Newsletter - Edition 14-2015

Creative Arts News

It’s Showtime!

If you are heading into the Royal Melbourne Show these holidays, be sure to head to the Arts and Craft pavilion.

This year, Genazzano FCJ College have over 250 student entries on Show from Prep to Year 12 including paintings, drawings, ceramics, photography, felt work and garments.

Also not to miss is ‘Poppy the Pig’, decorated by the Semester 1, Year 9 Textiles class. This was created as part of a community arts project run by the Royal Agricultural Society whereby a variety of schools and community groups were invited to decorate a farm animal in wool as part of an art installation at the Show called ‘Yarn Farm’. ‘Poppy the Pig’ can be found in the Arts and Craft pavilion at the Show. 

A special thank you to Megan Grimshaw, Bronte Senn, Melanie Pontikis and Giulia Scopece for the additional hours spent attaching all the poppies to the pig!


Joanne Saville
Curriculum Leader, Creative Arts