Newsletter - Edition 5-2017

News from the Principal

Dear members of the Genazzano FCJ College community,

I write this edition of the College newsletter soon after our very successful Twilight Open Day and acknowledge and thank everyone who contributed to its smooth running and helped make it a day of celebration and joy. We were blessed with perfect weather as we welcomed over 300 visitors though our gates. Our new Twilight format for Open Day is a wonderful way of extending hospitality to our visitors and giving them a glimpse of a real school day in the life of the Genazzano FCJ College community, as students attend classes and participate in special events that showcased the scope of learning and cultural opportunities the College has to offer. I also take this opportunity to thank parents/guardians and their daughters for their willingness to be involved in a school day that began at 2.00pm and concluded at 6.30pm. I am aware that this one day can alter the usual routine of the week and I would like you to know how grateful I am for those who supported this important day. I was very appreciative of our students and the friendly and confident way they welcomed all visitors to this school upon the hill. In serving their beloved College proudly, they also demonstrated their joyful pride in the FCJ learning community of which they are the heart.

The student tour guides from Year 9, together with our Prefects, were outstanding and this was confirmed by the feedback we received from our visitors. Many of our visitors said that the tour was the highlight of their experience and their tour guides were exceptional in the information of College life they conveyed and the confidence they displayed in responding to their questions. Our tour guides displayed outstanding leadership skills and spoke with confidence and expertise. I am also very grateful to all members of our staff — both teaching and administrative — for the enormous effort they put into planning and preparing for the day. Finally, but not least, thank you to our many parent volunteers who were active in the GMA afternoon tea and the GFA BBQ providing nourishment throughout the afternoon. I know our visitors appreciated speaking to our current parents, and I thank you for promoting the College through these conversations.

As Term 1 comes to a rapid close, it is a delight to look back over the past nine weeks to see how far our students have come, to celebrate their journey in learning and to thank them for the innumerable and generous contributions they have made to school life. There have been many outstanding achievements as our students have worked with perseverance, dedication, motivation and commitment.

Over this Lenten season, our College theme, ‘In Unity we Serve’, has been at the forefront of our minds. The whole College community has generously supported Project Compassion. Caritas Australia’s annual Lenten fundraising and awareness-raising appeal is an extraordinary, ongoing demonstration of the faith, love and generosity of the Catholic community and caring supporters throughout Australia to help end poverty, promote justice and uphold the dignity of every human being, especially those who have suffered greatly and have little. The online Caritas weekly stories tell us how the raised funds are used to bring about hope and healing for the needy within the local, national and regional human family. You might care to visit the Caritas website for more details. Our Mission Representatives in each Homeroom have diligently collected money in the Project Compassion boxes and delivered it to the Finance Office each day for safe keeping. We also had a ‘Dress for a Cause’ day last Friday, where students donated $2 each towards Project Compassion. We look forward to sharing the total amount raised when students return in Term 2.

On Friday, students and staff will gather for our Lenten Liturgy. During this time, we recognise that we are privileged to belong to a loving community and blessed with abundant opportunities. We will gather in prayer to contemplate the responsibility we have to keep our eyes open to the injustices that others suffer, and to find ways of making our voices heard so a message of help and support can be understood around the globe. We will gather in prayer, united in our efforts to respect the dignity of all peoples, conscious that from small things, huge change can grow. We will gather in prayer as Faithful Companions of Jesus, adding our prayers and efforts to the important mission of our beloved Sisters FCJ here in Australia and in our region.

As we enter into the last two weeks of Lent and the school holiday break, may the message of new life and hope be with you and your family.

With every blessing,

Karen Jebb


Faith and Mission News

The monumental changes in Australian society in the past hundred years mean that the Catholic identity of Catholic schools has become less and less easy to define and identify. In the past when teachers in Catholic schools were predominantly members of religious orders, the very Catholic Identity of the school was obvious from its staff. In 2017, this is not the case – and the Catholic Identity of schools has become a major issue for leaders at the Catholic Education Commission and congregations such as the Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus, who founded schools when they were so desperately needed in Australia.

We still have opportunities to celebrate our Catholic Identity however, and one of the biggest is St Patrick’s Day. Each year, schools are invited to gather at St Patrick’s Cathedral to celebrate the Eucharist and to remember the history of the Church in Australia. This year’s celebration began with a procession of banners that left everyone in no doubt as to the scale of Catholic education – we are part of something huge and impressive. This year Genazzano sent ten girls to represent the College at the Mass, and they were accompanied by myself and Mrs Ann Rennie.

Following the Mass was the Young Speakers Colloquium, which featured a dance performance, and a presentation from Father Rob Galea. Fr Rob is a well know musician and a powerful speaker and witness, whom young people can relate to very easily. He told his story honestly and colourfully, but was also able to challenge the gathered youth to be true to themselves and to what God may be calling them to do.

The Genazzano students may live in a very different Catholic world to their grandparents, but they can still be proud of their place amongst the Australian Catholic Church’s single greatest achievement: Catholic schools.

We pray for the Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus, in their various ministries throughout the world.

Bill Fitzsimons
Deputy Principal: Faith & Mission


We believe in life which is full of hope.
We believe in a future where poverty is history.
We believe we can be the change that we wish to see.
As the first letter of John challenges:
“Our love is not to be just words or mere talk, but something real and active.”
Let us commit ourselves this Lent to putting our faith into action,
and being people who are inspired by our College theme: In Unity we Serve

Covenant God, you who lead us and sustain us in desert places,
may all the members of the Genazzano FCJ College community,
be blessed with the comfort of your loving Presence in all that we do.

We ask this in the Spirit of your Son Jesus, who knows the struggle of the wilderness.


St Patrick’s Day Mass and Colloquium - Reflection

On Friday 17 March, a group of Year 10 Genazzano students, accompanied by Mr Fitzsimons and Mrs Rennie, attended the annual St Patrick’s Day Mass and the Young Speakers Colloquium. This was a fantastic day filled with celebration, faith and people sharing their stories with the Genazzano girls and many other students.

We left school early in the morning to travel into the city where we attended the Mass held at St Patrick’s Cathedral. There were many other schools at the Mass along with the Genazzano girls, all coming together to celebrate the feast day. At the beginning of the Mass, there was a banner ceremony where a representative from each school brought their banner down the middle aisle of the Cathedral. This was an amazing display of school pride and faith. We then proceeded into the Mass ceremony, which was a beautiful and joyful celebration held by the Archbishop of Melbourne, Denis J Hart.

After the Mass had ended, the girls were fortunate to have photos taken with the Archbishop in front of the Cathedral before going to the Young Speakers Colloquium held at the Catholic Leadership Centre. At the Colloquium, we listened to the stories of young people who found faith in their lives and their journeys to doing what they love today.

At the start of the Colloquium, there was a singing/dance piece performed by a group of students from St Columba’s College. Following the performance, Fr Rob Galea told his story of how he found God, despite his rough childhood and upbringing, and how he ended up becoming someone he would never have thought and now loves his life and his vocation. He told his story through song and wrote some of his own pieces that reflected on his faith journey. Finally, there was a girl who spoke about the Australian Catholic Youth Festival and how she expresses her faith by sharing and celebrating with the people around her, and how she found God through that.

All the Genazzano girls really enjoyed hearing the speakers’ stories, which opened our minds to faith in all forms, no matter how difficult it might seem for them or for others. We found it very enlightening hearing all the different faith journeys people had undertaken in their lives and how that affected the person they are today.

By the end of the day, all the girls had learned something new about themselves and their faith and experienced a very celebratory and festive day. We all came together to celebrate St Patrick’s Day with each other and many other schools, sharing our faith and love for God together and in unity.


Paris Mercadante-Ramunni
Year 10


Business Manager News

Australian Government Student Residential Address Collection Notice

The Department of Education and Training (DET) requires all students’ residential addresses in 2017.

The addresses are needed to determine the Socioeconomic Status (SES) levels as part of the Australian Government’s funding arrangements.

Please see the notice from DET for details about the collection.

Mark Glover​
Business Manager


Student Learning and Wellbeing News

National Day of Action Against Bullying

National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence (NDA) was recognised at Genazzano FCJ College on Friday 17 March 2017. As a College, our priority is to create a safe and inclusive learning environment. This annual event was a key opportunity for us to ‘take a stand’ together against bullying and violence, and promote safe environments. The day helped us generate thoughtful discussion and take positive action to address bullying and violence.

Year 7 Reflection

On the National Day Against Bullying and Violence, held on 17 March, the Year 7 students met in the Wardell Theatre during Homeroom, where they participated in a session run by Year 12 students from the ‘Gen Allies’ group.

Throwing stress balls into the audience, they then asked the students with a stress ball to stand up, which represented statistically how many students may have experienced bullying in the group.

We watched a video on the different types of bullying that students may experience and the students contributed ideas on the types of bullying and possible strategies for dealing with it. The Year 12 students did a great job of leading a session to encourage the girls to think about this important issue.

Karen Read
Year 7 Team Leader

Year 8 Reflection

The Year 8s celebrated the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence. During Homeroom, each class was visited by a senior student and together discussed and brainstormed ways we can make a difference amongst our year level. We were presented with a series of videos that showed bullying within a school, and how simple it was to step in and take action. We were able to identify the things Genazzano already does to take action against bullying and violence. Together we formed strategies Year 8s could use to create a happy and safe environment for all students.

Sarah Salib
Year 8

Year 10 Reflection

The Year 10 cohort acknowledged the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence. We started the day with an Assembly viewing a powerful clip about bullying and then discussed elements of bullying. Bullying is an awful act that can happen to anyone and can be a major problem in a school environment. Bullying is repeated verbal, physical, social or psychological behavior that is harmful and involves the misuse of power by an individual or group towards one or more persons. Throughout our Assembly, a number of students read a paragraph about bullying, which covered what it is and what we can do to help prevent it. This got the year level involved and encouraged everyone to take in the important information as it was coming from their peers. At the end of the Assembly, we all stood up to say no to bullying as a year level. This was an important Assembly and taught everyone something they could take away. 

Zoe Purcell
Year 10


Year 7 GenSTAR - Public Transport Safety

The GenSTAR program teaches students strategies to help deal with obstacles and live a happy and substantial life. Sometimes the teachers create presentations about various topics and sometimes we have guest speakers to provide us with more information. This year, David from Metro came in to talk to the Year 7 students about how to stay safe on public transport. Another focus topic was bullying and a PowerPoint with statistics was presented to us and we participated in activities to raise our awareness about this.

The main focus in GenSTAR is to teach students how to deal with difficult situations, how to control emotions and how to better communicate with others. At the start of the year, each class participated in an activity to help us to know our peers better. Overall, GenSTAR is a program that invites us to bond with other students and to learn how to develop a positive outlook on life.

Caitlyn Crawley & Shanise Tong
Year 7

Year 11 GenSTAR - ‘Fit to Drive’ Program

On 15 March, the Year 11 cohort participated in the ‘Fit to Drive’ Program (F2D). During the first session, we were addressed by a police officer who discussed the dangers associated with driving for the driver or the passenger. We were taught how to minimise our risks by understanding the rules of the road. We learned how many passengers legally are allowed when driving on a P1 license and the blood alcohol level allowed, zero. We also learned about the risks of driving, even when you may not be the one who is making the mistake. Being aware of your surrounding environment is just as important as being aware of your own driving. We then dispersed into separate groups and discussed the strategies we can use when we are in situations, where our safety is being compromised.

Throughout the whole day, we learned of the many things we need to think about and remember when we start driving on the roads. We thank everyone who made the day possible as it was very useful and will come in handy in the future.

Niamh Gaffney and Sinead Commane 
Year 11

Year 12 GenSTAR - Mental Health Apps Presentation

In this cycle’s GenSTAR session, the Year 12 students were given an insight into the benefits of using apps to help us achieve our best throughout the year by staying calm and taking the time to reflect. Mr David Bakker from MoodMission highlighted a number of apps that we can use to build insight and awareness, break cycles that perpetuate problems, build resilience and confidence and address mental health.

Some of the apps that we have found useful include Smiling Mind (a mindfulness app), Zombie Run (for fitness) and MoodMission (a mood tracking app).

Mr Bakker discussed some of the important things that we need to consider when choosing apps, including whether there is an evidence-base to support the app, how much interactivity is involved and the level of accessibility.

This GenSTAR session certainly benefited the cohort and will undoubtedly assist us in navigating through our Year 12 journey by providing us with resources that we can draw on to support us in optimising our peak performance and mindfulness.

Lucy Pearse
Year 12


ELC News

The ELC values each child as strong, capable and resilient; rich with wonder and knowledge. Every child brings with them deep curiosity and potential and this innate curiosity drives their interest to understand their world and their place within it. Our young investigators were delighted to discover caterpillars living, eating and thriving amongst our lemon tree in the ELC garden. This exciting discovery has sparked an inquiry unit on the lifecycle of a caterpillar and the natural habitat in which they live and the sustainable living for our lemon tree.

During the ELC4 morning meeting the educators questioned the children’s knowledge of the caterpillar discovery.

What do caterpillars love?
Alex - leaves 

Which leaves do they like to be on?
Giselle - the ones that stand up (on the tree).

What else do caterpillars need?
Emily N - some sticks
Mikey - leaves to eat
Lola - carpet and some beds

What happened over the weekend to our caterpillars?
Nick - caterpillars turned into the cocoon
Xavier - we had to get the caterpillars off the trees on Friday 

We moved the caterpillars because the tree was dying.
Nick - the caterpillars have sharp teeth

What type of leaves do they eat?
Nick - they might like the leaf because they like the lemon tree

What do we give caterpillars in their cocoon?
Evie - petals
Xavier - water

After reading the butterfly book, the children were asked to give one comment from the book.

Emily N - they have antennas
Giselle - they have wings to fly
Xavier - one is called the golden drop
Jasmin - they have a body
Alex - they have antennas
Ethan - they go up up up
Steph - they lay eggs
Toby - they have beautiful wings
Mikey - they can slow down
Emily G - they like flowers
Johanna - they look with their eyes
Coco P - butterflies have legs
Nick - butterflies have spots on their wings
Luca - they flap all around and lands on you

IMG_0594.jpg IMG_1061.jpg

Our keen observers in ELC3 are investigating ways to recycle and how they can actively reuse items within the ELC environment. The children are collecting everyday items that they use within the home environment that can be reused for art materials in the ELC.

During the morning meeting the children share their knowledge on recycling.

What do you know about recycling?
Olivia - it's a bottle
Danielle - milk
Ashton - it's plastic
Xavier - I have a recycling bin
Patch - the symbol is a triangle
Ethan - Mummy has a spray
Isabella - we get paper from the supermarket.
Billy - we look for the recycling sign
Alice - the symbol
Miya - it's a triangle
Billy - rubbish goes to the dump
Sam - the recycling goes to the recycling factory
Billy - they get used again
Ashton - made new again

What can we recycle?
Anneliese - paper
Alice - wood
Xavier - tin
Ashton - plastic
Henry - glass
Isabella - on the bottle that I drink milk from in the car, it's not recycle because it doesn't have the symbol
Billy - I don't need the baby toys anymore, they are plastic
Max - you could give them to another baby
Billy - I found a bottle to recycle at home

If you do a drawing & want to start again what could you do with the paper?
Xavier - put it in the recycling bin
Billy - and the truck comes to get it
Alice - I have a bin at my house
Billy - the truck takes the rubbish to the dump
Xavier - some rubbish can go in recycling

What might they turn paper into?
Billy - new paper
Max - my mum throws lots of rubbish in the bin

We don't want to cut down too many trees.
Danielle - tigers live in the forest
Max - trees give us energy
Billy - we are learning all about rubbish
Alice - recycling

What does recycling mean?
Xavier - use the recycle bin
Max - it doesn't go to the rubbish tip
Xavier - we want to be able to go to nice places like beaches
Agustin - I saw the bin go up & get broken
Billy - why do recycling trucks collect all the recycling things?
Xavier - why do recycle trucks always collect stuff?
Sienna - because they get the stuff & get it away
Danielle - green bottles too
Xavier - why do garbage trucks carry smelly stuff?
Billy - if you see the sign on it that says it can be recycled you can put it in recycling
Max - thank you God for rubbish bins
Sam - thank you God for recycling
Sam - thank you for the rain

IMG_0983.jpg IMG_0972.jpg

On Tuesday, we welcomed visitors touring the ELC for Twilight Open Day. The ELC children supported this occasion by creating a gift to share with the visitors as a keepsake and memory of their visit. The children’s interest in nature and collecting petals from geranium flowers and lavender growing in the ELC garden supported the thoughts for a purposeful gift. The ELC3 children resourced flower petals and recycled paper to create beautiful handmade bookmarks, and the ELC4 children collected flower petals to press into hand cut clay to create a key ring. Our visitors were grateful for the children’s thoughts and creativity.

Alison Lucas
Director of ELC


Junior School News

Last week, our Year 1 students were introduced to ‘BlueBot’.  BlueBot brings Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths together in one fun package and the students delighted in making the Bot move around the classroom using some simple commands. They explored some programming language such as ‘algorithm’ and ‘command’ and worked hard to program the Bots to move around the track. This is what the girls thought about it …

"Beebots are robots. We did directions by pressing buttons. We told the beebots to move forwards and move backwards. Miss Gale stopped the beebot and it turned red. They stopped and that was fun. I love beebots!" Cartia

"We loved working with the beebots. They wouldn’t move without us and they could go forwards, backwards, right and left. It made noises. We had so much fun." Imogen

"I loved directing the beebots. It was terrific. When the beebots have buttons and when I pressed the forward button two times then it will go forwards for two steps." Gemma

"We had lots of fun controlling the beebots. It makes noises and funny noises. They did not move without us. They could move forwards and right and left. I made it do a zero, and numbers 1, 2 and 3. I learned that if you just did your first moment after that, you will have to clear the beebots before you will do another. We needed to write the algorithm." Chiara

"We had to control the beebot. We had to press the button. If we didn’t do it, it wouldn’t work. And we had to clear the beebots. Miss Gale came to our class last Thursday and we learned how to close the beebots. It makes noise and it can go forwards, backwards, left and right." Yianna

"We had to control the beebots. We had to press the buttons. The beebots moved forwards and backwards and left or right. We had to clear the beebots. We had to press the button." Miya

"The beebots can move forwards, backwards and turn too. We have to tell it what to do. We also have to clear it once we finished. Miss Gale came in last Thursday and she brought in six beebots. We controlled them. It was fun." Alysha

IMG_0123.JPG P1010820.jpg

On Tuesday 21 March, the Year 3 students gathered together with their parents for a Sacrament of Penance Information Night. The focus of the night was learning about our experiences of forgiving others and being forgiven by others and how God our Father is always there to forgive and welcome us with love. There was a buzz of conversation as families talked about the story of Zacchaeus and how he was able to repair the hurt he had caused. We know there will be many more conversations about forgiveness in the weeks ahead as the girls prepare to receive the Sacrament next Term.

Reco 1.jpg Reco 2.jpg

Mary Jones
Head of Junior School


Year 7 News

Year 7 Camp 2017

The Year 7 camp was truly unforgettable! From flying high on a ropes course to watching cute cuddly penguins, our camp was action packed and full of fun! We stayed at Phillip Island Adventure Resort and spent three days pushing ourselves to positive limits and meeting many new friends.

All activities on camp were fun and sometimes challenging. The giant 18 metre high swing produced many screams, while raft building required great cooperation and teamwork. We were given eight PVC pipes, four wood planks, ropes and 30 minutes to make a raft after which we were challenged to race them out to the middle of the lake. Canoeing was also popular, particularly paddling under the spectacular buoy sprinkler. The high ropes course set four metres in the air and was quite intimidating at first, but then the different obstacles focused one’s mind!

We also had quieter, more reflective moments in our creative writing group and the art workshop, where we were invited to use a mixture of materials to make emblems to represent our College theme for this year, ‘In Unity we Serve’.  An excursion highlight was our visit to the famous Phillip Island Penguin Parade. We had many laughs watching the penguins falling, rolling and then getting up again. We were just amazed at their cuteness and were intrigued to watch them walk up to their burrows in the sand dunes. The penguin excursion was the cherry on top of a perfect camp.

Thank you to all the teachers who helped organise and came along with us. We all had the best time!


Aria Linnane
Year 7


Year 10 News

English Literature

On Thursday 24 March, the Year 10 English Literature class attended the St Kevin’s and Sacré Cœur play ‘The Burial at Thebes’, as we are currently studying ‘Antigone’ by Sophocles. It was a brilliant interpretation, depicting the classic story in a new and interesting way. Using language easier for the current generation to understand, the actors showed the tale of Antigone from start to finish, occasionally removing sections. The acting was powerful and well suited to the roles, and Theseus was a class favourite. Overall, the play was done extremely well and the class commends St Kevin’s and Sacré Cœur on their effort.

Nyla Bunsee
Year 10


Year 12 News

Year 12 – Term 1

The Year 12 students have embraced this term with great enthusiasm and motivation towards their studies.

This is a symbolic year, one of challenge, hope and dedication towards students' achieving their goals and aspirations. Our Year 12 girls have shown persistence in their approach for personal best, taking on the academic rigour of SAC's and the high expectations that they place upon themselves towards their study.

Our timely recent GenSTAR session was on Mindfulness Apps and implementing these in a meaningful way to support students on their journey, and to remind our girls of the importance to live a 'balanced life' to support their study. These tools allow opportunities for keeping in check and setting goals with the aid of technology.

We reflect on an ongoing manner of the time we, the Year 12 team, spent together at the Year 12 Retreat at Forest Edge, early in Term 1. This entailed a lovely gathering as a cohort, providing each student with an opportunity to engage with each other and reflect on their journey at this most special time of their life. A time to stop, reflect and be at one with their God. An opportunity for our students to be mindful and think about their own identity, faith and unpack what it truly means for each and every one of them. Our theme for the retreat was, ‘Who Am I Called to Become?’


I feel incredibly privileged to be working with this special group of young women who, on a daily basis, demonstrate our FCJ theme passionately, ‘In Unity We Serve’. With the support of the Year 12 team: Mr Charles Watt, Ms Mary Fahey, Mrs Nicole Gibson (Term 1), Miss Alli Lehmann, Ms Martha O'Shea and Miss Caroline Hendy, we are grateful for a wonderful beginning for our girls.

We hope our Year 12 students enjoy some time to rest and rejuvenate over the holiday break. Wishing all, a wonderful Easter, spending quality time with family and friends and we look forward to a rigorous and successful Term 2.

Penelope Karasavidis
Year 12 Team Leader


Creative Arts News

Students across the College have completed a term of work in the Creative Arts with amazing results. From 3D printing to immersion day activities, all year levels have had the opportunity to develop their knowledge, skills and techniques in a variety of media. Students are to be congratulated on the work they have put in to create highly imaginative and diverse outcomes. 

Exhibitions for Twilight Open Day showcased the talents and diverse range of art forms our students are exposed to, including:

  • Wardell Breezeway - Year 11 3D prints, Year 10 and 12 Visual Communication, Year 12 Environmental Design, and Year 11 Studio Arts
  • Max Emmins Gallery Space in Library - Year 11 Visual Communication Retro Robot Posters
  • Our Ladies’ Hall Gallery Space - Textiles Exhibition
  • Furlan Room Exhibition Space - Photography Exhibition

proposed shop layout from sketchip 2.jpg

Joanne Saville
Curriculum Leader: Creative Arts

Top Designs 2017

Last Friday was the opening of the 2017 Top Designs Exhibition at Melbourne Museum.

The exhibition opening was attended by Mrs Joanne Saville and me, to support Sophie Pinnuck and Olivia Peters whose outstanding Unit 3 & 4 work in Product Design and Technology was selected for the exhibition.

Sophie Pinnuck’s ‘Farm to Fashion’ outfit made entirely out of wool was also awarded a Deans Art Prize for Original Work.

The Top Designs Exhibition is on from 18 March until 16 July. Entry is free for students.

20170317_185907.jpg Resized_20170317_185116.jpeg

Katrina Wheaton-Penniall
Product Design and Visual Arts Teacher


Drama News

Save the Dates!

Gen Drama, as always, has a full calendar of events planned for your entertainment. Please see the calendar below and save the dates to come along and see our fabulous students perform!






Mon 8 May & Tues 9 May Speech and Drama Winter Showcase 4.00pm Wardell Theatre

Wed 17 May

Year 9 Drama Semester 1 ‘Page to Stage’ Performance:  Children of the Black Skirt


Wardell Theatre

Thur 18 May

Year 9 Drama Semester 1 ‘Page to Stage’ Performance:  Children of the Black Skirt


Wardell Theatre

Tue 23 May & Wed 24 May

VCE Theatre Studies 1 & 2 Production: The 39 Steps


Montagner Auditorium


Thu 27 July & Fri 28 July

Year 7/8 Co-curricular Play:  Mulan Jr


Montagner Auditorium

Wed 23 August

Year 5/6 Matinee Performance: The Wizard of Oz


Montagner Auditorium

Thu 24 August

Year 5/6 Performance: The Wizard of Oz


Montagner Auditorium

Mon 18 September

VCE Theatre Studies Monologue Evening


Wardell Theatre

Tue 19 September to Thu 21 September

St Kevin’s / Genazzano Co-curricular Play: Much Ado About Nothing


St Kevin’s Waterford Campus


Wed 25 October & Thu 26 October

Year 9 Drama Semester 2 ‘Page to Stage’ Performance: The Honey Spot


Wardell Theatre

Wed 15 November

Prep to Year 4 Production: Summer Celebration of Poetry and Shakespeare


Montagner Auditorium

Tue 28 November

Speech and Drama Spring Showcase


Wardell Theatre

Year 7 and 8 Co-curricular Performance: Mulan Jr

The rehearsals for the Mulan Jr performance are well underway and students have been busily learning choreography and songs for this well-loved family favourite. Last semester’s Year 11 Product Design and Technology students created some beautiful costumes for the performance, which were trialled by some members of the cast during a workshop at the Gen Productions co-curricular Friday meeting. The girls were excited to see the beautiful work created by our senior students, together with their teacher Mrs Katrina Wheaton-Peniall. The Gen Productions students will be creating make-up designs to suit the costumes and the characters.

P1060071.JPG P1060077.JPG P1060080.JPG

Year 5/6 Drama

The Year 5 Drama students performed a dramatic recreation of the Holy Week story as their Drama outcome this week. Students were actively engaged in the story and performed in a focused and energetic way.

Wizard of Oz

The Year 5/6 students will be commencing preparation for their performance of the young performers’ edition of ‘The Wizard of Oz’. We look forward to exploring this famous story for the College community in Term 3!

VCE Theatre Studies

The VCE Theatre Studies classes are busily preparing their stagecraft areas to interpret this play which was a hit on Broadway and London’s West End.

Annabel Sharkey (Year 12) is the publicity and marketing manager for the VCE Theatre Studies performance of this Noir Thriller/comedy:

The 39 Steps!


Come see the hilarious and romantic thriller ‘The 39 Steps’ on the 23 & 24 May presented by the Genazzano Units 1&2 and 3&4 Theatre Studies class. ‘The 39 Steps’ will transform you into another world filled with uncontrollable laughter and a sense of mystery. The adventure between London and Scotland will take you back to the 1930s and fill you with curiosity as you continuously question, “What are the 39 Steps?”

When: 23 and 24 May 2017
Where: Madeleine Centre, Genazzano FCJ College

Ticket sales coming soon!

Friends of the Performing Arts at Genazzano (FOPA @ Gen) – Become Involved!

FOPA is a dynamic group of parents and Alumnae who are involved with the Performing Arts at Genazzano. At present, skilled Alumnae are engaged to directing and musical direct the Year 7 and 8 production and many parents have been involved.

All parents interested in assisting with the construction of costumes, sets and prop items for our upcoming productions are very welcome to join us in our fun, social working bees. These events have been very successful in the past and the results on stage are always delightful! If you have skills in these areas and would like to assist, please be in contact with the Drama department via email to our production assistant, Ms Michelle Wheeler at: or me at:

Gabrielle Quin
Curriculum Leader: Drama


Music News

Scotch College Brass Festival – Schools Day

On Wednesday 22 March, eleven Genazzano FCJ College students from the Middle School Brass Ensemble travelled to Scotch College to participate alongside some 300 other students in the Inaugural Brass Festival Schools Day. Having accepted an invitation to participate and perform at the festival the Brass Ensemble prepared three works for the day; 'Hail The Conquering Hero' (Handel), 'Film Themes No.3' (arr. R Sims) and 'Intrada from Four Dances' (Peuerl). Our students were joined by the University of Melbourne Brass Department Musicians who presented concerts and workshops throughout the day. The Brass Ensemble had the opportunity to work alongside some of Australia’s leading educators including Jazz performer Ross Irwin, Don Immol (University of Melbourne), Joel Brennan (University of Melbourne) and Genazzano FCJ College staff member, Mr David Farrands.

A highlight for the students was working and performing with other young musicians from local schools including Scotch College, Eltham High School, Blackburn High School, Mentone Girls Grammar and Xavier College.

I would like to thank our trombone teacher, Ms Jessica Jacobs, for all her work in preparing the Brass Ensemble for this day.

Schools Day Brass1.jpg Schools Day Brass2.jpg Schools Day Brass3.jpg

Scotch College Brass Festival – Trumpet Masterclass

Genazzano FCJ College trumpet students, Samantha Miller (Year 12) and Alison Attard (Year 10), accepted an invitation to perform in the Trumpet Masterclass on Tuesday 21 March as part of Scotch College’s Inaugural Brass Festival. The Masterclass was presented by leading Australian and international trumpet performer/educator, Mr Tristram Williams. Mr Williams brought decades of valuable performance and education experience to the class, having held positions with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, University of Melbourne, Monash University and many more. Both Samantha and Alison performed solo repertoire for a small audience of Scotch College students and staff, and represented the College and Brass Department to a very high level. 

I would like to thank our trumpet teacher, Mr David Farrands, for preparing the students for this performance.

Trumpet 1.jpg

Christopher Day
Head of Brass


Careers News

Final Reminder for Year 10 Students - Work Experience

All students in Year 10 must have their work experience form returned to the Careers Department by Tuesday 18 April. It needs to be signed by the student and a parent/guardian and all contact information for the employer and family must be included. We will organise for the form to be signed by the employer and principal. Students have had since October last year to call and email potential employers to obtain their work experience placement for 16 - 20 October. Each day the form is late will result in one demerit point. Please encourage your daughter to make the calls to get the placement sorted before the end of the April school holidays! The new work experience arrangement form can be found online.

School Holiday University Events for Students in Years 10-12

Deakin University, La Trobe University, Monash University and William Angliss Institute are running events during the school holidays for students in Years 10, 11 and 12. The University of Melbourne is running an event for Year 12 students only. It would be well worth taking your daughter to these events to ensure she has all the information she needs around courses, subjects and pathways. For further information go to, Deakin University, Monash University, La Trobe University, University of Melbourne or William Angliss Institute.

Year 12 UMAT Reminder

Students in Year 12 wanting to apply for Medicine at Monash University, as well as Medicine and some other Health related courses interstate, will need to register for the UMAT by Friday 2 June at 5.00pm. For more information, visit the UMAT website.

Excellent Website for Students in Years 9-12

To assist your daughter with her career planning or for you to find out more about what is available in terms of courses, occupations and how to get there, you might like to have a look at the myfuture website. You can register and log in, and your daughter can do the same. You can then do some of the quizzes under ‘My Career Profile’, have a look at Industries and Occupations and/or read the articles under ‘Career Insight’.

Judy O’Donohue
Careers Advisor


Institute of Learning and Brain Sciences News

Learning Activities to Promote Brain Awareness

Last week, 20-24 March, the College celebrated ‘Brain Week.’ We are pleased to have the opportunity to encourage all girls to achieve their best and to have a greater understanding of the functioning of their brains.

The week was a chance for Years 7-12 students to share with their peers their favourite ‘study tips’, which they entered online. The entries were astounding in both their quality and quantity! The winning tips were chosen on the basis of their innovation, effectiveness and creativity, and can be found on this same page.

The Prep to Year 4 students also had an opportunity to further their understanding of the brain in a colouring activity, which focused on colouring the different sections of the brain according to their function. Their work was certainly very artistic and impressive!

The Years 5-6 students were directed towards an interactive web link which taught them about the importance of their brain and its functioning.

We look forward to working with all students of the College in the future, with some more exciting opportunities in store!

Emily Harman and Isabelle Zupan
Learning and Brain Sciences Co-Captains

Launch Event

Institute of Learning and Brain Sciences - Launch EDM Banner.jpg

Genazzano is excited to announce the launch of The Institute of Learning and Brain Sciences websiteWe will mark this event with an evening presentation on Thursday 27 April featuring guest speaker, Andrew Fuller. Andrew is a well-known clinical psychologist, author and speaker. He will present on the topic of 'The Learning Brain: Maximising Academic Potential'Please see the flyer for further details. All are welcome. Event and RSVP details are below.

Date: Thursday 27 April
Time: 7.00pm - 8.30pm
Venue: Madeleine Centre for Music and the Performing Arts

RSVP online by Wednesday 26 April 2017.

Catherine Brandon
Director of Research: Programs and Performance


Sports News

Genazzano Snowsports 2017

Mt Hotham: Wednesday 12 July to Saturday 15 July 2017

Genazzano Snowsports 2017 is designed as a training camp for the Snowsports Race Team; however, some places may be available to students who can ski strongly but are not yet members of the Genazzano program.

Package cost is estimated at $1180 pp (incl. transport, accommodation, meals and lessons). Please contact the Sport Office if you wish to receive an Expression of Interest form.

Matthew Wesson
Director of Sport

From the Sport Co-Captains

Term 1 has been a very successful term for sport at Gen, with great performances and sportsmanship being shown by all girls who participated and represented the school.

The GSV Swim team had their most successful season since 2004 under the great coaching of Mr Amon Soerink, Mr Matt Welsh and Mr Caradoc Markey. After winning the Centenary Meet, the team went on to top Division 2, becoming GSV Div 2 Premiers! This is an outstanding achievement by the entire squad. Furthermore, the depth of the squad was apparent because even though we did not win any of the three age-group trophies, we recorded enough points overall to win the Grand Aggregate trophy!

The GSV Finals Evening Qualifiers was held on Tuesday 28 March at MSAC. Congratulations to Lily Hall (Year 9), who placed 2nd in the Year 9 50m Butterfly, 3rd in the Year 9 50m Freestyle and 4th in the Year 9-10 100m Freestyle. Congratulations also to the Year 12 4x50m Medley Relay team who placed 4th in their race.

The Diving team have had a great year placing 2nd in the GSV Division 3 Carnival. Many girls achieved personal bests, enjoying the friendships formed as well as the unique challenge offered by diving. Under coach Ms Stephanie Brown, the Gen Divers performed strongly, with a highlight of the carnival being our intermediate team: Ella Boyhan (Year 10), Bianca DiMattina (Year 10), Jemima Dwyer (Year 9) and Gemma Crivelli (Year 9) who finished in first place in that age division. Well done girls!

We also congratulate the rowers on their amazing results at HOSG with many of the crews making A Finals and some collecting medals. We also want to wish the girls competing in the Australian Championships all the best. 

Term 1 saw Gen girls competing in softball, tennis and indoor cricket, with girls learning and improving their skills and match play strategies under the watchful eyes of our committed coaches. Congratulations to the Junior A Softball team who qualified for GSV finals but were knocked out in the semi-finals.

Anna Bush & Hannah Macdonald
Sport Co-Captains

Swimming – GenAquatic

GenAquatic Merchandise Sale at Club Night

GenAquatic will have the following merchandise on sale:

  • Club polo’s (adult and child sizes) - $32
  • Hoodies - $55
  • Deck coats - $165

There are only a few sizes available, so first in, best dressed!

Cash and credit cards will be accepted.

The GenAquatic Club uniform is an important way to support the club during competitions. Swimmers wishing to compete should have, at least, a club polo.

2017 National Preparation Meet

Congratulations to Wakana Yoshida who competed in the National Preparation Meet on Sunday 19 March. Wakana finished 4th in the 50m Freestyle and swam a personal best time of 1.02.78 in the 100m Freestyle.

Squad Equipment

It is a requirement that all Squad swimmers have their own swimming equipment. Kickboard, pull buoy, fins, goggles and caps are mandatory. Equipment should not be borrowed from the equipment room or office. Equipment can be purchased at the office or at your local sports store.


The long course (50m pool) season has almost finished and the short course season (25m pool) will be beginning in July. For the next few months, there will be very few competitions as we transition from one season to the other. 

April Timetable         

The long course season will be finishing on Thursday 13 April. This means that most competitions until September will swim in a 25m pool. To mark the end of the season, the Gold squad will be taking a week’s break from Thursday 13 April and then starting on Monday 24 April. 

Amon Soerink
Head Coach Aquatics


College Dates for the Next Fortnight

Saturday 1 April Australian Rowing Championships - Selected Crews (Sydney)
Sunday 2 April Australian Rowing Championships - Selected Crews (Sydney)
Friday 14 April Good Friday
Saturday 15 April Holy Saturday
Sunday 16 April Easter Sunday
Monday 17 April Easter Monday
Tuesday 18 April Term 2 Commences (staff and students return)
Year 9 Immersion Day
Wednesday 19 April GFA Committee Meeting
Thursday 20 April International Sporting Tour Information Evening

Please visit our website for a full list of 2017 Term Dates or our College calendar.


GMA News

Events Held

I have received some wonderful feedback from mums about how much they’ve enjoyed the various events organised this term. My sincere thanks go to the Year Level Reps for their hard work in organising so much in such a short time.

The first Year 5 catch up at Adeney Cafe this year was very well attended. It was wonderful to see so many new mums there. As it was also St Patrick's Day, we celebrated with green icing tea cake and green Lindt chocolates. Thanks to Mrs Jean Losinno for spoiling us all.

Year 5 Catch Up 2.JPG Year 5 Catch Up 3.JPG Year 5 Catch Up 1.JPG

The Year 2 parents also had their first catch up at Adeney Cafe, with seven mums and one dad. Dads are always welcome to join us for our coffee catch ups too!

Ladies Luncheon

The Ladies Luncheon was held on the Friday 24 March with 220 mums enjoying lunch at Kooyong Tennis Club. The string quartet was lovely as a background to the afternoon of chat and laughter. The sweets bar looked beautiful and was very popular! The stalls selling jewellery, chocolates, candles, olive oils and wine gave us an opportunity to purchase a few treats. The event focused on the friendships and social connections. The subcommittee did a wonderful job organising the event. I would like to thank the Chair, Mrs Susan Houlihan, together with Mrs Celeste Morrison, Ms Jo Murray, Mrs Lisa Lo Giudice, Mrs Samantha Redman and Mrs Loretta Gunn for all their hard work.

The raffle raised $2,900 for the FCJ Sisters to assist with the work that the Faithful Companions of Jesus do in the community.

Ladies Lunch 1.jpg Ladies Lunch 2.JPG
Ladies Lunch 4.JPG Ladies Lunch 8.JPG
Ladies Lunch 3.JPG Ladies Lunch 7.JPG

Twilight Open Day

Our last activity for the term was providing refreshments for the Twilight Open Day on Tuesday 28 March. This was well attended and appreciated by parents and children. Thanks very much to the many mums who volunteered to help set up, serve and clean up during the afternoon and evening.  I would like to congratulate and thank Mrs Kerri Stiles and Mrs Cathy Woodhouse for coordinating the volunteers this year and over the previous years

Open Day 1.JPG Open Day 2.JPG 
Open Day 3.JPG Open Day 4.jpg

Wishing you and your families a safe and happy Easter break and I look forward to seeing you next term.

Save the Date

Saturday 23 to Sunday 24 April Year 12 Mums and Daughters Weekend
Monday 1 May GMA Combined Committee and Year Level Reps Meeting
Wednesday 10 May Mothers' Day Mass and Supper
Wednesday 10 May and Thursday 11 May Mothers' Day Stall (ELC to Year 4)
Monday 29 May GMA Committee Meeting

Jacqui Pirone
President, Genazzano Mothers' Association


The Learning Brain: Maximising Academic Potential

Institute of Learning and Brain Sciences - Launch EDM Banner.jpg

Date: Thursday 27 April 2017
Time: 7.00pm - 8.30pm
Venue: Madeleine Centre for Music and the Performing Arts, Genazzano FCJ College
Book online


Community News

Victorian Premier's Reading Challenge

Reading is an essential life skill for everyone and this challenge encourages families to be actively involved in supporting children to read. The challenge invites children and young people to read a set number of books and record their efforts online. It’s a great way to get them talking about reading with friends and family, and to push themselves to read as many books as they can. Join the Challenge today and discover new authors, get expert tips, book recommendations and more. Participation is free. If you would like to join, please fill out the Privacy and Consent Form. For more information and access to the booklist visit the Premier's Reading Challenge website.

Camp Australia: Holiday Fun Adventureland

Holiday Fun Camp Australia.jpg

The countdown to school holiday fun is on! School holidays are on soon - are your kids ready for holiday adventure? We are! Here are some of the awesome activities coming up in the Adventureland Holiday Program:

Mug-nificent:  Open your mind and get your creative groove on, painting your own magnificent mindfulness mug.

BUZZing Scientists: Become a 'Buzzing Scientist' for the day, crafting a steady hand tester and then putting it and your hand-eye coordination to the ultimate test! But don't worry, you won't get a shock!

Co-ordninates for a Quest: North, east, south, west? Solve the puzzle and complete the quest! We'll be navigating our way through various challenges onsite with your very own take home compass.

Recipe for Success: Adventuring is hard work and with hard work comes hunger! Let your inner chef shine as we create dishes from all around the world. You'll even get some take home recipe cards to impress your family and friends! All recipes align with Camp Australia's Healthy Eating Guidelines.

At the Movies: We're off to the movies! What will we be seeing? Check the Holiday Club listings on our website to find out.

To find your closest Holiday Club, register and book, visit: