Newsletter - Edition 18-2015

News from the Principal

As I write this Newsletter to parents and students, it is with a sense of great privilege and pleasure to have been part of this wonderful community at Genazzano. We have enjoyed a wonderful year of learning and there is an air of anticipation and excitement in the College at present as we prepare to bring the 2015 school year to a close. The Closing Eucharist will take place at St Patrick’s Cathedral on Tuesday 1 December – see note in the box below.

The Final Assembly will take place on Friday 4 December and students will be dismissed at 1.00pm.

On Wednesday, the Middle Years’ Assembly celebrated learning and achievement at Years 5-8 in Centenary Hall; Years 5 and 7 Orientations have taken place; next week our Year 8 students will have their orientation day at the All Hallows campus, their home for Year 9. And students moving into Years 10-12 have completed examinations and are embarking upon programs to provide them with a productive head start for the year ahead. For current Year 9 students, this involves transitioning back to Cotham Rd and it is an exciting period therefore at all levels. Performances and celebrations in the Early Years and at Year 9 have also been a highlight of these last days.

The Year 12 Valedictory Ball was held on Friday 20 November and was a wonderful celebration of the 2015 Year 12 final year.

Last week, we acknowledged and thanked all those who volunteer their time and provide support in the Genazzano Community. This was a large gathering in the Madeleine Centre. Many parents, past parents, alumnae and friends of the College (as well as our students and our staff) work tirelessly often behind the scenes, to enable us to achieve excellent outcomes for our girls – and I am aware that many contribute elsewhere in the wider community as well. We are all the better and the richer for it.

Next week, students will be inducted into their classes for 2016.The following week, the teaching staff will be involved in meetings and seminars, as we evaluate the work of 2015 and continue our planning for the 2016 school year. The College Office will remain open until 12.00pm on Wednesday 23 December, and will re-open on Monday 4 January 2016.

I am sure our students will take every opportunity to thank their teachers for the love of learning, enthusiasm, commitment and care that have been hallmarks of teaching at Genazzano this year. It has been a great joy for me to be engaged in dialogue and service with such a great team of dedicated professionals and I congratulate all students and staff for an excellent year of companionship, service, hard work and achievement.

Patricia A Cowling



Prayer.jpgLord Jesus, Master of both the light and darkness, send your Holy Spirit upon our preparations for Christmas.

You wait to shine light where there is darkness.

To show love where there is hate.

To share peace where there is conflict.

To give hope where there is despair.

Lord you wait for us, to come and see you.

Let us gather round the manager.

To shine your light.

To show your love.

To share your peace.

To give your hope.

We are your people, walking in darkness, yet seeking the light.

To you we say, “Come Lord Jesus!”





GMA Second Hand Book Sale

Saturday 28 November
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Class of 1995 – 20 Year Reunion

Saturday 28 November 2015
7.00pm-9.00 pm
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2015 Closing College Eucharist

Tuesday 1 December
7.00pm start
It is an expectation that all students will be in attendance
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Year 5/6 performance of Charlotte’s Web

Thursday 3 December
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Class of 2014 – One Year Reunion

Friday 4 December 2015
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2016 - Save the Date!


Saturday 13 February 2016

Genazzano/Xavier Musical

Wednesday 24 - Saturday 27 February 2016

GMA Ladies' Luncheon

Friday 18 March 2016



Latest News

1. ‘A Pause for Thought’ - Fifteen Years of Art Acquisitions

2. Genazzano FCJ College 2016 Booklist

3. GMA Second Hand Book Sale


‘A Pause for Thought’ - Fifteen Years of Art Acquisitions

You are invited to view the A Pause for Thought exhibition:

Date: 19 November to 11 December 2015
Venue: Furlan Gallery, 1st Floor, Madeleine Centre

A Pause for Thought exhibition offers a moment to reflect upon the rich culture of artistic endeavour within our Genazzano FCJ College community. These works are a small collection of a larger number of art acquisitions made by Patricia Cowling and the Art Acquisition committee, advised by Julianne Barlow and Maria Tallarida over the past fifteen years. A time in which support and encouragement for the arts both within the College and in the wider community has been strong under the leadership and vision of Patricia Cowling.

The following is poem takes inspiration from the works on exhibition and guides the viewer:

Life is rich and vibrant,
Enjoy the journey and seek new adventures,
Dance through a field of sunflowers,
Admire fading beauty in nature,
Offer a prayer of heartfelt devotion.

Marvel at the sunlight on steel,
Imagine the layers of mark making and sound,
Feel the sun on your face,
Remember the yearnings of a child,
Love the power of a hug.

Follow the gold thread in your life,
Listen to our indigenous sisters,
Yearn for special times,
Glimpse a view through a forgotten space,
Follow the expression on a worldly face,

Recall the angst of emerging self.
Look forward to the joy of Christmas,
Reconcile our shared history,
Gather our strength,
Draw our community together,

Study the fleeting wonder of nature,
Look for the symbols that have meaning,
Respect the history of our College,
Approach rough times as an observer,
Admire the ingenuity of stunning design,

Bask in the radiance of our Australian landscape,
Remember to seize the day,
Embrace our College community,
Give time to be thankful,
And don’t forget to ‘pause for thought’.

Bergin.K.jpg Chiodo, Natalie_Dream Series 2.JPG
Boynton, Mieke, the_webb.jpg Julia Capuano student 06 Melb Architecture resized   007.jpg

Kate Walsh
Genazzano Creative Arts Teacher
(Temporary Curator)


Genazzano FCJ College 2016 Booklist

The 2016 College Booklist is now available!

You can access the booklist via the following websites:

The College website, via the Learning and Teaching section


or direct from the Campion Education website, using the passcode 2RPK

If you need assistance, please contact Campion directly on 1300 433 982.

Key dates

Friday 23 October 2015

Optional pre-Christmas delivery orders for VCE English novels open

Wednesday 27 October 2015

Booklist available on College website, GenSpace and Campion Education website (use passcode to access)

Friday 6 November 2015

Optional pre-Christmas delivery orders for VCE English novels close

Friday 11 December 2015

Online booklist orders close

Online orders only (no paper orders)

  • Home delivered - dispatched in January 2016
  • Must be prepaid

Please read payment instructions carefully when placing your order.

Ensure to read of the one page flyer for more information.


GMA Second Hand Book Sale

Let us sell your books at the GMA Second Hand Book Sale!

Saturday 28 November
Main Campus (Wardell Building)

Your books can be dropped off between Wednesday 25 and Friday 27 November. Please deliver to Wardell building (W138).

Here is how it works

  • GMA sells books at 50% recommended retail price
  • Of that sale price you get 70% and the GMA gets 30%
  • If books are unsold they are deemed donated to the GMA
  • We will donate books that cannot be sold to local and overseas charities.
  • You are supporting the Genazzano Mother’s Association by allowing us to sell your books.


  1. Determine which books you can sell by opening the attached form
  2. Print off and fill in the Texts for Sale Form;
  3. Open Sellers Docket on your computer and fill out your details on the computer. Print a copy for each book you are selling and manually write the book name on the docket;
  4. Place the relevant Seller’s Docket inside the front cover of each book;
  5. Together with completed Text for Sale Form and your books with completed Sellers Dockets inside, deliver to the Wardell Building, Room W183, between Wednesday 25 and Friday 27 November.

You are supporting the GMA in allowing us to help sell your books.

Thank you for your support.

For information about the GMA Second Hand Book Sale, please contact Gilda Riccio on or 0409 404 014.


News from the Business Manager

Preparations are well and truly underway for the 2016 school year. The following points are highlighted to assist families:

2016 Fees (1st payment due - 30 November 2015)

This week, information was sent to all 2016 families regarding the Fees Schedule and new fee payment program. We have launched a new Online Payment Portal for families to use to choose their payment plan and make their periodical payments.

For those parents wishing to take advantage of the 4% discount for full fee payment, please follow the portal instructions issued by 30 November. All families need to make their payment choice and make their first or only payment by 30 November.

Access to the Portal is either via the Genazzano website or Genspace quick links using the primary named fee payer login credentials.

We have uploaded the instructions to the portal and the website now has the 2016 Fee Schedule uploaded.

Should you have any queries in relation to the fees or new payment arrangements, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Finance team on 8862 1234, or myself on 8862 1005.

2016 Booklist & Second Hand Sale

All families will have received email advice and instructions about the 2016 Booklist process. All orders are to be made online using the Campion web ordering system, which can be accessed via the website on the Learning and Teaching page.

The GMA conducts an excellent Second Hand Book sale program to support the booklist process. Details of the books available to buy/sell via this program are also available on the website. Details of the sale and contact information for Mrs Gilda Riccio who co-ordinates this fantastic initiative is available in a later section of the newsletter.

IT Arrangements for 2016 School Year

All current Year 4 to 11 families would have received last week correspondence in regards to the Year 5-12 IT arrangements for the 2016 school year. It is important that you peruse and follow the steps to have your daughter(s) ‘IT ready’ for next. In summary, the 2016 arrangements are:

  • Prep to Year 4 students – issued a iPad that remains at school overnight.
  • Year 5 and 6 students – issued a Mac Book Air that they can take home. New students provided with new device. Existing students will hand their device in for maintenance and software upgrades and can recollect at start of new school year.
  • Year 7 to 12 students – Bring Your own Device (BYOD) program operates for these year levels. Minimum device specification information has been issued to families. Current year 6 students can purchase their Mac Book air and use that as their BYOD device next year (follow the purchasing instructions sent last week).

Queries regarding the program are to be made to our Director of ICT and eLearning Mr Nathan Hutchings on 8862 1261 or

Office Hours – Holiday Period

The College will close on Wednesday 23 December 2015 at 12.00pm and re-open on Monday 4 January 2016 at 9.00am. Office hours from the 4-22 January will be 9.00am to 4.00pm. Reception enquires will be via the Mont Victor Road Student Services Entry.

Mark Glover
Business Manager


Curriculum, Standards & Innovation News

End of Semester Reports – 2015

All students in Year 5-11 have received online reports which provide ongoing feedback about assessment undertaken throughout the semester.  Parents are able to print a copy of progressive reports to keep as a record of their daughter’s progress throughout the semester. These reports will be archived by the College, but will not be accessible to parents after the 18 December.

A e-copy of all Semester 2 reports will be available to parents on Wednesday 16 December 2015. End of semester reports will be created as PDF files which will be stored on the College network. End of semester reports will also be archived on GenSpace for parents to reference at any time while their daughter is enrolled as a student at the College. These reports can be saved and printed for personal use. 

The end of semester reports for Year 5-11 students will be summative in nature and contain the following:

  • Course Description
  • Approach to Learning
  • Learning Outcome Achievement
  • Assessment Task and Grades

Each end of semester report will also contain a homeroom and AusVELS report for English and Mathematics. Students completing Year 11 will not receive an AusVELS report. Please do not hesitate to contact me via email at or by phone on 8862 1170 if you have an questions or concerns regarding your daughter’s end of semester report.


All students in Year 9, 10 and 11 recently completed a series of examinations testing content knowledge and skills development across a number of curriculum areas. Examinations were supervised by outside invigilators to ensure that students all had a consistent and authentic examination experience. Examination results should be used by students to reflect upon their approach to learning and  to inform them of areas of their own academic development that need  to be developed and improved.

VCE Induction Program

From 1-3 December, all students currently in Year 9, 10 and 11 will participate in a school based induction program. The purpose of this program is to give students a brief introduction to their studies for the following year. In some studies, home learning work will be set over the summer holidays.  Students are encouraged to use the time over the break to read their English texts books and complete any preparatory work set during induction classes. For those students who are on overseas exchanges at this time all VCE induction material can be accessed via Genspace through Learning and Teaching/VCE Induction/Subject.

Robert Tassoni
Deputy Principal: Curriculum, Standards & Innovation


News from ELC

The Early Learning Centre empowers each individual child to reflect on their interest and to voice their ideas through the ‘one hundred languages’ of self expression. Now that our year is drawing to a close the ELC educator’s asked each child to reflect on their favourite ELC activity for the 2015 year and Educator’s acknowledged their ‘voice’ through the written word and the child representing their favourite interest through a drawing or photograph.


In the ELC3 Eugene room, the children reflected on their favourite activity during 2015:

Ky-zen – “I love making a tunnel with the blocks at ELC”
Sofia – “I love jumping on the trampoline at ELC”
Ava – “I like to dig in the sandpit at ELC”
Zoe – “I love watering Mr McGregor’s garden at ELC”
Evanna – “I like to jump on the trampoline at ELC”
Rey – “I love to jump on the trampoline at ELC”
Maddie – “I love to make a pasting for my friends Clara and Millie”
Angus – “I love climbing up the slide and going backwards at ELC”
Diego – “I like to build cars at ELC”
Miles – “I love looking at the veggies in Mr McGregor’s garden at ELC”
Seraphina – “I like the play dough and making flowers at ELC”
Madison – “I like to go into the sandpit and cook at ELC”
Sophie – “I love to dance to the Dinosaur roar at ELC”
Lola – “I like to play with the pink play dough at ELC”
Jasmine – “I love dress ups with Seraphina and we are a Princess at ELC”
Sarah – “I love to dress up as the mean witch at ELC”
Millie – “I like to build a sand castle in the sandpit at ELC”
Clara –“I love to play with the horses at ELC”
Miles M – “I like the play dough at ELC”
Sam – “I like building a tower with the blocks at ELC”
Griffin – “I love picking the cherry tomatoes from Mr McGregor’s garden at ELC”
Charlie – “I like to jump on the trampoline at ELC”
Linus – “I like to splash the water at ELC”


What have you loved about been in ELC 4?

Arabella – "I really enjoyed it when we were building Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory in the blocks."
Chiara – "I loved the rope bridge."
Megan – "I enjoyed doing the special helper jobs"
Henry – "I liked playing tug of war."
Clara – "I enjoyed doing the painting."
Cartia – "I liked the waterfall painting with the eye droppers."
Luca – "I enjoy it when the bikes are out."
Gemma – "I also liked it right at the start of the year when Gungku came & taught Chinese."
Joaquin – "I like the trains and the pulleys outside."
Quinn – "I like playing in the loose parts."
Arabella – "I like making trucks in the loose parts."
Roman – "I like playing with the blocks."
Jocey – "I liked the day spa."
Gemma – "I liked the museum."
Joaquin – "Me too."
Quinn – "I liked the pendulum."
Michael – "I liked the pendulum knocking the blocks."
Megan – "I liked the hammock."
Joaquin – "I liked the coffee machine in the sandpit."
Mariana – "I liked playing in the mud kitchen & the dress up."
Charlotte – "I liked painting."
Gemma – "I liked the busy table."
Alana – "I like the silkworms."
Harvey – “The trains.”
Charlee – “I loved the day spa.”
Eden – “I loved everything but the best was the concert!”
Cartia – “I liked the day spa and Shake It Off song and our end of year concert."
Aileen – “The end of year concert.”
Oliver – “The bikes.”
Matthew – “The blocks are my favourite.”

ELC 1 - 20151125.jpg ELC 3 - 20151125.jpg
ELC 5 - 20151125.jpg ELC 4 - 20151125.jpg
ELC 6 - 20151125.jpg ELC 7 - 20151125.jpg

Alison Lucas
ELC Acting Director


News from Early Years

It was lovely to meet our new Genazzano parents and their daughters during the Prep to Year 4 orientation on Wednesday 18 November. Beautifully escorted by the Year 4 students, the girls were treated to time in the classrooms with their new peers and homeroom teachers before taking part in a delicious morning tea in the Dr Judith Elizabeth Paphazy Early Learning Resource Centre. Each girl also received a Gen bear and a beautiful pencil case as a welcome gift

Thursday November 19 saw superb weather conditions for our second annual Twilight Sports Evening. Parents quickly found the best shady spots from which to view the proceedings and the new Father’s Steps were well used throughout. With a delicious sausage sizzle, courtesy of the GFA, and plenty of picnic rugs and picnic fare, a great time was had by all. The girls had fun participating in sprints, tunnel ball races, long jump, ‘Rob the Nest’ relay, ‘Twist and Turn’ relay and Vortex throwing to name a few. I am sure that the students appreciated not having to attend school the next day so that they could recover from the exertion and excitement of it all. Well done to Mr Daly and his team of helpers for ensuring that the afternoon was both fun-filled and exciting.

Twilight sports 003 - 20151125_0.JPG Twilight sports 032 - 20151125_0.JPG
Twilight sports 027 - 20151125_0.JPG Twilight sports 016 - 20151125_0.JPG
Twilight sports 011 - 20151125_0.JPG Twilight sports 010 - 20151125_0.JPG
Twilight sports 009 - 20151125_0.JPG Twilight sports 005 - 20151125_0.JPG
Twilight sports 039 - 20151125_0.JPG Twilight sports 049.JPG

The weather also obliged for the Year 3 and 4 excursion to the Melbourne Aquarium on Monday 23 November where the students learned many interesting facts about marine life and made excellent connections to their Inquiry unit. They explored the identification and classification of animal groups, the interconnectedness of the animals on display as well as the essential relationships between the animals within an ecosystem and the importance of food webs and energy flow.

With Year 5 transition on Tuesday and a Xavier/Genazzano debate on Thursday, the week proved a busy one for the girls. It was with some trepidation that the girls approached Burke Hall for the annual Year 4 Debate but they need not have worried as they did Gen proud debating such matters as:

  • All students should have school uniform
  • Children should be allowed to purchase any item they want with their own pocket money
  • Children should do chores around the house
  • School hours are too long

The Genazzano team won two of the four debates with Sarah Egan, Cameo Porreca  and Ariyana Wanigasekera-Farik winning best speaker in their respective debates.

Upcoming Dates

Friday 27 November

P-4 Assembly

Friday 27 November

Swimming Carnival

Monday 30 November

Year 4 Debating

Tuesday 1 December

Closing Eucharist at St Patrick’s Cathedral

Thursday 3 December

P-4 End of Year Outing to Latitude and Hayes Paddock

Friday 4 December

Term 4 ends for students

Jackie Horgan
Director of Early Years


News from Middle Years

Remembrance Day 2015

On the 11 November, the Year 5s went to the shrine of remembrance. We remembered those who risked their lives for us both young and old, and some who never came back home.

We saw Daniel Andrews, the Premier of Victoria, who he was greeted by Vice-Marshal Chris Spence, the Chairman of the Shrine of Remembrance Trustees. All the members of the official party where there. Natalie and I also saw the Lieutenant Governor Honourable Marilyn Warren AC arrive. I noticed that the Lieutenants number plate was a crown. It was amazing seeing her arriving in that special car up-close.

We were involved in the service and prayed in the moment of silence. Isabella and I took up the Genazzano wreath, along with other the schools. We carried the wreath and laid it down on the steps in front of the Shrine. Earlier in the year, Natalie Barbazza, from Year 10, won Spirit of Anzac prize and she read, “In Flanders Fields”.

After the ceremony, we went into the Shrine to see our Premier, Daniel Andrews, unveil the winner of the Remembrance Day poster competition. Emily Hall, from 5A, won the poster competition. Her picture looked great. It was a picture of a soldier standing at sunset (‘going down of the sun’) and poppies. Emily’s drawing is going to be copied and stuck up all around Melbourne for next year’s celebration for Anzac.

Remembrance Day 1 - 20151125.jpg Remembrance Day 4 - 20151125.jpg
Remembrance Day 3 - 20151125.jpg
Remembrance Day 5 - 20151125.jpg Remembrance Day 2 - 20151125.jpg

Natalie Bianco and Isabella Orbach

Year 7 Humanities

Year 7 has been studying Ancient China in our Humanities classes, so we were excited to visit the Chinese Museum in Chinatown on Thursday 19 November. It was very interesting to gain further knowledge from the museum and the opportunity to learn the story of Chinese migration to Australia. Our first activity was traditional Chinese lantern making where we soon became skilled at making these big and colourful.

We then went to an underground basement to explore what it was like for Chinese people who migrated to Australia during the 1850s gold rush. A pretend moving boat enabled us to feel what it was like to be at sea heading towards the colonies. It was fascinating to see what these early migrants ate and wore, how they lived, and to see their working conditions. The variety of spices and foods that Chinese people use in medicines and soups was amazing.

We also learnt a great deal about Chinese culture including the millennium dragon and how in China, women are married wearing a red wedding dress instead of the traditional western white dress. Overall the trip to the Chinese Museum was so much fun and we learnt many new things.

Year 7 Chinese 1 - 20151123.jpg
Year 7 Chinese 3 - 20151123.jpg Year 7 Chinese 2 - 20151123.jpg

Bernadette Slatterie
English and Humanities Teacher


News from Later Years

Christmas Hampers

The Year 9 students, led by the FIRE Carriers, must be congratulated for their enthusiasm and generosity. Their combined efforts made eleven large hampers for the Aboriginal Catholic Ministry. As we all know Christmas can be a very challenging time for many families and these hampers will certainly be well received and appreciated during this Christmas season.

Christmas Hamper 1.JPG

Marea Lanki
FIRE Carriers Coordinator


Careers News

Year 9 Career Development Immersion Week

The Year 9 Career Development Immersion Week has been a great success with Year 9 students participating in a range of activities including: a Career Action Plan; interview preparation; jobs of the future; mock interviews; research for jobs and courses and how to find work experience; job and transferable skills; how to save and budget; training and assessment in OH&S. Guest presenters included: alumnae talking about their career journeys; current Principal Mrs Patricia Cowling around careers in education; parent Zana Bytheway from Jobwatch to talk about bullying and harassment; industry representatives including Coles, Deloittes and ASIC on what employers want; financial independence; preparing for the future job market. There were some relaxation and recreation activities to emphasise the importance of work-life balance and a visit to Box Hill Institute to explore Vocational and Higher education options and an opportunity to participate in a hands-on and fun activity. The messages sent by all involved emphasised how important it is to get to know your strengths and skills, to embrace change, to follow your dreams, to access your allies and to enjoy the journey on the way. We thank all our generous volunteers for helping out on this intensive Career Development program!

Year 10 Work Experience 2016

In 2016, Work experience will be held from 17-21 October. All current Year 9 students are encouraged to start organising their placement for next year and approaching potential employers. Work experience arrangement forms will be due to the Careers Office on the last day of Term 1, Wednesday 23 March so that employer and principal signatures can be obtained and paperwork processed in a timely manner. The Careers office is happy to help any students who are not sure what they might like to do or who they might approach. All Year 9 students have attended an introduction to work experience, and Occupational Health and Safety session and all have received their Work Experience Booklet to assist them in preparing and applying for a work experience placement

Year 12 Change of Preference

Year 12s will receive their ATARs on Monday 14 December. To ensure they are prepared, we will run a change of preference session at 10.30am on Monday 7 December. All Year 12 students are invited to the Wardell Theatre at 10.30am on Monday 7 December to discuss any issues including how to correctly order preferences, how to add a back-up course, what to do if the ATAR is different to expectations, and any other issues related to the ATAR, VTAC, preferences and course information sessions at universities.

Year 12 Preferences and Offers

All Year 12 students will be able to change their preferences once the ATAR has been released on Monday 14 December. They can add, remove or change the order as required. (Please note, they cannot add a course that needed an audition, folio, UMAT result or other additional pre-selection requirement). If students need help with changing preferences, they are welcome to email or call me during Change of Preference week from Monday 14 to Friday 18 December, 12.00pm. Offers come out on 18 January. Students need to follow the instructions received with their offer on enrolling or deferring. If your daughter does not plan to defer, she must enrol in whatever course she has received and hope that a course higher on her preference list comes up in the second round. Very few get a second round offer and it cannot be relied upon. Students can change their preferences once their offer has been received – but again make sure the offer is accepted and enrolment takes place ASAP.

Federal Government Labour Market Information Portal

The Labour Market Information Portal provides up-to-date information about the labour market. It provides information at the national, state and regional level on: unemployment and participation rates; employment by industry and occupation; Centrelink and Job Services Australia customer populations. All data are presented with maps and can be viewed as charts or tables. If you are interested in this information about our labour market go to Labour Market website.

Judy O'Donohue
Careers Advisor


Drama News

Shakespeare and Friends

The students of Grange Hill were the stars of the show ‘Shakespeare and Friends’. The Prep-4’s performed works from William Wordsworth, Edward Lear, Roald Dahl, Lewis Carroll and various works by the bard himself William Shakespeare.

The students worked tirelessly throughout the year developing their performance skills which included learning about pitch, pace, articulation, projection and rhythm. They performed beautifully with great confidence and courage.

A highlight for the students was performing a farewell song for Mrs Cowling. The girls serenaded her with humour and love as they held up love hearts and balloons, waved ribbons and cried into their tissues.

It was an absolute joy to see the students grow in confidence, to watch them take risks and to blossom into fine young actors.

Well done girls!

shakespeare 2015 028.JPG shakespeare 2015 047.JPG
shakespeare 2015 004_0.JPG shakespeare 2015 024_0.JPG
shakespeare 2015 027_0.JPG shakespeare 2015 020.JPG

Tanya Salinas-Byrne
Speech and Drama Coordinator


Information and eLearning News

eSmart Evening

Thank you to all those who attended the eSmart presentation by Michelle Webster of the Alannah and Madeline Foundation on Monday evening, 23 November. As the Christmas holidays are nearly here, it was a timely reminder to remain vigilant and keep lines of communication open when discussing online behaviours with your daughter. Michelle’s 3 C’s of cyber safety were contact, conduct and content.

Contact encompasses talking to your daughter about who can see her personal information and to understand the differences between online followers and friends. In addition, discuss with your daughter who can contact her via social media and talk about developing a healthy sense of caution when trusting who we meet online.

Conduct entails thinking before you post or upload information online, a good test is to ask your daughter if what she posts and uploads would be ok to present at school assembly. In addition, it is important to talk about not retaliating to cyberbullies or joining in cyberbullying; cyberbullying is defined as the use of online technology to bully a person or group and includes repeated behaviour by an individual or group with the intent to harm another person or group. Furthermore, talk about being a positive digital citizen by rating and posting constructive and positive messages.

Content covers discussing the protection of your daughter’s digital reputation, what goes online stays online and one day a prospective employer may review what she has posted on Facebook or other social media platforms. Therefore, it is important that your daughter protects her personal information is wary of online scams and develops a healthy sense of scepticism about what she reads and sees online.

For further information about staying safe online please refer to the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner website and also the staying safe online guidelines and recommendations on the ICT at Genazzano website.

Creative Arts Adobe Software on BYOD devices

Many students who did a creative arts subject this year would have had the opportunity to have Adobe Creative Suite installed on their device. Adobe Creative Suite includes the applications Photoshop and Illustrator which are the industry standard for creating digital content. This software is licensed to the College and negates the need for parents to privately purchase the software which represents a significate saving for parents. Regrettably, a rather large number of creative arts students have yet to have the software removed from their devices. If your daughter still has this software installed on their BYOD device please see the IT help desk before the end of the school year to have it removed. Unfortunately, not having the software removed when required is a breach of agreement with Adobe and could result in considerable fines or other legal action.       

Year 6 MacBooks for sale to Year 6 families

A reminder that agreement to purchase forms for purchasing your daughters current MacBook was due on Friday 27 November. Those who have returned the forms are reminded that you will be contacted via email before 17 December to inform you that the device is ready for collection. These MacBooks will have been reimaged with up to date operating software ready for use. However, please ensure that all data on your daughters’ device which she wants to keep is removed from the device before handing it in. In addition, families will need to purchase Microsoft Office for Mac and anti-virus software. If you have any questions regarding the BYOD program at Genazzano please call Nathan Hutchings the Director of Information and eLearning Technologies on 8862 1261 or email 

Mobile Telepresence at Genazzano in 2016

This year, a number of Genazzano families have utilised our mobile telepresence solution to help connect their daughter remotely to the classroom during times of need. This solution is available to all Genazzano families whose daughter is unable to attend school due to illness, injury or circumstances beyond their control. If you have a fast internet connection and either an iPhone, laptop or iPad, your daughter can connect remotely via the web and hear, see and interact with her peers at Genazzano. We currently have a limited access to this solution but are planning to expand the service in 2016. For further details about mobile telepresence at Genazzano please watch our case study with Double Robotics. If you need to access the service during 2016, contact the IT Help desk on (03) 8862 1225 or email

Nathan Hutchings
Director of Information and eLearning Technologies


Performance Psychology News

Explaining the News to Our Children

World events or news stories about violence or natural disasters can be distressing for adults and children alike. Caroline Knorr, from Common Sense Media, shares some useful insights on explaining the news to children.

Adapted from Caroline Knorr

Today, children get news from everywhere. This constant stream of information shows up in sharable videos, posts, blogs, feeds, and alerts. And since much of this content comes from sites that are designed for adult audiences, what your children see, hear, or read might not always be age appropriate. Making things even more challenging is the fact that many children are getting this information directly on their phones and laptops. Often parents aren't around to immediately help their children make sense the information.

Many young people simply don't have the ability to understand news events in context, much less know whether or not a source of information is credible. And while older teens are better able to understand current events, even they face challenges when it comes to sifting fact from opinion - or misinformation. No matter how old your child is, threatening or upsetting news can affect them emotionally.  These anxious feelings can last long after the news event is over. So what can you do as a parent to help your children deal with all of this information?

Tips for all children - Reassure your children that they're safe. Tell your children that even though a story is getting a lot of attention, it was just one event and was most likely a very rare occurrence. And remember that your children will look to the way you handle your reactions to determine their own approach. If you stay calm and considered, they will, too.

Tips for children under 7 - Keep the news away. Turn off the TV and radio news. Read the newspaper out of range of young eyes that can be frightened by the pictures. Preschool children don't need to see or hear about something that will only scare them, especially because they can easily confuse facts with fantasies or fears. At this age, children are most concerned with your safety and separation from you. They'll also respond strongly to pictures of other young children in jeopardy. Try not to minimize or discount their concerns and fears, but reassure them by explaining all the protective measures that exist to keep them safe. If you're flying somewhere with them, explain that extra security is a good thing.

Tips for children 8-12 - Carefully consider your child's maturity and temperament. Many children can handle a discussion of threatening events, but if your children tend toward the sensitive side, be sure to keep them away from the TV news; repetitive images and stories can make dangers appear greater, more prevalent, and closer to home. At this age, many children will see the morality of events in stark black-and-white terms and are in the process of developing their moral beliefs. You may have to explain the basics of prejudice, bias, and civil and religious strife. But be careful about making generalizations, since children will take what you say literally. This is a good time to ask them what they know, since they may have gotten their information from friends, and you may have to correct facts. You might explain that even news programs compete for viewers, which sometimes affects content decisions. If you let your children use the Internet, go online with them. Some of the pictures posted are not appropriate. Monitor where your children are going, and set your URLs to open to non-news-based portals.

Tips for teens - Check in. Since, in many instances, teens will have absorbed the news independently of you, talking with them can offer great insights into their developing politics and their senses of justice and morality. It will also give you the opportunity to throw your own insights into the mix (just don't dismiss theirs, since that will shut down the conversation immediately). Many teens will feel passionately about events and may even personalize them if someone they know has been directly affected. They'll also probably be aware that their own lives could be impacted by terrorist tactics. Try to address their concerns without dismissing or minimizing them. If you disagree with media portrayals, explain why so that your teens can separate the mediums through which they absorb news from the messages conveyed.

White Ribbon Day: 25 November 2015

White Ribbon Day is Australia’s male led campaign to prevent violence. Recently, several Year 11 students and three staff members attended a Boroondara White Ribbon community event, where they listened to Rosie Batty, the Mayor of Boroondara, Carol Ross, and a police representative speak from very personal perspectives about this very important issue. 

Following the event, Freya Halse penned a thoughtful reflection on this issue:

The Boroondara White Ribbon Day event featured speakers such as the Mayor of Boroondara, Policemen from the area and of course, Domestic Violence campaigner and Australian of the Year, Rosie Batty. The speeches all contained a central theme: renaming “Domestic Violence” as “Men’s Violence Against Women and Children” in order to highlight the fact that this behaviour is perpetrated by males. This was supported by the fact that White Ribbon Day is a male-led event, and that many boys’ schools were in attendance. Something that struck me as odd about the proposed idea of re-naming of domestic violence to was the complete ignorance that “Domestic Violence” does include a minority of males who are persecuted by their female partners. “Men’s Violence Against Women” completely takes away the voice of males who are oppressed by their partners. In light of the fact that speakers also focused on encouraging women to speak up for themselves, I found it sadly ironic that the minority in the situation was ignored. Having said this, the speakers did have some valid points. I very much enjoyed the speech by the police, which explained that Men’s Violence Against Women is a learned behaviour, not natural instinct. This was an interesting point that left many wondering what we can do with society to stop these men from learning these behaviours. The Mayor of Boroondara told a heartfelt anecdote explaining the experience of herself and her family with her own father’s violent ways. She also detailed how many relationships that become violent often begin with romance, chocolate and flowers to alienate the woman from her family and friends, so that when the violence begins, she has no one to turn to and no one believes her. This was a poignant statement that left the audience considering relationships in their own lives. Overall, the event was a worthwhile experience that left me with new knowledge and questions, but needed to have more consideration of the minority of males who suffer domestic violence at the hands of their female partners. (Freya Halse 11G3)

To find out more about White Ribbon Day (25 November) and to take the oath “I will stand up, speak out and act to prevent men's violence against women”, go to the White Ribbon website.

If you or someone you know is experiencing violence and is need of help or support, please contact 1800 RESPECT on 1800 737 732. In an emergency, call the police on 000.

Catherine Brandon
Senior Psychologist
Director of Research: Programs and Performance


Sports News

GSV Weekly Sport

Congratulations to the following teams who qualified form their zones for GSV Finals series:

GSV Intermediate Basketball: A & B teams quarter-finalists and D team in Grand Final Wed 25 Nov.

GSV Junior Basketball: B team quarter-finalists and D team in semi-finals and (hopefully!) Grand Final Thurs 26 Nov.

Well done to all students who participated in GSV sport in Term 4.

Swimming: Gen Aquatic

Future Dates

Wednesday 2 December

Parent Information Night


Friday 11 December

GenAquatic Club Night Christmas Breakup


Saturday 12 - Thursday 17 December

Victorian Age Championships

Entries Close:
30 November 2015

Saturday 19 December

Victorian Open Water Championships 2016

Entries Close:
11 December 2015

Saturday 16 January 2016

Metro East Annual Qualifying Sprint Meet

This event marks the start of the sprint season.  All GenAquatic competitive members should enter this event.  All events are 50 meters and swum at MSAC.  Entry is crucial for those swimmers wishing to be selected to represent Metro East in Canberra or to qualify for the Victorian State Sprint Championships.

Entries Close:
10 January 2016

Saturday 6 - Sunday 7 February 2016

2016 Victorian Sprint Championships

Entries Close:
27 January 2016

Sunday 21 February 2016

Metro East All Junior Selection Trials


6 March 2016

Metro East District Championships


For further information, please contact Amon Soerink (Head Swim Coach) on 8862 1070 or

Swimming: SSV Squad

Keen swimmers from Year 2-6 continue to attend the hour long sessions at 7.00am, to swim under the direction of Coach Max Thorn, who has overseen developments in their endurance, technique and speed.

Students in Years 2, 3 and 4, who have joined this term, love the chance to try and keep up with the older girls from Years 5 and 6. Others, like Arabella Mattioli, Ella Redman and Michela Bombardieri, will enjoy their final session this week after more than three years of regular involvement. For Michela, it has been time and energy well spent. “I enjoy swimming and we have really good facilities,” she explained. “I got much better thanks to SSV. You make a lot of friends, not just from your year level.”

After Ella’s five years as a member of SSV Swim Squad, when asked whether she will join GSV, she replied, “Definitely! Maybe even make a career out of it. I especially hope to make some new friends heading into Year 7.”

We thank the many Year 6 girls who have led the way in 2015 and look forward to seeing more girls enjoying the challenge and fun of SSV Swim Squad in 2016.

Kew Golf Club

Junior Golf Development Programme

The Kew Golf Club are seeking students from any year level who are proficient in golf, but not yet a member of the private Golf Club the opportunity to progress their golf through five free clinics. If you are interested please contact the Sport Office for further details.

Genazzano ‘Friends of Sport’

The Friends of Sport is an informal group, committed to supporting the overall health and wellbeing of students through physical activity. The Friends of Sport group meet regularly throughout the year and extend an open invitation to interested parents to attend.

For further details please contact Chair, Mr John King, at or 0418 383 664.

Tennis Clinic

Tennis Clinic_0.jpg

Thank you from the Director

As the term finishes and the festive season approaches, I wish to thank all students, staff, coaches, student coaches, College Executive and parents for their support throughout 2015. I trust that the students who participated in sport this year had a fantastic experience and are just as excited to get into their Genazzano sport uniforms in 2016!

Congratulations to all the individuals and teams who have brought back numerous pennants and trophies from their successes throughout the year. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe New Year. Good luck to the current Year 12 students who are waiting upon results and planning their future.

I look forward to seeing everyone at a sport venue somewhere in 2016.

Matthew Wesson
Director of Sport


2015 Term Dates

Term 4

Friday 4 December

Last day of term

Friday 11 December

Teaching staff and Category B staff conclude

Friday 18 December

Category C staff conclude

Wednesday 23 December

Category A staff conclude


2016 Term Dates

Term 1

Monday 4 January

Category A staff return

Monday 18 January

Category C staff return

Wednesday 20 January

Executive return

Thursday 21 – Friday 22 January

All POL meeting

Tuesday 26 January

Australia Day

Wednesday 27 January

All teachers and Category B School Officers return

Friday 29 January

All students return

Wednesday 10 February

Ash Wednesday

Wednesday 23 March   

Students finish

Thursday 24 March

Holy Thursday
Staff PL day

Friday 25 March

Good Friday

Saturday 26 March

Easter Saturday

Sunday 27 March

Easter Sunday

Monday 28 March

Easter Monday

Term 2

Monday 11 April

Staff and students return

Friday 17 June

Last day of term

Term 3

Monday 11 July

Staff and students return

Friday 16 September

Last day of term

Term 4

Monday 3 October

Staff and students return

Wednesday 7 December

Last day of term

Tuesday 13 December

Teaching staff and Category B staff conclude

Tuesday 20 December

Category C staff conclude


News from the GFA

The end of another superb year for the GFA has arrived – with your help the GFA has “loved” at Father Daughter Camps, Masses and events, “laughed” at GFA Meetings, Footy Finals Lunch, Winemakers Dinner and the Golf Day, and continue to “make a difference” for our daughters and the College.

Going out on a high – the GFA have enjoyed a great final few weeks of Term 4, and this culminated with the Genazzano Volunteer Cocktail Party held on 19 November, where it was a great pleasure for me to present a cheque for $25,000 on behalf of the GFA to Patricia Cowling and the College, as a contribution towards the new GFA BBQ project on the lawns adjacent to the Madeleine Centre near the Fathers’ Steps.

Further recent highlights

GFA Thank-you BBQ was held on Friday 13 November – we had more than 50 dads come together to celebrate and recount our achievements and highlights for 2015, raise our glasses in recognition of the GFA champions amongst us, and enjoy another sumptuous GFA feast at the future GFA BBQ site next to the Madeleine Centre. We were also honoured to have Lindy Priest and several staff members join us on the night. Having our past-presidents Christopher Jones and Mike Lescai read the GFA words inscribed on the plaque at the Fathers’ Steps out aloud to all, certainly was a special highlight! The singing that followed was also a treat. A HUGE round of applause for Julian Di Battista, Jordan Papadopoulos and Nicholas Psyhogios for their organisation and culinary input on sealing another grand feast for all the GFA dads.

GFA-thankyouBBQ2.JPG GFA-thankyouBBQ3.JPG
GFA-thankyouBBQ5.JPG GFA-thankyouBBQ4.JPG
GFA-thankyouBBQ1.JPG GFA-thankyouBBQ6.JPG

Grange Hill Sports - GFA support BBQ on Thursday 19 November – for the second year running the GFA catered for 150+ very energetic Year prep to 4 girls and their families at the Grange Hill Twilight Sports Carnival. Many thanks to Paul Schwarze and Bernie Hunt for keeping the girls happy with snags and drinks.

Twilight sports 051.JPG Twilight sports 049_0.JPG
Twilight sports 048.JPG Twilight sports 050.JPG

For those looking to stock up the cellar for the Festive season ahead, and a great way to continue your support for the GFA, we have some superb wines on offer at only $15 a bottle. We also have the GFA Wine Gift Packs - at only $40 for any 2 GFA Wines in an elegant gift box these make a great present for those we want to acknowledge or thank. Go to And remember, $50 from every dozen sold goes straight into the GFA to be used for the next GFA project!

There is no doubt the GFA has enjoyed another sensational year – and this could not have been possible without the involvement and support of our strong and vibrant community of GFA Dads, who again, we need to get on board and help run our GFA events for 2016…..

Remember, it’s all about our girls! Drop me an email or give me a call – I look forward in 2016 to the many opportunities for us to create special moments to be shared with our daughters as they continue their journey, and along with other Gen dads and the College, make a real difference for our girls.

Finally, on behalf of the GFA, I wish you and your family a very joyous, safe and memorable Christmas. Remember that to be a father is a gift, to be a Gen Dad is a rare privilege that we celebrate by Loving, Laughing and Making a Difference.

Rob Bischof
President, Genazzano Fathers’ Association


News from the GMA

Events Held

The ELC Christmas Party held at ‘Rocket Park’ in Hawthorn was a great success! Thankfully the weather was kind to them and the sun was shining. The children enjoyed icy poles, popcorn, sausages, reindeer biscuits and beautiful Christmas cupcakes. They were especially excited when Santa made a special guest appearance and presented each child with a gift wrapped book.

The parents were also well catered for with cheese platters, snacks, biscuits and chocolates. It was really lovely that almost everyone was able to make it on the day. A big thank you to Tiffany Zanatta, Meaghan Buckley and Kerry-Anne Porreca who did a fabulous job organise this wonderful end of year event.

ELC Xmas Party.jpg ELC Xmas Party2.jpg
ELC Xmas Party3.jpg
ELC Xmas Party5.jpg ELC Xmas Party4.jpg

The Year 4 Mother/Daughter Bowling was held last Sunday. Sixteen Mothers and their daughters enjoyed a fun afternoon.

Year 4 Mother and Daughter Bowling.jpg

Although the weather was not appropriate for the Prep parents to have their dinner on the rooftop at Santoni’s, they were lucky enough to have their own private dining room inside. After dinner the rain finally stopped so we had a few night caps in the rooftop whilst taking in the beautiful views of Hawthorn. It was a great opportunity for us to catch up and unwind outside of school hours. This was our first catch up as a group without the children and I think we will be doing it more often.

Mary Sawyer and Justin Macdonald kindly opened up their home to the Year 10 parents for a supper night last Friday.  Everyone enjoyed their final function for the year and are looking forward to the impending Christmas holidays.

The GMA held their final meeting of the year to thank the 2015 outgoing committee and welcome the 2016 incoming committee. This was help at my house (Deb O’Halloran) followed by a lovely lunch.

Orientation for Years 5 and 7

The Orientation days for Years 5 and 7 went brilliantly thanks to all the helpers we had, and in particular Clare Hughes, Nicole Crawford and Karen King who did all the organising. Between them they cooked over 400 sausages for the girls and welcomed the current and new families with an afternoon tea on both days.

Second Hand Book Sale

I’d like to thank Gilda Riccio who is once again coordinating this year’s sale. It’s an ENORMOUS task and she has done a superb job. Thanks to all the parents who will be assisted in the sale too. 

Welcome Morning Teas- helpers needed!

Yes, we’re recruiting helpers for next year already!

We need just a few mums to bake and several to help set up and serve morning tea on the circular drive and at the All Hallows campus. If you can help in any capacity on Friday 29 January please contact our new President Carmel on

Merry Christmas and Thank You

It’s been a great year and hard to believe it’s over. A personal thank you to all who have supported the GMA, all who supported me as president, and most of all, all who got involved- and there were many! I wish everyone blessings this Christmas and a safe and happy holiday season.

Save the Dates

29 January 2016 GMA Year 12 Paella Night - 6.00pm-9.00pm
29 January 2016 GMA Welcome Morning Tea - Circular Drive and All Hallows
8 February 2016 GMA Committee Meeting - 8.40am in College Cafeteria
15 February 2016 GMA Class Reps Launch Meeting - 7.30pm in College Cafeteria

Debbie O'Halloran
President, Genazzano Mothers' Association


Community News

Timor Trivia Night

Timor poster 2015_1.jpg

Come along to our Timor Trivia Night, to raise funds for our sister school, Buighiera.

You are invited to the Timor Trivia Night on Friday 27 November. We are raising funds, in the hope to rebuild and improve the learning environment in our sister school, Buighiera.

There will be trivia, silent auctions, a raffle and entertainment!

Details are below. There are 10 people to a table and tickets are only $15. BYO food and drink. Some sweets will be provided.

If you are unable to attend, donations are gratefully accepted via the booking link below.

Date: Friday 27 November
Time: 6.30pm-9.30pm
Venue: Centenary Hall, Genazzano FCJ College, 301 Cotham Rd, Kew
Cost: $15
RSVP: Click here to book, or go to

Tennis Clinic

Tennis Clinic_0.jpg

30 Years of Rowing at Genazzano FCJ College book

30 years of rowing - EDM banner.jpg

Take a look back at our College history on the water, with the new '30 Years of Rowing at Genazzano FCJ College' book. Order your copy online today!