Newsletter - Edition 14-2017

News from the Principal

Dear members of the Genazzano FCJ College community,

The FCJ spirituality and Catholic worldview that underpins our theme this year, ‘In Unity we Serve’, has been evident in the actions of our girls in a multitude of ways. The many weeks of preparation for Social Justice Week and the activities of the week itself have been a witness to the core values of what it means to be in a FCJ College – our ability to reach out to someone who needs a helping hand. The focus of Social Justice Week unified the entire College community in order to heighten awareness of the many urgent issues facing our world today, whilst also raising much needed funds for the exceptional work of Caritas Australia.

The conclusion to Social Justice Week is the annual Simply Sharing Social Justice Dinner hosted by both Genazzano and Xavier Colleges, which was this year held in Centenary Hall at our College. We were fortunate to have two outstanding guest speakers, the first being Mr David Manne, a human rights lawyer and migration agent, and Executive Director of the Refugee and Immigration Legal Centre (RILC). David has worked in various capacities assisting refugees and asylum seekers for over 20 years. He has been at the forefront of defending the rights, dignity and lives of asylum seekers, refugees and disadvantaged migrants. The second guest speaker, an alumna of Genazzano, Mrs Kerry Stone, is the Diocesan Coordinator for Caritas Australia and Justice Issues in the Diocese of Sandhurst. Her full time voluntary work includes promotion, education and campaigning on a broad range of justice issues.

Both guest speakers shared with us some quite shocking statistics about the lack of justice in Australia, and the privileged reality that we are richer than 80% of people in our world. They also shared very personal and powerful stories about their work and left us with some practical ways that we can make a difference. Kerry inspired us to work for transformation in our world, from charity to justice; relief to development; aid to advocacy; and from pity to partnership. David explained in detail how each of us can take steps to exercise our moral responsibility to work for justice in our world.

In summary, the five actions are:

  1. Inform yourself by knowing the facts, having a critical understanding of the issues and then sharing these with others to build an awareness.
  2. Be involved in some community actions such as networks and forums. Affirming us that our annual Social Justice Dinner is a great example of a community action.
  3. Volunteer with organisations that help the most vulnerable and needy in our local community.
  4. Write to politicians so they can be advocates for your voice in local and national government policy.
  5. Donate to organisations like Caritas that defend the lives of people who are vulnerable.

I extend my sincere thanks and congratulations to our students who assisted with the organisation of Social Justice Week led by our Social Justice Prefect, Heidi Scheffers, and Mission Prefect, Grace Ross-Farrell. I am also grateful to Mrs Anne McIlroy, Mrs Marita O’Shea, and many other members of staff who supported the girls in the organisation of all the Social Justice Week events.

As a College inspired by the life of Marie Madeleine d’Houet, I am sure she would be delighted to know that our students, staff and parents are highly invested in raising awareness and gathering funds for the most vulnerable in our society. Marie Madeleine would have strongly resonated with the message of David Manne and Kerry Stone. She was only nine years old when the turbulent French Revolution began, and a teenager when the Reign of Terror commenced (1793-1794). No doubt she and her family were under great threat for their lives and no doubt she would have reached out to those who fled in fear of their lives to safer parts of France.

As Marie Madeleine lived her life, we strive to make God's presence known and loved in our world.

With every blessing,

Karen Jebb


Faith and Mission News

Term 3: ‘There's No Place Like Home’

Well over 250 students from Genazzano FCJ College and Xavier, along with parents and staff from the two Colleges, gathered in Centenary Hall for the Social Justice Dinner on Friday evening. The theme adopted for this year’s activities was ‘There's No Place Like Home’. Adam MacIsaac, the Jesuit Mission Prefect of Xavier, set the scene for the evening: “This theme draws our attention to those who are denied the homes and comforts that we all enjoy. We think of the millions of refugees and asylum seekers who have fled from war and oppression. Those who sought refuge on our shores but were locked up in detention centres far from family and home and whose future remains uncertain. We think of the homeless and the dispossessed who sleep rough at night in our streets. And the victims of domestic violence who constantly fear for their safety. We also think of the aboriginal people whose profound spiritual connection with the land which dates back for many millennia was not recognised and acknowledged in settlement of this country. The impact of their loss of land and culture is evident in the disadvantages still experienced by many aboriginal people today. And we think of those whose homes and livelihoods are under threat from the effects of climate change. All of these examples highlight the challenges that face us in our effort to create a more just and compassionate world, recognising that everyone has the right to live safely and with dignity.”

The Social Justice Dinner is the culmination of the events and activities of Social Justice. Our first speaker was David Manne, a well-known and respected human rights lawyer. Our College principal, Ms Karen Jebb, shared with us her thoughts on David’s call to arms regarding social justice earlier in this newsletter. I would like to share some of the images and experiences, Kerry Stone, our second speaker shared with us. Kerry Stone is the Diocesan Coordinator for Caritas Australia and Justice Issues in the Diocese of Sandhurst. Her work includes promotion, education and campaigning on a broad range of justice issues supported by resources from Caritas Australia, the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council, the Migrant and Refugee Office, Aboriginal Catholic Ministry and Earthcare. 

Kerry shared with us the experiences of the people in Somalia and South Sudan and how they have faced starvation and famine. She said that a definition of desperation is when a farmer and his family have to eat the seeds they were putting aside to sow the next year’s crop. When this happens there is no future. The main drivers behind the current famine in Somalia and South Sudan is conflict and the effects of climate change. Kerry noted Pope Francis’ recent words that the world’s poor, though least responsible for climate change, are nonetheless the most vulnerable and suffer the most from it.

Towards the end of Kerry’s address she mentioned a few statistics not to make us guilty but to give us sight: about 40% of the world’s population don’t have a basic toilet, 10% don’t have access to clean water, only about 50% of the world population receive their water from a piped connection. Kerry’s final call was that we who live in an affluent country and have power and have the responsibility to make our world a better and more just one. Working towards transformation in the world calls us to in fact transform ourselves in order to gain insight into how the world actually is. It’s about having the heart and will to transform the world, and in turn ourselves, for the better.

Year 9 Companionship

Our Year 9 Corry and d’Houet girls are now into their third week of their Companionship visits at various local Aged Care facilities. Every Friday night, I receive one or two emails from those facilities praising our girls in how they brighten up the Friday afternoons for their residents. Last Friday, Mrs Marea Lanki visited our Year 9s and she wrote the following: “I visited our students at Hedley Sutton and Broughton Hall last Friday during their Companionship visits. It was a delight to see our students joining in with the Friday afternoon dancing with the elders. Both Aged Care facilities spoke very highly of our girls and their ability to embrace the expectations that are being set for them. A special mention to Ruby Curtis, a true leader who not only asked the residents for a dance but also guided and encouraged the other Genazzano girls, who were a little shy, to join in! Our students from Hedley Sutton proudly went home with their Certificates of Participation!”

That same evening, I received a simple email from Ashwin Lennox, Lifestyle Coordinator Service and Operations at Hedley Sutton Aged Care, “thank you so much… the girls were caring and supporting with the care…thank you.”

Celebration of God’s Faithfulness

On Sunday 27 August, about 200 people gathered in our College Chapel of Our Lady of Good Counsel to celebrate the service offered Genazzano and our Church by three Sisters Faithful Companions of Jesus. Sr Maureen Merlo FCJ celebrated her Golden Jubilee while Sr Annunciata O’Connor FCJ and Sr Kathleen Mary Ride FCJ celebrated 70 Years of Profession. They were joined by about 30 Sisters FCJ and members of their families and invited guests. It was a beautiful Eucharist celebrated by Father Tony Cox ssc, Fr Brendan Reed and Fr Ferruccio Romanin SJ.

Following the homily, Sr Maureen and Sr Annunciata renewed their vows by stating: “Loving and eternal God, in the presence of Mary … of the angels and saints and all here united with me, I make forever to you, the vows of religious chastity, poverty and obedience in the Society of the Sisters Faithful Companions of Jesus.” The Eucharist was a moving one, a real joyful celebration of faithfulness, life-long commitment and generosity of spirit.


We continue to hold in our hearts and seek to support the work and mission of the Sisters FCJ around the globe — may they continue in their ministries of service and social justice as faithful witnesses to the God who companions us.

Charles Watt
Deputy Principal: Faith and Mission


Business Manager News

Early Full Fees Payment Discount Program

A reminder to all families that we are nearing the due date for those wishing to obtain a reduction in fees by paying two years or more in advance.

Where two years or more tuition fees are paid in full in advance by 30 September 2017, families can obtain a significant discount on such payment as the fees are charged for the respective year levels at current (2017) rates. Thus, you obtain the discount benefit of not being subject to any (compounded) fee increases for the 2018 and 2019 school years (and subsequent years where additional payments are made).

Should you wish to take up this offer, please contact the Finance Team on +613 8862 1234 or to obtain details of the incentive offer and arrange payment.

Renae Hill
Business Manager


New Genazzano Website

We are very excited to launch our brand new Genazzano website, showcasing the College’s exceptional educational offerings. The website design and structure is the result of community feedback, comprehensive data analysis and market research to ensure that Genazzano retains a strong market presence as well as providing a user friendly experience for Alumni and prospective families.

Many current families use the website to access GenConnect. Whilst we would prefer this is accessed directly via this web address:, if you do need to go through the homepage you can access GenConnect via the two quick link options (with the door icon) at the bottom of the homepage and in the footer of every other page. Simply scroll down to find these:

GenConnect Icon.png

If required, you can then access the Payments & Details link once logged in to GenConnect on the homepage tile:

GenConnect Tiles.png

 We are confident you will enjoy the ease of access across all devices (mobile, tablet and PC) and we look forward to bringing you further advancements in the coming months.

Lucy Cohen
Director of Development


ELC News

Our ELC is so fortunate to benefit from an ELC to Year 12 learning environment. Last week, the ELC children had the opportunity to feel empowered by the broader school curriculum. A number of ELC students attended the Year 5 & 6 matinee performance of the ‘Wizard of Oz’, and shared their enjoyment of sitting in the audience, watching Dorothy and Toto. There was great excitement within our Library session reading the Book Week short list picture books, and visiting the special literacy areas created in the beautiful Grange Hill library. On Friday, the ELC children dressed as their favourite book character and shared their favourite storybook with the class. Wizards, Dinosaurs, The Cat in a Hat, Princess, Fairy and Fairytale characters were very popular and the children enjoyed sharing the character’s story line to the class. We were fortunate enough to join the beautiful sunshine and Book Week parade on Friday with the Prep to Year 4 girls, and Wizard of Oz staff.


Over the past few weeks, the ELC children have been busy creating a special gift for their father or special male friend in their lives. The children have communicated with the educators a special activity that they enjoy doing together with their dad. They created a drawing of dad in ELC4 and a recycled box collage of dad in ELC3. This week, the fathers or a special friend is invited to the ELC for a special play and pizza night. This is a wonderful event for the fathers to join in the children’s learning environment, for the children to sing some songs to dad and to thank the special male role model in their life for supporting them with love and kindness. Thank you to the GMA for arranging the Father’s Day gift stall. This is a great opportunity for the children to independently choose a gift for their Dad and to make him feel special.

The ELC children are exploring dinosaur fossil and bones. After reading a book about dinosaur bones, a discussion occurred about what are fossils and how the children can make replica fossils from salt dough. The children’s interest in creating dinosaur pictures led to introducing a shadow screen, and the children making their own dinosaur silhouette puppets to make a shadow puppet show.

IMG_5408.jpg IMG_5437.jpg

“The bones & fossils are under the ground.” Billy
“So many dinosaurs!” Danielle
“They wrap them up to get them clean.” Billy
“They are taking the bones to the dinosaurs.” Henry
“No to the dinosaur cleaning place.” Hugo
“That's the museum.” Billy
“They are going to make a skeleton.” Xavier
“They are making a dinosaur.” Billy
“I've been to that place [the museum].” Henry
“I saw a brachiosaurus.” Xavier
“We saw a t-rex in the other book.” Billy
“That looks like a baby dinosaur.” Danielle

Do you think we can make special dough & make dinosaur bones?
“What about bone soup?” Henry

After we make the bones they have to go in the oven for three hours. We need to let them get hard and dry. There's something different about the projector today.
“There's a curtain!” Xavier

That's right. So if some people come this side of the curtain you can make dinosaur …
Shadows!” Billy

Alison Lucas
Director of ELC


Junior School News

Annual Music Concert

What a treat to witness so many talented Junior School musicians on stage for the Annual Music Concert at Hamer Hall. The girls embraced this wonderful opportunity to perform in such a world class venue and performed with energy and enthusiasm. From the gentle humour of 'I bought me a cat' to the passionate string performances of our violin and cello students, there was something for everyone to enjoy. A huge thank you to all the music staff and especially Mrs Deon Entwisle for their support and expertise in bringing this all together.

Here are some reflections of the evening from Lauren and Audrey (Year 6):

“An annual school musical was held at Hamer Hall, on 16 August. I was part of this performance, being a Genazzano student, along with many others. First, a group of Year 6 students were ushered by Mr Mudge to their seats to watch the production until it was their time to walk up on stage. One of these students was me, sitting eyes wide as I took in the exceptional performances.

A series of performances were shown to the audience, who applauded with great vigor, including many choirs and instrumental pieces. My favourite being one of the very last orchestral performances, Eldorado Silverbird.

Time ticked by, sleep had almost grasped me, until it was then time to walk on stage and line up around my fellow classmates. Blinding, bright, white lights had faced me at every angle, students all around me had been bursting into song, parents stared lovingly out from the crowd – many of them searching for their daughter among the throng of students and teaching were watching with keen eyes.

Though I could not see my parents in the assembly of adults, I knew they were watching me and up on stage, the thought made me feel comfort. After the show, I had been filled with a kind of determination and spirit that I had not had before performing. An urge to improve and hone my skills, to reach my full potential and be the best I can be, Genazzano’s Annual Music Concert was a wonderful experience for me.” – Lauren

“On 16 August, our school travelled to the city to be a part of and witness, the lovely Annual Music Concert. As we all flooded into Hamer Hall, we slowly began to realise how exciting this night would be!

The music concert began with the Madeleine Strings and Concert Band. They couldn’t have played better! Then, the choirs began to sing and chorus and that was beautiful.  Who would have thought someone half my size could have such a big voice?

Instrument after instrument, choir after choir, speech after speech, the night rolled on. The instruments were so loud, that at times, we had to cover our ears. The glimmering brass instruments made a beautiful sound and the strings sometimes sounded like flutes!

Soon, it was time for Year 5 &6 to come up onto the stage. We all were lined up in a rather small hallway and as we trotted down the hall towards the stage, I began to notice the posters on the wall, advertising musicians such as David Bowie, Katy Perry and Miranda Sings. The list was endless.

We filtered into a rather small, low roofed room, trying to stay dead quiet but the excitement came back. Gritting our teeth, we entered the stage. The applause was overwhelming, and we couldn’t hold back the smiles. Singing our hearts out to ‘Standing On the Shoulders,’ I felt like the only person there.

When we finished our singing, our music captain, Claudia Kuner entered the stage. A smile spread across her face and it was clearly contagious, because by the time we were singing our school song, everyone was smiling.

Our music concert was a little chaotic at the beginning but when the concert ended, it was definitely worth it!” – Audrey

170816GEN-0034.jpg 170816GEN-0142.jpg 170816GEN-0160.jpg
170816GEN-0139.jpg 170816GEN-0201.jpg 170816GEN-0223.jpg

National Science Week

National Science Week was celebrated in the Junior School with a 'Junior School Science Day' on Friday 18 August. The day was a great success as students participated in a variety of sessions centred around Our Future Earth. We learnt how to extract DNA from a banana and how to test how sensitive our bodies are, among other things from our visiting scientists, Dr Lara Grollo and Dr Amanda Tammer, and each class explored a different aspect of Our Future Earth during classroom sessions. Our Assembly wrapped up the day with each group sharing what they had learnt during the day. Here are some reflections on the day from Ella (Year 3), Audrey (Year 6) and Lucy (Year 6):

“Last Friday, it was Science Day at Genazzano! I had so much fun! First, Mrs Moore told us our groups. I was in Group 3 with Ms McNamara. We all got to know each other by sitting in a circle and we all had to say our name and say a hobby that we had. I said my name was Ella and that my hobby was swimming. There was even a girl who did lots of horse riding!

Group 3s first activity was Banana DNA. A scientist who studied the body came in and showed us how to take DNA out of a banana! At the end, I was really surprised that there’s DNA even in a banana!

Then everyone went to the Year 5 & 6 breakout area to see this PowerPoint about your brain, by the Brain Science Prefects. I thought it was really good to learn that my brain is even smarter than a computer! I even put my hand up for some questions in the quiz! Then we had a brain food morning tea where we all got something that was good for your body. I ate some crackers and some carrots and some cucumbers too.

After that, I went to do my soil experiment with my group. Our experiment was to see which soil could carry the most water. We got to experiment with two soils before we went to see another scientist named Doctor Lara. She showed us things to do with our body as well. She had this cool thing, which was a little card where she put the card on our skin and we would say whether we felt one or two pricks, to see how sensitive our skin was. I didn't get a go, but it was fun watching other people get really funny outcomes. We also learnt about acidic and basic liquids and which conducted electricity.

Later, we finished our soil experiment. We found out that wetting agent carried the most water, some soils weigh less than others so you have to put more of it to make the same amount as others, not all soils are best to use in a drought and it's best to use wetting agent soil in a drought.

Then we had lunch and the Assembly. It was so fun seeing the presentations of the other groups and finding out things that I didn't ever think I would know about. I also found out something that really surprised me. Mr Daly can play the guitar! I had a great Science Day. I can't wait for next year!” – Ella

“Last Friday, the Prep to 6s were treated to a day of learning about science! This day had many activities and students were separated into groups. My group did soil testing to learn what soil would be best to use in a drought.

I myself did not know that being a healthy person is helping the environment. I also learnt that bananas have DNA, who would have thought!

From experiments in Ms McNamara’s group, I learned that certain soils can hold certain amounts of liquids. We all predicted that standard potting mix would hold the most because everyone uses it, but watering agent held almost twice as much as every other soil!

This day inspired me to create my own herb garden. My herb garden now consists of coriander, parsley and basil, and the milk bottles they are living in are hooked onto a recycled wood pallet. Science in action! From extracting DNA from a banana to learning about our nerves, this day was truly interesting!” – Audrey

“Bananas, explosions, chemicals and sensitivity it was all on Science Day! We were finding the DNA of a banana, looking at how sensitive our bodies are and so much more! We were in mixed groups and each group had a different topic. My topic was called Happy Accidents. We were looking at how things were invented or came to be by chance; for example, how coke was invented. Coke was a ‘Happy Accident,’ and it was invented when a man wanted to cure sore tummies. Instead he invented a sugary, unhealthy drink called coke.

Later in the day, we listened to our school Brain Captains speak about the brain and how to look after our brains and how to keep them healthy. At the end of the day, there was a presentation in the Montagner Theatre. The presentation included PowerPoints, posters and different talks.

I had learned so much from my ‘Happy Accidents’ group activity including, that every living thing has its own DNA!” – Lucy

Science Week 2.JPG Science Week 1.JPG


For the first time, our Year 4 students participated in HoopTime on Monday 21 August. Three teams were formed from our Year 4 students and they played their hearts out in multiple games throughout the day. Each team gave their very best and represented the College with pride. Congratulations must go to the 'All Stars' who have progressed onto district level. Go Gen!

Social Justice Week in Prep and Year 1

Our youngest students have engaged in Social Justice Week through conversation about what the term 'social justice' means. The students talked about the many people that don't have as much as we do, developing an understanding of the word poverty. They responded to this discussion by creating their own prayers and holding a class Prayer Service. Here are some of their prayers:

“Dear God, Thank you for us, but can you help the other people who do not have lovely houses. Make them happy. Amen” – Sofia

“Dear God, I am hoping that everyone lives in a house and they are safe. Please look after all the people who have no houses. Amen” – Annabella

“Dear God, Can you please look after the families that don’t have food/houses/ water. Look after the children that don’t go to school and the families that do not have love in their homes. Please help all those poor families. Amen” – Imogen

Book Week

Our Annual Book Week celebrations were in full swing last week as the Library was transformed into a place where you could 'escape to anywhere'. Many thanks to our team of librarians, in particular Helen Gebus, for the many interesting activities set up in the Library to celebrate all things book related. The highlight of the week for the Prep to Year 4 students was the dress-up parade held at lunchtime on Friday. Surprisingly, the cast of The Wizard of Oz dropped in for the parade too! It is wonderful to have a week dedicated to the impact of reading and books in our lives, and to celebrate the imagination and creativity of both published authors and our own budding Genazzano authors.

Book Week 1.JPG Book Week 2.JPG

The Wizard of Oz

After months of preparation, the day finally arrived when our Year 5 and 6 students would strut the stage in the production of Wizard of Oz. And what a great production it was. From the colourful costumes to the enthusiastic dancing, singing and acting, it was a treat for the audience. A production like this is a real team event and thanks must go to Ms Gabrielle Quin for leading the team with such passion, energy and expertise. Thanks also to the parents who assisted with costumes. These experiences are unique for our students and give them opportunities to stretch themselves in new and often surprising ways. We hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did! Here are some reflections of the performance from Amy and Olive (Year 6):

“Yesterday we performed our production, The Wizard of Oz! As I walked backstage, the nerves finally hit me! Was I really about to walk on stage? Was I really about to face this many people and act as a cowardly lion?

Yes, I was, and I can’t express how excited I was! The moment I stepped on stage I knew this was going to be a great night. As I chanted, “I do believe in spooks, I do believe in spooks, I do, I do, I do believe in spooks!” the crowd chuckled and I tried my best not to smile. I tried to look scared but inside, I was jumping with joy!” – Amy

“The Year 5/6 play this year was the Wizard of Oz. It was a fabulous performance and everyone did really well!

It was finally the night I was going to perform. I was so worried that I would mess up or that I would drop my bike (I am Ms Gulch and she has a bike). Carla, the 6B marshal, was calming me down just before I went on. When it was time to get on stage, I stormed on and started yelling at Olivia, Meg and Cameo (Auntie Em, Uncle Henry and Dorothy). When Uncle Henry finally gave me the dog, I stormed back off the stage and I had finished! I think it went really well and I didn’t forget my lines! After that, I was a munchkin and I was in that costume for the rest of the show. My favourite part of being Ms Gulch was getting to be angry and mean.

I think that everyone performed really well. There was not one person who didn’t speak clearly and confidently and everyone got into their characters to show a great performance!” – Olive

Mary Jones
Head of Junior School


Senior School News

Student wellbeing is an ongoing focus for every school, but two events in the last week confirmed to me that Gen girls are well supported.

The first was the Performance Psychology Parent Seminar entitled ‘Helping Your Daughter Befriend Her Body’. Presented by staff member Dr Rebecca McNamara, the session was practical and accessible yet backed by a wealth of research and experience. One of the key phrases taken away from that evening was to encourage girls to celebrate their bodies through the lens of ‘function over form’. I encourage families to attend the Parent Seminars scheduled for Term 4.

The second event was when I attended Emmaus College representing Genazzano at the Student Wellbeing Leaders Network Meeting run by Catholic Education Melbourne. Pastoral care and how each school implements it in their own unique way was discussed. This meeting consolidated that with home group teachers, Team Leaders, Performance Psychology and the GenSTAR program, Genazzano is well positioned to provide the wellbeing needs of each student.

Clare Gullone
Head of Senior School

Homework Club

Homework Club.jpgStudents from Years 7-12 are invited to participate in the Homework Club every Wednesday afternoon in the d'Houet library, from 3.30pm - 5.00pm. During this time, students will be given support from the Learning Enhancement teachers to complete their homework and assessment tasks. This will also be a time to teach and reinforce important organisation and planning skills with each student.

Marea Lanki
Curriculum Leader: Learning Enhancement

University of Melbourne Mathematics Competition 

The University of Melbourne School Mathematics Competition endeavours to identify, reward and encourage true mathematical talent among the school population. The competition is designed so that mathematical insight and ingenuity are needed for success, rather than efficiency in tackling routine examples. However, the mathematical knowledge required is present within the school syllabi.

This year, 38 Genazzano students from Years 7 to 12 sat this competition. The Year 7 and 8 students sat a two hour paper, while the Years 9 to 12 sat a three hour paper.

Between 3000 and 5000 students Australia wide enter this competition, and some 150 are awarded prizes.

This year, two of our students were awarded prizes. Olivia Siggers (Year 8) was awarded a Certificate of Merit Prize in the Junior Division and Chelsea Kwan (Year 9) was awarded a Certificate of Merit Prize in the Intermediate Division. Both girls will receive their award at a ceremony to be held at the University of Melbourne on Saturday 14 October 2017.

Carol Patterson
Curriculum Leader: Mathematics

Deakin Awards & Genazzano Library Prizes

Last week, the prizes for outstanding Year 9 projects completed earlier this year were announced. Year 9 students completed either a personal research project or participated in a new initiative at the College, ‘Girls Invent’, led by Dr Mark Glazebrook. Both opportunities are designed to challenge and really extend student learning. Girls were required to research deeply using multiple sources; to be creative and innovative; to produce a product or original concept; to work in teams and independently; to present their work; to manage time and deadlines, and, to connect with others in order to develop their work.

The projects were showcased in a presentation evening, which was attended by award judges Mr Luke Ridgwell of Deakin University, Dr Susan La Marca from Genazzano Library and Mr Jerome Joseph, Director of the St Vincent’s Hospital Foundation Council. All judges were incredibly impressed with the standard of work, research efforts and student presentations.

We would like to thank Genazzano Institute partner, Deakin University, for their generosity in supporting the Year 9 research program and sponsoring the Deakin Awards. We extend thanks to the Genazzano Library for sponsoring prizes and to acknowledge representatives from our Genazzano Institute Partners, Mr Ridgewell (Deakin) and Mr Joseph (St Vincent’s Foundation) who attended the Showcase event.

Congratulations to our prize winners:

Deakin Awards 2017

  • Creativity Award: Isabel Rattray - Suffragettes
  • Research Award: Jessica Heaney - Creative Writing
  • Presentation / Product Award: Madeleine Ryan - Shakespearean Costumes

Honourable Mentions

  • Chanel Micelotta - Make up through the Ages
  • Lola Crivelli - May I have this Dance
  • Louisa Orlando - Theatre through the Ages
  • Imogen Hart - The Globe
  • Lara Partridge - Painting
  • Emily Condon - Healthy Lifestyles Website

Girls Invent Prizes 2017

  • Improving Everyday Life Award: ‘All in one Brush’ - Ruby Atkin, Sophia Tedesco, Grace Joycey
  • Long Term Sustainability Award: ‘Enviroma and co’ - recycled bottles – Mandy Mercer, Audrey Hogg
  • Application Technology Award: ‘Myki app’ - Lucia La Rosa, Giulia Morabito, Sophie Matthews, Nicola Pegoraro
  • Improving Technology Award: ‘Jump start’ - Tessa Carrazzo, Jenae Daglas, Zoe Notarianni

Honourable Mentions

  • ‘Stack ‘n’ go’ - Tessa Carrazzo, Jenae Daglas, Zoe Notarianni
  • ‘My Class app’ - Amelia Grounds, Amelia Johnston
  • ‘Charging computer case’ - Stephanie Angelico, Emma Grimshaw, Georgia Shillington

Basia Quill
Director of Year 9 Programs

Vietnam Veteran

This week, we were fortunate enough to hear from a Vietnam Veteran, Grant. Grant is part of a Vietnam Veterans volunteer program, who give up their time to educate school students on the Vietnam War and their experiences.

Grant was an amazing and inspirational person to listen to. He talked about the events that took place during the Vietnam War, debunked common myths that cloud the war, and, most importantly, he discussed his first-hand experience being a soldier and a young man in war. We learned about the new technology, such as helicopters and how they were so effective in guerrilla warfare. It was fascinating to learn about this different type of warfare and the conditions that they fought in, especially how this compared to the open warfare of the First and Second World Wars.

A powerful aspect of his presentation was when he discussed how he saw many young girls in the Vietnamese and Viet Cong armies, many of whom who were killed in battle. He mentioned how at the time he didn’t think much of this loss of life, but once his own daughter turned 16 years old, he kept seeing the faces of the young girls in those armies. This statement reinforced to me the damaging effects of war and the mental toll it took on the young men.

The most inspiring aspect of Grant’s presentation was his lack of malice towards the Vietnamese and his ability to forgive after everything he went through. We are so grateful to Grant for giving up his time to educate us on his experience as a Vietnam Veteran. He taught us about the true events of the war, the experience of the Australian soldiers and the value and importance of forgiveness.

Vietnam Vet_1.JPG

Bronte Crettenden
Year 10

Politics Excursion

On Monday 14 August, the Australian and Global Politics Unit 1&2 class was given the fantastic opportunity to attend the Social Education Victoria Student Summit. The Summit, which a variety of schools from different areas of Victoria attended, focused on international relations and the many aspects involving international cooperation.

We heard from three fantastic guest speakers: human rights lawyer, David Manne, Oxfam Coordinator, Meg Quartermaine, and international relations lecturer at La Trobe, Jasmine Westendorf. From these guest speakers, all students were able to expand their knowledge of international relations, and were then given the opportunity to discuss and put forward ‘resolutions’ regarding the topic, much like a model UN.

The excursion was fantastic, as not only were we able to hear experts talk about some very relevant issues, we were able to discuss these issues with people our own age, becoming more educated and passionate students in the process.

Alice Whelan
Year 11

Genazzano Institute of Learning and Brain Sciences

In partnership with the Institute for Social Neuroscience, Genazzano Institute is delighted to offer Genazzano students studying VCE psychology free revision Masterclasses for Psychology Units 3 and 4.

Event details

At ISN, we would like to share the knowledge of our academic staff in the form of VCE Masterclasses, which allow students to fully engage with Psychology on a deeper level.

4 Hours dedicated to each unit of study.

  • Practical preparation to help you draw connections between core concepts
  • A+ Exam notes to help with your revision
  • Clear guide to understanding exam questions and how to answer them best
  • Taught by ISN lecturers

1 October 2017, 9.30am – 1.30pm – VCE Masterclass (Psychology) Unit 3
8 October 2017, 9.30am – 1.30pm – VCE Masterclass (Psychology) Unit 4

For further information, please visit the ISN website.

Bookings are available online via trybooking. Genazzano students will need to enter a code for free access, which have been emailed to students by their psychology teachers. You may also contact me via for the code.

Catherine Brandon
Director of Research: Programs and Performance

Careers News

Year 12 Students and Parents

Course applications are well underway. Students have been meeting with myself to look at 2018 options and talk through ideas. Students need to make sure they are applying for courses and completing all required applications.

VTAC applications need to be finalised by 28 September. You need to have paid your course application fee ($35 for VTAC) and have at least one preference on your list. Some courses have strict application dates which need to be adhered too.

Some students will be making a SEAS application. These need to be finalised with supporting documents submitted by 10 October.

Scholarship applications should be completed by all students as they are awarded for a range of categories of merit and equity. Applications close 13 October.

Students applying interstate need to use the following websites:

  • UAC - NSW and ACT
  • QTAC - Queensland
  • SATAC - South Australia and Tasmania
  • TISC - Western Australia

Australian National University Spirit of Excellence Scheme

The ANU SEE Scheme offers early entry to domestic Year 12 school leavers currently completing an Australian Year 12 or International Baccalaureate qualification in Australia. The ANU SEE Scheme is available for selected ANU programs; however prerequisites and additional selection criteria may apply.

Find out more at ANU SEE Scheme.

Careers and Creativity Day at Monash University

Students considering studying art, design, or architecture, but are not quite sure, are encouraged to attend the upcoming Monash Art, Design and Architecture (MADA) Careers and Creativity Day as an opportunity to find out more about the courses available, and the varied careers to which they can lead.

The day will begin with a panel discussion between a variety of MADA’s lecturers and alumni – all practicing artists, designers, and architects – about where their own career paths have taken them and the job prospects they have encountered along the way.

In the afternoon, students will have the opportunity to take part in one of six hands-on workshops, focusing on their particular area of interest. For students interested in fine art, this workshop will include an insider’s guide to the application process covering topics such as what to include in a folio and what happens in the application interview.

Date: Saturday 16 September 2017
Time: 10.00am – 5.00pm
Venue: Monash Art Design & Architecture, 900 Dandenong Rd, Caulfield East

Registrations are open, and close on 11 September 2017. Find out more, and register at MADA Careers and Creativity Day.

Amanda Barnetby
Careers Advisor


Maths News

Alumnae Maths Tutoring and Maths Assist

The Alumnae Maths tutors have returned for Semester 2. If your daughter is in Years 5 to 12 and would like some help with her mathematics homework, then she is encouraged to ask a Maths Tutor. They can be found in the library from 3.45pm to 4.45pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The Maths tutors are some of our old girls who are now studying at University and completed their Year 12 Mathematics at Genazzano in 2015 and 2016.

Your daughter can also receive help with any maths homework at any lunchtime in W239. Further information can be obtained by contacting me on 8862 1098, or your daughter’s Mathematics teacher.

Leap Engineering Link Project: Two-Day Workshop in September

These hands-on engineering workshops will give your daughter the opportunity to work with professional engineers where she will be solving real-world problems. Projects will be in disciplines such as Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Aeronautical, Environmental and Robotics Engineering. The two-day workshops are for Maths and Science students in Years 10, 11 and 12 and will be relevant to the Maths and Science being studied at school.

Date: 26 – 27 September 2017
Venue: La Trobe University, Melbourne

Further details, cost and registration can be accessed on the Engineering Link Group website.

Carol Patterson
Curriculum Leader: Mathematics


Music News

2017 Annual Music Concert DVD

Congratulations to all our students on their fine performance at the 2017 Annual Music Concert. We are pleased to advise that a DVD of the concert will soon be available for purchase at the cost of $20. To secure a copy of this professionally recorded DVD, please complete and return the order form to Student Services.

Janet Dawson
Acting Director of Music

Victorian Schools Music Festival – Concert Band Gold Shield Performance

Members of the Concert Band attended and performed at the Victorian Schools Music Festival, held on Monday 28 August at the Hawthorn Arts Centre. This was the second time the band had attended the festival, with 41 students taking to the stage to perform two works, ‘Simple Dream’ by R Romeyn and ‘Battlestar’ by C Bernotas.

The ensemble delivered an energetic, musical and disciplined performance of both works, which was the result of countless hours of hard work in the form of lessons and rehearsals. Both Chief Adjudicator, Ralph Hultgren and adjudicator, Stuart Brownley scored the bands technical facility as ‘excellent’ along with their intonation, dynamic control and rhythm. Mr Hultgren took the band for a tutorial and noted their ability to listen to each other and play as a balanced ensemble.

To the students’ delight, and in recognition of their outstanding performance, Genazzano College Concert Band was awarded a Gold Shield. The girls should be proud of what they achieved and the hard work and dedication it took to perform at that level on stage.


Christopher Day
Head of Brass


Social Justice News

Social Justice Week - Gen and Xavier Working for Caritas

The theme for the week was ‘There’s No Place Like Home’ and the Genazzano and Xavier students led by their Justice and Service prefects, combined for a week of activities to support Caritas’ work with the poor and the dispossessed. Our theme led us to think of the refugees and asylum seekers who are denied a home in Australia, as well as those in our own community, the homeless and those who are victims of violence in the home. The students want to raise funds for Caritas, but also to raise awareness within each school of the lives of those who don’t share the privileges we enjoy.

The week was a busy one with lots of activities. The students enjoyed the Sing-Off between the Xavier and Genazzano choirs; a close competition but Gen were named the winners. The Prefects played netball, on Tuesday at Xavier, which the Xavier team won, and on Wednesday at Gen, in front of a packed Centenary Hall. To the approval of the Genazzano crowd, the girls came out winners! On Thursday, Genazzano hosted a debate, the two schools arguing whether celebrities are good role models. Both sides produced some very funny points that were enjoyed by their audience.


On Tuesday, the College gathered together in an extended Homeroom for Bread Roll Day. The point of this is to raise our awareness of those for whom hunger is a daily reality. The girls gathered in the Houses where the Social Justice representatives and the House Captains led the prayer and gave out the bread rolls. On this day, the College canteen is closed and the students experience something of the reality of others lives.

David Manne and Kerry Stone were our guest speakers at the Social Justice dinner on Friday 25 August. As mentioned previously in this newsletter, David Manne is a well known lawyer whose work with refugees and asylum seekers is well known. Kerry Stone works with Caritas in regional Victoria. Both spoke to the students and staff gathered with passion and conviction. It was a privilege to listen to two speakers whose lives and work demonstrate their commitment to the marginalised.

Social Justice Dinner_22.jpg Social Justice Dinner_39.jpg
Social Justice Dinner_19.jpg Social Justice Dinner_23.jpg

In a combined effort, the two schools raised over $7000 through the activities and dinner. This money will be used by Caritas to continue their work both in Australia and overseas.

Anne McIlroy
Social Justice Coordinator

Opening the Doors Trivia Night

ODF Trivia Night 2017 - EDM Banner - 600px.jpg

Don't forget to book your table for the Trivia Night and Art for a Cause Evening to support the Opening the Doors Foundation, hosted by the Genazzano FIRE Carriers. Join us for an exciting evening with trivia, games and raffle prizes to be won! An array of silent auction items will be available to purchase, so please bring your notes and coins! Year 9 Creative Arts pieces will be on display, including a selection of photos taken during the Central Australian Experience available for sale.

All money raised on the night will be donated to the ODF.

Date: Friday 15 September 2017
Time: 7.00pm - 9.15pm
Venue: Cafeteria, Genazzano FCJ College
Cost: $15 pp or $100 for a table of 10
Book online now

BYO food to share with those on your table. Tea and coffee will be provided. Please note, this is an alcohol free event. For more information, please download the promotional flyer.


Sports News

Celebration of Sport 2017

For your calendar:

Date: Tuesday 10 October
Time: 7.00pm
Venue: Madeleine Centre for Music for the Performing Arts
Guest Speaker: Isis Holt (2015 & 2017 World Para Athletics 100m & 200m Champion)

International Sporting Tour (IST 2017)

On Friday 22 September, 26 students and four staff are departing Melbourne for Ireland to commence the College’s 2017 International Sporting Tour. They will then tour their way around Ireland, England and Paris, visiting six FCJ schools along the way, playing a range of sport matches and learning more about our sister FCJ schools. The group finishes their trip in Brussels and arrives back in Australia on Sunday 8 October. We hope the students and staff have a fantastic tour.

GSV Track & Field

Congratulations to our GSV Track & Field squad who competed on Wednesday 30 August in Division 1 of the GSV Championship Carnival at the Lakeside Track. What an outstanding performance from our senior (Year 11 & 12) girls, who won the Division 1 Championship Trophy. Overall, Genazzano placed an excellent 5th (our second best result in the 17 years) with a great display of spirited performance, team support and individual brilliance.

GSV records were broken by:

  • Anna Bush (Year 12 Long & Triple Jump)
  • Olivia Owen (Year 12 100m B)
  • Samantha O'Connell (Year 12 100m C)
  • Ella Laussen (Year 11C Shotput)
  • Year 12 4x100m (Samantha O'Connell, Olivia Owen, Sylvie Bischof, Anna Bush)

School records were broken by:

  • Anna Bush (Year 12 100m, Long Jump & Triple Jump)
  • Olivia Owen (Year 12 200m)
  • Annabel Sharkey (Year 12 Javelin)
  • Year 12 4x100m relay (Samantha O'Connell, Olivia Owen, Sylvie Bischof, Anna Bush)

The squad have trained hard under Head of Athletics Mr Nick Wall and his team of squad coaches.

GSV Track and Field 4.jpg GSV Track and Field 1.jpg
GSV Track and Field 3.jpg GSV Track and Field 2.jpg


Last week saw the Victorian Interschools Snowsports Championships held at Mt Buller. Over six days of competition, more than 25 students from Years 5-12 competed in Alpine, Skiercross, Moguls, Snowboard and Boardercross events. We congratulate the following students who finished in the top 15 in one or more events and thus qualified to compete in the Australian Interschools Snowsports Championships at Mt Buller next week.

Name Event
Mila Grollo (Year 5) Div 4 Alpine & Div 4 SkierX
Elisa Grollo (Year 7) Div 3 SkierX
Bridget Henry (Year 10) Div 2 Alpine & Div 2 Moguls
Mary Henry (Year 11) Div 1 SkierX

Full results may be found on the Victorian Interschools website.

Matthew Wesson
Director of Sport

Genazzano Go Rowing

Genazzano Go Rowing is a course open to all Genazzano students who wish to try the sport of rowing. Last Sunday was the students’ first time out on the Yarra River, rowing from the Genazzano/Xavier boat shed.

The weather was perfect and the students all enjoyed the challenge of starting to learn a new skill. Special thanks to the students from the Rowing program who volunteered to help by coxing the new crews.

GGR shed view.jpg GGR coach and crew.jpg

Jane Robinson
Rowing Coordinator

Swimming News - GenAquatic

There have been some changes in the coaching staff, with Caradoc Markey moving on to pursue other opportunities. Caradoc lifted our Silver squad to new heights and will be missed by swimmers across all our squads, as well as the GenAquatic parent and coaching community. We thank Caradoc for his valuable involvement with GenAquatic over the past three years and wish him well in the future.

Dean Jarvis and I will jointly coach the Silver squad. Dean is fully qualified with a ‘bronze licence’ in competitive strokes. He has been a competitive swimmer since primary school and raced in the APS school team finals, which is one of the most rowdy and competitive nights in the Victorian swimming calendar. Dean was found through our strong network and came highly recommended from some of Victoria’s most senior coaches. Dean has been coaching our Bronze squad since the beginning of the year, and with Jacob, has done a remarkable job. Dean will continue to coach Bronze until another coach is found. We are currently undergoing a search to ensure GenAquatic brings in the best possible coaches for you.

Matt Welsh, our World Champion and Olympic Medallist, will continue to coach from time to time. He works very closely with me to ensure we continue to build and grow the very best standards in competitive swim coaching in a fun environment.

Club Night

GenAquatic Club Night.jpg The next GenAquatic Club night will be on Friday 8 September from 6.00pm – 8.00pm. All GenAquatic swimmers are encouraged to participate. Club nights are a great way to socialise with fellow swimmers and get a taste of racing. The cost of the event is $5 which includes a light supper after the event.

DVE ‘Last Chance’ Swim Meet

Well done to all the swimmers who competed in the DVE ’Last Chance’ Swim Meet on Sunday. GenAquatic had 22 swimmers who entered the event. All the swimmers had great performances and improved on their previous best times.

Victorian Age Short Course Championships

The psych sheet and timeline for the Age Short Course Championship has now been released. Swimmers who have entered will need to check events and details to ensure all the information is correct. If you see errors, please contact me as soon as possible. Information can be found online.

Victorian 11 & 12 / Open Short Course Championships

This year, the 11 & 12 age group short course will be held with the open age group. Swimmers who have qualified for these events will need to enter before Monday 4 September 2017. Enter online.

Future Events

Date Event Venue Gold Silver Bronze
Friday 1 September - Sunday 3 September Vic Age Short Course Championships MSAC Qualifiying Times
Friday 8 September GenAquatic Club Night Genazzano FCJ College Yes Yes Yes
Saturday 16 - Sunday 17 September Victorian Open SC Championships MSAC Qualifying Times

Amon Soerink
Head Coach (Swimming)


College Dates for the Next Fortnight

Sunday 3 September Father's Day
Monday 4 September Genazzano Vocal Recital Concert, 7.30pm
Tuesday 5 September Les Jeunes Artistes Opening Night (ELC - Year 4 Art Show), 5.00pm
Wednesday 6 September Prep to Year 11 Learning Conversations, 4.00pm
Thursday 7 September Evening of Jazz and Contemporary Music, 7.00pm
Monday 11 September Year 4 Diagnostic Testing
Year 6 Canberra Trip Parent Information Night, 7.00pm
Year 10 Companionship
Tuesday 12 September Year 9 Immersion Day
Year 10 Companionship
GSV Track & Field Finals Evening, Lakeside Stadium
Wednesday 13 September Year 6 Reflection Day
Year 10 Companionship
Thursday 14 September Prep to Year 11 Learning Conversations, 4.00pm
Year 10 Companionship
Friday 15 September Year 10 Companionship
GFA Footy Finals Luncheon, 12.00pm

Please visit our website for a full list of 2017 Term Dates.


GMA News

GMA Ball 2017 Banner.jpg

That’s All Folks!

As guests descended the grand staircase in the magnificent Park Hyatt, it felt like we had entered a bygone-era of glamorous movie stars and Hollywood delights. Guests mingled in the gorgeous foyer, catching up with old friends and making new ones, before being invited to walk the red carpet and being snapped by the paparazzi! The ballroom itself was a sea of balloons, gold stars and a miniature version of the famous Hollywood sign. As guests were seated, we were entertained by the hilarious Lawrence Mooney, who continued to keep us laughing all night. In between raffle and door prize draws, a dance competition and the loud auction, guests dined on delicious fare and enjoyed a selection of wines. The dance floor was never empty, with some impressive displays by a number of parents who were clearly channeling Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Elvis or perhaps Madonna. Like all good movies, the evening finally came to an end, but not before a magical night had been had by all. 

Thank You to Our Sponsors and Donors

The Genazzano Mothers’ Association is grateful to all our wonderful supporters of the 2017 Genazzano Ball. We truly appreciate the support given by each and every organisation and individual, either through a monetary donation; donation of an item for our loud auction, bold bidding, raffle and door prize or through their time and efforts in making the Ball such a success!

Raffle Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Raffle, we hope you enjoy your prizes! Thank you to all who purchased tickets in the raffle.

  • 1st Prize: ‘Up, Up & Away’ Winner: Oliver Ristevski
  • 2nd Prize: Apple MacBook Air Winner: Justin Macdonald
  • 3rd Prize: Jan Logan Freshwater Pearls Winner: Deb Rossi
  • 4th Prize: UE Boom 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Winner: Phil and Rina

“Romancing the Stone”

arman jewellery.jpgCongratulations to Mary Ann Morgan on winning the magnificent 18ct white gold, diamond pendant, which includes a magnificent four-claw oval shaped blue topaz, surrounded by twenty-eight brilliant cut diamonds and a 9ct white gold wheat chain! Donated by Arman Jewellery located at Doncaster Shoppingtown and the Genazzano Mothers’ Association.

Inaugural Fred Astaire / Ginger Rogers Dance Award

dance award.jpg

There was fierce competition for the Inaugural Fred Astaire / Ginger Rogers Dance Award, with the dance floor swarming with couples attempting to impress Lawrence Mooney with their moves. Styles varied, with some interesting interpretative dancing taking place. Bodies were flung, spun and thrown in the air (well, maybe not thrown, but lifted slightly) with the hope that it was enough to gain Lawrence’s attention and admiration. With honourable mentions made to a number of couples, the trophy was eventually awarded to Mrs Jenny and Mr Walter Moscatelli. Well done, Jenny and Walter – no doubt that trophy takes pride of place in your pool room!

I would like to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to the Ball Committee who did an extraordinary job in pulling this event together. It was lots of fun but also a lot of work for them. An amazing group of ladies: Mrs Johanna Nesbitt, Mrs Carmel Greer, Mrs Anne Dunstan, Mrs Zana Bytheway, Mrs Sonia Cappellazzo, Mrs Jean Losinno, Mrs Franca Henger, Mrs Angelina Lentini, Mrs Cathy Frawley, Mrs Belinda Wilson, Mrs Danielle Di Cosmo and Mrs Debbie Rossi.

Photo Gallery

_7JG7132.JPG _7JG7054.JPG
_7JG7473.JPG _7JG7408.JPG _7JG7255.JPG
_7JG7335.JPG _7JG7702.JPG

You can view all the photos on the GMA GenConnect page.

GFA Footy Finals Luncheon – Friday 15 September

The Genazzano Fathers Association has booked Etihad Stadium for another Footy Final Luncheon. With over 400 attending in past years this is an event not be missed.

A panel has been organised with three former champions who will entertain you over an excellent meal and refreshments. With Tony Jones as MC and Mick Malthouse, Tony Shaw and David King as panelists, the sparks should by flying for an entertaining afternoon.

Limited tickets are available online for $140 a head or $1300 a table of 10. Bookings close soon!

This is a really fun event and I would encourage you to attend. If you would like to join a table with other mums, please contact me. I look forward to seeing you there.

Get Involved in the GMA!

If you’ve thought about taking on a role in the GMA in 2018, please contact me. There are so many ways to get involved even if you don’t have a lot of time. I assure you that you will have lots of fun and gain so much from being involved with the Gen parent community. I look forward to hearing from you.

Save the Date

Date Event
Saturday 2 September Year 7 Parents Night
Monday 4 September GMA Committee Meeting, 8.40am, Boardroom
Friday 15 September GFA Footy Finals Lunch, Etihad Stadium
Friday 15 September Year 6 Parents, Carers, Daughters, Siblings and Friends Movie Night
Sunday 17 September Prep Families Fun Day

Jacqueline Pirone
President, Genazzano Mothers’ Association


GFA News

Year 7 & 8 Father Daughter Bowling and Laser Tag

Last Saturday, a group of Year 9 fathers and daughters had a fun evening of bowling and laser tag. This event was enjoyed by everyone and was an opportunity for dads and their daughters to spend some valuable time together catching up.

The fathers and the daughters worked in teams to be the best at bowling, and then moved onto laser tag. There was plenty of food and conversation to go around between the games.

Special thanks to the sub-committee of Mr Bruno Angelica, Mr Sam Lynch and Dr Rob Bischof.

2017 GFA Footy Tipping

Well, Round 23 has finished meaning the home and away season is over. Now the true tipping masters have been revealed and we want to congratulate our winners:

  • Best Father: Mr Colin Kingham, who has led the competition since Round 2 and won with 135 points.
  • Best Mother: Mrs Natalie Ferrigno wins with 130 points.
  • Best Student: Ella McKeown (Year 7) wins also with 130 points.
  • Best of the Round: Mr James Nania picked all 9 winners and wins the $50 jackpot.

We look forward to seeing our ‘Best Father and Mother’ with a friend at our Annual GFA Footy Luncheon on Friday the 15 September. Ella will be awarded a $250 voucher.

That’s the end of the home & away season for this year and what a great season it was. For all the Tiger fans, like me, we ask you join us in a little prayer that Richmond will prevail and win their first premiership since 1980. If not, we just ask you to pray for us for being Richmond fans.

GFA Footy Finals Luncheon – Friday 15 September

GFA Footy Finals Lunch 2017 - EDM Banner - 600px.jpg

It’s only one fortnight away until our premier event for 2017, and one of the biggest football finals luncheons in town – the GFA Footy Finals Luncheon at Etihad Stadium!

Tickets have nearly sold out! Bookings close Friday 8 September, so get yours today! They’re only $140 a head or $1300 a table of 10. If you have any enquiries please contact, Mr Nicholas Psyhogios via or 0412 938 450.

A panel has already been organised with three former champions who will entertain you and your guests, over an excellent meal and refreshments. With Tony Jones as MC, Mick Malthouse, Tony Shaw and David King as panellist the sparks should by flying for an entertaining afternoon.

Save the Date

Date Event
Friday 15 September GFA Footy Finals Luncheon
Wednesday 20 September GFA Committee Meeting, 7.00pm, Boardroom

Our motto is to 'Love, Laugh and Make a Difference'. Why don’t you 'Get Involved' this year?

Bruce MacIsaac
President, Genazzano Fathers’ Association



Les Jeunes Artistes - ELC to Year 4 Art Show

2017 Les Jeunes Artistes - EDM.jpg

Date: Tuesday 5 September 2017
Time: 5.00pm - 6.30pm
Venue: Grange Hill
Book online

Evening of Jazz and Contemporary Music

Evening of Jazz and Contemporary Music 2017 - EDM Banner - 600px.jpg

Date: Thursday 7 September 2017
Time: 7.00pm
Venue: Madeleine Centre for Music and the Performing Arts
Book online

GFA Footy Finals Luncheon

GFA Footy Finals Lunch 2017 - EDM Banner - 600px.jpg

Date: Friday 15 September 2017
Time: 12.00pm
Venue: Etihad Stadium
Tickets: $140 per person | $1300 table of 10
Book online

Opening the Doors Foundation Trivia Night

ODF Trivia Night 2017 - EDM Banner - 600px.jpg

Date: Friday 15 September 2017
Time: 7.00pm - 9.15pm
Venue: Cafeteria, Genazzano FCJ College
Tickets: $15 per person | $100 table of 10
Book online