Newsletter - Edition 14-2015

News from the Principal

Dear Parents,

Outstanding Alumnae Awards

The College community gathered on Tuesday evening in recognition and celebration of Genazzano’s Outstanding Alumnae Awards recipients for 2015. This was a wonderful occasion to honour our outstanding Alumnae before their peers, before members of the wider Alumnae and members of College Associations and Committees. On Wednesday morning the formal College Assembly was held for presentation of the Awards before the student body and staff community. Each was an inspiring occasion as we listened to the stories of these remarkable women.

These Awards are presented annually by the College Council to acknowledge with deep appreciation a past student or students of Genazzano who fulfil the following criteria:

1. A Love of Learning
2. A Passion for Life
3. Someone who has made the very most of her talents
4. Service to Others
5. Excellence in her chosen field
6. Is recognised by her peers for these attributes
7. An accessible model for the girls of today

The Outstanding Alumna Award this year was presented by the Chair of College Council, Mrs Lindy Priest, to Janet DeNeefe (Gen1976) in recognition of her work in Indonesia as creator of the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival as a response to the tragic events of the Bali bombings in 2002. Now an annual event and one of the biggest festivals in South East Asia, Janet has gone on to create the Ubud Food Festival celebrating the richness and diversity of Indonesian culture. Janet has also shared her passion and love for the Balinese people, traditions, food and culture with superb books such as Fragrant Rice (2003) and Bali; The Food of My Island Home (2011), each a wonderful memoir of Janet’s life in the country that she has called home for nearly three decades.

A Posthumous Outstanding Alumna Award was awarded to Katrina Wakeling (nee Hastings- Gen1996). Katrina passed away suddenly in 2009, but in her young life she had already achieved so much. A Genazzano education followed by a Gap Year before commencing Physiotherapy at La Trobe University led to Katrina’s determination to make a lasting difference in the world. This she did through a commitment to health and safety in the workplace where the contributions in management to change the workplace culture at a national level at Visy Industries have led to an annual Katrina Wakeling Safety Award and through a commitment to improve the educational opportunities for children in the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal. Katrina’s influence continues through the work of the Katrina Sparkle Foundation that has been established in her memory.

The Outstanding Young Alumna Award was presented to twins, Olivia and Miriam Nervo (1999). The sisters were always interested in music throughout their time at Genazzano, enrolling in Monash University’s Enhancement Studies to further their musical knowledge. Both were encouraged and supported by their parents, Gary and Josephine who helped them develop their talent in classical singing, piano and violin. Olivia and Miriam have since gone on to become world renowned song writers and performers.

OAA 3.jpg
OAA 1.jpg
OAA 2.jpg

Genazzano Students win Most Successful School Award at the Melbourne Show

Over 280 students from Years 8 and 9 have entered the Art and Textiles categories at the Royal Melbourne Show and have once again been awarded the highly coveted Janice Gray Memorial Award for the most successful school in the junior competition.

Student Leadership Positions for 2015/2016

I am delighted to announce the following leadership positions of College Captains and Prefects commencing Term 4 for the next 12 month period. I do so with gratitude and appreciation for the many students who have nominated for these significant senior leadership appointments this year.

We congratulate:

College Captains

Madeleine Meehan

Lorena Stents

Ministry: Mission Prefect

Lily Tawk

Ministry: Liturgy Prefect

Samantha Pereira

Ministry: Social Justice Prefect

Erin Donoghue

Ministry: Sustainability

Kate Delaney

Student Voice Prefect

Molly Jones

Debating and Public Speaking Prefect

Ella Morgan (Gabriella)

Boarding House Prefect

Cecilia Stewart

P-8 College Prefect

Isabella Biffi

Music Prefect

Jacinta Ryan

Arts and Communication Prefect

Natalie Baring-Gould

House Prefect: Gerda

Amelia Scopece

House Prefect: Winter

Melanie James

House Prefect: Corry

Michaela Weinstein

House Prefect: Stock

Lucy Davies

House Prefect: Douglas

Emma Borin

House Prefect: d’Houet

Alexandra Jones

Sports Captains

Eliza Straford

Kaitlin Barr

Drama Prefect

Claudia Harris

Library Prefect

Julia Yoannidis

The Leadership Induction Assembly will be held on Thursday 8 October at which the traditional ceremony for the handing over the leadership will be celebrated. On the evening of Friday 9 October, a very special dinner will be held to acknowledge and thank the outgoing College Captains and Prefects students for the excellent commitment that they have demonstrated over the past year.

Deputy Principal: Faith and Mission

The College is currently recruiting for this significant appointment to commence in January 2016. Mrs Lila McInerney will continue in the role of Deputy Principal: Student Learning and Wellbeing, a position that she has held this term while Mrs Teresa Lincoln has been on leave. As Teresa is leaving Genazzano at the end of the year to take up co-principalship of Kilbreda College in Mentone, she will fulfil the function of DP: Faith and Mission for the fourth term this year. I wish to express sincere gratitude to Lila for her service in this role in Term 3 as well as to Charles Watt who has fulfilled the role of Director of Faith and Mission this term.  

May I take this opportunity to acknowledge with thanks the work of all staff this Term as we move to the September break. Our students are blessed to learn from such dedicated professionals who give enormously of their time and their expertise. We look forward to the Parent Teacher interviews that will take place in these final days.

Students Abroad

I hope that you have been following our travellers on Twitter feed or Gen news as they have journeyed abroad for this vacation (@GENFCJ and @IST_2015). Our International Sporting Tour students and staff are enjoying their final days in England and Gumley House and Maria Fidelis FCJ schools before leaving on Monday for Ireland, thence to France and to Belgium. As I write our French group is enjoying time in Amiens, the birthplace of the Society of Sisters Faithful Companions of Jesus.

FCJ Jubilees

A very special Mass was held in the College Chapel on Sunday to acknowledge the Jubilee professions of several of our FCJ Sisters:

  • Sr Margaret Claver Hayes celebrating 50 years of profession as an FCJ Sister.
  • Sr Helen Mary Langlands, Sr Catherine Morrison and Sr Aileen Ryan celebrating 60 years of profession.

Each one of the Sisters is a marvellous testament to a life of dedication and service to others as a Faithful Companion of Jesus and we hold them very specially in our prayers this week and ask God to bless each of them in all the days to come.

In our prayers this week we also remember:

  • Luke and Cate Sayers and their daughters Claudia (Yr 8), Alexandra (Yr 6), Bronte (Yr 5) and Lucinda (Year 5 2017) on the recent passing of Luke's father, Graham.
  • Steven Gray, son of Greg and Elizabeth (‘Beth’) nee Cantwell (Gen 1943) (dec); Brother of Elizabeth (1973) (dec) and Natalie (1976)


Patricia A Cowling



prayer image.png

This week our College celebrated its Outstanding Alumnae for 2015.

We pray for every student who has graduated from this ‘school upon the hill’ in the past 126 years. 

We celebrate the many ways they have modelled Marie Madeleine d’Houet’s gentleness to all those they have met in their daily lives and who have thirsted for God the source of all being and love.

It is our firm hope that our graduates have been and will be women of faith,
who discern God’s presence and call in their lives,
who possess an ongoing love for learning
and display the courage and confidence to lead and serve others.

We pray for all our alumnae and for the paths they have chosen,
for mothers and family women,
for those who have fostered deep friendships,
for those who are doctors and teachers, business women and artists,
for those who have embraced a life of the mind, music or sport,
for those who have become Sister Faithful Companions of Jesus,
for those who are writers and public figures,
for those who walk with others,
for those in the law and those who fight for social justice,
for those who live and call others to live beyond their comfort zone,
for those who live quiet and purposeful lives,
for those who have endured suffering and loss.

In short we humbly placein the loving hands and heart of our God all those who have graduated from Gen as women who are Faithful Companions of Jesus.

May our faith today in our God remain as strong and gentle as that of Marie Madeleine d’Houet as we face all the challenges, opportunities and struggles that visit us in our everyday living.


Latest News

1. Outstanding Alumnae Awards Evening

2. Genazzano Celebrates 30 Years of Rowing

3. Alumnae & Friends Playgroup

4. Summer Uniform Notice

5. Annual Scholarships and Book / Music Bursaries for 2015 Year 10 Students

Outstanding Alumnae Awards Evening

The 2015 Outstanding Alumnae Awards Evening took place on Tuesday 15 September 2015 in front of an audience of 200 Alumnae, guests of recipients, current families, past families and members of the wider Genazzano FCJ College Community.

 The first award of the evening went to international songwriters and producers Miriam (Mim) and Olivia (Liv) Nervo. The award was accepted by their father, Garry Nervo on their behalf as they are currently performing in Ibiza. 

 In addition to a Grammy award, sold-out live performances and a string of hit singles, the girls can now add a Genazzano Outstanding Young Alumnae Award.

“We can't believe it,” says Liv. “It feels like yesterday when we were attending assembly listening to other girls receive similar awards.”

The twins have penned hits for the likes of Kylie Minogue, Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears. Today, as DJs and producers, they tour the world performing to an ever-growing fan base. The recent release of the duo’s debut album, Collateral, showcases a heady willingness to push the boundaries.

Says Liv: “Music was always a passion of ours … at Genazzano, we were involved in anything and everything that had to do with music, from the Gen-Xavier musicals to simply choosing music as our electives.

“Genazzano's positive girl power ‘we can do’ attitude is something that we needed, especially in the early stages of our careers where we were working very hard and we didn't feel like we were getting anywhere.

“The world is a large and wonderful place with so many opportunities. The harder you work, the luckier you become. Follow your strengths and don't try and fit in!”

This year we also awarded had an Outstanding Young Alumna (Posthumous) Award recipient, Katrina Wakeling (nee Hastings, 1996) who had a unique ability to relate to every pocket of humanity, from the poverty-stricken child to the influential corporate leader. This award was accepted by Katrina’s mother Jo, and her father Rob Hastings.

Perhaps, Katrina’s mother Jo Hastings reflects, it was due to her upbringing in Berwick, effectively a country town in the years of Katrina’s childhood. “She thrived on the difference in her life. She loved coming home to her own community because she was very involved there but she also loved the challenges and opportunities and choices that Genazzano offered.”

Following school, Katrina completed a Rotary Exchange to Iceland and travelled with her brother Simon through Nepal. Upon her sudden passing in 2009, Katrina’s family established a foundation that has funded a reading room for children in Nepal.

Katrina’s senior health and safety role at Visy Industries required an ability to relate to both shop floor workers and board-level executives. “She was not afraid to say, ‘This is not right,’ but it wasn’t about her; there was no ego there. She understood what was required to create change and you can bring that back to her time at Genazzano.”

It was with much fondness that Genazzano FCJ College recognised the life and contribution of Katrina Wakeling, which continues to inspire us all.

Following the interview with Jo and Rob Hastings, the Stage Band performed the “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” by Don Raye, conducted by Genazano’s Head of Jazz and Contemporary Music, Emily Tarrant. The second part of the evening was dedicated to 2015 Outstanding Alumna of the Year award recipient, Janet De Neefe who flew in from Bali to accept the award.

While Bali is renowned for its laidback and relaxed character, life there for Janet DeNeefe (1976) is anything but quiet as she enthusiastically throws herself into an incredible array of roles and activities.

The artist, author and restaurateur moved with her husband to the Indonesian island nearly three decades ago. A Genazzano 2015 Outstanding Alumna Award recipient, DeNeefe founded the world-renowned Ubud Writers & Readers Festival in 2004 as a response to the Bali bombings.

“When the bombings occurred I felt it was my duty to help, for both the Balinese and the Australian victims. It had a huge impact on all of us and I will never forget the sadness of that time. It was like a huge grey cloud over our heads for so many, many months.”

DeNeefe remains very fond of her school days and thankful for the determining values she has carried throughout her life.

“I really loved school. For me, the delight in having special friends around me five days a week was a joy. I think Genazzano taught you that anything is possible if you work hard enough.

“There was a lovely sense that the world was our oyster and that beyond school we could achieve anything and move in any arena. I think Genazzano gave me an indomitable spirit to harness my dreams and turn them into a reality.

The evening concluded with a spirited performance of the Genazzano School Song and all guests were given a cupcake, kindly provided by the Alumnae Association. The following morning, guests returned to the College and were once again awarded in front of the whole school congregation. 


Genazzano Celebrates 30 Years of Rowing

On Friday 4 September, we celebrated a historical milestone in Genazzano’s history. Our current Rowing community came together with our past inaugural members to celebrate 30 years of Rowing at Genazzano.


On the banks of the Yarra River, in the Genazzano/Xavier Rowing Sheds, the evening brought together a network of young and old, to reminisce and honour the achievements of Gen Rowers.

Patricia Cowling, College Principal, opened the evening with a magnitude of thanks to those who helped Genazzano Rowing become what it has today.

“Genazzano Rowing has grown and thrived as a formidable competitor in girls’ schoolgirl rowing in Victoria. This built on a wonderful and enthusiastic start during the first 15 years. So many of you are part of that story.”

Mrs Cowling highlighted the benefits that rowing offers to Genazzano students – “the discipline of training, the teamwork, the need for perseverance and continuing to push boundaries, and to work to one’s personal best.”

A snapshot from her speech is below:

“It is not an easy thing to push yourselves to achieve the results that you have and you have each shown great courage, fortitude and faithfulness to one another, to Gen Rowing and to our College in all that you have undertaken and achieved, with mindfulness, prayer, the gift of solititude and peace of an early morning on the river that rowing brings.

Success only comes about through commitment, passion and hard work – and the student wellbeing and development of potential within a climate and a culture of excellence.  So for us, first and foremost, participation is our greatest aim. We want you to have goals in life and the courage and the confidence to achieve them.

The Rowing community also demonstrates the companionship that is at the heart of Genazzano values. Nothing on the banks of the Barwon at the HOSG can match the camaraderie, energy of our supporters or of our parents for solidarity, fidelity, enthusiasm and friendship”


30 Years of Rowing at Genazzano book

Anthony Jackson, father of Rowing co-captain, Ciara Jackson (Year 12) and integral member of the Genazzano Rowing community, is currently in the process of authoring the book, 30 Years of Rowing at Genazzano . This book commemorates the milestone, along with celebrating the achievements, memories and experiences of the past and present Genazzano Rowers. We invite you to read Anthony’s speech below, outlining his motivation for writing the book.


Anthony Jackson’s speech:

Anniversaries are important times to stop and reflect. In the case of Genazzano Rowing Club it is to reflect on the legacy that many hardworking people have created within the Rowing fraternity for the students in the future to enjoy.

I have experienced first-hand the transformative nature rowing has had on my daughter Ciara. As such, I thought it important that we document the contributions made over the last 30 years by many people to develop the unique Genazzano Rowing culture.

The project started off as a simple exercise to document how rowing at Genazzano started in 1985. However, as I gathered information it became obvious there was a need to tell the stories of those dedicated individuals involved.

The pioneering parents of the Eighties that started with nothing but a dream for their daughters. The Hawthorn Rowing Club through Dr Dennis Bourke, Lloyd Cosgrove, Bob Gladman and others who opened their doors to schoolgirls rowing and particularly Gen, Xavier College for supporting Gen in the construction of this magnificent facility and the support it has provided over the years.

The College itself through its Principals from Sister Margaret Mary Kennedy who had the courage to fight Head Office to have rowing introduced as an official College Sport to Trish Cowling who has been a strong supporter of the Rowing Program and particularly fought so hard for the right for the College to have its own rowing facility.

The dedication of the rowing coaches and staff who instilled a set of Genazzano values of excellence and commitment that their students took with them on their life journey. The parents who volunteered their time freely for the benefit of not only their own daughters but future generations of Genazzano rowers.

But really the fullness of our story is of course the girls. Without exception, all of the past students I have met and interviewed through this process are outstanding individuals. The values they exhibit and positive memories of their rowing experience is the real reason we need to stop to reflect on the 30 years of Gen Rowing.

For it is because of the hard work of all those before us that we can be so proud of the Alumnae that have graduated into the world from Genazzano Rowing.

That is the story that must be told.

The 30 Years of Rowing at Genazzano can be pre-ordered online.

Special Rowing Awards

The highlight of the night was the presentation of the five special Rowing Awards. These were established this year, celebrating the achievements of members of our Rowing community.


The Lloyd Cosgrove Perpetual Trophy – accepted by Lloyd Cosgrove’s nephew for recognition of Club Person of the Year.


The Rachael Kininmonth Perpetual Trophy – awarded to Rachael for recognition of Best Senior Rower. Rachael was unable to attend the celebration. 

The Sarah Banting Perpetual Trophy – awarded to Sarah for recognition of Best Senior Coxswain. Sarah is currently competing in the European World Championships, therefore was unable to attend the celebration. The award was accepted by her sister.


The Mieke Boynton Perpetual Trophy – awarded to Mieke for recognition of Best Junior Rower. We invite you to read Mieke’s acceptance speech below.

Mieke Boynton’s acceptance speech:

When I think back over my years of Rowing at Genazzano, there are many memories.

There are team-mates and coaches. There are wins and losses. There are the joys of a perfectly-balanced boat... and the sounds of the morning.

The pain of blisters; the freezing cold; the scorching heat; and the mental battles that you go through in every race.

But these are not what I value most about Rowing at Gen.

What I value most are the lessons I learned. That you don't have to be 6'1" to be the best. That big successes are only achieved through small daily goals, with each small goal just as important as the big one. That if you establish good habits (like getting up at 5am every morning), you make life a lot easier for yourself. That you never achieve success on your own.

Be grateful for your family, friends, team-mates, coaches and teachers; because without them, success is impossible. That you don't have to win the Head of the Schoolgirls to get the most out of rowing. The personal development - your physical strength, mental grit, motivation, dedication, time-management, perseverance - these qualities are long-lasting. Life-long.

And although the glory of a win will fade, these personal attributes stay with you for life, regardless of whether you go on to become an Olympian... or a photographer.

Thank you, Genazzano. Thank you to my team-mates, my coaches and teachers. Thank you for this amazing honour.

I hope the Gen Rowing Program will continue to develop young women so they can go on to be the best that they can be.


The Van Prooyen Family – accepted by Dani Karis and Paul Van Prooyen, acknowledging their invaluable contribution to the Genazzano Rowing Club.


With Thanks

Thanks go to the following people for their involvement in Genazzano Rowing for the past 30 years:

  • Sr Margaret Mary Kennedy fcJ, Principal when rowing commenced in 1985. Her foresight, vision and desire for only the best for our girls has led to the place of Genazzano in schoolgirls rowing that is the envy of many schools.
  • Sr Maryrose Dennehy fcJ
  • All Presidents of Gen Rowing. Present that night were many who have been part of rowing committees over the 30 years and while they cannot all be named, special thanks to past Presidents: Peter Stanley, Gerard Heaslip, Paul McQueen, Robert Wright, Kath Cantwell, Sandy Lodge and Vic Sibillin, as well as current President, Nicky Vergona.
  • Members of the Committee, and parents past and present. They have been wonderful to work with and for, and we value all that they do not only for their daughters but by extension for the ongoing advancement of our College as well.
  • The wonderful coaches: Jane Robinson, Brigette Carlisle and Suzann Andrews; Director of Sport, Matt Wesson as well as past Rowing Directors Alastair Isherwood, Connie Vanderwerp, Catherine Murphy.
  • Paul Van Prooyen, Genazzano’s first rowing coach.
  • Bob and Gwen Gladman, representing former staff member and relative of Lloyd Cosgrove.
  • Bill Clancy – chair of Council when rowing commenced.
  • Mrs Celia Clarke, wife of the late Dr Bernard Clarke.
  • Father Chris Middleton Rector of Xavier College, along with Frank Peck, the current Chair of Council, and Ms Maryanne Moore, the teacher in charge of rowing at Xavier.
  • Dr Chris Hayes
  • Mr John Kelly and Mark Glover, each outstanding Business Managers over our rowing history.
  • All coaches, rowers, staff and families who have contributed so much.

Photos of the evening

GEN150904-004.jpg GEN150904-008.jpg GEN150904-010.jpg GEN150904-011.jpg 
GEN150904-051.jpg GEN150904-052.jpg GEN150904-054.jpg GEN150904-056.jpg 
GEN150904-057.jpg GEN150904-058.jpg GEN150904-060.jpg GEN150904-067.jpg

Alumnae & Friends Playgroup

Playgroup Image.jpg


We are pleased to announce that a facilitated co-educational playgroup for Alumnae, friends and members of the wider Genazzano FCJ College community, will commence in Term 4 on Tuesday 6 October 2015. 

The playgroup will be held on Tuesday mornings from 9.30am - 10.30am in the Grange Hill Hall and is open to children of ages 0 - 3 years.

The cost will be $25 per family, per term and there will initially be a limit of 15 families per session. If you are interested in joining the playgroup, please go to the Alumnae and Friends Playgroup website and fill out the registration form by Monday 28 September 2015.

We welcome new and existing families to join us and be part of our playgroup and we encourage you to bring a friend.

For any enquiries, please contact the Alumnae and Communications Manager at or (03) 8862 1200.

Summer Uniform Notice

With the commencement of Term 4 on Monday 5 October, all students will be required to wear the College summer uniform. 

The College expectation for wearing the uniform is clear: the College uniform must be worn proudly and neatly whether within the College grounds or in public.

During Term 4, when travelling to and from school or between campuses, students must wear their dress with or without the blazer as the outer garment - the jumper is not to be worn as the outer garment. The College hat is to be worn; the summer dress minimum length is to the top of the knee, with long white socks (pulled up).

Please note: the blazer is to be worn to all formal occasions including excursions.

The same expectations for the wearing of jewellery, hair and make-up apply as for the winter uniform.

Lila McInerney
Deputy Principal: Learning and Wellbeing


Annual Scholarships and Book / Music Bursaries for 2015 Year 10 Students

Current Year 10 students are invited to apply for internal scholarships and bursaries for the 2016 and 2017 school years.

The following scholarships and bursaries are available to Year 10 (2015) students currently attending Genazzano FCJ College. The scholarships are means tested and tenable for the last two years of schooling at the College (Years 11 and 12).

  • The Gavin Smith Scholarship for Boarders
    Academic Scholarship (50% remission of tuition fees) for students currently in Year 10.
  • Sr Margaret Mary Kennedy FCJ Scholarship for Academic Excellence
    (75% remission of tuition fees)
  • Dr Vin McKenna Scholarship for Science
    (50% remission of tuition fees)
  • Two Music Bursaries
    Each Music Bursary is valued at the equivalent of one year of Music Lessons at the College each year for Year 11 and 12. (One Music scholarship is sponsored by the Genazzano Alumnae Inc.)
  • General Excellence – Ten Book Bursaries
    Each Book Bursary is valued at $300 per annum. (Three Book Bursaries are sponsored by the Genazzano Alumnae Inc.)

Application forms, including selection criteria, are available on GenSpace at My College or on the College website.

The closing date for all scholarships and bursaries is Monday 9 November 2015.

The announcement of scholarship and bursary recipients will be made at the final College Assembly on Friday 4 December 2015.

For further information please contact Ms Kerry Hogan Director of Admissions on 8862 1207 or

Kerry Hogan
Director of Admissions


GFA Footy Luncheon

Friday 18 September
12.00pm - 3.00pm
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Boarding House Annual Mass

Sunday 4 October
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GFA Golf Day

Friday 9 October
11.00am - 7.00pm
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Genazzano Rowing Season Launch 2015/2016

Sunday 11 October
4.00pm - 5.30pm
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Celebration of Sport Evening

Tuesday 13 October
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Concerto Concert

Thursday 15 October
7.00pm - 8.30pm
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News from ELC

Yoga for Children at Gen ELC

Each year our children participate in a number of specialist programs in addition to their rich Kindergarten programs. During Term 3, the children from ELC 3 and ELC 4 have been attending Yoga sessions each week in the Grange Hill Hall.

We begin each session by outlining the program ahead and sitting on our Yoga mat. We participate in a deep relaxation - shavasana, some posture work – the Asanas, and explore breathing practices – pranayama.

The children love the Sanskrit words they learn each week and with practice and concentration, they are seeking to improve their practice over time.

photo 3.jpeg
photo 5.jpeg
photo 4.jpeg
photo 1.jpeg
photo 2.jpeg
Judy Johnston
ELC Director

News from Early Years

Grange Hill is awash in a riot of colour with works of art on show following the very successful Les Jeunes Artistes on Wednesday 9 September. Under the excellent guidance and encouragement of Katrina Wheaton-Penniall, the standard of work produced this year is simply outstanding. Whether it be Monet themed cushions, Matisse inspired apples, Henry Moore inspired sculptures or surrealistic elephants, the combined creative talents of the Grange Hill girls is to be admired. During the evening, Mrs Patricia Cowling was presented with a beautiful portrait created by the Year 4 students in the gridded face style of Chuck Close. This is currently on display at Grange Hill reception. The evening also honoured the 2015 recipient of the Sister Maryrose Dennehy Award, Year 4 student, Simona Crivelli.

Another riot of colour descended on Grange Hill on Thursday 17 September as the girls displayed their footy allegiances for Footy Colours Day. Be it a jersey, a scarf or simply colours that reflected their favourite team, footy or otherwise, the girls embraced the spirit of this national sport for the last day of term.
On 9 September, five students from Grange Hill took part in their first ever zonal chess tournament at Serpell Primary School, Tuckers Road, Templestowe. The girls, all Year 4 students, were delighted with their experience and narrowly missed out on medals, placing fourth. We congratulate Chloe Crellin, Simona Crivelli, Pascal Salinas-Byrne, Alessandra Pop and Ariyana Wanigasekera Farik on their outstanding results and thank Mrs Sandra Hardinge for escorting them and chess players from the Middle School to this event. These girls have been very active participants in our Grange Hill Friday Chess Club.
DSC09879 (1) - Copy.jpg
The Prep to Year 2 students embarked on a fabulous, fun filled day of discovery at the Lego Education Centre, Docklands on Monday 14 September. The day consisted of many problem solving activities and it was great to see the girls work together to create solutions to a variety of given tasks including making a seat for their teacher out of giant Lego foam blocks The Year 2 students were no strangers to designing structures as the week before they had tested their various paper bridge designs to see if they would support a toy car. The real learning occurred in the discussion that followed on why some bridges worked and some didn’t and what could be done to improve on the bridges that did not quite support the car’s weight. It was fantastic to eavesdrop on the resulting conversations and see problem solving and Flow Theory in action.
Here is a reflection from a group of Year 2 students about their bridges activity:

In Year Two, we’ve been making bridges because we have been learning about forces. We worked together in groups. The activity was very exciting and nerve racking at the same time. We saw that every bridge was different and that everyone was working together, communicating well, listening to each other’s ideas and compromising. Adele was pulling the string that was attached to the car so the car could move. We saw that when the six cars were on the bridge the struts were bending a bit and might snap when the car crossed them because the car was pushing the bridge down. We thought that the six cars on the bridge might make it collapse and that the car being pulled across wouldn’t go because the bridge was tilting. The paddle pop sticks stopped the car from slipping off the bridge. We wondered if the car would go across the bridge without breaking it and if the materials were strong enough to hold the bridge together. We talked about the forces acting upon the bridge. 


Upcoming dates

Monday 5 October

Term 4 begins

Wednesday 14 - Friday 16 October

Year 4 Camp

Thursday 22 - Friday 23 October

Year 3 Camp

Tuesday 27 October (2.30pm)

Prep to Year 4 Speech and Drama Production

Friday 30 October

Prep to Year 4 Assembly Led by Year 4

Monday 2 November

Student Free Day

Tuesday 3 November

Melbourne Cup

Jackie Horgan
Director of Early Years


News from Middle Years

Year 6 Poetry

Year 6 has been researching and writing poetry. After reading and reciting several Australian iconic poems, we decided to challenge ourselves and create our descriptive poems using skills we had learnt throughout the unit. These poetry techniques included personification, repetition, rhyming and similes. Below are some examples of our great work.

The Sun

She brightens your day without even trying
A beauty to look at but her talents can burn your eyes
She's fun to play with but playing too long can hurt
Amazing but powerful, if she wants she can make you burn
Phoebe Di Mattina

The Dusty Sand

The dusty sand where I can hear the kangaroos bounce
Boing… boing… boing

I can hear the dingo’s howl
The dusty sand below the clear blue sky
And the sparkling golden sun.
I look around me and see red dry sand on my feet,
As the sun is burning the dusty sand

The smell of the dusty sand on the terrain
Is just like the sausages burning on the BBQ
 As the smoke wafts to my nose
Of meat that can be used for a stew
I can feel the dusty sand
The grains running through my fingers
As I run I feel it in my shoes
As though it was kicked up by some kangaroos

Using the dusty sand
We can use the flickering flame
To bake the soft damper bread
And with butter we will surely be fed
Sarah Servello

That Sunburn Country

I live in that sunburn country. The one with dusty plains. The one with native animals. The one with droughts and no rain. The one with long living cultures. The one that’s unforgiving.

On the coastline you hear the waves roll. You taste and smell the sea salt. You see the surfers paddling out. You hear them laugh, talk and shout. You feel the wind blow through your hair. It helps you breath in the air.

In the bush you see marvellous native animals. You see the kangaroos, nibbling on the grass. You see the emus running, they look very stunning. You hear the cockatoo scream and shout you don’t know what it’s all about. They see the sun, rise and fall, she wears a beautiful cotton shawl.

You hear the didgeridoo play. You hear it roar with joy, it makes me want to sway. You see the possum football fly. You really want to give it a try. You see them sing and dance, they sing about the upcoming spring.

I live in that sunburn country. The one with dusty plains. The one with native animals. The one with droughts and no rain. The one with long living cultures. The one that’s unforgiving.
Claudia Cococcia

All around Australia

Australia, Australia it is my home
I love it so dearly its all I know

Sydney’s harbor bridge
and its Opera house too
are some of our icons
just to name a few.

The harbor bridges view is spectacular to see
But keep in mind the opera house
 because it was designed by a Danish man
with an architectural degree

Australia, Australia it is my home
I love it so dearly its all I know

Melbourne has four seasons in one day
I feel hot I feel cold
I never stay the same.
Melbourne’s trams the MCG
Are a few paces you’ll want to be.

Australia, Australia it is my home
I love it so dearly its all I know

Canberra’s Parliament House
where the politics
the leaders of our country
decide what laws to make.
They have the war memorial too
to acknowledge the solders
What they went through

Australia, Australia it is my home
I love it so dearly its all I know

Tasmania’s famous for its fresh food
From apples to truffles
even beer too.
They have the tassie devil
which is very cute
many people adore it,
because its kind of beaut.

Australia, Australia it is my home
I love it so dearly its all I know

Darwin is amazing
with its sunny beaches
that is one of it’s manin features.
They have cute crocs
which you wouldn’t want to mistake for rocks

Australia, Australia it is my home
I love it so dearly its all I know
Cleo Allsop

Claire Hesse


Year 7 Mathematics Games Day

Thank you to the students who were involved in supporting the Year 7 state-wide Mathematics Games Day held at Wesley College on Monday 7 September.

The students participating were Mia Harmon, Amelia Johnson, Chelsea Kwan and Mandy Mercer.

The day evolved with a myriad of challenging mathematics games, problem solving activities and exploring tangrams.

Congratulations to the Year 7 team who came 6th out of 40 schools, making Genazzano FCJ College the top participating girls’ school on the day.

Penelope Karasavidis
Mathematics Enrichment Co-ordinator 


News from Later Years

Annual Scholarships and Book / Music Bursaries for 2015 Year 10 Students

Current Year 10 students are invited to apply for internal scholarships and bursaries for the 2016 and 2017 school years.

The following scholarships and bursaries are available to Year 10 (2015) students currently attending Genazzano FCJ College. The scholarships are means tested and tenable for the last two years of schooling at the College (Years 11 and 12).

  • The Gavin Smith Scholarship for Boarders
    Academic Scholarship (50% remission of tuition fees) for students currently in Year 10.
  • Sr Margaret Mary Kennedy FCJ Scholarship for Academic Excellence
    (75% remission of tuition fees)
  • Dr Vin McKenna Scholarship for Science
    (50% remission of tuition fees)
  • Two Music Bursaries
    Each Music Bursary is valued at the equivalent of one year of Music Lessons at the College each year for Year 11 and 12. (One Music scholarship is sponsored by the Genazzano Alumnae Inc.)
  • General Excellence – Ten Book Bursaries
    Each Book Bursary is valued at $300 per annum. (Three Book Bursaries are sponsored by the Genazzano Alumnae Inc.)

Application forms, including selection criteria, are available on GenSpace at My College or on the College website.

The closing date for all scholarships and bursaries is Monday 9 November 2015.

The announcement of scholarship and bursary recipients will be made at the final College Assembly on Friday 4 December 2015.

For further information please contact Ms Kerry Hogan Director of Admissions on 8862 1207 or

Kerry Hogan
Director of Admissions


Schools’ Regional Constitutional Convention 2015

On Friday 28 August, 30 Year 10 students travelled to Strathcona BGGS for the Schools’ Regional Constitutional Convention for 2015. The theme for this year’s convention was, “Australia’s constitution should be amended to reflect our status as good, global citizens” and, at the end of the day, students had to vote in a referendum on this statement.

The day entailed a number of guest speakers sharing their views on what it means to be ‘a good, global citizen’, among them Josh Frydenberg MP, Member for Kooyong and Assistant Treasurer, and Sarah Boyd from the Gender Agency. Both speakers provided very differing views on Australia’s record as a ‘good, global citizen’.

The day provided a great opportunity for many students to voice their opinions about Australia’s stance in global citizenship and whether or not we were considered a ‘good’ country. Overall, the day was very rewarding and the issues compelling.


Isabelle Zupan and Chloe Psyhogios
Year 10 students


Creative Arts News

It’s Showtime!

If you are heading into the Royal Melbourne Show these holidays, be sure to head to the Arts and Craft pavilion.

This year, Genazzano FCJ College have over 250 student entries on Show from Prep to Year 12 including paintings, drawings, ceramics, photography, felt work and garments.

Also not to miss is ‘Poppy the Pig’, decorated by the Semester 1, Year 9 Textiles class. This was created as part of a community arts project run by the Royal Agricultural Society whereby a variety of schools and community groups were invited to decorate a farm animal in wool as part of an art installation at the Show called ‘Yarn Farm’. ‘Poppy the Pig’ can be found in the Arts and Craft pavilion at the Show. 

A special thank you to Megan Grimshaw, Bronte Senn, Melanie Pontikis and Giulia Scopece for the additional hours spent attaching all the poppies to the pig!


Joanne Saville
Curriculum Leader, Creative Arts


Drama News

Year 9 Co-curricular Performance: Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'.

In September, Year 9 students were involved in a performance of Shakespeare’s classic tale of love and magic as a part of the Drama department’s annual collaboration with St. Kevin’s College.

Petra Suric, who played the role of Helena, writes about her experience:

Under the guidance of director, Sarah Glenister, and assisted by Tanya Salinas-Byrne, we were able to put together a fantastic show. Shakespeare's light-hearted comedy revolves around the complexity and good-humoured sides of love, and proved an enjoyable challenge to rise to. With a cast of focused and energetic students, it was a joy to rehearse and interpret 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', from page to final product. 

The production was a great success and proved to be a memorable experience for all of the girls involved. 



Friends of Performing Arts @ Gen

The Drama Department is pleased to announce the launch of a new group: Friends of the Performing Arts at Gen (or FOPA @ Gen for those that find acronyms amusing!). The aim is to unite all those in the College community who love the Performing Arts and are interested in supporting College productions by collaborating with their skills.

This could include skills in all areas of design, make-up, costume and set construction. From time to time there will be remunerated trainee positions for skilled Alumni to apply as assistants to directors, choreographers and vocal coaches and are looking to build their experience in the industry. Social events will be planned on the calendar.

Should you wish to receive more information and be placed on our contact list or know a member of the community that might be interested, please register with our Drama Productions Assistant, Michelle Wheeler at or Gabrielle Quin at

Year 9 Drama Page to Stage: The Silver Sword

The Year 9 Drama students are busy trialling their designs for the set for The Silver Sword. This production will be performed on 25 and 26 November in the Wardell Theatre – save the date!

Gabrielle Quin
Curriculum Leader: Drama


Music News

AMEB exams

We wish to congratulate all the students who have recently completed their AMEB exam. We are very proud of the students and their achievements as this forms an important part of music learning. A special thank you to all the teachers who have worked with the students and to the associate artists who accompanied the students during their exams.

VCE Solo Performance Recital

Students doing Unit ¾ in Music Performance performed at their final recital last week. The performances give them scope to work on and prepare for their final performances in October. Congratulations the following students:

  • Jacinta Ryan (Violin)
  • Priya Lewis (Violin)
  • Jessica Ting (Flute)
  • Ella Menzies (Flute)
  • Annie Zhou (Piano)
  • Claire Warrillow (Classical Voice)
  • Giulia Mirabile (Contemporary Voice)
  • Dana Riley (Percussion)

We wish the students every success as they finalise their Solo Performance Unit and exam.

Piano Concert

On Tuesday 1 September our third piano concert was held in the Furlan Exhibition Hall. Many young aspiring pianists played with great musicality and panache. Well done to all the students involved and we look forward to more piano concerts.


Concerto Concert

Ensure to book in for the Concerto Concert, held at 7pm on Thursday 15 October in the Montagner Auditorium, Madeleine Centre for Music and Performing Arts. Take a look at the promotional flyer for more information.

Jan Blazejczak
Director of Music


Sports News


Victorian Short course Championships (4-6 September 2015)

This year’s Victorian Short Course Championships were one of the most successful state championships in GenAquatic history. Two and a half years ago, Sam McDonald was GenAquatic’s first and only state competitor, swimming the 50m Freestyle. This year we had four swimmers in 15 events with nine races in the finals. Nearly every race, each GenAquatic swimmer performed a personal best time. Congratulations and well done to all the swimmers who swam at MSAC on the weekend.


Hannah Macdonald

50 Freestyle

Personal best time



Taiga Yoshida

50 Freestyle

Personal best time


2nd place

Wakana Yoshida

50 Freestyle

Personal best time



Taiga Yoshida

100 Individual medley

Personal best time


3rd place

Wakana Yoshida

100 Individual medley





Darren Tan

200 Freestyle

Personal best time



Hannah Macdonald

200 Backstroke

Personal best time



Taiga Yoshida

100 Breaststroke

Personal best time


3rd place

Darren Tan

100 Breaststroke

Personal best time



Taiga Yoshida

100 Backstroke

Personal best time



Darren Tan

100 Backstroke

Personal best time




Hannah Macdonald

100 Backstroke

Personal best time



Taiga Yoshida

100 Freestyle

Personal best time


3rd place

Taiga Yoshida

200 Breaststroke

Personal best time


3rd place

Wakana Yoshida

100 Freestyle

Personal best time



Amon Soerink
Head Swim Coach


Saturday Netball

Congratulations to the 12 teams who all played in Grand Finals on Saturday 5 September.


Genazzano Chatfield (12) vs. MA Dashers (18)

Genazzano Saville (12) vs. Strathcona Spirit (18)

Genazzano Taylor (11) vs. Koonung Furies (3)

Genazzano Steel (16) vs. Tornadoes (13)

Genazzano Lewis (9) vs. Chatham Champions (13)

Genazzano Hanson (11) vs. MGGS Pink (9)

Genazzano Fuhrmann (29) vs. MA Leopards (14)

Genazzano Bassett (18) vs. MGGS Red (16)

Genazzano Lenton (15) vs. MA Lightning (21)

Genazzano Freeman (16) vs. MA Superstars (29)

Genazzano Ellis (20) vs. Strom (27)

Genazzano Hallinan (28) vs. CB Lightning (12)

Genazzano Fuhrmann and Bassett.jpg
Genazzano Hanson.jpg
Genazzano Steel.jpg

Sarndra Kennerley
Netball Coordinator


Track and Field

The 2015 GSV Track and Field season has drawn to a close. There were many highlights that occurred in a short, busy season. With three training sessions taking place weekly from the start of Term 3, students were committed to attending as many of these sessions to improve their performance and increase their chances to qualify for GSV carnival selection.

This team encountered many challenges this season; however, a strong team of over 70 students competed at both Preliminary and Championship carnivals producing many personal bests and competition records. The Intermediate team claimed first place at the Division Two Championship Carnival. Students from this team were then entered into the Athletics Victoria All Schools Track and Field Relay Championship with the Under 18 team winning bronze in the 4 x 100m relay.


The GSV Finals Evening concluded a terrific season and this was reflected in the results with 18 medals won, an outstanding performance!

We would like to thank our coaching team, who without them this season would not have been possible. Monica Clarke, Ben Ashkettle, Grace Kalac, Emily Goessler, Grace Evans, Manny Dalla Costa and Cass Dalla Costa dedicated their time to help and organise students at training sessions and carnivals.

Due to the large squad numbers we are unable to highlight individual performances. A full set of results can be found on the GSV Results website.

We look forward to seeing all students participate in the 2016 House Athletics Carnival so we can build and develop a formidable Track and Field culture at Genazzano.

Jaime Wallace and Kylie Williams
Head Coaches


Careers News

Year 7 Career Development Session during Genstar, October 14

All Year 7 students will be involved in the Career Development session ‘The World of Work for Women’ on Wednesday 14 October 2015. Each student will be required to interview her mother/significant female person prior to the class – preferably over the upcoming school holidays. All students have been emailed the task to be completed. This is a great opportunity for our girls to find out about the world of work for women and for you and your daughter to have an interesting conversation around this.

Year 12 – Tertiary study applications

VTAC applications opened in August and all Year 12 students have been receiving support from the Career Development Office to put in their preferences during study periods. Extra support has also been provided for those needing a Special Entry Access Scheme (SEAS) application, assistance with folio and audition applications, scholarship applications, and for those wanting to study interstate or overseas. It is important students now pay their $29 processing fee through their VTAC account to ensure they receive an ATAR in December as well as an offer in January. For further information, visit the VTAC website.

VTAC Closing Dates/Deadlines

  • Some courses cannot be added after 30 September 2015, for example, Medicine, Physiotherapy and Radiography/Medical Imaging at Monash.
  • RMIT also have folio deadlines for some courses and the VCA have audition/folio deadlines as well.
  • SEAS applications close at 5pm on 6 October 2015.
  • VTAC Scholarships close at 5pm on 16 October 2015.

For further information, visit the VTAC website. Please note, accommodation applications and university scholarships are open and available via university websites.

Choosing a University Course

Here is a great article outlining the 'Five things to think about when choosing a university course.' It is interesting reading for both parents and students.

Judy O’Donohue
Careers Advisor


Learning and Wellbeing News

Teach the Teacher workshop

On Wednesday 2 September, the Student Representative Council took part in a 'Teach the Teacher' workshop. This workshop, run by the VicSRC, aims to bring students and teachers together to explore ways to enhance student wellbeing and engagement with the curriculum through improvements to the school environment.

By providing the space to create positive change in school communities, students and teachers are engaged in conversations to understand how students learn best. The SRC Council will be presenting their ideas to the Genazzano staff and will work together with the teachers to identify key areas of improvement and work together towards solutions to learning and teaching concepts.

The main ideas the SRC will present are class engagement, peer support between older and younger students and availability of subjects.


Marielle Salom
Year 11 Student Representative Council


Eco Manufacturing at Fuji Xerox

On Tuesday 1 September, the Sustainability Prefect and Coordinator flew to Sydney for the day to tour the Fuji Xerox Eco Manufacturing plant in Rose Hill and the Epicentre at Australia Technology Park in Eveleigh. Along with student representatives from four other Colleges in Melbourne, we were the first participants in a new program designed to encourage innovation in sustainability in schools.

We were initially taken on a tour of the facilities in Rose Hill and educated about the many carefully considered and sustainable practices put in place. For example, to reduce the organisation’s contribution to landfill many of the component parts in photocopying machines that are worn out are remanufactured and sent back to clients, packaging used in transporting goods to customers is collected for reuse, lightweight boxes that assemble without tape are used and toner from expired cartridges is collected for use in other industries. The eco-friendly design of the building included using grey water in the bathrooms, LED lighting, low emission paint and a multi bin disposal system for green waste, paper waste, plastics, glass and landfill.

Our tour continued at the business park, where we gained some insight into the business and the various applications of their products, before we were invited to workshop solutions to our own sustainability challenges at our schools.

We were very impressed by the initiatives we saw at Fuji Xerox and consequently inspired to improving sustainable practices at Genazzano. The key challenge we focused on in our workshop was how to increase the passion and enthusiasm surrounding the importance of making not only our school but also our world a happier, more sustainable environment. We hope to improve this by implementing new initiatives that will increase the pride for the sustainability at our school, such as video campaigns, posters, workshops and news articles.

Fuji Xerox 1.png 
Fuji Xerox 2.png

Ciara Ward
Sustainability Prefect


Institute of Learning and Brain Sciences News

BrainSTEM Swinburne Kick-Start Day

Five Year 10 students were selected to attend the BrainSTEM challenge at Swinburne University for their Kick-Start Day, held on 6 March.

The aim of the program is to think of an innovative idea that can help society. Then, with the technical assistance of our University mentor and the Swinburne Laboratory, we make a dream come true! 

The speakers truly inspired me about how technology will change our world entirely. How can we prepare for future jobs that don’t currently exist? We need to embrace technology and create our world with it.

After the speeches, the individual teams had a meeting with their mentor, coming up with various excellent ideas, such as a sugar filtering straw, liquid lens, etc. I enjoyed the productive and creative discussion. Over the next 12 weeks, we will work with our mentor to create our inventions.

We also had a tour around the Swinburne’s Factory of the Future, showcasing that the facility holds the latest in technology, including Virtual Reality Simulation, Robotic Arms, and a 3D printer, which can also print with metal.

I am really excited to see how our invention is going to turn out and help our society, with our team’s dedication and great resources from BrainSTEM and Swinburne University.

Meimi Liu
Year 10

Institute of Learning 2.jpgInstitute of Learning 1.jpg
Institute of Learning 3.jpg

2015 Term Dates

Term 4


Monday 5 October

Staff and students return

Friday 4 December

Last day of Term

Friday 11 December

Teaching staff and Category B staff conclude

Friday 18 December

Category C staff conclude

Wednesday 23 December

Category A staff conclude



News from the GFA

What better way to celebrate the hype and excitement of the footy finals on our doorstep than at the GFA Footy Finals Luncheon. This will be the feeling resonating amongst the 350+ people out there today at Etihad Stadium, in what will be yet another sensational event and a great fundraiser, for the GFA. I do look forward to sharing with you the Footy Finals Luncheon highlights in the next College Newsletter.

Looking forward and into Term 4 we have the following BIG plans for the GFA:

GFA Golf Day

GFA Golf Day will be held on Friday 9 October – this is a fantastic opportunity to play at a premier golf course with other Dads, friends and business associates. A great day out for both men and women, and you don’t even have to be a regular golfer to have a great day! A light lunch will be provided, with drinks and finger food at the 19th hole and BBQ dinner to follow. Golf only, Golf and Dinner or Dinner only options will be available – places are limited, so ensure you book online now.

GFA Annual General Meeting

The GFA Annual General Meeting, to be held on Wednesday 14 October at 8.00pm in the Wardell Theatre – I look forward to seeing you all at our AGM, guaranteed to be an enjoyable evening, a chance for us to summarise the year that was and explore new opportunities. We will also be looking for volunteers to support and lead our events in 2016.

GFA Year 10 Father/Daughter Weekend

The GFA Year 10 Father/Daughter weekend is on 16 to 18 October – new for 2015. It is a guaranteed fun-filled weekend that will strengthen the bond between you and your daughter; further details and bookings opening soon.

GFA Wine Appreciation Evening

The GFA Wine Appreciation evening is on again on Friday 30 October – a fun and informative evening with the GFA’s very own Stan Gawel, who will share his insights into how we can better understand and appreciate the wines we drink, coupled with great food to match. Look out for further information and bookings opening early Term 4.

Year 5-6 Father/Daughter Bowling and Laser Skirmish

The Year 5-6 Father-Daughter bowling and laser skirmish is on Sunday 1 November – don’t miss this great event with your daughters! Get fired-up for an action-packed afternoon of bowling and laser skirmish, with nibbles and drinks provided. This is a great event to spend some one on one time with your girl and other Gen Dads. Bookings opening soon.

Final GFA Meeting

The final GFA meeting for 2015 is on 11 November at 7.00pm in the Wardell Theatre. This event will feature a special presentation on 'Enhancing Positive Mind Growth of our Girls', to be delivered by Clare Panetta from the College Performance Psychology Centre – an evening that will impact on all Fathers of the GFA.

GFA Thank You BBQ

The GFA Thank you BBQ on the evening of 13 November – an opportunity for us to thank all the dads for their tireless generosity in assisting with our many GFA run events and our continued support of the College throughout 2015. We look forward to seeing many dads on the night.

On behalf of the GFA, I wish you all a safe and enjoyable time as we come to the end of Term 3 and ready ourselves for some family down time over the September holidays.

Let us always remember that to be a father is a gift, and to be a Gen Dad is a rare privilege that we celebrate by Loving, Laughing and Making a Difference…

Rob Bischof
President, Genazzano Fathers' Association


News from the GMA

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank the class reps and their coordinators for the work in planning year level events. The next term is looking very busy, so please make sure you mark the dates below in your diary.

I wish everyone a very safe and happy holiday and look forward to many fun events next term.

Events Held

Father’s Day Stall

As usual the looks on our little girls’ faces (Prep to Year 4) was priceless as they approached the Fathers’ Day stall to choose gifts for their dads and granddads. Thanks to Marisa DeMaria for buying the gifts and coordinating the whole stall, along with her team of lovely helpers. 

Fathers Day Stall.jpg

Year 11 Happy Hour

Around 20 mums gathered at Bar 115 last Thursday evening at Happy Hour! Everyone had a lovely time, most staying beyond the 2 hours allocated. It was a great chance to catch up outside of work and school hours when there was more time.

Year 11 Happy Hour.jpg

Prep event at Bounce

Last Sunday the Preps met at Bounce and the girls had the most wonderful time jumping around. It was a very successful event. 

Prep Event at Bounce 2.jpg
Prep Event at Bounce.jpg
Prep Event at Bounce 3.jpg

Year 12 Parents and Daughter/s Breakfast at Kooyong

The Year 12 parents and daughters shared a breakfast together at the Kooyong Tennis Club last Sunday. Well done to Angela Freeman and Elizabeth Whiting on a brilliantly organised breakfast, it was a lovely morning. 

Year 12 Breakfast at Kooyong.jpg
Year 12 Breakfast at Kooyong 2.jpg

Save the Dates for Term 4

Thursday 24 September

Year 3

School Holiday Catch-up

Saturday 10 October

Year 2

Parents’ Night Out

Sunday 11 October

Year 4

Family BBQ Lunch

Friday 16 October

Year 1

Mum’s Dinner

Friday 16 October

Year 3

Coffee Catch up

Friday 16 October

Year 7

Parents’ Dinner

Friday 16 October

Year 9

Cocktail Evening

Friday 30 October

Year 4 

Mother’s Dinner

Wednesday 20 October

Year 12

Mass & Morning Tea – first day of exams – college event

Sunday 15 November

Year 4 

Mother/Daughter Bowling

Saturday 21 November

Year 5

Twilight BBQ

Wednesday 25 November

Year 4

Coffee after drop off

Wednesday 25 November     

Year 6

End of Year Celebration Dinner

Thursday 26 November


Xmas Party

GMA Committee Meeting

Monday 12 October at 1.30pm in Boardroom

Last Class Reps Meeting

Monday 20 October at 7.30pm

Annual Spring Luncheon

The St Joseph's Carmelite Auxiliary invite you to their Annual Spring Luncheon on Friday 9 October 2015 at 11.30am. It is in aid of the Carmelite Monastery, Kew.

For more information on the event, download the invitational flyer.

Debbie O'Halloran
President, Genazzano Mothers' Association


Community News

International Peace Day at Kew Library

International peace day poster.PNG


School Holiday Tennis Clinic

Tennis Clinic.jpg

Marriage Encounter Weekend

Invest in your most precious asset... Your Marriage!

Forget life’s tensions and interruptions and rekindle the closeness, intimacy, love and romance that brought you together. Recharge your relationship batteries and explore the precious nature of your marriage, allowing you both to share your feelings, hopes and dreams with each other in ways that normal, daily living tends to inhibit.

There is no group sharing. Couples and a priest present the weekend. It is based around Catholic values but couples of all faiths are welcome.

Melbourne weekend dates:

  • 23-25 October 2015
  • 8-10 April 2016
  • 17-19 June 2016
  • 19-21 August 2016
  • 11-13 November 2016

Starts 7pm on Friday, ends 5pm Sunday. Accommodation and all meals provided.

For information and bookings call Marianne & Marcel on(03) 9733 0997, email or visit the Worldwide Marriage Encounter website.