Newsletter - Edition 18-2016

News from the Principal

Dear members of the Genazzano FCJ College community,

As we move towards the end of the year and embrace the joys and challenges of finishing another year, two verses from the Book of Wisdom (11:22,24) resonate with me, particularly in context to our theme this year, Fidelity and Joy in the Year of Mercy. The two verses are: “Because the whole world before you Lord is like a speck that tips the scales, and like a drop of morning dew that falls on the ground.... For you love all things that exist, and detest none of the things that you have made, for you would not have made anything if you had hated it.”

This text from Wisdom emphasises the sheer grandness and splendour of God contrasting all creation as a speck in comparison; yet, this text assures us that nothing is too insignificant to be precious to God. God loves all things and has created everything through love. This invites us to truly look at all things as precious, important and special. To be grateful for the gifts that God has bestowed upon us, and to extend our love and mercy to others knowing that God’s love works within us. This is our faith. It assures us that all is blessed in the eyes of God, and hence it is our responsibility to extend this love and mercy here on Earth and to ensure it is expressed in all our actions towards all of God’s creation.

With just under three weeks of classes left for the school year, my hope is that our College theme has entered the hearts of all our students and encouraged them to be faithful, merciful and grateful for all they have knowing that the blessing of God is with them at all times.

Through our extensive transition program, we have begun, with excitement, the process of welcoming our new students to the College. We had our first Prep Orientation Morning last Friday, where our current and experienced Prep class welcomed our new Prep class of 2017. Watching our current Preps assist our new girls reminded me of the progress our very young students make in a year. We also had our Year 5 Orientation Day on Tuesday with our current Year 4 girls and new girls, and then the Year 7 Orientation Day on Thursday, with many new girls and our current Year 6 girls. Today, we have our full Orientation Morning at Grange Hill for Prep to Year 4. Overall, it has been a very exciting week for us at the College as we welcome many new girls who will each soon become a ‘Gen girl’.

We have had many other highlights over the past fortnight, which I encourage you to read about in this newsletter.

Finally, tonight we gather with the graduating class of 2016 for their Valedictory Ball. The final examinations are over and I am sure tonight will be a wonderful Genazzano celebration.

With every blessing,

Karen Jebb


Faith and Mission News

Last Friday, we commemorated Remembrance Day at Genazzano by gathering and offering our prayers and reflections for all those who have died in wars. It is a sobering reality that almost one hundred years after the end of the First World War (the so-called ‘war to end all wars’), we still have Australian personnel participating in conflicts throughout the world.

Remembrance Day_4.jpg

At Genazzano, ours is a God of peace: “Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called children of God” (Matthew 5:9). The word ‘peace’ is used in the Bible over 400 times. Peace is not simply the absence of conflict; peace is a condition of completeness in which nothing is lacking. When we are at peace, it is a perfect state of wellbeing – with ourselves, with others and with our God. In Islamic tradition, whenever a holy person is referred to by name, their name is followed by the blessing ‘peace be upon him/her’. When it is written down, it is sometimes abbreviated to ‘pbuh’.

Our students and staff work hard for peace in many ways. As we near the season of Advent, the school community is collecting donations for Christmas hampers on behalf of the St Vincent de Paul Society. These hampers make a very real positive difference to the lives of many people in our community. Everyone in the Genazzano community is invited to participate – there is a collection box at Student Reception for parents and other friends of the College to donate. View the list of items for donation.

We pray for Andrew Renney, father of Georgina (Year 11), Kate (Class of 2015) and Emilia (Class of 2012) who died last week. May he rest in peace.

We pray for the Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus in their various ministries throughout the world.

Our Lady of Good Counsel, pray for us.

Bill Fitzsimons
Deputy Principal: Faith and Mission


To you, Creator of nature and humanity,
in truth and beauty I pray:
Hear my voice, for it is the voice of victims of all wars and 
violence among individuals and nations.

Hear my voice, for it is the voice of all children who suffer and 
will suffer when people put their faith in weapons and war.

Hear my voice when I beg you to instill into the hearts of all 
human beings the wisdom of peace, the strength of justice 
and the joy of fellowship.

Hear my voice, for I speak for the multitudes in every 
country and every period of history who do not want war
and are ready to walk the road of peace.

Hear my voice, and grant insight and strength so that we 
may always respond to hatred with love, to injustice with
total dedication to justice, to need with the sharing of self,
to war with peace.

O God hear my voice, and grant unto the world your everlasting peace.
Pope Saint John Paull II, Prayer at Hiroshima


Student Learning and Wellbeing News

Safe Partying

Schools and families, indeed society itself, affirm the belief that our most precious possessions are our children and our young people. When we hear of misfortune or unwarranted pain occurring to young people, our hearts ache. You would be well aware that earlier this year, Gen instituted further protocols to make our school an even better example of what it means to be a safe school. 

We are mindful that we work in partnership with families in supporting our students. In the light of this, the below is important information from the Victoria Police about the recent troubling phenomenon of 'pop-up parties', which are currently occurring in Melbourne’s Eastern and South Eastern suburbs, originating via social media messaging. Victoria Police are receiving reports of crimes and harms occurring to young people (including those under 16 years) at these events.

The party details are circulated on social media, with the location of each one being advised with very short notice.

Victoria Police are still investigating these events, and they have asked for assistance to remind school communities to be vigilant about the safety of teenagers around partying. 

Victoria Police have provided the following letter to school communities:

Communication from Victoria Police

Victoria Police concerns around harm occurring to young people.

Dear Parents/Carers of Students (Years 7-12),

I am writing to inform you that we have received information from Victoria Police about local ‘pop-up’ parties and social gatherings being organised via social media, which are unsafe for the young people attending.

These parties are being hosted in private homes, abandoned buildings and public halls across south-eastern and eastern Melbourne.

Victoria Police acknowledges that many young people are also attending safe parties.

However, Victoria Police has made a number of recommendations to ensure young people can safely attend local gatherings:

  • Talk to your children and be mindful of where they are;
  • Be vigilant in monitoring all of your child’s social media accounts (consider there may be multiple accounts) and look online at any events your child wants to attend;
  • Investigate any party your child is attending, and be satisfied with where your child is and who they are with. If a party location is unknown one or two weeks prior to a party date, this may be of concern.
  • Underage alcohol drinking and drug use are not recommended.

If you have any information that may assist police, phone Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

If you are concerned that your child has been the victim of a sexual assault and may require support, please contact Centre Against Sexual Assault on 1800 806 292.

Lila McInerney
Deputy Principal: Student Learning and Wellbeing


News from Early Years

Our inaugural overnight Gen Camp proved a huge success and the Year 2 students enjoyed the excitement of spending the whole night in their classroom. A pizza dinner, followed by a walk around the grounds and a movie treat, ensured that the girls were well entertained. A pancake breakfast on Saturday morning followed by a game of Twister, which included teachers, rounded off the activities before Gen Camp 2016 officially ended at 10.00am with a beautiful liturgy.

P1010386 (1).jpg P1010378.jpg

On Wednesday 9 November, the Grange Hill yard was awash of green, white and red as the LOTE department celebrated all things Italian, with gelato and an Italian themed afternoon. Using their best Italian, the girls confidently asked Mr Bianco for their favourite flavour, a perfect treat on a rather warm and muggy day.

P1010164_0.jpg P1010423.jpg
P1010177.jpg P1010432.jpg

On Friday 11 November, all eyes were on the new Prep students arriving for their first Orientation Morning. It was beautiful to see how well the 2016 Prep cohort took on the responsibility of looking after their younger charges and helped them feel comfortable in their new surroundings. The Prep session also provided an opportunity for their parents to meet each other over coffee and discover some practical ways to prepare their daughter for the transition to Prep. Once Prep Orientation was completed, it was time for individual classes to then acknowledge Remembrance Day and to understand the significance of the poppy as a symbol of this very poignant day. Lest we forget.

Jackie Horgan
Director of Early Years


News from Middle Years

Mandy and Rod McCracken Visit Genazzano

Years 5 and 6 were fortunate to have Mandy and Rod McCracken visit Genazzano during GenSTAR, to talk about resilience. Mandy is a quadruple amputee and an inspiring person, as demonstrated in these reflections:

Reflection by Cameo Porreca (Year 5)

Mandy, when you came to our school, you taught us a lesson about resilience. I really enjoyed your speech. I have been so inspired by you and your husband. You showed me that in life, I have a backpack, and my backpack is filled with good things - forgiveness, love, calmness, but it is also filled with bad things like anger. From your speech, I have replaced the bad things with good things. I can put things in perspective. I have seen that humour is a good way to brighten tough times and with your experiences, humour seems to be a really good way to get through things. You are an amazing woman and you have been so courageous. I have been touched by your words. I can say my backpack is filled with the best things.

Lauren Valentino (Year 5)

You and Rod left an impression of resilience. You could just tell by the way you talked, you really meant everything you said, even if you may have left out some of the morbid things. I look at Rod and his sense of happiness and ‘everything-is-going-to-be-okay’ just blows me away. The way your family has accepted that you have to live with this now and that there is no way of trying to hide from it or shy away from your disability is stunning. I can just imagine how supportive Rod would be, walking with you every step of the way. You almost emit an aura of ‘I’m happy with myself and proud of what I’ve done’, of ‘It’s not a big deal’, and most importantly, ‘I’m okay and healthy’. I know now that if I’m upset or angry, I can think of you. I can think of what you’re doing, how you’ve lived with this disability and I know that I’ll have to be like you and pull through, use the things in my backpack to guide me. I imagine you bringing hope and joy to those in need. Thank you for your determination and for sharing your inspiring story.

Eloise Desmond (Year 5)

Walking away from Mandy and Rod, I felt happy. I felt happy because they’re so positive, even after everything they’ve been through. It has made me realise how lucky and fortunate I am. Mandy is an inspiring woman, who is also very resilient and strong. The stories Mandy and Rod had to tell were funny, happy and sad, but mainly inspiring. The tough times that they have been through gave us a small glimpse of living with no limbs. I found a new perspective on life.

IMG_1936.jpg IMG_1942.jpg

Year 8 History Excursion to Kryal Castle

Kryal Castle was a most enjoyable excursions for the Year 8s! All the girls were excited to start the day, even when they knew they had a long journey ahead. The bus trip was long but entertaining, all the girls were talking and laughing together, there was singing, giggling and everyone sounded like they were having a great time.

Upon arriving at Kryal Castle, we entered the building to be greeted by a lovely dragon; this was funny and frightening at the same time. We were then taken to a large room where we had a briefing and then split into our groups to start the activities.

Our first activity was getting to know the animals and how they were important during medieval periods for peasants. We then moved onto the graveyard where we learned about the social hierarchy and the different roles they played. We were then taken to a room with a replica table similar to that found in the Museum of London; it was round and large. There we discussed knights and the role and journey they played. We then moved to the garden, where we were explained the importance of each of the plants in society and how the plants helped people during the medieval times. Following this, we went to a room where we tried to make a paste out of the different herbs. I was a volunteer and had to eat a whole branch of rosemary. Even though it smelled nice, it tasted horrible!

Next, we had a quick snack followed by more activities. We started off with the chamber of torture; this was scary and gruesome. We learned about the different methods of torture and punishment. We finished this with a visit to the haunted house that made my whole group scream! We then moved on to my favourite, archery. This was so much fun and all the girls enjoyed it because it was exciting and challenging, and we learned lots. Here, we learned not only how to use a bow and arrow, but the different types of arrows, including when and where they were used in battle. The last activity was learning about the different protection and armour. This was helpful as it taught me when the different types of armour were invented and for what reasons. I loved my journey at Kryal Castle because I learned lots and had so much fun!

IMG_0713.JPG IMG_0737.JPG IMG_0727.JPG

Elle Van Bloom
Year 8


Languages News

How the Pen is Mightier than the Sword!

In a Language class last week, I drew inspiration from some recent professional reading I had done on leading researcher in education, Professor John Hattie's article, ‘Understanding Learning: Lessons for Learning, Teaching and Research’.

Hattie talks about visible learning and what better way to understand your students than by giving them a pen and space, to show visually what they have learned in class! I have always found it valuable to pause the class, providing the students with the opportunity to reinforce and demonstrate their learning.

Hattie says, "Errors are the essence of learning and they are to be welcomed as opportunities; he goes further to say that feedback from students about our impact as teachers is so important."

This photo I am sharing of a recent plenary activity with the Year 7 Italian students really captures their thinking and their process of becoming self-teachers.


Hattie suggests: "Teachers can 'hear' their impact by engaging in classroom dialogues." He adds, "... we need to observe student learning, watch the students, not the teacher; watch the impact of a teacher on students, not the teaching methods of the teacher."

At Genazzano, it is a real privilege to work with such enthusiastic and dedicated students.

Adam Bianco
Curriculum Leader: Languages 


Careers News

Year 9 Final Career Sessions: Enterprise Skills, Social Media and My Work Reputation, and Job interviews

A series of Career Development workshops and sessions will be run on 18 and 21 November as the final sessions for Year 9 2016. Sessions will include topics on enterprise skills (what employers are looking for); how to prepare for an interview; how employers use social media for employment purposes; and practice /mock interviews. The last session will allow the girls to complete a Career Action Plan to bring the year together and help them prepare for Year 10 and beyond.

Year 12 Change of Preferences Dates and Information Sessions

A reminder that VTAC preference changes are currently closed until 10.00am on 21 November. It will then remain open until 12.00pm on 20 December.  Students in Year 12 will have an opportunity to change their preferences after they have received their ATAR on Monday 12 December.  As long as there were no extra requirements prior to that and students have the correct prerequisites subjects and study scores, courses can be added, removed or the order changed.

All universities host special sessions during the Change of Preference week (12-16 December) for students to visit, call or email. For example, there is an online session at the University of Melbourne on 15 December for regional students. Travel bursaries are available for regional students who wish to travel to the Information Day on 14 December. For more information, visit their website. Details of all Change of Preference sessions have been emailed to students. The Career Development Office will be open from 8.30am on Monday 12 December until 4.30pm on Friday 16 December. Please note the office will be closed on Tuesday 13 December.

Judy O'Donohue
Careers Advisor


Co-curricular News

marietta stents.jpgCongratulations to Marietta Stents in Year 8 for her outstanding achievements in Public Speaking. Marietta will be competing in the National Final of the Legacy Junior Public Speaking Competition this month. We wish her well! Below is a report from Marietta:

Since July this year, I have competed in the Legacy Junior Public Speaking Competition. Legacy is an organisation that supports the needs of Defence Force families. The competition consists of an initial round with over 400 students from Victoria participating, followed by a Preliminary Final, the Victorian Final and concluding with the National Final held in Adelaide in mid-November. For each round, participants present a prepared five-minute speech that discusses social justice issues in the context of the values of the Legacy organisation. In addition, each participant is required to deliver an impromptu speech of two minutes duration with five minutes preparation time.

The Legacy Public Speaking Competition has helped me learn how to prepare and deliver an engaging speech to an audience. It has helped me to develop confidence and composure in speaking publicly. My prepared speech is titled ‘The Never Ending Battle’, which discusses the psychological issues facing returned soldiers. The impromptu speeches have taught me to think clearly and plan carefully in the preparation time.

I will soon be travelling to Adelaide for the National Final, where I will present my prepared speech and deliver an impromptu speech on an unknown topic. I would like to thank Mrs Bendall for her guidance and advice throughout the year. I am also extremely grateful to Legacy for its generosity in providing these opportunities to enhance the oral skills of young students around Australia.

Catherine Murphy
Director of Co-curricular Programs


Music News

On Friday 11 November, the annual ‘Brass Afternoon’ was held in the Madeleine Centre. Brass students learning privately and in instrumental programs from Years 4 -12 took part in the newly formatted afternoon. This year, we were joined by a new ensemble, the Yarra Brass Quintet (YBQ). The quintet comprises of some of Melbourne’s leading young soloists, orchestral performers and educators. The theme for this year’s afternoon of brass was ‘Movie and TV Music’, and the importance of brass playing in motion picture soundtracks.

The afternoon commenced with students attending a concert presented by the quintet. Highlights from this interactive concert included popular movie themes from Star Wars and the Incredibles. Each member of YBQ then led a workshop for either the Year 4/5/6 Brass, Middle School Brass and Senior Brass Ensembles, taking students through repertoire they had been studying this term.

Students then had the opportunity to work with both the specialist instrumental staff at the College and YBQ forming Junior Trumpet, Horn, Low Brass and Senior Trumpet Choirs. This workshop was used to develop and discuss the skills and performance practices specific to each student’s individual instrument.

The Brass Afternoon concluded with an informal concert that demonstrated the learning acquired from the workshops to parents/guardians and the College community. The brass ensembles and choirs performed popular music used on movie soundtracks, keeping with the theme for the day. All the students should be congratulated on their participation engaging and embracing the opportunities they had throughout the day.  Many thanks to Ms Maria Pisani, Mr David Farrands and Ms Jessica Jacobs for their work in preparing students for the Brass Afternoon and their ongoing work and commitment to the Brass Program at Genazzano FCJ College.

05.jpg 03.jpg
P1030156.JPG P1030172.JPG

Chris Day
Head of Brass


Sports News

GSV Finals

Congratulations to the following College basketball teams who have qualified for GSV Finals: Junior A, B and C, and Intermediate A, B and C. The finals will be held over the next couple of weeks at MSAC.

OLGC Tennis Camp

A holiday camp held at the YMCA, Anglesea for students aged 12-18. Qualified tennis coaches will be in attendance. The cost is $295 for members and $345 for non-members, including coaching, accommodation, transport, and all meals from lunchtime on 14 December to lunchtime on 16 December. For two members of the same family, it is $560 or $650 two non-members.

Please email for a registration form or contact Head Coach, Mr Bill Madafferi directly on 0419 572 210.

Matthew Wesson
Director of Sport

Saturday Netball

There are three rounds left in the Spring Fling season. After the last game, there will be a short presentation for all players and a visit from Santa.

As we run up to finals, it would be timely to remind parents, coaches and players of the expectations of the Junior Net Program, which have been specifically designed to meet the needs of children in Years 3 & 4. The program enables them to have a positive introduction/first experience to Netball, ensuring enjoyment and continued participation within the sport. Parents and supporters are encouraged to be exemplary role-models of good sports behaviour for our students to copy.

Sarndra Kennerley
Netball Coordinator

GenAquatic News

EDA Last Chance Long Course Meet

Congratulations to the following swimmers who competed at the EDA Last Chance Long Course Meet:

  • Hannah Macdonald
  • Ryan Lobo
  • Allan Liang
  • Huga Yoshida
  • Xara Anderson
  • Olivia Branagan
  • Klara Seidel
  • Alice Evans

GenAquatic Club Night - 18 November 2016

The next GenAquatic Club night is on tonight! This will be the second last club night for the year. The last 2016 club night will be on Friday 2 December. Please remember that the final club night is the Christmas break up.

Ballarat GCO Long Course Meet

GenAquatic is organising a bus trip to the Ballarat GCO Long Course Meet in Ballarat, held on Sunday 27 November from 6.15pm – 7.00pm. A reminder that it is essential to get entries in early to ensure a seat on the bus. Swimmers wishing to participate at this meet can enter online.

This swim meet will be held in the new Ballarat Aquatic & Lifestyle Centre. This is a new indoor centre that is meant to rival MSAC.

Amon Soerink
Head Coach

SSV Update

On Wednesday 16 November, our Year 6 Water Polo team took part in a tournament at MSAC. Run by VicWaterpolo, Genazzano was one of four teams competing. Despite not winning any of their games, our girls played bravely and included some great goals from Elle Gleeson and Sophie Farlecas. Lucy O’Connor’s excellent goalkeeping was recognised with her 'Team of the Day' nomination. A huge thanks goes to Ms Kimberley Adkins, who has coached the girls, along with coaching this term’s GSV Junior Water Polo team. Let’s hope this experience motivates many of these girls to try the sport again next year.

IMG_2653.jpg IMG_2721.jpg

Congratulations to Ariyana Wanigasekera (Year 5) and Anna Stone (Year 5) for qualifying to represent Genazzano FCJ College at 2017 SSV Armadale District Tennis Trials on Tuesday 7 February at Lauriston Girls' School. They participated in school trials that began three weeks ago with 21 girls, reduced to six, who took part in round robin games and finally top four play-offs to confirm these two girls as our representatives. Hopefully, many of the girls who attended the trials will take to the courts again and compete for the Dr Rowan Cup for Open Day in 2017.

The Genazzano pool has been a hive of activity during Tuesday lunchtimes this term, with SSV Swim Squad recommencing. In recent sessions, girls have swum time trials to get an idea of their current times. As many have not timed themselves since Term 1, there have been lots of surprises about how much faster they have become in that time. There will be one more session next Tuesday and we are looking forward once again to see the girls’ enthusiasm.

Adrian Daly
SSV Coordinator


College Dates for the Next Fortnight

Monday 21 November, 4.00pm

Speech and Drama Spring Showcase

Tuesday 22 November, all day

Year 9 Reflection Day

Tuesday 22 November, 4.00pm

Speech and Drama Spring Showcase

Wednesday 23 November, all day

Student Free Day

Thursday 24 November, 3.45pm

Woodwind Christmas Concert

Thursday 24 November, 6.00pm

2016 Supporters’ Thank You Function

Friday 25 November, 1.45pm

Early Years Swimming Carnival

Saturday 26 November – Sunday 27 November

GFA Year 10 Weekend Away

Saturday 26 November, 7.30am

GMA Second Hand Book Sale

Saturday 26 November, 9.00am

Carey Rowing Regatta

Saturday 26 November, 10.30am

Head of the Yarra

Friday 2 December, all day

Year 6 Reflection Day

Monday 5 December, all day

Year 7 Reflection Day

Monday 5 December, all day

Year 8 Reflection Day

Tuesday 6 December, 6.30pm

Carols by Twilight

Wednesday 7 December, 1.00pm

End of Term 4

Please visit our website for a full list of 2016 Term Dates or our College calendar.


News from the GMA

Recent Events Held

A group of Year 10 parents kicked up their heels at The Beehive in Hawthorn, and all had a great night.

Yr 10 parent night.png Yr 10 parent night2.png.jpeg
Yr 10 parent night3.png

Our GMA Annual General Meeting was held on Monday 7 November in the Boardroom. I am very pleased to announce the GMA Executive Committee members elected for 2017:


Carmel Greer

Vice President Early Years

Volunteer Required

Vice President Middle Years

Jacqui Pirone

Vice President Later Years

Johanna Nesbitt


Carmel Carrazzo

Assistant Secretary

Libby Meaden


Franca Henger

I also congratulate and thank the mothers who have volunteered for the various coordinator roles for 2017:

Class Rep Coordinator Early Years

Susan Houlihan

Class Rep Coordinator Middle Years

Jean Losinno

Class Rep Coordinator Later Years

Volunteer Required

TryBooking Coordinators

ELC – Year 4

Volunteer required

Year 5 – 8       

Michelle Somerville

Year 9 – 12

Kerri Styles

GMA Ball

Debbi Rossi

Care Group Coordinator

Lisa Laird

Care Group Assistants

Michelle Board & Margaret Pitman

Mothers’ Day Mass & Supper

Anne Dunstan

Second-hand Book Sale

Maddy Galgano & Marisa De Maria

Victorian Parents Council

Helen Fox & Anne Dunstan

Ball Co-Chairs

Johanna Nesbitt & Jacqui Pirone

Ladies Luncheon Chair

Susan Houlihan

We still have a few roles vacant, so if you’re interested in helping out in 2017, please contact me on 0401 152 140 or

At the AGM, I summarised the year’s activities, thanked the current committee and, after our Treasurer’s report, presented a cheque for $90,000 to the College, representing our fundraising efforts for the year. We then enjoyed a lovely lunch in the Boardroom. Thanks to those who joined us particularly Ms Karen Jebb, Sr Maryrose, fcJ, Mrs Lila McInerney and Mrs Renae Hill.

I warmly and sincerely thank our 2016 committee for their individual contributions to the GMA, and their personal support of me in my role as president: VP Early Years, Mrs Jean Losinno; VP Middle Years, Mrs Jacqui Pirone; VP Later Years, Mrs Johanna Nesbitt; Secretary, Mrs Carmel Carrazzo, Assistant Secretary, Ms Libby Meaden; and Treasurer, Mrs Franca Henger.

Many thanks also to the major coordinators who have worked so hard this year: Year Level Rep Coordinator Early Years, Mrs Susan Houlihan; Year Level Rep Coordinator Middle Years, Mrs Lisa Laird; Year Level Rep Coordinator Later Years, Dr Sonya Morrissey; Trybooking, Mrs Debbie Rossi, Ms Josephine Lee & Mrs Kerri Stiles; Care Group, Mrs Angeline Donoghue; Second-hand Book Sale, Mrs Gilda Riccio, Mrs Maddy Galgano and Mrs Marisa De Maria; Victorian Parents Council, Mrs Helen Fox & Mrs Jacqui Pirone; Ladies Luncheon Chair, Mrs Vanessa Crivelli and Ball Chairs, Mrs Johanna Nesbitt & Mrs Bozena Zembrzuski.

Finally and importantly, over 70 Year Level Representatives organised year level social events from ELC to Year 12. We enjoyed a range of social activities, from morning teas to dinners. I thank each of them for their fabulous and invaluable contribution. If you would like to be a Year Level Representative next year, please contact Mrs Carmel Carazzo:

Orientation for Years 5 and 7

The Orientation Days for Years 5 and 7 went brilliantly this week. Thank you to all the helpers we had, and in particular, Ms Libby Meaden and Mrs Karen King who did all the organising. Between them, they cooked over 300 sausages for the girls and welcomed the current and new families with an afternoon tea on both days.

Second-hand Book Sale

I would like to thank Maddy Galgano and Marisa De Maria who are coordinating this year’s book sale. Under the guidance of Gilda Riccio who is passing on her years of experience, Maddy and Marisa are working hard to make sure the sale is a success. It is an enormous task and they are doing a superb job. Thanks to all the parents who will be assisting to sort books and to sell books on the day. If you would like to assist by sorting books on 24 and 25 November and or selling books on the 26 November, please contact Mrs Marisa De Maria: or 0412 606 155, or Mrs Maddy Galgano: or 0439 801 877

View the promotional flyer.

Welcome Morning Teas - Helpers Needed!

Yes, we are recruiting helpers for next year already! We need just a few mums to bake, and several to help set up and serve morning tea on the Circular Drive. If you can help by baking or serving tea and coffee to parents in the morning on 1 and 2 February 2017, please contact Carmel on

Save the Dates

Saturday 19 November, 7.00pm

Year 7 Parents Evening, Craft & Co.

Monday 21 November, 12.00pm

GMA New Committee Meeting, The Fat Penguin Cafe

Friday 25 November, 6.45pm

Year 2 Mums Night Out, Rice Queen Oriental Bar

Saturday 26 November, 7.30am - 10.30am

Second-hand Book Sale

Thursday 1 December, 4.15pm

Prep Christmas Break Up, Little Kitchen on Lilian

Wednesday 7 December, 1.00pm

Grange Hill End of Year BBQ

Tuesday 13 December, 10.00am

Year 1 Gingerbread Workshop

Tuesday 31 January 2017  

Year 12 2017 Welcome BBQ, Madeleine Centre

Wednesday 1 and Thursday 2 February 2017, 8.20am

GMA Welcome Morning Teas, Circular Drive

Saturday 11 February 2017


Monday 13 February 2017, 8.40am

GMA Committee Meeting

Friday 24 February 2017, 7.00pm

Year 7 Welcome Night

Monday 27 February 2017, 7.00pm

GMA Class Reps Launch Meeting

Carmel Greer
President, Genazzano Mothers' Association



Carols by Twilight


Tuesday 6 December
6.30pm - 8.00pm
No bookings required
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Community News

Youth Engagement Project (YEP) Events

Youth Led Mass and Social Sunday

The next monthly youth mass for all the Parishes involved in YEP. It is followed by social time, for us to come together as a community for pizza, or sausages, or ice blocks.

Date: Sunday 4 December
Time: 5.00pm - 7.15pm
Venue: All Hallows Parish, 17 Brenbeal St, Balwyn

To RSVP or find out more, contact or call 0434 254 233.

Days of Service

Social Action Day working with those marginalised and assisting at St Joseph’s Parish in South Yarra. An awesome way to donate a day of school holidays, getting your hands dirty in our local community. For Year 9 and above.

Date: Wednesday 14 December

To RSVP or find out more, contact or call 0434 254 233.

YEP Christmas Party

YEP is hosting a Christmas party to celebrate the fantastic year that has been! Join us for a night of fun and to help us thank all those who have made this year at YEP possible.

Date: Friday 16 December
Time: 7.00pm
Venue: Hawthorn Parish Centre

To RSVP or find out more, contact or call 0434 254 233.