Newsletter - Edition 13-2017

News from the Principal

Dear members of the Genazzano FCJ College community,

We have quickly reached the mid-point of Term 3, and as we see signs of Spring on its way, we have much to look forward to in the second half of this term.

I hope the College community enjoyed the Music Concert as much as I did on Wednesday night. It was an exceptional celebration of the outstanding Music Program we have at the College. The performances were superb, and the leadership of our Music Prefect, Claudia Kuner, was inspiring. The special treat at the end of the concert that involved all students singing, ‘Standing on the Shoulders’ was truly heart-warming, demonstrating the unity and school spirit of our Gen girls. I extend my gratitude to Mrs Janet Dawson, Acting Director of Music, and the entire music staff for their dedication, commitment and passion for the Music Program at the College.

Last Friday, we journeyed with our Year 4 girls, and one Year 6 girl, as they received the Sacrament of First Eucharist. Led beautifully by Fr Peter Malone MSC, I am sure this faith-filled occasion will remain in the memories of our young students throughout their lives, as each girl entered into the experience with a desire to learn more about their faith and an openness to God’s love in our world.

Next week, Genazzano will focus on Social Justice, as we join with Xavier College to raise awareness of the many pressing issues in our world. The prophet Isaiah challenges us to, “Bring forth justice to the nations” (42.1-7) and Social Justice Week encourages us to show compassion and to open our eyes and ears to the millions of people who are living in extreme poverty.

As a College inspired by the Society of the Faithful Companions of Jesus, we are reminded of the extraordinary courage of the Sisters as they work and companion with the poorest communities in parts of Asia. Their courage and faith is steadfast as they actively live their mission to be proclaimers of the Gospel, bringing hope and opportunity to those in most need.

In bringing forth justice to the nations, we are called to see as God sees and to respond as God responds. Injustice is all around us. Every day, we see signs of racism, homelessness, exclusion, violence and neglect. God calls us to be people of compassion, courage, love and peace; to bring dignity to others. Social Justice Week is a practical way that students and staff can bring forth justice to those who are less fortunate than we are, by raising awareness and reaching out.

It is in light of the Catholic and FCJ values explored above that I announce the Timor Leste Immersion experience will continue in 2018, offered to students of Years 10 and 11. This important experience, so close to these values our College holds so dear, will take place in the mid-year break of 2018. More information will follow shortly.

I trust you will enjoy reading about the many events that have occurred over the past fortnight and I look forward to joining our parents and guardians at the GMA Ball on Saturday night.

Business Manager

It is with great pleasure that I announce the appointment of Mrs Renae Hill to the role of Business Manager. Renae joined the Genazzano community in July 2013 as Finance Manager, and within this role, she has led the Finance team, assisted the Business Manager and is an active member of the Finance Committee and Resource Management Team.

Renae has a long history in the Finance area, working in the corporate sector prior to starting a family and as Accountant at Camberwell Girls Grammar for over six years. Renae has a degree in Accounting, is a member of CPA, which is a mark of high professional competence, has a Diploma of Education and has completed her MBA.

Renae has a wealth of accounting knowledge, is an integral member of our Genazzano community, and is looking forward to embracing the role of Business Manager at the College.


Renae Hill – B.Bus (Accounting), CPA, Grad. Dip Education (Secondary). Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Business Manager





Parents & Schools – Working Together

SIS banner.png

Insight SRC is conducting a School Improvement Survey on behalf of the College and Catholic Education Melbourne. Schools and the Catholic system authorities have a joint responsibility to work collaboratively to ensure that students are provided with optimal learning environments within which to achieve their potential in terms of learning outcomes. The School Improvement Survey provides data which assists in the monitoring of the implementation of School Improvement Plans and Annual Action Plans.

All parents/guardians will be invited to complete the survey and we strongly encourage you to participate. Parents/guardians will receive their login ID and unique identification code via mail in the coming days. The online survey can be accessed from Monday 21 August 2017 until Friday 8 September 2017. We thank you for your participation.

With every blessing,

Karen Jebb


Faith and Mission News

Term 3: Shook Foil

I think many of us are worried and a little anxious about the current state of local, national and international affairs. Reports and images of violence in our Melbourne streets greet us, we hear loud shouting about the important ideas of the day and the lack of any meaningful national political conversation, and then we hear of international tensions escalating in the Korean peninsula. Such events can overwhelm us, and the flame of our hope flickers.

Towards the end of the 19th century, the Jesuit poet, Gerard Manly Hopkins, wrote his beautiful poem, ‘God’s Grandeur’. The opening lines are very evocative: “The world is charged with the Grandeur of God, it will shine out like shining from shook foil.” I have been reflecting on the word ‘shook’ here and asked myself who is it doing this ‘shaking’? Despite prophets of gloom and the seeming reality of bad news being more evident than good news, my regular experience here at Gen tells me that our young women, whether they be Year 4s or Year 12s, are the ones shaking this foil revealing God’s grandeur and His companioning presence in our world. Below are a couple of examples of our girls evidencing God’s grandeur in our world.

Sustainability Breakfast

Last Friday 11 August, over 130 students of all year levels and staff attended the very first Genazzano Sustainability Breakfast. Marie Kinsey and Josh Baravelli, from the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, introduced many to the concept of ‘Climate Justice’. The Australian Youth Climate Coalition is Australia’s largest youth-run organisation, and their mission is to build a movement of young people, leading solutions to the climate crisis. Josh and Marie run the Switched On Schools Program through the AYCC, which focuses on engaging students to become leaders in their community and to help fight for climate justice.  

Marie and Josh taught us about how the people who do the least to contribute to climate change, particularly Indigenous peoples, bear the consequences of extreme weather events first and worst. We learnt about how we can create change as a Genazzano community and do our bit to reduce our carbon footprint. The breakfast was a great success and we hope to continue this tradition into the future so more sustainable practices can be introduced into all aspects of College life.

- Mia Schlicht and Eleanor Kirkland

Sustainability Breakfast Furlan Room.JPG Marie, Eleanor Kirkland Mia Schlicht Josh.jpeg

Year 12s and ACRATH

Saint Paul told us that God loves a cheerful giver! This is certainly the case with our Year 12 cohort who have continued to raise funds for ACRATH, ‘Australian Catholic Religious Against Trafficking in Humans’. Our College Captains, Marie Iliadis and Sophie Zebrowski, as well as Leeann Bushnaq, encouraged their peers to donate money to the ACRATH box in the Year 12 Common Room (so far this has raised over $400). The girls also put on a movie night, where they watched ‘10 Things I Hate About You’. Over 60 Year 12 girls supported this initiative - quite amazing, because they came in at the end of a student free day.

CatholicCare Speeches at Local Parishes

Each year, CatholicCare asks Genazzano to provide students to speak at Sunday Masses about the important work they do. When I put out the call for Year 11 and Year 12 students to volunteer for this service, I was almost trampled in the rush! An example of Gen generosity of spirit! Below are some reflections you may find interesting:

“I had the privilege of speaking about CatholicCare, promoting their work, and asking for donations at the beautiful basilica of Our Lady of Victories. It was a truly rewarding experience as I was able to spread the mission of this important organisation and met people of the parish who were so kind, approaching me afterwards to speak with me.” - Ally Giavasoglou

“It was incredibly special for me to be welcomed into the parish and I felt honoured to represent Genazzano. I was grateful that I was able to help CatholicCare by speaking at the Mass and it was lovely to meet so many of the parishioners of the OLV community who came up and spoke to me after Mass.” - Millie Spencer

“At first I was a nervous because I was worried I would mispronounce words or embarrass myself in front of the people who had gathered for Mass, but as soon as I met Fr Des Dwyer, the Parish Priest of Immaculate Conception, I was filled with the confidence to continue! Fr Des was extremely relaxed, as well as welcoming, and I soon felt apart of the Catholic community at Immaculate Conception. I was humbled by their generous donations to CatholicCare and proud to realise that my words had encouraged people to reach into their pockets and donate to a good cause. I was really excited when three Loreto nuns came up to me after Mass and said that I spoke extremely well and wondered if I was a public speaker/debater!” - Antonietta Di Cosmo

“After the Mass had concluded, I was able to talk to many of the parishioners, but a particular standout was a man who had a very strong connection to our school - he was Ellen Corry's (the first border to attend Genazzano and the founder of the Alumnae Association) grandson. He had immediately recognised the Genazzano uniform and was able to tell me about his grandmother, a woman who is legendary to us Gen girls. This interaction was extraordinary, not only because was I able to meet the descendant of one of the House Founders, but also because I was able to see just how strong the Genazzano community is, how it extends beyond our school grounds, and how the connections we develop with our College are never forgotten.” - Alice Whelan

As we move to the beginning of spring and Social Justice Week, we hold in our hearts and seek to support the work and mission of the Sisters FCJ around the globe. May they continue in their ministries of service and social justice as faithful witnesses to the God who companions us.

Charles Watt
Deputy Principal Faith and Mission


ELC News

Science is constantly embedded in the ELC learning environment. To celebrate Science Week, the ELC children observed, questioned and experimented with a variety of hands on materials, to explore why different solutions melt, fizz and change.

The ELC4 children began by thinking about how a waterfall works, after Ethan shared with us his interest in making waterfalls in the sandpit. Alison did an experiment with the group and discussed what happens to the water when it flows down. Further to this, we experimented with mixing water and oil in test tubes to see whether they would mix and how they flowed.

We continued our science explorations by making our own volcanoes using bicarbonate soda and vinegar. First, we made big volcanoes using recycled plastic cups and watched them foam up and spill out. Then we created a big bicarbonate soda hill with dots of food colouring, and used droppers to create mini volcanoes with vinegar.

ELC4 Volcano 1.jpg ELC4 Volcano 2.jpg
ELC4 Volcano 3.jpg ELC4 Volcano 4.jpg

The children also focused on ice and asked questions such as what is ice made of, why does ice melt and what happens when we put ice in cold or warm water. Holding the ice in her hand, Grace noticed that is was “slippery and cold” and said, “I can feel it melting in my hand.” Stephanie observed, “in the warm water, it will melt, in the cold water it will melt slower.” Alexandria explained, “it’s melting because the hot makes it melt.”

ELC3 Ice Play 1.JPG ELC3 Ice Play 2.JPG ELC3 Ice Play 3.JPG

In ELC3, there have been many conversations about volcanoes.

What do we know about volcanoes? What is a volcano?

“It's when a mountain erupts with lots of fire & rocks.” - Max
“When the rocks are really hot it turns to lava.” - Xavier
“Do you know dragons like volcanoes. And they can't die from the hot lava.” - Billy
“Volcanoes have some lava and fire.” - Ashton
“Lava is red.” - Billy
 “Volcanoes are very hot. If there are plants near volcanoes they die. There are still volcanoes today.” - Max
“They erupt when they go ‘kaboom’ and kill the dinosaurs.” - Xavier
“Dinosaurs are extinct now.” - Hugo
“Volcanoes have diamonds in the rocks in them.” - Billy

Do we have any volcanoes in Australia?

“No. They will ruin our planet if they erupt right now.” - Xavier
“Volcanoes have white stuff and they are this shape [made a triangle shape].” - Jada

These are our ingredients. This looks like water but it's not. What is it?

“Vinegar! And we need colouring too.”
“I have a volcano at home.” – Ashton

We put vinegar in now but not right to the top.

“Why don't we go to the top?” - Jada

We need room for the other ingredients. Now we are adding the baking soda. That will make it explode.

“Why isn't it go down that side?” - Billy
“It not working it needs more ingredients.” - Jada
“Vinegar.” - Alice
“It's erupting!” - Xavier
“It's so cool.” - Billy
“To make my volcano, I used playdough to make the mountain around my bottle. Then we use soda, vinegar and food colour. It's very big!” - Ashton

ELC 3 Volcano 1.JPG ELC 3 Volcano 2.JPG
ELC 3 Volcano 3.JPG

Alison Lucas
Director of ELC


Junior School News

Leadership Positions

We were delighted to present our new Year 5 and 6 leaders for Semester 2 with their badges at Assembly during the week. The leaders are:

Class Representatives                                                          

Lana Board, Sara Salter, Madeleine Bautista, Sandrine Baroni, Paiton Glover, Bridget Davis, Eliza Burnes, Olivia MacIsaac, Chloe Crellin and Grace Kopke.

Mission Representatives

Katherine Montagner, Sienna Van Velzen, Analise Comer, Emily Ristevski, Siena Zhu, Eloise Desmond, Audrey Culliver, Isabella Morrison, Mia Stewart and Sarah Egan.

We warmly congratulate each of these students for stepping up to these leadership positions and look forward to working with them throughout Semester 2 this year.

Sacrament of First Eucharist

The Junior School community were delighted in seeing our Year 4 students enthusiastically embrace the next step in their faith journeys as they received the Sacrament of First Eucharist on Friday 11 August. The Mass was a culmination of much thinking, discussion and reflection on the importance of this sacrament in our lives and how we can be ‘bread for others’. Here are some of the reflections of the students after receiving the Sacrament:

“On Friday, we received the Sacrament of First Eucharist. I hope everyone felt closer to God and that we are ready to follow God’s way. After our Eucharist celebration, l felt that God was always going to be there for us, when we received the body and blood of Christ. As we prepared for the sacrament, l learned we have to help the poor and lift those who have fallen. When we circled around the altar and prayed, l felt strong. I felt very special that night.” - Rebecca Croagh

“Just before we finished the Mass, we lit our very own candle with our name on it and they dimmed the lights. We sang the last hymn called ‘Christ Be Our Light’, which was a beautiful song. It was very slow and meaningful to all the girls making their First Eucharist. This was an occasion I will treasure forever.” - Teagan Crawley

“On 11 August, we made our First Eucharist. We did many things to build up to it like going on a Reflection Day and making a Communion book. My favourite part of the night was the Mass. Everybody had a part to play, which was amazing because that meant everybody felt included. I loved making this sacrament because it was so joyous and peaceful. I loved how all the girls’ beautiful dresses and hair made the Chapel look even prettier.” - Isabella Schwartze

100 Days of Prep

100 Days of Prep.png

Our Prep and Year 1 students joined together to celebrate ‘100 Days of Prep’ earlier this month. If you were brave enough to enter the classroom, you could count 100 of many things – blocks, balloons, numbers, lollies - luckily there were not 100 children! The growth in our Prep students has been a delight to witness. They have each developed into confident, settled Gen girls who embrace learning with gusto and enthusiasm. Watching them develop their skills in writing, reading and numeracy has been truly extraordinary, as the personalised approach taken within the classroom enables each girl to flourish and grow. We look forward to the next 100 days and what they will bring!

Mary Jones
Head of Junior School

Izzy the Lizard

Our class pet, Izzy, the blue tongue lizard has been part of 6A for many years now. We have grown to love and care for our wriggly reptile. Izzy is mostly grey with a tint of black and brown. Underneath, on her stomach, she has a light shade of pink with white streaks. She has a large enclosure, which is filled with tanbark, food, water and a heat rock.

Everyone in the class gets the opportunity to take Izzy home for the weekend or on the holidays, if they choose to.

Each year, Ms McNamara’s class get to spend the whole year with her. When we take her home, there are some rules we have to follow:

  • Feeding her the right foods (apple, raw minced meat, strawberries and chicken)
  • Making sure her heat rock is always on
  • Making sure she always has fresh water in her bowl

Girls can also take Izzy outside at recess and lunch when the weather is nice and keep her under watchful eyes. She enjoys the sunshine on her scaly skin in summertime and basking on the hot tiles.

We have thoroughly enjoyed having Izzy on a day-to-day basis. We can’t imagine having school life without her.

Lizard.jpg Lizard_1.jpg

Year 6A


Co-curricular Debating in Year 6 is an optional activity that lots of girls want to take part in. The topic for this term’s debate was, “Online Gambling Should Be Banned.” We had meetings four lunchtimes a week, over two weeks to prepare for our debate.

On the Affirmative team we had Matilda Duncan, Olivia MacIsaac and Chiara Chiarelli, and on the Negative team we had Bridget Davis, Eliza Burnes and Caitlin O’Brien. Ellie Martin, Siena Zhu, Emma Purcell and Lulu Sayers also attended the meetings to help the girls with their research, speeches and rebuttals.

Then on Tuesday 1 August, the ten of us went to St Kevin’s Waterford Campus in Richmond to debate against Melbourne Girls’ Grammar, Sacre Coeur, Xavier and St Kevin’s. Unfortunately, Matilda lost her voice so she was not able to do her speech, so Emma filled her position as first speaker. Both our teams won, which was very exciting and Bridget was awarded Best Speaker.

Debating was a great experience and we learned a lot. We worked really well as a group and we have become more confident speaking publicly. We are also much better at our rebuttals.  It was also fun interacting with students from the other schools. Debating was a great co-curricular activity to be a part of.

Year 6 Debating - 1.jpg

Emma Purcell and Ellie Martin
Year 6

Game of Loans

This year, as part of LitFest, there was a Game of Loans competition where Years 6 and 7 girls competed against their respective Homerooms to see who would get the most points to win the trophy.

Each class was given sheets that had different reading activities to complete to get points. Each activity equalled one point, but if you completed the whole sheet, you got 25 points + 50 bonus points.

On the last day of Game of Loans, everyone was determined to win. Years 6A and 6B were very competitive. It was intense and chaotic with everybody filling in their sheets because every point counted. In the library, there was a screen showing the points that each Homeroom had, with many people coming in to see who was winning.

When it was time to see who won, everyone was nervous. When Dr La Marca announced, 6A had won, they were so happy because they got 933 points. The class reps of 6A, Bridget Davis and Paiton Glover, were presented with three Oreo boxes with the trophy on top. It was an amazing couple of weeks, reading many books and everyone had a lot of fun.

Paiton Glover and Lulu Sayers
Year 6

Senior School News

Term 3 is well and truly in full swing, and it is at this time that students are asked to look towards 2018. The rigorous Year 11 Student Leadership appointment process is well underway with the 2018 roles to be announced on 21 September at the Investiture Assembly.

Years 7-11 have submitted their subject preferences for next year, with plenty of subject options available, while the Year 12 students will soon submit their VTAC preferences for tertiary study in 2018, and are in the process of finalising coursework and Unit 4 SACs to make way for preparation of the November examination period. I wish all students and their families well at this exciting time.

Clare Gullone
Head of Senior School

Year 9 French Trivia

On 28 July, The Association of French Teachers in Victoria hosted a Year 9 Trivia Night that involved us competing against other schools. It was great that we were able to enhance our French skills and language by competing in a fun way. There were entertaining activities such as ‘guess what flavour macaron’ and ‘pin the sticker on Paris’, which we did while being blindfolded.

It was great to meet other Year 9 French students from other schools and be able to help each other with our French knowledge. We competed in five main rounds, which included geography, history, food, language (grammar) and general knowledge. Through each of these different rounds, we were able to learn new information and also consolidate what we already knew. There were some challenging questions throughout the night, which really made us think back to what we had learned in class.

On the whole, it was an amazing experience and it was great to have a good outcome as our team came 2nd. This was an amazing achievement for all of us!

Lola Crivelli, Isabel Taylor, Chelsea Kwan and Alissa Ramsdale
Year 9

Year 9 Media

On 1 August, the Year 9 Media Film and Animation class attended an Immersion Day in the Melbourne CBD.  We went to ACMI, where we visited Screen Worlds and the Wallace and Gromit exhibition.

At Screen Worlds, our class further developed our knowledge on film, television and digital culture. In the Wallace and Gromit exhibition, we got to see the work behind stop motion animation, which will be applied to the filming of a stop motion animation video in the future.

After lunch, we had time to film a music video. We traveled around Melbourne filming for our first assessment task. The Immersion Day was educational, engaging and it highly benefited the class.

Year 9 Media.jpeg

Isabella Thompson
Year 9

Your Brain on Sports

Students in the Year 9 Sports Science elective class ‘No Limits, No Boundaries' have had a special guest presenter over the last few sessions. Neuroscientist and educator, Dr Jared Cooney Horvath, has been working with the girls on aspects of the mental, physical and psychological game from a brain perspective. Students have learned about brain function, cognition and strategy so they can optimise performances in sports and other areas of learning.

Catherine Brandon
Director of Research: Programs and Performance

Careers News

Year 12 Parent Information Evening

We will be running a parent information evening on Wednesday 23 August, 7.00pm. The session is to look at VTAC applications, SEAS, Scholarships and answer any questions students and parents may have about applications, universities and how to prepare and plan for the upcoming few months in regards to Career Development.

New Requirements for Students Going into Teaching Degrees

The CASPer test is an online screening tool designed to evaluate key personal and professional characteristics that make for successful students and graduates. CASPer is a requirement of applying to many initial teaching training courses in Victoria. For more information, test dates and fees, visit the CASPer website.

Students are encouraged to look on VTAC as well, to see which institutes are requiring a CASPer.

University Open Days

We encourage all students in Year 10, 11 and 12 attend Tertiary Open Days during August 2017.

Saturday 19 August

  • Melbourne Polytechnic Preston Campus

Sunday 20 August

  • Box Hill Institute Lilydale Campus
  • Deakin Geelong Campus
  • Footscray City Films
  • Monash University Parkville Campus
  • University of Melbourne
  • Victoria University Footscray Campus

Saturday 26 August

  • Australian National University Canberra
  • University of Sydney

Sunday 27 August

  • ACU Ballarat
  • Box Hill Institute Box Hill
  • Deakin Burwood Campus
  • Federation University
  • La Trobe Bendigo

Full list of open days found on GenConect on the Careers Page in newsletters and resources.

Amanda Barnetby
Careers Advisor


Creative Arts News

As Term 3 progresses, our students in the Creative Arts are continuing to produce amazing work.

The Creative Arts faculty is busily preparing our Year 12 students for completion of folios and final works, as well as their exams in November.

We are continuing to provide students with amazing opportunities in and out of the classroom. Our Year 9 students have been experiencing some wonderful opportunities on Immersion Days, including Window Styling Workshops for Visual Communication Design, and Felt Making Workshops for Textiles students. Our Photography students have site visits and will edit and manipulate photos for presentation.

We are getting excited about one of our showcase events, Les Jeunes Artistes, the ELC to Year 4 Arts Show, held early September. The diversity and quality of student work on show will be exceptional and as always a treat to see.

Many students across all year levels have had their work selected to represent the College at The Royal Melbourne Show. Students will be notified if they will have their work displayed at the show. The dates for viewing of the show are listed below.


Key Dates and Exhibitions

  • Tuesday 5 September: Les Jeunes Artistes (ELC to Year 4 Art Show) Opening Night (exhibition on display till end of term).
  • Friday 15 September: ‘Art for a Cause’ at the Trivia Night for The Opening Doors Foundation (Year 9 photography, textiles and vis comm work on display and Year 9 photos for sale).
  • Saturday 23 September to Tuesday 3 October: Royal Melbourne Show, Melbourne Showgrounds (Schools Competition Art and Craft Pavillion).

Joanne Saville
Curriculum Leader: Creative Arts


Drama News

Mulan Jr

In the last week of July, our Year 7 and 8 Co-curricular group performed ‘Mulan Jr’ to the College community. It was truly a Genazzano community effort with many students contributing to all areas of the production, both on and off stage. The performance poster was created by Year 8 student, Georgia Kanellis, whilst make-up designs were applied by the students of Gen Productions. There was a great buzz on performance night as the girls donned impressive costumes, many of which were created by last year’s talented Product Design and Technology students, guided by Mrs Wheaton-Peniall. The performance was beautifully staged with Genazzano Alumnae, Claire Warrillow (Director) and Caitlin Petereit (Musical Director), ably guiding the students to perform at their best. Meaghan Buckley, the choreographer, had the students perfecting their martial arts moves and many thanks are extended to Michelle Wheeler and the Production team for their hard work behind the scenes.

Alice Davine, Year 8, reflects on her experience:

Mulan Jr is an experience I will always treasure. All the girls involved enjoyed every minute thoroughly, whether it was learning choreography for ‘Keep ‘Em Guessing’, perfecting harmonies for ‘Written in Stone’, or blocking the avalanche scene. As the opening came closer, the commitment increased to learning Tai-Chi at lunchtime or having costume trials at recess. When I think back to February, I am so glad that I put my name down to audition, because being in the show has not only taught essential elements of participating in a production, but has also introduced me to many other girls in both year levels. I know that being in Mulan Jr will be a happy memory that we will continue to share.”

mulan-239.jpg mulan-79.jpg
mulan-337.jpg mulan-323.jpg ​mulan-295.jpg

Wizard of Oz

The Genazzano Drama Department have participated in a wonderful collaboration with the Endeavour Foundation to create some of the artwork for the Year 5 and 6 performance of ‘The Wizard of Oz’. The foundation’s QArt studio and gallery provides employment, mentoring and training for a talented group of professional artists with a disability. The artists have painted beautiful set pieces for the wonderful world of Munchkinland and, of course, the merry old Land of Oz.

Students from Genazzano helped conceive of the ideas for the panels and various students attended the gallery to paint with the artists and share ideas and techniques. We are excited to see the designs come to life with our students in performance.

Gabrielle Quin
Curriculum Leader: Drama


English News

LitFest 2017

We began this year’s Literature Festival, ‘Under Our Story Umbrella’ on Monday 24 August, with the performance of ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Year 9 students (who are currently studying the play in their English classes) saw Shakespeare come to life. This was the first of three Shakespeare plays performed throughout the festival; ‘Macbeth’ and ‘Othello’ were offered to Year 10 and 11 students. All girls reported that their involvement in these performances gave them the opportunity to develop a greater understanding of the complexities of the characters, themes and the subtleties of Shakespearean language.

Years 7 and 8 heard stories through performances of Australian poetry by the Complete Works Theatre Company. Some other highlights included: the panel of teachers/writers (Christine Parasakeva, Ann Rennie and James Gilchrist) who spoke in discussion with Julia Petricevic (our library expert) about the craft of writing; story-telling evening at Grange Hill; the Auslan activity at Years 5 and 6, teaching students how to tell stories other than through voice; talks by various authors; and the Kids Bookshop evening, a professional learning event on reading engagement (held in conjunction with the school library association). The whole school participated in the reading of Davina Bell’s, ‘Under the Love Umbrella’, as the text was our inspiration for the festival’s theme. The library held numerous literary competitions and an afternoon tea with the book clubs.

To conclude the festival, we celebrated with a dinner in the Furlan Room and our guest speak, Tasneem Chopra (social justice commentator), spoke about the power of story to broaden our understanding, develop our empathy and transform our perspectives. The Years 9 and 10 Creative Writing Competition winners were also announced.

For Year 9, there were two categories, one for original pieces and one for creative writing based on the class novel, ‘My Place’.

Congratulations to the following students:

  • Original pieces: Jessica Heaney and Tess Stewart
  • Creative writing based on novel study first prize: Lara Partridge
  • Creative writing based on novel study second prize: Adele Henger

For Year 10, the Creative Writing pieces were based on the class study of ‘Macbeth’. Congratulations to the following students:

  • First prize: Millie Swan
  • Second prize: Bronte Crettenden

Michelle Jennison
Curriculum Leader: English


Co-curricular News

The Co-curricular Program is up and running with over 120 supervised activities running throughout the school including Sport, Music, Social Justice, Student Interest, Languages, Debating and Leadership strands.

We have several new activities this semester for students to attend: fitness circuit, fitness ‘brick & core’, Photography Club, French Club, English Club and History Trivia Club.

Colour Points are awarded to students who attend 80% of their scheduled meetings or sessions over the duration of their chosen activity/activities: once a cycle for a yearly activity, once a week for a semester long activity and a minimum of twice a week for activities run over a term. Special consideration is given when another College event takes place, however if your daughter is sick or is unable to attend due to outside College commitments, this will be marked as an absence. Colour Points are cumulative over a student’s years at Genazzano and contribute to the acquisition of a Red, Stripe or Gold Laurel Award.

We are currently changing our Co-curricular database and in the interim students are unable to access their transcripts. If you would like to obtain a copy of a transcript, please contact Mrs Mary Rizza via

Catherine Murphy
Director of Co-curricular Programs


Social Justice News

Social Justice Week 2017: 'There’s No Place Like Home'

social justice week 1.jpg

In Social Justice Week, Genazzano and Xavier join together to work for Caritas. Led by our Mission and Service Prefects, we work to raise awareness of the lives of the poor and the disadvantaged and to raise money for the work of Caritas, providing help and support for those who need it.

Beginning on Monday 21 August, the students have organised a series of fun activities to bring the two Colleges together and to share the joy and the burden of support.

On Monday 21 August, the two College choirs will complete in a ‘Sing Off’ in the Montagner Auditorium at lunchtime.

Tuesday 22 August is ‘Bread Roll Day’ at Genazzano. On this day, we alter the Homeroom period so that the students can come together before lunch and share a bread roll in solidarity with those who suffer from hunger.

There are two Prefect Netball matches during the week, one at Xavier and one at Gen. These matches are well attended and great fun!

On Thursday 24 August, we are holding a ‘Dress for a Cause Day’. On this day, staff and students will wear casual dress and pay $2 for the privilege. In this way, we can raise money for those for whom clothing is scarce.

David Manne, refugee lawyer, and Kerry Stone from Caritas are our speakers for our dinner on Friday 25 August. The dinner is held in Centenary Hall, beginning at 7.00pm. We are very lucky to have such great speakers.

Anne McIlroy
Social Justice Coordinator

Opening the Doors Trivia Night

ODF Trivia Night 2017 - EDM Banner - 600px.jpg

The Genazzano FIRE Carriers warmly invite you to a special Trivia Night and Art for a Cause to support the Opening the Doors Foundation.

Join us for an exciting evening with trivia, games and raffle prizes to be won! An array of silent auction items will be available to purchase, so please bring your notes and coins!

Year 9 Creative Arts pieces will be on display, including a selection of photos taken during the Central Australian Experience available for sale.

All money raised on the night will be donated to the ODF.

Date: Friday 15 September 2017
Time: 7.00pm - 9.15pm
Venue: Cafeteria, Genazzano FCJ College
Cost: $15 pp or $100 for a table of 10
Book online now

BYO food to share with those on your table. Tea and coffee will be provided. Please note, this is an alcohol free event.


Sports News

GSV Weekly Sport - Term 3

It is each student’s responsibility to:

  • Be changed into the appropriate College sports uniform for practice and training sessions. Items of formal College uniform should not be worn.
  • Communicate effectively with the coach if ill, injured or otherwise unavailable. This must be done prior to recess on the day before match day (either directly at training or through the Sport Administrator, Ms Melonie Fulton in the Sport Office or by email).
  • Play only for the team in which you are named/selected. Students are not permitted to swap teams without prior approval.
  • Attend all training sessions and all matches when selected, regardless of the venue.
  • Advise the coach and Sport Office if not continuing with the sport for that term.

Student Achievements

Clay Target Shooting

Well done to Jessica Incani (Year 12) and Melissa Incani (Year 9) who recently competed in the Victorian Clay Target Shooting Championships.


We congratulate Clare Vearing (Year 12) on her recent performances in playing for the 2017 GSV Representative Netball Team. Clare came through a long and arduous trial process to be selected in the rep team. The team had their first ‘hit out’ recently in the 11th annual practice match versus Queensland School Sport (QSS) U19 state team. Well done Clare!


Brigid McKeagney-Douglas (Year 12) represented Australia at the recent Junior World Rowing Championships held in Lithuania last weekend. Her crew finished ninth in the world. Brigid’s selection was inspirational to the Genazzano rowers. We look forward to welcoming her back and sharing this experience with the squads. View the footage of their race.

Junior Aus Eight.JPG


GSV Track & Field

Our squad of 72 girls from Years 7 to 12 tackled their first Carnival event of the season on Tuesday 15 August. Competing in GSV Preliminary A, the team comradery, enthusiasm and spirit highlighted a well-deserved 3rd place overall. The standout result of the day, however, was the Year 11 and 12 team winning the senior trophy.

Although it was an all-round outstanding team effort, individuals of note were Anna Bush (school records Year 12 100m, long jump, triple jump & high jump), Olivia Owen (school record Year 12 200m), Hetty Donoghue (school record Year 8 High Jump) and Eliza O’Donnell (GSV record Year 11D 100m).

Full results are available on the GenConnect Athletics page.

Fitness Room

Regular fitness sessions our now available as part of a structured program in the Fitness Room, under the guidance of Head of Athletics, Mr Nick Wall. Session times are Tuesday 7.00am, Wednesday lunch, Thursday 7.00am and Friday 7.00am. Sessions will include Boxing, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), cardio workouts, and general strength and stability circuits.

Please contact Mr Nick Wall on 8862 1132 or

Matthew Wesson
Director of Sport

SSV News

Since early June, around 70 students from Years 3 to 6 attended training Mondays and Thursdays each week.

On Monday 7 August, a squad of 42 girls travelled to Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park, for the SSV Armadale District Athletics Carnival.

Our athletes competed admirably throughout the day, despite cool and windy conditions. It resulted in 30 top-three placings and eight new records for Genazzano students at SSV Athletics. Genazzano also won the Population Trophy, which takes into account each school’s points and student size, to emphasise the improved depth of our squad. Detailed results and records can be found at the 5/6 Sport and SSV GenConnect page.

Congratulations to seven girls who have earned a place in the Armadale District team for the Beachside Division Athletics Carnival held on Friday 8 September:

  • Hannah Rusmir (Year 4) – U10 80m Hurdles, 200m and 4x100m relay
  • Adele Nucara (Year 4) – U10 Triple Jump and 4x100m relay
  • Isabelle Morrison (Year 4) – U10 4x100m relay
  • Madeleine Bautista (Year 5) – U10 4x100m relay
  • Jessica Balic (Year 5) – U11 Shot Put
  • Anabelle Gangi (Year 5) – U11 Long Jump
  • Miranda McTigue (Year 6) – U12/13 80m Hurdles

If they finish in the top two in the next event, students then qualify for the Southern Metropolitan Athletics Carnival in October.

SSV 2.jpg SSV 1.jpg

Basketball has also featured for all Year 4 students and many Year 5 and 6 students recently. Ms Melonie Fulton and Ms Claire Hesse have been preparing the Year 4s for their Hooptime tournament, which will take place next Monday 21 August at MSAC. Split into three teams, the girls are sure to have a great learning experience together under the guidance of the coaches and their Homeroom teacher, Mrs Louise de Iongh.

A squad of girls also represented Genazzano in the SSV Basketball Round Robin tournament on Tuesday 15 August. Genazzano hosted teams from Loreto and Korowa, with games played in Centenary Hall. The players should be very proud of their efforts, coming from behind at half-time in both games, before eventually winning; 30 - 21 v Korowa and 26 - 18 v Loreto. The girls will next take part in Hooptime on Wednesday 30 August and have also qualified for the Beachside Division play-offs in October. 

SSV Basketball_26a.jpg SSV Basketball_25a.jpg

Adrian Daly
SSV Coordinator

Swimming News - GenAquatic

DVE ‘Last Chance’ SC Swim Meet

All swimmers who are competitive members will be receiving a personalised DVE program from their coach. This program will be highlighted with expected races. This swim meet will be a club event with maximum attendance from GenAquatic swimmers.

All swimmers will need to make sure that their Swimming Victoria membership is renewed before entering. Entries for the DVE swim meet can be made online.

Swimmers should enter as soon as possible to ensure they are they do not miss out. Swimming competitions often close early due to maximum numbers being reached.

Lilydale Encouragement Swim Meet

This year, we had another fun day at the Lilydale Encouragement Swim Meet. Congratulations to Ashleigh Heppell, who had personal best times in all four events. Well done also to Lennin McMahon, who finished on the podium in all four stokes and Lutjen Lee, who competed in his first swim carnival.

Future Events

Date Event Venue Gold Silver Bronze
Sunday 20 August DVE 'Last Chance' SC Proposed Qualifying Meet WaterMarc Yes Yes Yes
Friday 1 September to Sunday 3 September Vic Age Short Course Championships MSAC Qualifying Times
Friday 8 September GenAquatic Club Night Genazzano FCJ College Yes Yes Yes
Saturday 16 September to Sunday 17 September Victorian Open SC Champs MSAC Qualifying Times

Amon Soerink
Head Coach (Swimming)


College Dates for the Next Fortnight

Saturday 19 August GMA Ball, 7.00pm
Sunday 20 August Victorian Interschools Snowsports Championships Week at Mt Buller
Monday 21 August Social Justice Week
Tuesday 22 August Social Justice Week
Parent Seminar, 7.00pm
Wednesday 23 August Social Justice Week
Open Morning, 9.30am
Wizard of Oz, 2.00pm
VTAC Information Evening, 7.00pm
Thursday 24 August Social Justice Week
Wizard of Oz, 7.00pm
Friday 25 August Woodwind Concert, 4.00pm
Social Justice Dinner, 6.30pm
Saturday 26 August GFA Year 9 Father Daughter Bowling
Tuesday 29 August Year 9 Immersion Day
Junior Soloist Concert, 4.00pm
Senior Soloist Concert, 7.00pm
Wednesday 30 August Outstanding Alumna Awards Evening, 6.00pm
Thursday 31 August GMA Father's Day Stall
Friday 1 September Father's Day Breakfast

Please visit our website for a full list of 2017 Term Dates or our College calendar.


GMA News

We've had a great start to the term with many gatherings amongst year levels. Please continue to organise and attend them if you can. They are a wonderful opportunity to meet other parents and connect with the Gen parent community.

Events Held

Year 11 Mums and Daughters grunted and kicked their way through an active self-defence class. After an action packed session they enjoyed a lovely afternoon together.

Year 11 Self Defence - 1.jpg Year 11 Self Defence - 2.jpg Year 11 Self Defence - 3.jpg
Year 11 Self Defence - 4.jpg Year 11 Self Defence - 5.jpg

A group of Year 12 Mums enjoyed each other's company at Nakorm Siam, Balwyn and feasted on delicious Thai food.

Sacrament of First Eucharist

Last Friday, our Year 4 girls celebrated their Sacrament of First Eucharist at Genazzano. A lovely supper was arranged by the Year 3 Mums together with other volunteers.

I would like to thank Julie Patti and Marisa De Maria for all their hard work and time in coordinating the supper. I received some lovely feedback from Year 4 parents about how wonderful the evening was. 


Fathers' Day Stall

Preparations are underway for the Fathers' Day Stall which will be held on Thursday 31 August. This is always a fun and exciting day for our children who ponder and consider all the wonderful gifts on offer for their Dad, Grandfather or special person.

Hollywood Ball

GMA Ball 2017 Banner.jpg

Our gala event of the year, the GMA Annual Fundraising Ball, is tomorrow night at the Park Hyatt! Final preparations for this ‘night of nights’ is happening right now, with our dedicated Ball Committee at the venue this afternoon and this evening . They are putting in a tremendous effort to ensure this event is once again a roaring success. We are so privileged to have such a hard working and dedicated team on board this year. If you would like to consider joining our Ball Committee next year, please let me know. We would love some fresh faces, ideas and enthusiasm. Why not come along to our follow up meeting after this year's Ball. Contact me for details.

Victorian Parents Council Annual Seminar

Every year the Victorian Parents Council organises an Annual Seminar. This year it will be held on Friday 1 September at Brighton Grammer School. Click here to view the VPC Annual Seminar flyer. There are some wonderful speakers presenting, so I encourage you to attend if you are able to.

Save the Date

Date Event
Saturday 19 August GMA Hollywood Ball
Thursday 31 August GMA Fathers Day Stall
Friday 1 September Victorian Parents Council Annual Seminar 
Saturday 2 September Year 7 Parents Gathering 
Monday 4 September GMA Committee Meeting, 8.40am, Boardroom
Friday 9 September Year 5 Family Evening
Friday 15 September GFA Footy Finals Lunch 

Jacqui Pirone
President, Genazzano Mothers' Association


GFA News

Year 8 Father Daughter Camp

The Year 8 Father Daughter Camp was held last weekend with 32 attendees. It was an intimate and enjoyable weekend for both the dads and their daughters. The camp was held at the YMCA’s Mt Evelyn Recreation Camp. Even though it is only 40 minutes from Kew, the campsite felt like it is in another world nestled in the valley of the Olinda Creek.

The fathers and daughters enjoyed some challenging activities during the day, including the big swing and archery, before settling in for a Greek feast cooked by our MasterChefs, Mr Nicholas Psyhogios and Mr Peter Christofidis. This was followed by a few laughs around the photobooth between the girls, and later with the girls and their fathers. The quiz was hosted by Alex of Quizmeisters who took us all through an entertaining journey of trivia before awarding the prizes to the winning team. After dinner, the girls retired to the campfire to toast marshmallows, while the dads enjoyed catching up with each other.

Everyone was woken up by Café2U, who served up a morning coffee to the dads and hot chocolates to the girls, before a breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon was enjoyed by all. This was followed by high ropes and a walk before everyone returned home via McDonald's (as if they hadn’t already had enough to eat!). I would like to thank the organising committee, Mr Eric Lentini and Mr Fab Ramunni, who worked closely with me to make this a successful event.

Year 9 Father Daughter Bowling – Saturday 26 August

It's time to slip on your bowling shoes for some real fun with your daughter! This is a great opportunity for Year 9 dads and daughters to spend a fun time together. The program includes ten-pin bowling, laser skirmish, party food, refreshments and door prizes, for only $32.50 per person.

We will meet on Sunday 26 August at 7.00pm at Level 3, Forest Hill Chase Centre, 270 Canterbury Road, Forest Hill. Don’t miss out!

We look forward to seeing you and your daughter there. Please book in advance to assist us in reserving enough spaces. If you have any queries please contact, Dr Rob Bischof via or 0497 395 698.

GFA Footy Finals Luncheon – Friday 15 September

GFA Footy Finals Lunch 2017 - EDM Banner - 600px.jpg

The Genazzano Fathers Association has booked the banquet room at Etihad Stadium for the 2017 Footy Finals Luncheon.

A panel has already been organised with three former champions who will entertain you and your guests, over an excellent meal and refreshments. With Tony Jones as MC, Mick Malthouse, Tony Shaw and David King as panellist the sparks should by flying for an entertaining afternoon.

This is our premier event and is one of the biggest football finals luncheons in town but it’s not just about great food, footy or the insights from our panel of champions – it’s an opportunity to make your mark at the College and promote your business. This event funds nearly all the GFA’s activities, so if there is only one thing you do with the GFA this year, attend the footy lunch! Even better, consider purchasing a sponsorship for the event. For sponsorship enquiries, please contact our Vice President - Corporate Events, Mr Nicholas Psyhogios.

Tickets are available online for $140 a head or $1300 a table of 10. We look forward to seeing you there, but as 345 seats have already been sold, so we wouldn’t want you to miss out. Book as early as possible to avoid disappointment. If you have any enquiries please contact, Mr Nicholas Psyhogios via or 0412 938 450.

GFA Monthly Meetings – Wednesday 20 September

Every month, a friendly bunch of dads meet to plan our events and discuss other items of interest. Our liaison from the College provides an outline of upcoming College activities, listens to our feedback and answers any questions. Refreshments and an opportunity to catch up with other dads follows the meeting. Come join us, everyone is welcome! Our next meeting is on Wednesday 20 September in Wardell Boardroom at 7.00pm.

If you have any enquiries or just want to find out what it is all about then give me a call via or 0419 885 701

Save the Date – Term 3 Events

Date Event
Sunday 26 August Year 9 Bowling & Laser Skirmish
Friday 15 September GFA Footy Finals Luncheon
Wednesday 20 September GFA Meeting, 7.00pm, Boardroom

Our motto is to ‘Love, Laugh and Make a Difference’. Why don’t you get involved this year?

Bruce MacIsaac
President, Genazzano Fathers’ Association



GMA Hollywood Ball

GMA Ball 2017 Banner.jpg

Date: Saturday 19 August 2017
Time: 7.00pm
Venue: Park Hyatt Melbourne
Book online

Open Morning

August Open Morning

Date: Wednesday 23 August 2017
Time: 9.30am - 11.00am
Venue: Madeleine Centre for Music and the Performing Arts
Register online

Wizard of Oz - Year 5 & 6 Drama Performance

The Wizard of Oz.jpg

Date: Wednesday 23 August 2017
Time: 2.00pm
Venue: Madeleine Centre for Music and the Performing Arts
Tickets: $15 adults | $10 concession
Book online

Outstanding Alumnae Awards Evening

OAA 2017

Date: Thursday 31 August 2017
Time: 6.00pm - 8.00pm
Venue: Madeleine Centre for Music and the Performing Arts
Book online

Les Jeunes Artistes - ELC to Year 4 Art Show

les jeunes artistes

Date: Tuesday 5 September 2017
Time: 5.00pm - 6.30pm
Venue: Grange Hill
Book online

GFA Footy Finals Luncheon

GFA Footy Finals Lunch 2017 - EDM Banner - 600px.jpg

Date: Friday 15 September 2017
Time: 12.00pm
Venue: Etihad Stadium
Tickets: $140 per person | $1300 table of 10
Book online

Opening the Doors Foundation Trivia Night

ODF trivia

Date: Friday 15 September 2017
Time: 7.00pm - 9.15pm
Venue: Cafeteria, Genazzano FCJ College
Tickets: $15 per person | $100 table of 10
Book online


Community News

Raising The Bar

Raising the Bar.jpg

emotion.21 are delighted to announce that the Indian stars of our Award Winning Documentary, Raising The Bar, will be arriving in Melbourne for our VIP screening on Monday 21 August 2017.

Founded by Gen Mum, Cate Sayers, 'Raising The Bar' is a story of love, determination and human spirit, and overcoming preconceived boundaries to conquer. This film is important viewing for kids aged 10+.

To make the evening even more memorable, acclaimed Director ‘Onir’, Bollywood stars, and our very own e.motion21 dancers will join them.

It is our pleasure to invite you to share in this experience. Our work in providing specialised programs to enhance the lives of young Australians living with Down syndrome simply would not be possible without your generous support.

Date: Monday 21 August 2017
Raising The Bar screening: 7.00pm – 8.30pm
Get your free tickets online