Newsletter - Edition 14-2015


prayer image.png

This week our College celebrated its Outstanding Alumnae for 2015.

We pray for every student who has graduated from this ‘school upon the hill’ in the past 126 years. 

We celebrate the many ways they have modelled Marie Madeleine d’Houet’s gentleness to all those they have met in their daily lives and who have thirsted for God the source of all being and love.

It is our firm hope that our graduates have been and will be women of faith,
who discern God’s presence and call in their lives,
who possess an ongoing love for learning
and display the courage and confidence to lead and serve others.

We pray for all our alumnae and for the paths they have chosen,
for mothers and family women,
for those who have fostered deep friendships,
for those who are doctors and teachers, business women and artists,
for those who have embraced a life of the mind, music or sport,
for those who have become Sister Faithful Companions of Jesus,
for those who are writers and public figures,
for those who walk with others,
for those in the law and those who fight for social justice,
for those who live and call others to live beyond their comfort zone,
for those who live quiet and purposeful lives,
for those who have endured suffering and loss.

In short we humbly placein the loving hands and heart of our God all those who have graduated from Gen as women who are Faithful Companions of Jesus.

May our faith today in our God remain as strong and gentle as that of Marie Madeleine d’Houet as we face all the challenges, opportunities and struggles that visit us in our everyday living.