts for the final weeks of Term 3!

Lila McInerney
Deputy Principal: Student 
Learning and Wellbeing


News from ELC

The ELC students celebrated National Science Week by investigating what a scientist is and how technology assists scientists to learn about the world we live in.

In ELC3, the children were asked: “What is a Scientist?”

Xavier: “they do something special, make clouds in science”
Madison: “they make paint”
Evie: “they make chalk”
Emily: “scientists are very good at science. I can grow up to do science things too”

The children collaborated together and brainstormed solutions to problems, to investigate what ingredients they needed to make a Rainbow Wizard Brew potion. They assisted pouring and mixing vinegar and baking powder to make a chemical reaction.

Grace: “it’s like a recipe”
Xavier: “the baking soda looks like powder”
Nicholas: “the yellow stuff looks like honey”
Max: “it’s going to be a rainbow”
Sienna: “there are lots of green bubbles”
Coco: “we need more glitter”
Lola: “it’s very fizzy”
Christopher: “it makes a big fizz”

The children observed that the more they stirred the potion, the faster the chemical reaction occurred. Our budding scientists continued to experiment with colour mixing and science within the learning experiences in the classroom setting and generated questions to discuss why and what happens when we mix things together.

IMG_2290.JPG IMG_2297.JPG IMG_2323.JPG

The children in ELC4 are investigating the universe. They have asked many questions about the stars, solar system, planets, and comets, and they have learnt many facts. Sam’s dad visited with his Discovery Telescope. He explained that it has two telescopes: one has an X on it and it is called a spotting scope, to line up what you want to see, and the bigger one magnifies it more. It is called a Dobsonian telescope. It has two mirrors inside. The light hits the first one and then reflects upon the second one, so you can see the image. All of the children took turns to look through the telescope and shared with the group what they could view in the universe. After investigating the explorer Christopher Columbus, the ELC4 children have extended their knowledge of his three sailing ships by making their own from a variety of materials and testing the boats ability to float or sink in water.

IMG_2554.JPG IMG_2497.JPG

This week, we celebrate Children’s Book Week and its theme, 'Australia! Story Country'. During the past few weeks, the ELC library sessions have introduced the children to the Early Childhood picture story book short list. Mrs Gebus has read each of the books listed to the children and discussed the authors, and similarities and differences between the illustrations and story. The children all participated in voting for their own favourite book of the year. The shortlist books include:

  • 'Piranhas Don’t Eat Bananas' by Aaron Blabey
  • 'Perfect' by Danny Parker
  • 'Mr Huff' by Anna Walker
  • 'Ollie and the Wind' by Ronojoy Ghosh
  • 'My Dog Bigsy' by Alison Lester
  • 'The Cow Tripped Over the Moon' by Tony Wilson.

The ELC3 children were invited to bring their favourite picture story book to ELC to share with their friends. The ELC4 children dressed up in their favourite book character and brought along their favourite book to share with their class on Friday.

Alison Lucas
Director, Early Learning Centre


News from Early Years

What a fantastic backdrop the Olympics have provided for learning in the Early Years. Last week, the girls were enthralled to meet three time Olympic medalist, Mr Matt Welsh, who generously shared one of his silver medals with the girls along with his Olympic torch.

IMG_0607.JPG P1010781.jpg

The students were excited to view his other two medals when they visited the MCG and Sports Museum on Wednesday. They were also thrilled to spot Mr Welsh’s swim cap and Cathy Freeman’s famous hooded running suit from the Sydney Games. At the MCG, we were also privileged to meet table tennis champion and Olympic athlete, Russell Lavale, who presented Year 1 student, Simone, with a signed table tennis bat.


Jane Robinson, also a three time Australian Olympian, and current rowing mentor at Genazzano, was also on hand at Grange Hill to talk to our girls about her Olympic experiences. The key messages of "keep on trying", "try everything" and "never give up" were important and common themes to all presenters.

While at the MCG, the girls also got to explore the terraces, stand on the hallowed turf that is the MCG grass, visit the change rooms and media rooms, as well as actively participate in fun activities in the sports museum. We were absolutely blessed with spring like weather to enjoy at both recess and lunch in the beautiful surrounds of the MCG.

Book Week was a major attraction in the Grange Hill Library over the past week, with several competitions and fun activities. On returning from their MCG excursion, the girls were entertained by the drama group ‘Perform’, who presented a play based on the themes of several books shortlisted for Book Week. The girls eagerly participated in our Storybook Parade, which was a riot of colour.

We remember the Year 4 girls in our prayers, as they prepare to receive the Sacrament of First Eucharist next Friday 2 September. In preparation for this special occasion, the girls took part in a Reflection Day at the Redemptorist Monastery in Lysterfield on Wednesday 17 August. They explored several aspects of the Eucharist in preparation for the receiving of the sacrament.

Jacqueline Horgan
Director of Early Years


News from Middle Years

Maths Games Day

On Friday 12 August, Years 5 and 6 had a day full of Maths challenges at Maths Games Day. It’s a great day where we work together to solve problems, puzzles and play physical Maths games.

We worked in House colours, in teams of four, made up of two Year 5 and two Year 6 students. We had to solve problems in a booklet and we were given a set time for each problem.

The problem-solving activities were fun and required teamwork to solve them. Each team had a Year 8 student leader who explained the problems to us if we were unsure.

Whether we rolled a dice or chose a number, each student was wearing a puzzled, thinking or a smiling face. Laughter and cheering filled the space as we moved onto the physical games, including running, thinking and teamwork!

By the end of the day, students’ brains were stimulated but everyone was excited to hear who the winning teams were.

It was a great day and we all enjoyed it. Special thanks to Mr Kendall for organising the day and to all the Year 8 students who helped.

Sofie Blazejczak
Year 6A

Year 8 GenSTAR Mass

Year 8 students and teachers gathered in the school Chapel for GenSTAR to stop and reflect, as they become independent young women of the future. Students thought about the importance of stopping and reflecting in the Year of Mercy. They focused their minds on connecting with God and themselves, when these days, students are always caught up in all aspects of a busy lifestyle.

The yoke and the ox metaphor were used to represent sharing our burden with God. Everyone in Year 8 can share the load by helping each other and becoming the person we dream to be. God will assist us in the process. Each Year 8 class participated in the Mass, and created beautiful memorable elements, from altar cloths to readings. They all represented courage, confidence, and individuality; all key attributes of stopping, reflecting and being.

Fr Peter Malone led our Eucharistic celebration, reminding students to think about their relationship with God; to reflect, be present, slow down, tune into our body and be grateful. We came out of the Mass feeling renewed, with further insight into ourselves, as we become followers of Jesus in the 21st century.

Year 8 Mass_11.jpg Year 8 Mass_7.jpg

Jessica Butler
Year 8


News from All Hallows

Inspiration Ink Immersion Day

Upon arrival at our first destination, the State Library of Victoria, we were given our first task. It was to write a creative piece describing our five senses: what we heard, smelt, felt, saw and tasted. We set out to find a place that was suitable for us to immerse ourselves in the world before us, which we seemingly always brush over and ignore. We wrote about what we felt: the vibrations travelling through the ground as a tram rolled by. We wrote about what we heard: the constant chatter of people walking past and the roar of car engines. We wrote about what we saw: the dull grey of the sky contrasting with the brightly coloured clothes that local Melbournians wore and the splashes of colour that dotted the buildings. This was a lovely way to start the day, as it enabled us to be aware of our surroundings and encouraged us to dive deeper beneath what can be found on the surface.

At the conclusion of the creative writing task, we made our way into the library, where we commenced our ‘Mirror of the World - books and ideas’ exhibition. The 'Mirror of the World' exhibition was fascinating, with extraordinary books, such as the Cuneiform tablet, dating back to 2050 BC, making it the oldest source of literary information. These books have made a significant impact on modern day society, particularly the many existent forms of literature we witness today. The collection showed tablets from the fourth millennium, religious books of the 14th century, science books from the 19th century and cartoon comics of the retro 20th century. In these books were recorded data about life during the time, and most significantly, during the 20th century wars and protest.

We then took part in a literary tour. We were guided around Melbourne and taken to different locations that have particular relevance in the world of literature and Australian History. We were taken to secret bookshops and alleyways, to witness how art in its many different forms has shaped Melbourne. We also learnt how Melbourne got its moniker City of Literature.

Overall, our Inspiration Ink Immersion Day was truly exciting, and interesting and we all gained valuable knowledge of how literature has developed through the centuries and has grown immensely in our city.

excursion 1.jpg excursion 3.jpg excursion 2.jpg

Andriyani Millie and Bridget Henry
Year 9


Creative Arts News

Congratulations to our Year 9 students for running a successful evening, ‘Art For A Cause’, which was held on Thursday 11 August at All Hallows Campus. The focus of the show was to raise funds for Syrian refugees through Caritas Australia. Students’ photography was on sale for parents, friends and staff. If you are interested in purchasing more from the collection, there are a number of photos still for sale. The evening also showcased garments from our textiles students, who proudly wore their work in a fashion parade.

Art For A Cause_1.jpg Art For A Cause_4.jpg Art For A Cause_8.jpg

Preparations are underway for our ELC to Year 4 Art show, ‘Les Jeunes Artistes’, which is on Wednesday 7 September from 5.00pm. This show is always a highlight for our department and we encourage the College community to view the work on display, from Opening Night until the end of term.

Les Jeunes Artistes banner - EDM.jpg

Other important dates include:

  • Creative Arts Tour departs Saturday 17 September
  • Royal Melbourne Show with Genazzano student entries, 17- 27 September
  • Graduate Art Show, Friday 4 November

Joanne Saville
Curriculum Leader Creative Arts


Humanities News

On Friday 19 August, the VCE Twentieth Century and Australian History students had the privilege of a visit from Mr Grant Coultman-Smith, a Vietnam veteran. Mr Coultman-Smith presented an engaging and informative presentation, outlining his story and experiences of his time in Vietnam defending South Vietnamese citizens. Mr Coultman-Smith's personal anecdotes were included in this; some of which were amusing, and others that were more confronting. These anecdotes and stories allowed us, as History students, to connect and visualise with what it meant to be involved in serving during a war. We were also informed the effect fighting in this conflict had on Mr Coultman-Smith and the other Australian soldiers. He also discussed the significance the Australian public backlash had on them, the treatment of soldiers after returning from the war, not being able to get supplies or their letters from home delivered, and the way in which they were viewed by the local community.

We greatly appreciate this opportunity to gain insight and perspective into a highly significant event in Australia’s history, and we are very grateful to Mr Coultman-Smith for taking the time to come and visit us, as well as sharing his personal experiences.

Vietnam Vet.jpg Vietnam Vet_6.jpg

Ailish Ryan and Petra Suric
Year 10


Languages News

2016 VCE Units 3 & 4 Italian Exam Preparation Day

The exam preparation day for VCE Italian Units 3 & 4 will take place on Monday 19 September at the Darebin Arts & Entertainment Centre, corner of Bell St & St Georges Rd, Preston. 

Italian students will participate in two workshops and presentations, designed to help with preparation for the oral and written exam. The sessions are for VCE Unit 3 & 4 students only.

  • Morning Session: 9.30am - 11.30am (doors open at 9.00am)
  • Midday Session: 12.00pm - 2.00pm (doors open at 11.40am)
  • Afternoon Session: 2.30pm - 4.30pm (doors open at 2.10pm)

For further information, please contact Mr Ferdinando Colarossi (Manager, Co.As.It Italian Language) via or 9349 9000.

Dante Alighieri Italian Poetry Competition

Congratulations to Lola Crivelli and Siena Carrideo (Year 8) who have both been awarded certificates for their original poems in the Dante Alighieri Italian Poetry Competition. Both Siena and Lola have shown terrific commitment to their Italian studies this year.

Dante Alighieri Italian Recitation Competition

We also extend our congratulations to the following Year 11 and 12 students who received prizes in the Dante Alighieri Italian Recitation Competition, The ‘Discorso in Lingua’ Competition and the Original Poetry Competition. 

  • Julia Revere (Year 11 Italian Australian, First Prize/Primo Premio) - Poetry Recital
  • Lorena Stents (Year 12 Non-Italian, First Prize/Primo Premio) -  Original Poetry
  • Amy Catanzariti (Year 12 Italian Australian, First Prize/Primo Premio) - Discorso Writing, individual
  • Amelia Scopece (Year 12 Italian Australian, First Prize/Primo Premio)- Discorso Writing, paired
  • Mikaila Paoli (Year 12 Italian Australian, First Prize/Primo Premio) - Discorso Writing, paired
  • Lorena Stents (Year 12 Non Italian, Second Prize) - Discorso Writing
  • Isabella Bombardieri (Year 12 Italian Australian, Finalist) - Discorso Writing
  • Sara Aprile (Year 12 Italian Australian, Certificate of Merit) - Discorso Writing
  • Natalie Frattaroli (Year 12 Italian Australian, Certificate of Merit) - Discorso Writing
  • Liana D’Eramo (Year 12 Italian Australian, Certificate of Merit) - Discorso Writing
  • Jessica Sammartino (Year 12 Italian Australian, Lode) - Discorso Writing

Adam Bianco
Curriculum Leader: Languages


Science News

Science Week.jpg

National Science Week

The 2016 theme centred on the real-world application of autonomous technologies in areas including agriculture, mining, manufacturing, medicine, space and deep ocean exploration. This included looking at how technology has transformed our day-to-day lives.

Harnessing student enthusiasm for current trends such as Pokémon Go, we held a daily search for our own ‘mut @ GENs’ around the school. Each day held a different theme, based around the four key science subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Physics. Students followed clues to find the ‘mut @ GENs’ around the school, scanning the QR codes to find the answer to questions. There were ‘GENomes’, ‘psychoGENs’, ‘nanoGENS’, ‘GENerators’ and many more.

QR 1.png QR 2.png QR 3.png

Daily quiz questions were provided and materials used in classes showed the value of technologies such as drone use in a population study of the seals at Phillip Island. 

Sue Whelan
Science Teacher


Careers News

Year 12 Applications: Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS), Scholarships and Interstate

Year 12 students requiring support for SEAS, scholarships and interstate applications are requested to make appointments with the Career Development Office. Once SEAS and scholarship applications are completed, some students will require supporting documentation from medical or other professionals. For further information please go to the How to Apply for SEAS page and/or the How to Apply for Scholarships page on the VTAC website.

Year 10 Work Experience

All Year 10s will attend a GenSTAR session on 31 August, outlining their rights and responsibilities whilst on work experience in October. Employer responsibilities, instructions on work safety and what students should do if they do not feel comfortable at any time whilst on work experience will also be covered. Instructions on staying safe, what to do if they are late, sick or unable to attend work will also be outlined.

Judy O’Donohue
Careers Advisor


Social Justice News

Social Justice Issue – Racism

Racism is something that plagues our society, from the time white people landed on the shores of the Aboriginal’s land. It had travelled across the Atlantic when the white people used black people to their own ends. It happens today when people accept the fact that black people are still treated like vermin. Segregation is something that prevents our society from achieving true justice and peace. Why is white skin the predominant colour in the media? After the modern reshaping of the world, apparently, it is still our goal to be colour blind. This is why our songs and lyrics call out to all people of colour – to the Latin Americans, Asians, Aboriginals, Native Americans and all others of ethnic backgrounds. Our group is here to protest against the prejudices of coloured people. We believe that racial equality is not about discarding colour completely; rather it is about accepting and recognising every skin tone of the rainbow. A person’s skin colour is their own identity; we can never strip their own identity from them. As Pope Francis said, "Racism today is the ultimate evil in our world." So let us all stand up and end this evil once and for all.  


Willow Budd, Erin White, Emily Gilmour and Kathleen Pereira
Year 8D

Protest Songs Launched in Year 8 Classes

As part of the Year 8 Religious Education program, the students explored the issue of social justice and its implications for change action to eradicate issues of marginalisation and inequity.

Using talents for songwriting, lyrics, graphics and merchandising, the students created a number of protest songs promoting concerns that need to be addressed if the human dignity of all people is to be truly honoured. The issues covered included homelessness, racism, gender equality, making poverty history, gun laws and 'Black Lives Matter' – all issues which occupy the public conversation. Some students used well-known songs and coined original lyrics, others used the 'GarageBand' app and some created completely original words and music to highlight their social justice concern. The students were entrepreneurial in making t-shirts with iron-on transfers, stickers, CDs, bags and mugs and adorned these with logos or words and images to get their message across to the audience.

This was a collaborative task and the girls were able to share their skills and talents to create punchy and provocative songs that protested against the social injustices evident in the world today.

Ann Rennie
Religious Education Teacher


Sports News


All parents are reminded that students are required to wear the correct uniform when representing the College in our sporting program. This also applies to travel to and from venues and competitions. Requirements will continue to be clearly specified in permission letters and outlined by coaches.

It is a privilege to represent Genazzano, but with this comes responsibility. When all students do the right thing and present themselves as one team or squad, feelings of team unity are enhanced; not to mention making a strong and powerful statement to other competitors.

Student Achievements



Recently, three Genazzano students became premiership players for the Mugars (Melbourne University Girls Australian Rules) Under 18 team in the EDFL Youth Girls League. Chloe Vale & Amy Wesson (Year 12) and Eliza Vale (Year 10) also played in last year’s premiership team. Well done to all three footballers.


Congratulations to Indiana Rickard-Smith (Year 8) who was selected as goalkeeper in the Victorian Under 15 Lacrosse Squad. She will be competing in Adelaide in early October in the National Championships. We wish Indiana all the best.


This week, the Victorian Interschools Snowsports Championships were held at Mt Buller. Over six days of competition, students from Years 5-12 competed in Alpine, Skiercross, Moguls, Snowboard and Boardercross events. We extend our congratulations to Elisa Grollo (Year 6) who finished 13th overall (from a field of 194) in the Division 4 Girls Alpine event and qualified for Nationals. Full results can be found on the Victorian Interschools Snowsports Championships website.


Sports Conditioning

Is your daughter looking to improve or maintain physical fitness for her sport? If so, then Sports Conditioning could be for her. Sessions are open to students from Years 7-12 and are held on Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings from 7.00am - 8.00am, in the Fitness Room (d’Houet Ground Floor).

Genazzano International Sporting Tour, September 2017

Preliminary planning for the 2017 version of the College’s International Sporting Tour is underway. This tour began in 1995, with 2017 being the 10th time that Genazzano students and staff have toured.

Students currently in Years 9 and 10 will be invited to apply for this tour and all applicants will attend an interview. We thank students for their interest in this exciting activity.

We are already hearing from our FCJ sister schools in France, Belgium, England and Ireland that they are once again looking forward to our visit.

Please contact me with any enquiries via 8862 1016 or

Matthew Wesson
Director of Sport

GSV Track & Field

On Wednesday 17 August, 64 students took part in the GSV Track & Field Division 2 Championship Carnival at Lakeside Stadium. It was a fantastic day of competition, with over 15 personal bests achieved and three records set: Olivia Owen (Year 11, 200m), Anna Bush (Year 11, 90m Hurdles) and Samantha O’Connell (Year 11, 100m).

Genazzano took out first place in the both the Intermediate and Senior Division, and came a very gallant second place in the overall points aggregate. This result is a testament to the commitment and weeks of training the squad has been involved in since the middle of Term 2. We congratulate those students who qualified for the GSV Finals Evening on 6 September, and wish them all the best. Thanks must go to the coaching team of Miss Monica Clarke, Mr Ben Ashkettle, Miss Grace Kalac, Mrs Robyne Clyne, Mrs Manny Dalla Costa and Miss Cassandra Dalla Costa, for their hours of coaching and preparation in training sessions, PB Meets and Carnivals over the season.

Kylie Williams
Head Coach


College Dates for the Next Fortnight

Monday 29 August, 5.30pm

ELC3 Fathers’ Pizza Night

Tuesday 30 August, 3.45pm

Piano Concert

Tuesday 30 August, 5.30pm

ELC4 Fathers’ Pizza Night

Friday 2 September, 7.30am

ELC to Year 4 Fathers’ Day Breakfast

Friday 2 September, 4.30pm

Year 4 First Eucharist

Wednesday 7 September, 7.00am

GLS Breakfast

Wednesday 7 September, 5.00pm

Les Jeunes Artistes

Thursday 8 September, 7.00pm

Evening of Jazz and Contemporary Music

Please visit our website for a full list of 2016 Term Dates or our College calendar.


News from the GMA

Recent Events

Year 8 Parents' Dinner

Year 8 parents had a lovely evening at the Beehive Hotel enjoying some delicious canapés and wood fired pizza. It was a great catch up with old and new families.

Year 6 Mums' Night at the Movies

A group of Year 6 mums met at Lido Cinemas to catch a movie on Tuesday night enjoying a laugh and good conversation.

Save the Dates

Monday 29 August

GMA Fathers’ Day Stall ELC

Thursday 1 September

GMA Fathers’ Day Stall Grange Hill

Friday 2 September

City to Country Mothers Luncheon

Friday 2 September

Year 4 First Eucharist

Monday 5 September, 8.40am

GMA Committee Meeting in the Boardroom

Friday 9 September

Year 5 Family Movie Night

Monday 17 October, 7.30pm

Year Level Reps Meeting (final for 2016) in the Wardell Theatre

2016 GMA Annual Ball - African Rhythms

GMA Ball Banner.JPG

What a Night!

There’s so much to tell you and so many people to thank. It was an amazing night! I really appreciated hearing from people who told me what a great time they had. The RACV Club was a perfect venue, the One Tree Band had us dancing from the first to the last song, the food was delicious and the fundraising was a lot of fun. In summary, the night was a wonderful success. We were delighted to be able to welcome parents from ELC through to Year 12, including a table of Boarding parents. Thanks to all who contributed to this successful night.

The Winners!

The Major Raffle

Although we sold raffle tickets to the wider community, all four major prizes were won by Gen families! We congratulate our winners:

First Prize- Airfares to any destination donated by GMA and Surrey Travel was won by Nicky and Paul Vergano (Year 12 parents)
Second prize- An Apple MacBook Air donated by Reflex Technology Group was won by Kate Bonin (Year 10 parent)
Third Prize - Dinner for 2 at Centonove was won by Marie Skok (Year 7 parent)
Fourth Prize- Fitbit Flex Wireless Wristband donated by RH Sports was won by Alexandra Amalfi (Year 4 parent)

A warm thank you goes to Cathy Frawley who coordinated the entire raffle including printing, working bees to collate tickets for the mail out, collecting sales, etc. Thanks to all who bought raffle tickets; we raised over $6,000 from ticket sales.

The Lucky Bead Prize

Every year at the beginning of the evening we sell a limited number of envelopes to win a piece of jewellery. This year's prize was a stunning diamond pendant from Arman Jewellers in Doncaster. We sold all of the 120 envelopes with a bead inside during pre-dinner drinks and drew the lucky winner during speeches. This year, the lucky beads were gathered in the gorilla's bowl, which our Principal, Karen Jebb, drew the winner. The necklace was won by Megan Gilmour (Year 8 parent)

Thank You to our Helpers

The Committee

Planning began for our African Rhythms Ball eight months ago, with a very dedicated committee meeting monthly to plan and prepare. Meetings increased to weekly as we got closer to the night and everyone worked tirelessly to wrap auction items, draft running sheets and brief our auctioneer and MC.

Thank you to all Committee members: Mrs Johanna Nesbitt, Mrs Bozena Zembrzuski, Mrs Zana Bytheway, Mrs Sonia Cappellazzo, Mrs Helen Condilis, Mrs Cathy Frawley, Mrs Nadia Peters, Mrs Franca Henger, Mrs Jacqui Pirone, Mrs Jean Losinno and Mrs Rebekah Wraith. We worked extremely well together and had lots of fun along the way. Sharing the journey leading to the Ball is a large part of the friendship building and we certainly made a lot of friends. My warmest thanks are extended to them and I’d also like to give a special mention to Josephine Lee who worked with Rebekah on Trybooking.

The College

As usual, we received wonderful support from the College. We thank Ms Karen Jebb for her support by allowing us to use the College’s resources. The support of Deputy Principals, Mrs Lila McInerney, Mr Robert Tassoni and Mr Bill Fitzsimons and our College Board Chair, Mr Kevin Frawley, was also appreciated, as was their attendance on the night.

My particular thanks goes to Ms Linda Sprott & Miss Olivia Hallam in the College Advancement Office for their enthusiasm, advice and help in preparing our stationery, invitations, program and advertising materials.

Thanks also to Mr Mark Glover, Business Manager and Mrs Renae Hill, Finance Manager for their guidance and support both in preparing for the evening and also for attending the Ball to facilitate auction payments.

We also sincerely thank Mr Mark Hueston, Mr Peter Moutray and the facilities team who helped us deliver auction prizes and table gifts to the venue. No job was too inconvenient for them.

Mrs Beryl Miller at Student Services is a champion! The GMA is always dropping off and picking up and using her area as the key point. Thank you, Beryl, for your great sense of humour and your wonderful enthusiasm. Thanks also to each of the main receptions at the Gen campus, Grange Hill and All Hallows.

On the Night

There’s always much to do on the actual night and the committee had volunteers to help the night run smoothly. We warmly thank Ms Kathy Bowlen who was our MC and Mr Mark Verrocchi from Nelson Alexander who was our auctioneer for the night. The evening ran very smoothly and on time, an achievement that owes much to the skills of Kathy and Mark!

Thank You to all Contributors

Thanks to local businesses, our parents, school suppliers, alumnae and the broader community who generously donated. Our cash sponsorship totalled $38,850, a wonderful result.

Please see the list of sponsors and donors below. We thank them all.

Platinum Sponsors ($5,000)
Duesenberg Salon
Nelson Alexander
Specialised Therapeutics Australia
Zagame Automotive Group

Gold Sponsors ($2,500)
Bob Stewart
Glenferrie Orthodontics
Grange Guard Services
Morgan Lawyers

Silver Sponsors ($1,250)
Higgins Coatings Pty Ltd
Lemon Baxter
Nobody Denim
RG Floors
Southern Victorian Plumbing
Travel Design International
WOW Electrical
Xavier College

Bronze Sponsors ($600) & Other Sponsors
Bernie’s Musicland
Cambridge Clothing Company
Crown Coaches
Hunter Industrials
Mattioli Group
Mermaid Cleaning Services
Natalie Johnson

Absolutely Delicious
Arman Jewellers
Best of Spain
Boccaccio Cellars
Bradford Family
Café Via Verona
Cambridge Clothing Company
Carmel and Bill Greer
Chesika and Anne Balik
City & Coast
Cricket Australia
Dipalma’s Restaurant
East Ivanhoe Skin & Body Therapy
Endota Spa Camberwell
Endota Spa Kew
Fuji Xerox
Hart Family
Helen Condilis
Helping Hand Group
Hunter Industrials
Inkifingus Printers
Inverleigh Media
Johnson & McDonald
Kew Swimming Pools
LAPG Education part of the Compass Group Australia
Lisa Laird and Family
Luckman Catering
Luminescence Body Therapies
Macedon Ranges Interiors with Lindy Priest
Manly Plumbing with Andrea and Chris Manly
McKinnon Hotel
Millens Lawyers
Montagner Family
Newham Interiors
Officeworks Fitzroy
Officeworks Kew
One Four One Hair Beauty Body
Park Hyatt Melbourne
Peters Family
Picolli Portraits
Reflex Technology Group
Ricardo Ferro, Ivanhoe
Santilli Jewellery
Surrey Travel with Jacqui Bendall
Three’s A Crowd
Yum Catering with Paul Le Noury
Zagame Automotive Group

All proceeds from our African Rhythms Ball go towards the College’s building works in accordance with the 2020 Master Plan.


160820GEN-003.jpg 160820GEN-066.jpg
160820GEN-011.jpg 160820GEN-014.jpg
160820GEN-061.jpg 160820GEN-047.jpg
160820GEN-094.jpg 160820GEN-075.jpg

Carmel Greer
President, Genazzano Mothers' Association


News from the GFA

Term 3 continues to power along and busy times lay ahead for the GFA:

GFA Year 8 and 9 Father-Daughter Bowling

The GFA Year 8 and 9 Father-Daughter Bowling was held on Sunday 14 August. What a fantastic night, with 20 fathers and daughters attending for some scintillating and somewhat ‘competitive’ bowling (at least from some of the dads) - and what better way to finish than with a pizza-infused wind-down at Columbos afterwards. Many thanks to all those attending, and a big thanks to Mr Fabio Ramunni for coordinating the bowling fanatics on the night.

GFAbowling3.JPG GFAbowling2.JPG

GFA 2016 Footy Finals Luncheon – Friday 16 September

Footy Finals Lunch - EDM banner - web.jpg

Tables are filling fast for this classic GFA event. It’s a wonderful opportunity for you, your friends and colleagues to enjoy a sensational afternoon while helping the GFA “make a difference”. Just like you, we love to laugh and support a good cause, so come along and be part of this great event. Book online now!

September GFA Meeting

Our next monthly GFA meeting on Wednesday 14 September is not to be missed. Our meeting will commence at 7.00pm, followed by a special presentation at 8.00pm, given by our College Principal, Ms Karen Jebb. Ms Jebb will discuss “How fathers and guardians can support their daughter’s learning”. This will be a great opportunity to meet the Principal and immerse yourself in your daughter’s continued growth, journey and experience at Genazzano. Refreshments will be served and all dads are welcome!

Remember that to be a father is a gift, to be a Gen dad is a rare privilege that we celebrate by 'Loving, Laughing and Making a Difference'.

Rob Bischof
President, Genazzano Fathers’ Association


Latest News

  1. Scholarships for Year 7 2018

  2. Time to Shine on TV


Scholarships for Year 7 2018

Academic and Music Scholarships for Current and Prospective Students in Year 7 2018 

Academic and Music Scholarships are offered to current and prospective students entering Year 7 in 2018. Information on applying for these scholarships is available on the Scholarships page of the Genazzano website.

Key dates

Applications close: 1 October 2016
Examination date: 8 October 2016
Music scholarship auditions: 18 October 2016

For further information, please contact Director of Admissions, Ms Kerry Hogan on 8862 1207 or


Time to Shine on TV

Tune in to Channel 7Two on Saturday 27 August at 9.30am to see the televised version of ‘Time to Shine’, the Catholic Schools Performing Arts Gala. The performance was originally held earlier this year, on 30 April, and showcased the culmination of months of planning, hard work and dedication of close to 400 students, from 60 Victorian Catholic secondary colleges, across the Archdiocese of Melbourne. ‘Time to Shine’ highlights the talents of these students, giving them an opportunity to work with industry professionals to gain performing arts experience.

This year, Genazzano FCJ College was represented by five outstanding performers and musicians, Jacinta Ryan (Year 12), Lola Crivelli (Year 8), Grace Joycey (Year 8), Isabel O’Sullivan (Year 8) and Lorena Stents (Year 12).

Time to Shine, 9.30am, 7Two



Genazzano and Xavier City to Country Mothers' Lunch

Xav-Gen Mothers Lunch
Friday 2 September 2016
8.30am bus leaves Xavier College. View the event flyer for a full timetable of the day.
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GLS Breakfast

gls breakfast banner for web.jpg
Wednesday 7 September 2016
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Les Jeunes Artistes: ELC to Year 4 Art Show

Les Jeunes Artistes banner - EDM.jpg
Wednesday 7 September 2016
5.00pm - 6.30pm
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Evening of Jazz and Contemporary Music

Evening of Jazz and Contemporary Music banner - EDM - update.jpg
Thursday 8 September 2016
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GFA Footy Finals Luncheon

Footy Finals Lunch - EDM banner - web.jpg
Friday 16 September 2016
12.00pm - 3.00pm
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Community News

Youth Engagement Project (YEP) Events

Dinner & Dialogue - Embracing Challenge: No Mountain Too High

Parish Priest, Mountain Climber, Army Chaplain… Come hear Fr. Morgan Batt share his fascinating story.

Date: Tuesday 13 September
Time: 6.45pm - 9.30pm
Venue: Sacred Heart Primary Parish Hall, Cnr Glenferrie & Cotham Road, Kew
Cost: $15 students, $20 Adults

Book online now. For more information, please refer to the promotional flyer.

Year 9 Camp

A fun-filled adventure for students in Year 9. Includes lots of inspiring talks and small groups as well as outdoor challenge tasks, which aim to develop student’s confidence, sense of justice and broader community.

Date: Friday 16 September to Sunday 18 September
Time: 11.00am Friday - 7.15pm Sunday
Venue: Joseph Harris Park, Mount Martha
Cost: $160
RSVP: or 0434254233

Chasing Asylum

Xavier Social Justice Network together with Our Lady of Good Counsel and All Hallows Parish, Deepdene and Balwyn invite you to a special screening of the film 'Chasing Asylum' by Eva Orner. 

Date: Wednesday 14 September 2016
Time: 7.00pm
Venue: Rivoli Cinema, 200 Camberwell Road, Hawthorn East

To reserve your ticket and view a trailer of this film, please visit the Tugg event page. For more information, please refer to the promotional flyer.

Catholic Super Free Seminar: Retirement Planning

Want to maximise your super savings for retirement? Come along to this free seminar.

Date: Tuesday 13 September 2016
Time: 3.45pm for a 4.00pm start
Venue: Wardell Theatre, Genazzano FCJ College, 301 Cotham Road, Kew

Register online or call 1300 655 002. For more information, please refer to the promotional flyer.