Newsletter - Edition 14-2015

Learning and Wellbeing News

Teach the Teacher workshop

On Wednesday 2 September, the Student Representative Council took part in a 'Teach the Teacher' workshop. This workshop, run by the VicSRC, aims to bring students and teachers together to explore ways to enhance student wellbeing and engagement with the curriculum through improvements to the school environment.

By providing the space to create positive change in school communities, students and teachers are engaged in conversations to understand how students learn best. The SRC Council will be presenting their ideas to the Genazzano staff and will work together with the teachers to identify key areas of improvement and work together towards solutions to learning and teaching concepts.

The main ideas the SRC will present are class engagement, peer support between older and younger students and availability of subjects.


Marielle Salom
Year 11 Student Representative Council


Eco Manufacturing at Fuji Xerox

On Tuesday 1 September, the Sustainability Prefect and Coordinator flew to Sydney for the day to tour the Fuji Xerox Eco Manufacturing plant in Rose Hill and the Epicentre at Australia Technology Park in Eveleigh. Along with student representatives from four other Colleges in Melbourne, we were the first participants in a new program designed to encourage innovation in sustainability in schools.

We were initially taken on a tour of the facilities in Rose Hill and educated about the many carefully considered and sustainable practices put in place. For example, to reduce the organisation’s contribution to landfill many of the component parts in photocopying machines that are worn out are remanufactured and sent back to clients, packaging used in transporting goods to customers is collected for reuse, lightweight boxes that assemble without tape are used and toner from expired cartridges is collected for use in other industries. The eco-friendly design of the building included using grey water in the bathrooms, LED lighting, low emission paint and a multi bin disposal system for green waste, paper waste, plastics, glass and landfill.

Our tour continued at the business park, where we gained some insight into the business and the various applications of their products, before we were invited to workshop solutions to our own sustainability challenges at our schools.

We were very impressed by the initiatives we saw at Fuji Xerox and consequently inspired to improving sustainable practices at Genazzano. The key challenge we focused on in our workshop was how to increase the passion and enthusiasm surrounding the importance of making not only our school but also our world a happier, more sustainable environment. We hope to improve this by implementing new initiatives that will increase the pride for the sustainability at our school, such as video campaigns, posters, workshops and news articles.

Fuji Xerox 1.png 
Fuji Xerox 2.png

Ciara Ward
Sustainability Prefect