Newsletter - Edition 14-2015

News from Early Years

Grange Hill is awash in a riot of colour with works of art on show following the very successful Les Jeunes Artistes on Wednesday 9 September. Under the excellent guidance and encouragement of Katrina Wheaton-Penniall, the standard of work produced this year is simply outstanding. Whether it be Monet themed cushions, Matisse inspired apples, Henry Moore inspired sculptures or surrealistic elephants, the combined creative talents of the Grange Hill girls is to be admired. During the evening, Mrs Patricia Cowling was presented with a beautiful portrait created by the Year 4 students in the gridded face style of Chuck Close. This is currently on display at Grange Hill reception. The evening also honoured the 2015 recipient of the Sister Maryrose Dennehy Award, Year 4 student, Simona Crivelli.

Another riot of colour descended on Grange Hill on Thursday 17 September as the girls displayed their footy allegiances for Footy Colours Day. Be it a jersey, a scarf or simply colours that reflected their favourite team, footy or otherwise, the girls embraced the spirit of this national sport for the last day of term.
On 9 September, five students from Grange Hill took part in their first ever zonal chess tournament at Serpell Primary School, Tuckers Road, Templestowe. The girls, all Year 4 students, were delighted with their experience and narrowly missed out on medals, placing fourth. We congratulate Chloe Crellin, Simona Crivelli, Pascal Salinas-Byrne, Alessandra Pop and Ariyana Wanigasekera Farik on their outstanding results and thank Mrs Sandra Hardinge for escorting them and chess players from the Middle School to this event. These girls have been very active participants in our Grange Hill Friday Chess Club.
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The Prep to Year 2 students embarked on a fabulous, fun filled day of discovery at the Lego Education Centre, Docklands on Monday 14 September. The day consisted of many problem solving activities and it was great to see the girls work together to create solutions to a variety of given tasks including making a seat for their teacher out of giant Lego foam blocks The Year 2 students were no strangers to designing structures as the week before they had tested their various paper bridge designs to see if they would support a toy car. The real learning occurred in the discussion that followed on why some bridges worked and some didn’t and what could be done to improve on the bridges that did not quite support the car’s weight. It was fantastic to eavesdrop on the resulting conversations and see problem solving and Flow Theory in action.
Here is a reflection from a group of Year 2 students about their bridges activity:

In Year Two, we’ve been making bridges because we have been learning about forces. We worked together in groups. The activity was very exciting and nerve racking at the same time. We saw that every bridge was different and that everyone was working together, communicating well, listening to each other’s ideas and compromising. Adele was pulling the string that was attached to the car so the car could move. We saw that when the six cars were on the bridge the struts were bending a bit and might snap when the car crossed them because the car was pushing the bridge down. We thought that the six cars on the bridge might make it collapse and that the car being pulled across wouldn’t go because the bridge was tilting. The paddle pop sticks stopped the car from slipping off the bridge. We wondered if the car would go across the bridge without breaking it and if the materials were strong enough to hold the bridge together. We talked about the forces acting upon the bridge. 


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Jackie Horgan
Director of Early Years