Newsletter - Edition 14-2016

News from the Principal

Dear members of the Genazzano FCJ College community,

Our Catholic Christianity is rich in the many ways it celebrates God’s real presence in our lives and world. Ours is an incarnational faith. This is evidenced in so many powerful ways in the sacraments. The celebration of the Eucharist holds pride of place in our lives; indeed, the Catechism of the Catholic Church refers to the Eucharist as "the source and summit of the Christian life." Last Friday evening in our beautiful College Chapel, our Year 4 students, together with a Year 6 student, received the Sacrament of Holy Communion. Fr Dave Ryan SJ was our celebrant and we were blessed to have Sr Maryrose Dennehy fcJ join us on this most special of occasions.

A total of 19 girls received the Sacrament of Holy Communion for the first time and six girls journeyed with them having already received the sacrament through their own parish. It was a special time for all girls.

The preparations for the evening encouraged a rich faith journey for our young girls. I have had the pleasure of sharing a little of the journey with them. I joined the girls for their reflection day at the Don Bosco Centre in Lysterfield, and I spent one of their lessons in the Chapel assisting with their preparation.

It was a true delight to witness first-hand the girls’ enthusiasm and dedication towards their learning more about Jesus and their Catholic faith. They encouraged each other and demonstrated confidence in expressing their thoughts, reflections and ideas with each other and their teachers.

The Gospel story that was central to our celebration of the Eucharist was the Feeding of the Five Thousand from Mark’s Gospel (6:30-44). It is one of the most well-known stories in the Bible. A crowd of 5000 gathered to listen and learn from Jesus, it became late and time for dinner. Rather than send them away for nourishment, Jesus asked the apostles to gather the food from the crowd. They found five loaves and two fish, and from these, Jesus was able to feed the whole crowd.

Gospel stories, such as this one, leave us with important messages and prompt us to question and interpret the meaning, particularly for us today; over 2000 years later.

I like to think of this story as a metaphor for what happens in our lives at Gen each day. When a large group of people, in this case our students and staff gather together, we are nourished by the individual God-given gifts that each person brings.

On our own, we have something to offer, we often don’t think it is much, but when we join in community, when we recognise the special gifts that each person brings, then collectively we have much more than we can imagine. It is a miracle of the diversity of each other and a miracle of the different gift and talents that we bring to share with each other.

Is Jesus letting us know that if we let our own gifts shine, then together, we have more than we can ever imagine?

On their reflection day, the girls spent time contemplating the meaning of this Gospel story, and I was touched and moved by the sophistication of their insights and understanding. The girls symbolically represented this story by using candles. Each student had a candle, and individually when we lit the candle it gave some light, but when we put all the individual candles together, the light was magnificent; it lit the whole room. At times, individually, we may not think we have much to give, maybe not even a fish or a loaf of bread, but Jesus is telling us that if we let our light shine, following Jesus’ example, then together we can all shine. And the light we shine forth will be his love for us and for all humanity.

At the end of the First Holy Communion Eucharistic celebration, each girl received a candle. The lighting of each candle represented the God-given gifts that each student brings to this College. When we lit all the candles, we recognised the collective blessings of all members of this group as they come together. Each girl is encouraged to shine her light for all to see.

In reflecting on this Gospel story, the girls recognise that the mercy Jesus extends to others is enough to nourish our lives, and if we are open to this, we have more than we can imagine, and plenty left over to share with others.

My hope is that through the gift of Holy Communion each girl recognises that God loves her unconditionally. May she be inspired to let the love in her heart extend to all those she meets each day, so they can see first-hand the special gifts that God has blessed her with.

It was a wonderful and blessed evening. I would like to thank Fr Dave Ryan SJ for celebrating this Eucharist with the girls and to their teacher Miss Caitlin Curran and Religious Education Coordinator (Years P to 8) Mrs Natalie VanderSluys for preparing the girls so very well.

In addition to the Holy Communion Eucharist, we have had many events and successes over the past two weeks. To keep up to date with all the wonderful College news daily, I encourage you to follow our College Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. You will be amazed by the variety of student achievement and the number of events that occur each day.

With every blessing,

Karen Jebb


Faith and Mission News

Last weekend, two great events occurred, both for the faith life of Genazzano and for the worldwide Church. The first, and the one closest to us, was the celebration of the First Eucharist for our Year 4 class.

In his book about sacraments, Joseph Martos called the sacraments, “doors to the sacred." The Eucharist is the most powerful of these doors – those who receive Holy Communion are literally in communion with the Church and her other members – all 1.2 billion of them! The class worked hard to prepare for their celebration, having spent time reflecting on the theme of, “many parts, one body."

The other great event for the worldwide Church was the canonisation of Mother Teresa. In this Holy Year of Mercy, it is difficult to imagine anyone who better embodied mercy. By her life’s work, she changed the lives of millions of people for the better. She lived out the words of Pope Francis: “serving with love and tenderness those who are in need helps us to grow in humanity."

Sometimes Saints seem a long way removed from everyday life – but not Mother Teresa. She had doubts about her faith, she spent time with the poorest of the poor and she challenged the richest of the rich. By any measure, she was of her people and for her people.

We pray for all our girls who received Holy Communion for the first time last weekend – may this enrich their faith life and may their faith companion them during their life.

We pray for the Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus in their various ministries throughout the world.

Bill Fitzsimons
Deputy Principal: Faith and Mission


The verses below reportedly were written on the wall of Mother Teresa's home for children in Calcutta, India, and are widely attributed to her. 

People are often unreasonable, irrational, and self-centered.
Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives.
Be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you will win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies.
Succeed anyway.         

If you are honest and sincere, people may deceive you.
Be honest and sincere anyway.            

What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight.
Create anyway.           

If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous.
Be happy anyway.            

The good you do today, will often be forgotten.
Do good anyway.       

Give the best you have, and it will never be enough.
Give your best anyway.        

In the final analysis, it is between you and God.
It was never between you and them anyway.



Curriculum, Standards and Innovation News

Invitation to Year 10 Students to Apply for the Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program

The Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program offers high-achieving Year 11 and 12 students the opportunity to engage with the University of Melbourne through a program of events and activities held at the Parkville campus. While in senior secondary school, students selected as Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars:

  • Receive an approved borrower card for access to any of the University of Melbourne’s Libraries
  • Participate in dedicated academic enrichment events and key University events
  • Meet like-minded students from diverse backgrounds through on-campus activities
  • Gain access to Young Scholars Portal and social media page so they can keep in touch

Any current Year 10 student interested in applying for the Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program is asked to speak to me before the end of Term 3.

Robert Tassoni
Deputy Principal: Curriculum, Standards and Innovation


Student Learning and Wellbeing News

Term 3: Seasons Under Heaven

In the mid-1960s a group called the Byrds sang a song that encapsulated the values of a generation: “To everything, turn, turn, turn, there is a season turn, turn, turn, And a time to every purpose, under heaven …’. The sentiments of this song are very evident in our school life here at Gen, as we begin Spring and approach the end of Term 3. Teaching my Year 12s and walking around the corridors during class crossover, I see Year 12 girls proudly and sometimes anxiously carrying around their nearly completed Art/Vis-Com/Food Tech and Textile Folios. I see students and teachers in close conversations in corners and classrooms where corrected work is being submitted or handed back. Teachers' pigeon-holes are constantly replenished! In classes, I see alert faces and attentive minds focusing on every aspect of the key knowledge they have to know. There are tired faces too, but lots of support, laughter and peer companionship evident. All this signals the season of assessments where our Year 12s (and many Year 11s) are completing their final Unit 4 assessments, and preparing for the September trial exams and final end-of-year exams.

The end of Term 3 also sees our Year 10s on their Companionship placements; working in schools, hospices and social justice organisations. One of the central characteristics of FCJ education we celebrate at Gen is that of Companionship where our academic and wellbeing programs encourage students to support each other in their personal growth and to not only be aware of but also assist those on the margins of our wider community. We all look forward to the girls’ return on Friday and hearing about their rich Companionship experiences.

Finally, the changing of the seasons signals a change of uniform from the beginning of Term 4. A reminder to all families of our expectations with the Summer uniform is below.

Summer Uniform

With the commencement of Term 4 on Monday 3 October, all students will be required to wear the College Summer uniform. 

The College expectation for wearing the uniform is clear: the College uniform must be worn proudly and neatly whether within the College grounds or in public.

During Term 4, when travelling to and from school or between campuses, students must wear their dress with or without the blazer as the outer garment - the jumper is not to be worn as the outer garment. The College hat is to be worn; the Summer dress minimum length is to the top of the knee, with long white socks (pulled up).

Please note: the blazer is to be worn to all formal occasions including excursions.

The same expectations for the wearing of jewellery, hair and makeup apply as for the Winter uniform.

Please refer to the Genazzano FCJ College Uniform Expectations for further information.

Lila McInerney
Deputy Principal, Student Learning and Wellbeing


News from ELC

It was a delight to watch the eager participation of the ELC students purchasing a gift for their dad from the GMA Fathers’ Day stall. Each child took pride in selecting just the right gift for their dad, gaining a sense of responsibility in purchasing the gift with real money. Thank you to the GMA representatives for the wonderful selection of gifts available and for organising this event.

Fathers’ Day festivities continued with a ‘Pizza and Play’ night for both ELC3 & 4 children and their fathers. During both evenings, the fathers enjoyed wearing either a tie or hat decorated especially by their child. There was an opportunity join in both indoor and outdoor activities and reflect on the children’s learning by viewing each child's portfolio. A highlight of the evening was getting together to perform a collection of familiar songs and dances for the dads, and eat delicious pizza. The festivities concluded with an enjoyable story about ‘Dad’ and presenting him with a handmade gift individually created with love by each child.

Fathers Day 3.jpg Fathers Day 5.jpg

This year’s 'Les Jeunes Artistes' exhibition was significant for our youngest ELC4 artists due to the specialist artist program, which commenced for the first time this year with Mrs Katrina Wheaton-Penniall and Ms Elizabeth Chitty. On Wednesday evening, the ELC children and their families reflected on their children’s visual arts program and viewed a variety of artwork created by the children. An in-depth investigation of many artists and a variety of artistic tools introduced this year have encouraged the children to develop their unique talent curiosity, a drive to understand, the ability to wait, to wonder and to be suprised, the capacity to express themselves in many ways, and the desire to form relationships with others and with the physical art world.

Stephanie painting.jpg IMG_2502.JPG

Our first week of Spring has coincided with a life cycle investigation of duckling and chicken hatchings. Four ducklings have hatched and six chickens are chirping in ELC4. The children are responsible for nurturing the young chicks and feeding them with seed and water and ensuring they are handled with care and kept warm. Over the fortnight, the chicks will peck their way from the egg shell, lose their birthing tooth, grow feathers and eventually grow wings. For many children, this will be their first ‘hands on’ experience with a farm animal and for others, they share their knowledge and nurturing expertise with the whole class.

IMG_2972.JPG IMG_2971.JPG

Alison Lucas
Director, Early Learning Centre


News from Early Years

The Year 4 girls looked both reverent and beautiful as they prepared to receive the Sacrament of First Eucharist on Friday night. Blessed with an amazing spring-like evening, the girls gathered in the Wardell Reception area as they waited for their individual photographs to be taken and chatted with Ms Karen Jebb about their expectations for the evening. Once the group photograph with celebrant Fr Dave Ryan was taken, they proceeded into the College Chapel for a beautiful First Eucharist Liturgy. The girls read and sang with both confidence and poise before receiving the blessed host and wine for the first time. Following the liturgy, the girls and their families made their way to the Furlan Room for a special supper, organised, as per tradition, by the Year 3 mothers.

P1020146 (1).jpg year 4 eucharist.jpg

Friday also saw the Fathers’ Day breakfast take place in the Genazzano Cafeteria, with approximately 60 fathers, grandfathers or uncles joining their daughters, granddaughters or nieces for a delicious breakfast. At the end of the feast, the students presented their dads with a framed portrait, which I am sure they will forever treasure. On Thursday, the GMA Grange Hill mothers had organised a Fathers’ Day stall to ensure that dads and granddads were well and truly spoiled on their special day.

P1020070.jpg P1020067.jpg

Wednesday 7 September saw both the Early Years Assembly in the morning explore the art theme, while later in the afternoon, the Les Jeunes Artistes Art Show highlighted the fantastic artistic talents of both our ELC and our Early Years students. It was fabulous to witness the excitement of the students, as they proudly showed off their pieces of art to family and friends. Congratulations to Sophie Redman the 2016 recipient of the Sr Maryrose Dennehy fcJ Prize.

Jacqueline Horgan
Director of Early Years


News from Later Years

Unit 3 & 4 VCE Examinations

Student Information Booklet

Parents and students are advised that the 2016 VCAA Exams Navigator booklet is now accessible on the VCAA website.

The booklet contains important information for students regarding VCE examinations including:

  • Approved materials and equipment for VCE examinations
  • VCAA examination rules and their observance for the conduct of VCE examinations
  • 2016 VCE examination timetable
  • Special Provision
  • Advice for students presenting for Performance and Languages oral examinations and the Extended Investigation oral presentation
  • 2016 VCE Results and ATAR Service.

Students will also receive a hard copy of this booklet closer to their exams.

2016 Examination Timetable

The VCAA examination timetable is now accessible. Please note that students will also receive a hard copy summary of their exam timetable.

2017 VCE Examination Periods

The 2017 examination periods have also been approved by the VCAA.

Sue Whelan
VCE Coordinator

Year 11 Psychology Excursion to the Zoo

This semester, Year 11 Psychology students have been unpacking the three components of attitudes (thoughts, feelings and behaviours) as well as investigating social influences on group behaviour. On Thursday 1 September, the Psychology excursion to the Melbourne Zoo began with a tram ride, which was not only a sustainable choice, but gave students ample time to observe the general public for examples of group behaviour.

They then attended the ‘Ethics, Zoos and You’ program to answer the question ‘how are psychology skills and knowledge used in wildlife conservation?’ The program demonstrates how conservation campaigns use the psychological theory of attitudes to encourage people to change their consumption habits. In particular, the ‘Don’t Palm Us Off’ campaign encourages purchase of sustainable palm oil products (behaviour) which reduces the need for destruction of habitats for endangered species such as orang-utans, elephants and tigers. This is achieved by providing opportunities for zoo patrons to emotionally connect with these animals (feelings) and to learn the facts about the production of palm oil (thoughts).

After lunch, the students spent time observing social species, such as the meerkats, baboons, capuchin monkeys and lemurs to put their quantitative and qualitative data collection skills to the test.

IMG_3168.JPG IMG_3175.JPG

Carmen Love
VCE Psychology Teacher


Drama News

Celebrating Australian Women

On 24-25 August, the girls from Years 5 and 6 performed their production of ‘Celebrating Australian Women’. Every student was involved in scripting ideas that came alive from their exploration of Australian History in their Humanities class. The particular focus of the performance was on the role of women. The Year 5 teachers, Mrs Louise De Iongh, Mrs Natalie Vander Sluys and Mrs Janet Considine, worked with their Year 5 classes to write and rehearse stories about the challenges women faced in the settlers’ period, including stories about Mary Mackillop, the FCJ Sisters, the Drover’s wife, Louisa Lawson and Caroline Chisholm. The Year 6 classes created their stories about women who changed the history of Australia, including the suffragettes Muriel Matters, Vida Goldstein and Henrietta Dugdale, workers’ rights activist Emma Miller, and aviation and sporting pioneers Nancy Bird Walton and Fanny Durak.

The performances were well received by the audience, who found them educational as well as a testament to the hard work and dedication of the performers and their directors. The Drama Department would like to acknowledge the encouragement and guidance of the students by the Year 5 and 6 team who, together with the amazing work of the Gen Productions team backstage, ensured the performances were a great success.

australian women-13.jpg australian women-22.jpg
australian women-44.jpg australian women-185.jpg

Read reflections from Eliza Burnes and Sarah Laird (Year 5C).

Year 9 St Kevin’s and Genazzano Co-curricular Performance of the ‘Twelfth Night’

From Tuesday 30 August until Thursday 1 September, a group of Year 9 students were involved in the co-curricular performance of Shakespeare’s much-loved comedy ‘Twelfth Night’, with St Kevin’s College, Waterford. Guided by director, Gen Alumna, Sarah Glenister from St Kevin’s, and assisted by a group of enthusiastic backstage workers, the production was very well received by both the St. Kevin’s and Gen community. The students performed their roles ably and with impressive confidence, bringing the Bard’s work to life with a sparkle.

IMG_7279.JPG IMG_7318.JPG
IMG_7320.JPG ​IMG_7384.JPG

VCE Solo Evening

On Monday 12 September from 6.30pm - 7.15pm, the VCE Drama class will present their solo performances in the Wardell Theatre, in preparation for their externally assessed solo performance examination in October. Ms Alison Heard and her students have been working hard to create these seven minute performances. A solo performance is a major assessment task for the VCE Drama examinations, requiring students to devise a performance around a number of possible stimulus structures provided by the VCAA. The College community is welcome to attend and tickets are not required.

Gabrielle Quin
Curriculum Leader: Drama

Speech and Drama News

Congratulations to Phoebe Di Mattina and Sophia Connor (Year 7) on their first place in the 2016 Performance Festival of the Speech and Drama Teachers Association of Victoria. They entered the Duologue section with their scene work from Northanger Abbey.


Tanya Salinas-Byrne
Speech and Drama Coordinator

Information and eLearning Technologies News

First Place for GenTech Students at the RMIT Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria (DLTV) Nao Robot Dancing Competition

Our Year 5 GenTech students, Audrey Culliver, Anna Stone and Asher Kennedy have spent the past two terms programming the College’s NAO humanoid robot. Their hard work and persistence paid off, with first place in the Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria (DLTV) NAO Robot Dance Competition, held at RMIT on Thursday 1 September. It was a tense last five minutes before the judges viewed the students’ work, as some final adjustments needed to be made. However, the months of problem solving saved the day, as the girls realised some of their code was being overridden by a semi-autonomous function, which they switched off at the last minute. Right on time, the code and the NAO was ready to go and the students won! Congratulations, Audrey, Anna and Asher.

IMG_0002.JPG IMG_0017.JPG
IMG_0006.JPG IMG_4017.JPG

Nathan Hutchings
Director of Information and eLearning Technology


Languages News

Berthe Mouchette Alliance Française de Melbourne Oral Examination

Congratulations to the following four Year 12 French language students upon reaching the finals of the 2017 Berthe Mouchette Alliance Française de Melbourne Oral Examination: Amy Catanzariti, Lauren Lambrineas, Jacinta Ryan and Lorena Stents.

The finals will be held in the first week of September and the results published at a later date. Best wishes to these outstanding students!

We also extend our congratulations to the following Year 12 students for their participation in the competition, and for their commitment to their French studies this year: Giorgia Adkins, Sara Aprile, Rachel Bafunno, Emma Borin, Emma Bruno, Carla Cannataro, Alice Collinge, Amelia Costigan, Erin Donoghue, Lauren Kendall, Saacha Neilson, Seerat Ohri, Mikaila Paoli, Ruby Randles, Amelia Scopece, Mietta Simpson, Lily Tawk, Jessica Ting, Michaela Weinstein, Stephanie Zago and Emily Zdilar.

Revise & Practice Before Starting VCE!

Does your daughter need some extra help strengthening her French and getting ready for VCE next year? Join the first ever Year 10 French Immersion Day to help build her confidence. Your daughter is invited to a day packed with five hours of practice, to gain confidence in her ability to speak French while practising through playful activities. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity and register now while it is still available!

She will spend the day in total immersion with a young and dynamic team of qualified French teachers. The day will be packed with conversation and tailor-made activities focusing on revising grammar and vocabulary outcomes while practicing speaking through interactive activities.

Date: Sunday 11 September 2016
Time: 10.00am-4.30pm
Venue: Alliance Française de Melbourne, 51 Grey Street, St Kilda

To register, call 9525 3463 or visit the Alliance Française website.

Adam Bianco
Curriculum Leader: Languages


Maths News

2016 Australian Mathematics Competition Prize Winner                             

Congratulations to Chelsea Kwan (Year 8), who is a national prize winner in the 2016 Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC). This prize indicates she is in the top 0.3% of the Junior Division. The AMC is a fun competition with many of the problems set in situations familiar to students and showing the relevance of mathematics in their everyday lives. The problems are also designed to stimulate discussion and can be used by teachers and students as springboards for investigation. Genazzano FCJ College entered over 440 girls in the competition.

University of Melbourne School Mathematics Competition

We also extend our congratulations to Eleanor Kirkland (Year 10), who has been awarded a Certificate of Merit in the University of Melbourne School Mathematics Competition. This is the second time that Eleanor has been awarded a certificate in this challenging three hour competition. The University of Melbourne School Mathematics Competition endeavours to identify, reward and encourage true mathematical talent among school population. The competition is designed so that mathematical insight and ingenuity are needed for success, rather than efficiency in tackling routine examples. However, the mathematical knowledge required is present within the school syllabi.

Carol Patterson
Curriculum Leader: Mathematics


Music News

Genazzano Stage Band and Big Band Perform at the 2016 Victorian Schools Music Festival

The week beginning 22 August was certainly a busy time for the Jazz and Contemporary Music Department, with both the Genazzano Big Band and Stage Band taking to the stage at this year’s Victorian Schools Music Festival. Held in the city at the Australian Institute of Music, the festival is a wonderful opportunity for Victorian school bands to develop all aspects of their performance skills and encourages participants to strive for musical excellence in a supportive environment.

This year, the Stage Band competed in the Intermediate Jazz Ensemble section of the festival and the Big Band was entered into the Junior Jazz Ensemble section. Both bands performed beautifully, with strong solos from Sarah Vilo (Year 7), Genevieve Kuner (Year 9), Andriyani Millie (Year 9), Jessica Bonin (Year 10) and Samantha Miller (Year 11). As well as presenting their prepared repertoire, members of both bands were given a 15 minute on-stage tutorial by the well renowned Australian jazz musician, Mr Ross Irwin, and were also able to watch a number of performances by other attending schools.

Congratulations to all members of the Stage Band and Big Band, whose persistence and commitment to their ensembles resulted in both bands receiving a silver medal.

Emily Tarrant
Head of Jazz and Contemporary Studies


Careers News

Year 12 2017 - University Accelerated Programs

Many universities offer high achieving Year 12 students an opportunity to study a university subject as part of their Year 12 program, contributing to the ATAR. The University of Melbourne has an information evening on Tuesday 13 September.

For more information on other programs, visit the following websites:

Deakin Accelerate at Deakin University
VCE Plus at La Trobe University
Monash Extension at Monash University
VCE Extend at RMIT

Reminder Dates for Current Year 12 Students –VTAC

VTAC applications close: 29 September
SEAS applications close: 4 October
Scholarship applications close: 14 October

The one-off payment of $32 can be paid by students via PayPal. Further details are available on the VTAC website. Please note, students can change their preferences once they have applied.

Skills our Students Need for the Future – and How We Get Them at Gen!

enterprise skills_0.jpg

Students can learn these skills in the classroom, on excursions, on sports days, during Companionship, as part of the Duke of Edinburgh Program, on work experience, or by participating in fundraising activities, co-curricular activities, other volunteer programs and part-time work. By encouraging your daughter to participate, you are helping her prepare for the future.

For more information, read the full report.

STEM School Holiday Program for Year 10 Students

Did you know that one of the most important attributes for a successful career in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) is creativity? Helping people and solving future world problems needs a range of skills and interests! Students are encouraged to attend the Monash University ENGenuITy Day on Wednesday 28 September at Monash University’s Clayton Campus. They will have a chance to experience the exciting and diverse opportunities available in STEM. They will be able to participate in hands-on activities and workshops, surrounded by inspiring, creative, young women from industry and the research sectors. For more information and to register, visit the Engenuity website or view the promotional flyer.

Monash University Science Precinct Guided Tours in September School Holidays for Students in Years 10-12

Due to the increased interest after the recent Open Day, the Faculty of Science at Monash University is running a series of Science Precinct Guided Tours in the upcoming school holidays. There are numerous days and times available, and to register for one of these tours, visit the Science Precinct Tours website.

Studying in the USA Information Session

Education USA Melbourne is holding an Undergraduate Information and Sports Scholarships Session for students who wish to find out more about going to university in the USA.

Date: Thursday 29 September
Time: 3.00pm - 4.30pm
Location: U.S. Consulate General, Level 6, 553 St Kilda Road, Melbourne

Students must register their attendance – for more information, please visit Study in the USA Information Session website.

Judy O'Donohue
Careers Advisor


Social Justice News

Genazzano FCJ College’s annual Social Justice Week was once again very successful. Held from Monday 22 August to Friday 26 August, it was led by Social Justice Prefect, Erin Donoghue and the Social Justice Representatives from Years 5 to 12. The week was well organised with an array of activities on offer.

The week began on Monday, with the 'Sing-Off' in the Madeleine Centre for Music and the Performing Arts - a traditional competition between groups of singers from Genazzano and Xavier Colleges. The Gen girls were the winners on the day.

Newsletter 1 sing .jpg newsletter 2 singoff.jpg

Bread Roll Day followed on Tuesday. All students assembled in Houses in Homeroom, to share a bread roll lunch, in solidarity with our peers for whom hunger is a daily reality. Our canteen closed for lunch on this day, and the House Captains and Social Justice Representatives led the students in prayer and reflection.

Centenary Hall was filled to capacity on Wednesday for the return of the greatly anticipated Prefect netball game. The Xavier boys had triumphed over our girls the day before at Xavier College, so it was great that the Genazzano Prefects were able to take out a win, for a home ground game.

Gen v Xavier Netball_27.jpg Gen v Xavier Netball_32.jpg

On Thursday morning, the Social Justice Representatives led morning prayer in the Chapel. The Staff vs Student Comedy Debate took place at lunchtime, with the staff team of Miss Lisa O’Halloran, Mr James Gilchrist and Mr Bill Fitzsimons taking on a talented student team of Chloe Hunt, Gabriella Morgan and Melanie James from Year 12. The adjudicators struggled to find a winner as both teams were very funny, but the students took the honours on the day.

The last event of the week was the Simply Sharing Dinner in the Great Hall at Xavier College, on the Friday evening. Over 300 students and staff from Genazzano and Xavier Colleges shared a simple meal, and heard our social justice student leaders, and Carol Pondevielay, speak about our responsibility to work for justice in our world. Carol Pondevielay from the Jesuit Refugee Services spoke of the struggles and the triumphs of asylum seekers in Australia. She gave an inspiring talk, addressing the students about what they could do to help. Her suggestions were practical and she commented that their presence at the dinner was one such opportunity to learn about the lives of people who are just like themselves and are caught up in war and oppression.

Thanks to the hard work of the Social Justice team, Genazzano raised over $1,800 for Caritas Australia and between the two Colleges, we raised an extra $2,948.80 with the dinner and the raffle held on the Friday night.

Thank you those who donated raffle prizes - the Genazzano Fathers’ Association, the Genazzano Mothers’ Association, Global Ballooning, Lifestyle Portraits, the Crock Family, Duesenberg Salon and Hairhouse Warehouse. We are very grateful to them for their donations.

Anne McIlroy
Social Justice Coordinator


Sports News

Student Achievements

catherine renehan.jpg

Catherine Renehan (Year7) recently spent a week away as a member of the U19 Victorian Football Team at the School Sport Australia Nationals held in Perth. Victoria achieved a very creditable silver medal.

ella laussen.jpg Ella Laussen (Year 10) was selected, for the second year in a row, to umpire the Hockey Australia U13 National Hockey Championships in Perth. Ella also gained her Level 1 Umpire Accreditation this year and it is a credit to her that she is now a national umpire.


GSV Track & Field

GSV Track & Field Finals Evening - Tuesday 6 September

Genazzano competed in the Girls’ Sport Victoria (GSV) Track & Field Finals Evening at Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park with Gen athletes coming away with excellent results. Thank you to all the parents who came along on the night to support their daughters and the other competing Gen girls. We hope you enjoyed watching the competition.

View the GSV Track and Field results.

Athletics Victoria All School Track Relay Championships - Wednesday 31 August

Genazzano competed in the Victorian All Schools Track Relay Championships at Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park. Four teams came away with a gold, silver and two fourth places which was a terrific achievement from all girls involved.


U16 Medley (4th place)
Joanna O’Connell , Miranda Hojok, Anna Frazer, Molly McCarthy

U18 4 x 100m (4th place)
Eliza O’Donnell , Emma Gray, Miranda Hojok, Emily Bertacco

U18 4 x 100m (Gold)
Samantha O’Connell, Joanna O’Connell, Olivia Owen, Sylvie Bischof, Anna Bush

U20 4 x 400m (Silver)
Eliza O’Donnell , Kaitlin Barr, Olivia Owen, Anna Bush


The Victorian Interschool Snowsports Championships recently concluded at Mt Buller. A team of tha 35 Gen students, an all-time high for us, participated in a range of skiing and boarding events across the week.

Highlights for the week included Bridget Henry’s (Year 9) silver medal in Div 2 Alpine GS, her sister Mary Henry (Year 10) finishing in 11th place in the same event, and Elisa Grollo (Year 6) finishing 13th in Div 4 Alpine GS. All three girls qualified for Nationals on an individual basis. Bridget and Mary also qualified in Moguls and Skiercross. Emma Wesson (Year 10) and Bridgette Fox (Year 9) will also compete at Nationals in the Div 2 Girls teams in Alpine GS, Skiercross and Moguls. A number of other students achieved undoubted personal best performances. Louise Warren (Year 10) finished a close 18th in Div 2 Snowboard, narrowly missing Nationals. Emma Vergano (Year 12 D’Houet) qualified for the Finals in Skiercross, finishing just outside the Top 15.

The Australian Interschools Snowsports Championships are held at Perisher, NSW from Friday 9 September to Sunday 11 September.

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snowsports 4.JPG snowsports 3.JPG

2016 Team Vic Selection - Swimming Victoria

We warmly congratulate Genazzano Head Coach, Mr Amon Soerink, on his recent appointment to the role of Assistant Coach on the 2016 Victorian State Team. Amon will be coaching in the 2016 State Teams Age SC Championships in Canberra from 22-25 September.

Save the Date: Celebration of Sport Evening

Date: Tuesday 11 October
Time: 7.00pm
Venue: Madeleine Centre for Music and the Performing Arts
Guest Speaker: Bridget Barker (2015 AFL Woman of the Year from the North Melbourne Football Club)

Matthew Wesson
Director of Sport

Gen Aquatic

Thanks to Matt Welsh and Caradoc Markey

Thanks to both Mr Caradoc Markey and Mr Matt Welsh for their coaching with the Gold Squad while Amon was on annual leave. Both Matt and Caradoc have passed on their knowledge and expertise, bringing a new dynamic to the squad.  

Parent Representatives

I would like to introduce the squad parent representatives. Parents who are unable to talk to their swimmer’s coach can speak to the following parents with their questions.  

  • Ms Jo Evans – Bronze squad
  • Mrs Jane Deane - Silver squad
  • Mr Mark Lobo – Gold squad

Club Night

The next GenAquatic Club night will be on Friday 16 September. This is sure to be a great night of fun, laughter and races. Points are awarded to swimmers based on participation and improvement. These points are then tallied up with awards presented at our next AGM.

Key Dates

Saturday 10 to Sunday 11 September

2016 Victorian SC Competition


Friday 16 September

GenAquatic Club Night

Genazzano FCJ College

Saturday 17 to Sunday 18 September

Victorian Open Short Course Championships


Sunday 2 October

Metro East Distance

Aquanation, Ringwood

Saturday 8 October

Metro East 7-10 Selection Trial

Aquanation, Ringwood

Friday 16 October

Doncaster / Templestowe Swim Club Encouragement LC Meet

Manningham Aquarena

Amon Soerink
Head Coach


Netball Victoria Schools Championship

Congratulations to the Primary School netball team, who travelled to the State Netball Hockey Centre in Parkville last Wednesday to play in the Netball Victoria Schools Championships. The girls finished a creditable 4th in their pool, only losing by three goals to the eventual winners.


We also extend our congratulations to the Intermediate netball team who travelled to the State Netball Hockey Centre last Tuesday to also play in the Netball Victoria Schools Championships. The girls finished 6th in their pool with four wins during the day.

Genazzano FCJ College - Saturday Netball

The College has had another successful year with 46 teams playing in the Boroondara Netball Association - Saturday Netball Competition. This has seen over 460 students playing netball every weekend for the last two terms.

Congratulations to the nine College teams who played in finals last weekend.

Premier 1 - Genazzano Ellis (28) vs. MA Diamonds (19)
Premier 2 – Genazzano Medhurst (21) vs. MA Rockets (17)
9A – Genazzano Lenton (12) vs. MA Lightning (27)
9B – Genazzano Weston (17) vs. CSNC Fusion (23)
8A – Genazzano Thwaites (23) vs. Deadly Butterflies (17)
6A Gold – Genazzano Chatfield (14) vs. Tornadoes (15)
6B Gold – Genazzano Taylor (10) vs. MA Dazzlers (12)
6B Silver – Genazzano Saville (16) vs.AllStar Babbles (13)
6D Bronze – Genazzano Hadley (8) vs. CGGS Diamonds (7)

Gen Thwaites.JPG Gen Medhurst.JPG
2016 Gen Saville.JPG 2016 Gen Ellis.jpg

Sarndra Kennerley
Netball Coordinator


Gen Go Rowing Regatta – Sunday 4 September

The sun shone on the 96 rowing girls and their families attending the 2016 Gen Go Rowing Regatta, held at the Genazzano/Xavier Rowing Shed.

As a conclusion to the six week Gen Go Rowing course, the girls all participated in an exhibition regatta. Prizes were awarded for good rowing, fast rowing, efficient stopping, and best dressed. The pirate crew of Jessica Heaney, Jessica Butler, Jessica Zuccala and Jemima Dwyer (Year 8) won best dressed in a hotly contested field.


Over 200 parents attended and were served a BBQ lunch by the Rowing Parents Committee. Parents and siblings also enjoyed some land based rowing activities with some strong competition on the ergo machines between family members.

Thank you to Junior Rowing Coordinator, Ms Sue Andrews and her coaches for making the day so enjoyable.

Jane Robinson
Rowing Coordinator

Sustainability News

Sustainability Week

From 5-9 September, the Sustainability Representatives, under the guidance of their enthusiastic Prefect, Kate Delaney (Year 12), conducted a number of activities with various year levels to reinforce the messages of sustainability and to broaden students’ understanding of the concept as more than just putting rubbish in the bin.

The activities were based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of Gender Equality, Clean Water & Sanitation, Responsible Consumption, and Care for Life Under Water and on Land.

The Prep to 4 students were gifted a hairy friend for each homeroom (made from recycled containers) to remind them to care for the planet. They also made a variety of recycled creatures themselves for a banner which focused on caring for life on land and under water.

P1050627.JPG IMG_0845.JPG P1050637.JPG

The Year 5 and 6 students created a banner with figurines, showing what they want to be when they grow up, supporting the message of gender equality.


The activities helped raise awareness of sustainability issues and started many interesting conversations, as well as being lots of fun!

Carmen Love
Sustainability Coordinator


College Dates for the Next Fortnight

Monday 12 September, 3.15pm

Percussion Concert

Monday 12 September, 7.30pm

Genazzano/Xavier Combined Vocal Concert at Xavier College

Monday 12 September

Year 3 Learning and Wellbeing Conversations

Tuesday 13 September, 3.45pm

Stringout! Concert

Tuesday 13 September

Year 3 ZooSnooze Camp

Wednesday 14 September

Gen’s Got Talent

Wednesday 14 September

Learning and Wellbeing Conversations

Thursday 15 September

Learning and Wellbeing Conversations

Friday 16 September

End of Term 3

Saturday 17 September

Creative Arts Tour departs

Monday 3 October

Start of Term 4

Please visit our website for a full list of 2016 Term Dates or our College calendar.


News from the GFA

As Term 3 draws to a close, the GFA is looking forward to hosting some very special events:

2016 Footy Finals Luncheon

It’s your last chance to book for the GFA 2016 Footy Finals Luncheon on Friday 16 September. We have exceeded all expectations and are now well and truly pushing a record attendance for this classic GFA event. Together with friends and colleagues, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to enjoy a sensational afternoon and help the GFA ‘make a real difference’ for our girls and Genazzano. Just like you, we love to laugh and support a good cause, so come along and be part of this great event. Book online now!

Footy Finals Lunch - EDM banner - web.jpg

GFA_Footy luncheon_Invite_2016 FINAL_Page_2.jpg

Year 10 Father-Daughter Weekend Away: 8-9 October

Here is a unique opportunity for Year 10 girls and their fathers to share some special time together in a fun-filled environment at Sorrento and the Mornington Peninsula. Places are limited and so book now via the GFA Events website.

GFA Monthly Meeting

Our next GFA meeting has been postponed until next term.

Remember that to be a father is a gift, to be a Gen Dad is a rare privilege that we celebrate by ‘Loving, Laughing and Making a Difference’.

Rob Bischof
President, Genazzano Fathers’ Association


Latest News

  1. 14th Annual GLS Breakfast


14th Annual GLS Breakfast


On a beautiful Spring morning in Melbourne, the students and alumnae of Genazzano FCJ College, Loreto Mandeville Hall and Sacré Cœur, came together in celebration of three inspirational women at the 14th Annual GLS Breakfast.

Held in the hallowed grounds of the MCG in the Members’ Dining Room, the event was attended by almost 300 women and a handful of men!

Although an early start, we were treated to wonderful speakers, each with a different story to tell of their life journey to date.


The first was Dee Madigan (Loreto), Creative Director and owner of Campaign Edge advertising. Dee began her professional career as a teacher and joined the world of advertising in 1996, a smart move as she has either won or been a finalist at most major awards, including Cannes. A panellist on the ABC’s Gruen, she has extensive campaign and social media marketing experience, and is the mother of three children. During breakfast, Dee acknowledged she has been successful thanks to a good education, and she tries to give back to people who haven’t had the same opportunities. Social justice is important to Dee, which is the reason for her keen interest and involvement in managing election campaigns, the most recent being the NT last weekend.


Libby Lyons (Sacré Cœur) is the Director of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, responsible for driving change through working with employees and Government to improve women’s workforce participation, and reduce the gender pay gap. Libby has worked in both female and male dominated industries, heading up BHP Billiton’s Corporate Affairs for its Olympic Dam project. From Atlas Iron to Kalparrin, a disability charity, she has embraced workplaces that represented the communities she worked in. Libby is a passionate advocate for equality and she touched the hearts of everyone in the room when she talked about the difficulties we all face as we travel through life; however, the enduring message was the need for all women to be champions for each other and provide support in any way we can.


Monique Van den Boom (Genazzano) was the youngest of the trio, but her message of helping each other came through loud and clear. Monique didn’t know what she wanted to be when she “grew up”, but thanks to the advice and direction given by a careers counsellor at Genazzano, she followed a path into the health services, a career in which she has excelled. A Senior Prosthetist and now Director and co-owner of her own business ProMotion, her contribution both clinically and technically has helped grow the business. Again, the positive tone and message of the morning continued, as she described the way she helps her clients achieve their goals and accept their new self-image. As Monique explained, it’s not just about providing a device for a missing limb, it’s listening and helping them adapt and achieve their goals.

Thank you, Dee, Libby and Monique for giving your time so generously this morning. We are all the better for having heard your pearls of wisdom … three women on three journeys.




GFA Footy Finals Luncheon

Footy Finals Lunch - EDM banner - web.jpg
Friday 16 September 2016
12.00pm - 3.00pm
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Save the Date for Term 4

Open Morning

Tuesday 11 October
9.30am - 11.00am
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Celebration of Sport

Tuesday 11 October
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Concerto Concert

Thursday 13 October 2016
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Community News

Youth Engagement Project (YEP) Events

Dinner & Dialogue - Embracing Challenge: No Mountain Too High

Parish Priest, Mountain Climber, Army Chaplain… Come and hear Fr. Morgan Batt share his fascinating story.

Date: Tuesday 13 September
Time: 6.45pm - 9.30pm
Venue: Sacred Heart Primary Parish Hall, Cnr Glenferrie & Cotham Road, Kew
Cost: $15 students, $20 Adults

Book online now. For more information, please refer to the promotional flyer.

Youth Led Mass and Social Sunday

The next monthly youth mass for all the Parishes involved in YEP. It will be followed by social time, for us to come together as a community for pizza, or sausages, or icy poles. All ages welcome.

Date: Sunday 18 September
Time: 5.00pm - 7.15pm
Venue: All Hallows Parish, 17 Brenbeal St, Balwyn

Volunteer Days of Service

YEP is running volunteering days around Melbourne helping families, refugees, sick and anyone in need. Volunteers aged 15+ welcome.

Backyard Blitz Day

Date: Tuesday 20 September
Time: 10.00am - 4.00pm
Venue: Meet at the Hawthorn Parish Centre

St Joseph's South Yarra

Date: Wednesday 21 September
Time: 10.00am - 4.00pm
Venue: Meet at the Hawthorn Parish Centre

RSVP to or call 0434 254 233.

TGI Fridays

The next TGI Friday for the year. Monthly youth nights with different themes and heaps of fun! Students in Years 9-12 are welcome to drop by anytime.

Date: Friday 23 September
Time: 4.30pm - 8.00pm
Venue: All Hallows Parish, 17 Brenbeal St, Balwyn

Youth Led Mass and Social Sunday

The monthly youth mass for all the Parishes involved in YEP. It will be followed by social time, for us to come together as a community for pizza, or sausages, or icy poles. All ages welcome.

Date: Sunday 2 October
Time: 5.00pm - 7.15pm
Venue: All Hallows Parish, 17 Brenbeal St, Balwyn