Newsletter - Edition 6-2016

News from the Principal

Dear members of the Genazzano FCJ College community,

On Sunday, we read from the Gospel of John where Jesus said: “I give you a new commandment: love one another; just as I have loved you.” This reading prompted me to reflect upon the word ‘love’ and the meaning it has for us today, in comparison to when this Gospel was written. Given the specific instruction of Jesus over 2000 years ago, I suspect it was as much a misused word back then as it is today. So, what does it mean to love as Jesus did?

We hear the word ‘love’ used in a range of contexts. We ‘love’ our house, our car, our holiday or even, chocolate. We also use the word ‘love’ to describe our feelings for our spouse, family, friends or children. I think it is quite strange that we use the same word for our feelings towards people as we do when we talk of our possessions. Surely it is not the case that our love for people is the same as our love for possessions? Sunday’s Gospel is prompting us to strive to match the type of love that Jesus encourages us to have. Jesus tells us not just to love one another, but to love as he loved. The core of Jesus’ love for us is sacrificial love: Jesus laid down his life so that we might live. While love is a popular word and an even more popular notion, sacrificial love is not something we hear much about these days, or that we embrace easily. Sacrificial love is demonstrated in actions, not words. There is no point in saying we love someone unless we are prepared to match our words with our actions. It is more than a warm and fuzzy feeling. This love is an intensely practical affair where our love is judged by our kindness, gentleness and patience with each other. If we love as Jesus loved, then we do this with compassion, forgiveness and empathy. This message closely aligns with the values of the founder of the Sisters Faithful Companions of Jesus, Marie Madeleine d’Houet. It is these values that Genazzano FCJ College strives to instil in students.

In celebrating Genazzano Day last Friday, Fr Brendan, in his homily, challenged us to use the foundations of the past to fashion a future that recognises that God dwells within us all and that this divine love calls us to action today. He challenged us to be people of compassion, forgiveness and mercy every day, by recognising that we can make a positive impact when we reach out to the other, as modelled by Jesus. Perhaps this sort of transformative love is the love we learn about from John’s Gospel. Our challenge is to live it!

One of the actions of Gen Day was to raise money for the missionary work of the Sisters FCJ in the Philippines. This is a very practical way we can reach out to the other, and on Gen Day, we do it with much enjoyment, fun and laughter. As one of only two FCJ Colleges in Australia, the impact we can have with the money we raise is significant. For me, experiencing my very first Gen Day, I can truly say the spirit of generosity and giving was well and truly alive. It was a fantastic day that celebrated the 127 year history of this College community. Thanks to all staff and students for your enthusiastic involvement in the day.

On Sunday 17 April, we had the GFA Middle Years Father Daughter Mass, in the College Chapel. It was good to see many fathers attend with their daughters, as it is a meaningful opportunity to gather in faith and prayer. I am grateful to the GFA for organising all the Father Daughter Masses this year.

Last Friday night saw the end to the summer rowing season with the Rowing Presentation Night at the Hawthorn Town Hall. I extend my congratulations to all of our rowers and my thanks to all of our parents who supported the rowing program. The commitment of the parents of the Genazzano Rowing Committee has been extraordinary and I am grateful to each of them. I extend my special thanks to our President of the Rowing Committee, Nicky Vergano, for the outstanding work she did all season in leading and organising the many activities of the committee.

I am sure you will enjoy reading about all the events in this newsletter.

With every blessing

Karen Jebb


Faith and Mission News

One of the great highlights in a school’s annual calendar is undoubtedly its Feast Day. At Genazzano, we celebrate our Feast Day (affectionately called ‘Gen Day’) on the Friday nearest to the Feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel. This year, we gathered to celebrate our Catholic mission and identity in a variety of ways, on 22 April 2016.

The most important of these ways, was our celebration of the Eucharist, led by our College Chaplain and good friend, Fr Brendan Reed. In his homily, Fr Brendan spoke about the importance of remembering the history of Genazzano, but also of taking on the challenge and responsibility of creating the future. He suggested that one of the girls listening might be a House Patron one day, if they are prepared to use their many gifts to their fullest.

Our fundraising this year supported the mission of the Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus in the Philippines. As our College Principal noted in her address, 100% of the money raised goes directly to support this important apostolic work.

Throughout the day, each House performed a dance based around a famous musical. The sheer level of commitment and cooperation on display was testament to the creativity of the girls, and to how much they love their school.

There was fidelity and there was joy; our students have much to be grateful for. Genazzano also has a great deal to thank God for, not the least being the wonderful and talented young people that we have the privilege of welcoming each day.

One of our past students, Catherine Nesbitt, is doing some extraordinary volunteer work in Malawi at the moment. For those wishing to support Catherine’s work, more details can be found in our Latest News section.

We ask for your prayers for the family of Irene O'Connor, who belonged to the Genazzano Mothers' Association for many years and was the President in 1974, and for Terri Blackwell, President of the Genazzano Mothers' Association in 1983. Both Irene and Terri passed away recently. We also pray for Eliza (Year 11), Aimee (Year 9) and Thomas (ELC) Forrest, who lost their Grandfather, Peter recently.

We pray for the Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus in their various ministries throughout the world.

Bill Fitzsimons
Deputy Principal: Faith and Mission


Lord our God, we thank and praise you for the greatness of your love, shown to us in Jesus Christ, who was willing to die for us, to bring us into your family, and to bless us with the life that lasts forever.

We thank you for the new life we celebrate at Easter; help us to keep growing in the life that never comes to an end.

We pray for our families, our friends, and all those we care about; fill them with hope and happiness.

We pray for people who are unhappy today; those who are hungry, or homeless, those who fear violence or harm; may they find protection and peace.

We pray for those who are ill, or facing difficulties; may they find hope in the cross of Christ, and be strengthened by the knowledge of your love.

Lord, accept our prayers and be with us now and always. 

Our Lady of Good Counsel, pray for us.



Student Learning and Wellbeing News

Spreading the Wings

One of the most rewarding moments for any teacher (and parent!) is to see young people spread their wings and demonstrate their leadership skills for the benefit of others. A key value that lies behind Gen’s FCJ heritage is the Ignatian charism of ‘magis’ — of doing ‘more’ for others and thus becoming young women of compassion, conscience, competence and commitment.

As part of ANZAC Day celebrations, Gen girls proudly participated in the Kew RSL Commemorative March, recalling the sacrifice and bravery of Australian soldiers who have served this country in various arenas of war. On Wednesday, Gen girls in leadership positions participated in the Victoria SRC Regional Conference, hosted by Genazzano. Our girls and students from six other colleges explored how to better work collegially rather than relying on their own individual talents — a wonderful life skill to develop in their secondary school years.

Gen students will continue their participation in the very successful Catholic Education Melbourne initiative, ‘Time to Shine’ again this year. This performing arts gala celebrates the outstanding gifts and talents that exist in Catholic schools. ‘Time to Shine’ has been the launching point for the next generation of Australia’s talented performers.

On 29 May 2016, four Year 9 students and two staff will depart for the three week Kimberley Exchange program. These girls provide a practical witness to the commitment of our College in working towards justice and reconciliation, sentiments which underpin of our Gen Acknowledgement of the Land, which we proclaim at the commencement of all formal gatherings at the College, namely “to continue to strive for reconciliation and justice for all Australians.”

On 6 June 2016, 14 students and three staff depart for the Timor Leste immersion. "While our Gen girls are very conscious of supporting the needs of others, they are also aware of the importance of firsthand experience. It is a key formative element in the growth and maturity of young people that they have opportunities to enter other worlds, societies, and cultures different from their own. Such opportunities create a wonderful shock of recognition AND difference. Without the empathy and compassion that follows from such an experience there can be no real genuine dialogue and compassion of one culture for another." [from 2014 Weekly Times Education Magazine]

Lila McInerney
Deputy Principal: Student Learning and Wellbeing


News from ELC

Earth Day

Celebrating Earth Day and focusing on sustainable practices have sustained the children’s interest in the ELC. On Friday 22 April, the children were asked to wear Earth coloured clothing, as a sign of recognition that our ELC community are the future supporters and carers of the world we live in. We read the book ‘10 Things I Can Do To Help My World’ and asked the children to think of ways they can contribute to help their environment:

What happens to rubbish?

“If you don't put your rubbish in the bin it gets so smelly you can't breathe.” Diego
“Sometimes when I go for an adventure with my family I see plastic bottles. It's smelly.” Connor
“I see lots of rubbish around the world but I don't touch it because it's yucky.” Joaquín
“I see glass too. Broken.” Connor
“You could cut your finger or feet.” Miles D

Where does paper come from?

“The paper shop. From the paper factory. I saw it." Rey
“From a printer.” Charlie
“They cut some trees down & put it in a machine to make it flat.” Miles D

How can you save energy?

“I see a little red light when I turn the TV off but then I turn it off at the wall.” - Joaquin
“You don't need to make what the person next to you is making.” - Millie
“Because if you are big you can walk but if your little you can't.” - Millie
“You might be late.” - Angus
“A car uses petrol. If it runs out you can't go.” - Miles D
“You use energy to walk and you need food to get energy” - Miles D
“If you walk, it's good exercise.” - Madison
“Seeds. Plant seeds.” - Gabby
“You put glass in the glass bin.” - Millie

In ELC3 the children observed a picture of the planet earth.

What do you think the picture is about?

“Circles” - Christopher
“Circle” - Ethan
“A circle” - Coco P
“Circle” - Coco L
“A circle” - Stephanie

What colour is the circle?

“I can see blue and green” - Christopher
“Blue and green” - Stephanie
“Circle, blue” - Ethan
“Blue” - Coco P
“Green” - Coco L

What do we call this blue and green circle?

“The earth. We live on earth.” - Christopher
“Blue” - Coco

What is the blue?

“I don’t know.” - Christopher
“Water” - Stephanie

What is the green?

“Leaves” - Stephanie
“Maybe some paint.” - Christopher
“Grass” - Christopher

Who lives on the planet earth?

“Me” - Christopher
“Me” - Ethan
“Me” - Alex
“Me” - Coco L

The children participated in creating a planet Earth, representing the blue and green colours with either collage materials or paint. The children were encouraged to bring old newspaper from home to reuse and recycle it into something new. They discovered that an old piece of newspaper can be reused into a hat or cape to wear.

IMG_9566.JPG IMG_9785.JPG
IMG_9780.JPG IMG_9564.JPG

Alison Lucas
Director, Early Learning Centre


News from Early Years

If you have had the opportunity to pass by the Prep to Year 1 classrooms in Grange Hill recently, you may have noticed a very realistic looking campfire, set up just outside the library door. It is all part of our Prep to Year 2 Inquiry Unit, focusing on how the first peoples of this nation respected and appreciated the land over which they were custodians. The girls have been exploring the importance of sustainability and environment to the Aboriginal culture and how their lives were governed by the various seasons. You may even spot a kangaroo or platypus lurking nearby, or see some bush berries on our fabulous wall display.

P1010895 (1).jpg P1020036.jpg

The Early Years students acknowledged the courage and bravery of our ANZAC soldiers as they landed at Gallipoli over a hundred years ago with a beautiful ANZAC Day Liturgy. Observing a minute’s silence after the playing of the Last Post, the girls reverently collected a poppy before returning to their classrooms. During the liturgy, the students explored the beautiful story ‘ANZAC Biscuits’ by Phil Cummings, an age appropriate way of exploring the concept of war.


Gen Day, of course, was the highlight of the week for many of our Grange Hill girls and they all arrived in their Disney Musical themed costumes. Following a beautiful Gen Day Liturgy, the girls opened the House competition with their Gen Day dance, under the guidance of the Prep to Year 8 Prefect, Isabella Biffi. What an awesome job they did!


Last night, Thursday 28 April, saw 17 girls take part in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, either receiving the sacrament or journeying with their classmates while they did so. The girls read beautifully as they prepared to receive the sacrament. The presence of Sister Deirdre Browne ibvm, composer of the beautiful hymn ‘Come as You Are’, which was sung as part of the liturgy, was a very special moment for the girls. Fr Peter and Fr Glen really helped put the girls at ease and truly enjoy this very special moment in their lives.

Jacqueline Horgan
Director of Early Years


News from Middle Years

GenSTAR visit from 'Values For Life'

On Wednesday 20 April 2016, Tim and Andrew from 'Values for Life' came to speak to Year 5, as part of our GenSTAR program. They spoke to us about bouncing back and the skill of being resilient. They also spoke to us about managing feelings and friendships. We got to answer questions and be really involved.

First, they talked about how everyone has bad days and how to manage them. Andrew made up a silly song about what things can happen to you on bad days. Andrew also told us a story about when he went rock climbing up a cliff without a harness and took it one step at a time, just like you should in a bad situation.

After that, Tim spoke to us about friendships. Tim got some volunteers to act out a role play about a school bully. The characters were: a banana peel, poodle, grumpy old granny, a rich business woman, the recorder world champion and, of course, the cool dude who was the school bully. It was hilarious!

We learned many pieces of useful information that may come in handy in the future. It was such a great experience!

Sarah Egan and Chloe Lamberti
Year 5A

Field Trip to Maroondah Dam

On 12 April 2016, three Year 7 Geography classes went for a field trip to Maroondah Dam. It was a very exciting day, collecting information about Melbourne’s water supply and enjoying the natural environment. All of a sudden, two rainbow lorikeets landed on Caterina’s head and shoulders; it was as if they were checking out our work. We all enjoyed the day and thought it was a great learning experience.

Caterina and lorikeets.jpg

Caterina Stella and Georgia Ghantous
Year 7D

ANZAC Day Reflection

On 21 April 2016, all the Year 7s gathered in the Chapel for an ANZAC Day Prayer Service, to commemorate the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. We all entered the Chapel respectfully and calmly, to remember the great sacrifices that were made.  We listened to an explanation of the symbolism of a poppy and how it was the first plant life to grow after the great battle.

We heard 'The Last Post' play and took a minute’s silence to reflect on how the many brave soldiers sacrificed their lives. The atmosphere was one of remembrance and respect.

As the Year 7 students left the Chapel, they were given a poppy to symbolise the ANZACS. They were worn with pride.

Marnie Hourigan
Year 7A


News from All Hallows

Year 9 Drama Creators and Performers: Immersion Day

On Tuesday 12 April 2016, the Year 9 Drama: Creators and Performers class were involved in an Immersion Day. It began with a tour of the Arts Centre Melbourne and Hamer Hall. Our tour guide, Meg, told us many fascinating stories about the history and architecture of the building. An interesting story was how during the mid 1990s, a group of protesters climbed the huge spire on top of the building where they discovered a large crack and many clear signs of deterioration throughout the structure. However, soon after this spire was removed, a new, stronger and taller one was built in its place.

IMG_0643.JPG IMG_0633.JPG

We learned that the State Theatre is the largest theatre in the southern hemisphere and second largest in the world. A highlight of the tour was also seeing the room that was specifically designed for Princess Diana, who opened Hamer Hall.

We then went to the Malthouse Theatre and participated in a character-building workshop. We learned different variations of character traits such as posture (e.g. concave or convex), voice (e.g. loud or soft) and stride (e.g. short or long steps). Through selecting different traits from a scale, it showed us that the lower end of the scale could involve naturalistic and neutral body positions while the higher end of the scale taught us body movement that could be used in a non-naturalistic performance. By creating traits for a character, you can immediately begin to imagine their story and their motives. To challenge and use our physicality after learning these new skills, we participated in improvisation scenes, which were created with a simple scenario or character motive. Overall, the workshop was very useful in preparation for our solo piece.


We also visited The National Gallery of Victoria. We were shown the stimulus for a piece we are working on in class, our mini solo. Our main stimulus is an oil painting by Frederick McCubbin, 'Lost'. It is a painting of a lost girl in the Victorian bushland. The class will create their own solo performances based on the character of ‘The Lost Girl’ and her story. While we were at the gallery, we asked questions about early European settlers’ interactions with the Australian bush, what dramatic elements could be utilised and what exposure to such a harsh environment would feel like. By visiting the gallery we had the opportunity to seek inspiration from other artworks and explore ideas for our character performances for ourselves.

Emma Fitt, Mia Guglielmi and Juliette Noonan
Year 9


Drama News

VCE Drama Unit 3 Ensemble Performance

Today, the Year 12 Drama class participated in a VCE Ensembles Workshop at the Malthouse Theatre, together with other schools from around Victoria.


The workshop was designed to encourage sharing of techniques used in contemporary theatre practice. Our students presented scenes from the ensemble that they are devising around the theme of 'Outer Space'. The workshop provided the students with the opportunity to show their work in development and receive feedback from invited specialists and peers.

The College community is invited to attend a performance of the Year 12's completed ensemble, on Monday 9 May 2016 at 6.30pm in the Wardell Theatre. No tickets are required.

Alison Heard
VCE Drama Teacher

VCE Theatre Studies

VCE Theatre Studies Units 1&2 are performing scenes from Mary Zimmerman’s ‘Metamorphoses’, based on Ovid’s famous myths. The performances are on the 18 and 19 of May in the Wardell Theatre at 7.00pm. The students have been rehearsing and designing sets, costumes, sound, props and make-up to make an amazing show.

POSTER 12.jpg

Tickets are on sale at online.

Don’t miss out!

Gabrielle Quin
Curriculum Leader: Drama


Sports News

From the Director of Sport

Chloë McCardel


Genazzano Alumna, Chloë McCardel, will be immortalised in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame, at just 30 years of age. She is a world record holder for the longest, solo, unassisted marathon swim and has so far completed 13 English Channel solo crossings.

Chloë will be inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame (IMSHOF), joining a list of Australian greats of the sport, including Linda McGill (inducted 1968) and Des Renford (inducted 1978). She will be the youngest member in this Hall of Fame. The induction will take place in a special ceremony in Los Angeles on 4 November 2016.

And, in a first for a swimmer, Chloë will be awarded the Poseidon Award from the International Swimming Hall of Fame (ISHOF). The Poseidon Award is to recognise her outstanding year in 2015. On 9 August 2015, after 36hrs 12min of continuous swimming, she became the first Australian and fourth person in history, to swim a triple continuous crossing of the English Channel. In addition, only five weeks earlier, she in total swam six solo crossings of the English Channel.

The International Swimming Hall of Fame, who bestows The Poseidon Award, does so to recognise a high level achievement from personal effort or initiative in a field of endeavour. It contributes to the performance of marathon swimmers or to the development and status of Marathon Swimming to the world.

Congratulations Chloë, we are all very proud of your efforts and achievements.

New Zealand Netball Tour 2016

On Tuesday 26 April 2016, the Genazzano touring teams played matches after school, against Botany Downs Secondary College from Auckland, New Zealand.

Two close matches took place, with Gen winning the A Grade and Botany Downs the B Grade. After the matches, players and coaches enjoyed a small afternoon tea and the opportunity to have a chat about netball and the visit of our teams to New Zealand in June.

SSV News from Mr Adrian Daly

The Year 3 to 6 students are coming towards the business end of their cross country season, with the Armadale District Carnival three weeks away on Monday 23 May 2016. With the help of Monica Clarke, Georgia Mort and Mr Daly, the girls have been attending training to improve endurance and race-pace for distance running. Running trials will take place during training on Thursday 5 May 2016 and Monday 9 May 2016 to determine who will represent Genazzano at the carnival.

Congratulations to girls who have been representing Genazzano at recent SSV Team VIC selection trials for basketball and netball, including Sarah Calvisi, Ruby Vanden Boom, Lia Siniakov and Kristen Smith. They have attended competitive division trials that cover large numbers of schools and have all done themselves proud. In particular, well done to Sarah, who progressed to the Regional level for both netball and basketball.


The Metro All Junior Competition consists of 56 events and was held over two days recently at MSAC. Swimmers aged 14 and under compete in this most competitive junior event. We congratulate the following Genazzano students, who swam at the All Juniors:

  • Caitlyn Crawley, Year 6C
  • Alice Evans, Year 3 (1st in 50m Backstroke, with a time of 45.07)

Matthew Wesson
Director of Sport

From the Sports Prefects: Kaitlin and Eliza

Sport Profile

Eliza Vale.jpg

Name: Eliza Vale (Year 10 Winter 4)
Sport: Australian Football
When did you start playing AFL? I was interested in and began having a kick when I was in kinder, but then I started AusKick in Prep, when I was about six.
What position do you play in AFL? Wing/midfield
What does your normal training week consist of?

  • Monday: Training for Calder Cannons
  • Tuesday: Day off
  • Wednesday: Training for Vic Metro
  • Thursday: Training for Melbourne Uni Youth Girls (club)
  • Sunday: AFL match

What is your greatest achievement? To be selected as an emergency for U18 Vic Metro Squad
Who is your favourite sporting role model? My great uncle, who was an Essendon Premiership Captain or Emma Kearney who played in the Women’s Exhibition match.
What number are you for your teams? Either number 5 after Emma Kearney or number 23 after my great uncle.

Genazzano AFL Umpiring Academy

On 24 April 2016, three Gen girls from the AFL umpiring academy travelled to Port Melbourne Football Club: North Port Oval, to umpire representative matches.

Mara Lunn (Year 11) boundary umpired the Under 22 Vic Metro VS Vic Country Girls teams who were the curtain raisers for the exhibition match between The Australian Defence Force (ADF) and Victorian Women’s Football League All Stars (VWFL). This match was boundary umpired by both Hannah Macdonald (Year 11) and Kaitlin Barr (Year 12).


It was a fantastic opportunity and gave all of the girls an extremely valuable experience that they can carry with them in future games.

Eliza Straford and Kaitlin Barr
Sport Prefects


Careers News

Subject Selection: Years 10 and 11 students

With subject selection, it is vital students know what they need to get into courses (pre-requisites) and then ensure they choose subjects where they will do well. The Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC) is a good place to start finding courses of interest, through their search engine, and to find pre-requisite subjects for every course and university in Victoria, through their publications online e.g. VICTER 2018 (for Current Year 11s). Year 10 pre-requisite subjects will be released in July. Visit the VTAC website for more information.

GFA ‘Talking Careers’: Monday 9 May 2016 at 7.30pm

The GFA are running their annual careers event for students and their families in Years 9-11. Alumnae, parents and friends of the College will talk in small groups about their occupations, how they got there, what it is really like, and what they like and dislike about their roles. Your daughter can hear from a range of presenters including an accountant, architect, dentist, doctor, event manager, forensics/IT specialist, lawyer, marketer, speech pathologists and many more. Don’t let your daughter(s) miss out on this great opportunity to learn what is involved in a role on a day to day basis, and to ask lots of questions before decisions around subject selection and courses are made.

VCE & Careers Expo: 7-8 May 2016

The Age VCE and Careers Expo will be held at the Caulfield Racecourse on the weekend of 7-8 May 2016. It will be an opportunity to gather a great deal of careers information and attend workshops of interest with your daughter(s). Tertiary representatives from all over Australia will be there to help you. For all information, go to the VCE and Careers Expo website

Judy O'Donohue
Careers Advisor


Performance Psychology News

The City of Boorondara is hosting the following opportunities, free for parents and young people:

Plugged In: Keeping Young People Screen Safe

Date: Tuesday 24 May 2016
Time: 7.00pm-8.30pm
Venue: Auburn High School, Burgess St, East Hawthorn
Cost: Free

Increase awareness of cyber safety for young people and how to respond to the emerging issues that arise from the digital world. The forum will cover important topics including:

  • balancing online time
  • cyberbullying
  • online gaming and gambling
  • unwanted contact
  • sexting
  • prohibited or illegal content.

Parents of young people aged 10 to14 years are encouraged to attend, as internet usage starts to increase in this age group.

Tuning into Teens™

Date: Wednesday 25 May 2016 (weekly sessions over 6 weeks)
Venue: 360Youth Resource Centre
Cost: Free

Tuning into Teens™ aims to help parents and their adolescent manage the many emotional challenges of this stage of life. Tuning into Teens™ is a six-week parenting program, run one evening a week, for one and a half hours. The program will teach parents how to manage their own and their adolescent’s emotions in ways that help them to remain close and keep communicating. These are factors that have been found to reduce the risk of mental health issues and substance misuse problems. For more information and program details, please contact Vanessa Virgato via 9835 7824 or

Upcoming Activities for Young People @ 360 

Starting in May, Boroondara Youth Services will be hosting regular weekly activities for young people, aged 10-25 and the 360Youth Resource Centre. No need to register or enrol, just drop in and join us for:

  • Creative Arts: Mondays from 3.30pm-5.30pm
  • Mid-Week Cook Ups: Wednesdays from 3.30pm-5.30pm

Catherine Brandon
Director of Research: Programs and Performance


College Dates for the Next Fortnight

Sunday 1 May

Genazzano Alumnae Gen Day Mass

Monday 2 May, 7.00pm

Year 5 Camp Information Evening

Monday 2 May

Thinking Deeply @ Gen (Years 5-6)

Tuesday 3 May

Thinking Deeply @ Gen (Years 7-8)

Thursday 5 May

Early Years Mothers’ Day Stall

Friday 6 May

Early Years Mothers’ Day Assembly

Wednesday 4 May

House Athletics

Monday 9 May

VCE Drama Units 3&4 Ensembles: SPACE

Monday 9 May

GFA Talking Careers Evening

Tuesday 10 May – Thursday 12 May

NAPLAN Testing

Friday 13 May

Flute Ensembles Concert

Please visit our website for a full list of 2016 Term Dates or our College calendar.


News from the GMA

Our second combined Year Level Reps and Committee meeting was held Monday 18 April. We had a good attendance, with most of the year levels now having all their functions organised for the year.

The GMA has also been working on the Association’s constitution, which was last updated in 2005. The document provides guidelines and definitions relating to the GMA's structure, membership and operations. A draft has been distributed and we are asking for feedback by the end of April, so that a final draft can be prepared for the next Committee meeting in May. Feedback can be sent to the GMA President at

The GMA Vice President is now responsible for distribution of Year Level Social Event invitations, so please look out for emails from in your inbox. If you are not receiving emails from the GMA, please contact us so that we can update our database.

Recent Year Level Events


During the holidays, the Preps attended a production of ‘Pinocchio’ at The Doncaster Playhouse. They thoroughly enjoyed the performance and a great time was had by all, young and old.

Prep Pinocchio event term 1 2_0.jpg Prep Pinocchio event term 1_0.jpg

Year 2 Bowling

The Year 2 families went ten pin bowling on Saturday evening at Strike Bowling in Melbourne and had a lot of fun trying to get those pins to lie down!

GMA Annual Gala Ball

Our major fundraising event for the year, the GMA Gala Ball, is being held at the RACV Club on Saturday 20 August 2016, so mark this event in your calendars. The excitement is building as preparations are being made for our ‘African Rhythms’ themed evening. Raffle tickets will be sent home soon with some great prizes on offer to the lucky winners.

Mothers’ Day

The Mothers’ Day Mass and Supper will be hosted by the GMA on Wednesday 4 May 2016. Each year we offer a supper after Mass which is always well attended. If you can contribute by baking or helping the Year 11 mums to serve on the evening, please contact Anne Dunstan via

Marisa de Maria is busy preparing for the Mothers’ Day Stall on Thursday 5 May. Students from Prep to Year 4 will have an opportunity to buy mum and grandma a special gift.

Entertainment Books – Great Mothers’ Day Gift

For those who are looking for the gift that keeps on giving – Entertainment Books are available to order now. They are the same price as last year ($65) and include many new restaurants. Contact Cathy Frawley (0421 010 347 or to reserve your copy. This year there will be a hard copy or a digital copy. Great Mothers’ Day gift idea!

Save the dates for Term 2!

Saturday 30 April

Year 12 Parent's Social Evening

Sunday 1 May

Year 5 Mum and Daughter Breakfast

Wednesday 4 May

Mothers’ Day Mass and Supper

Thursday 5 May

Mothers’ Day Stall Prep to Year 4

Sunday 15 May

Year 7 Mum and Daughter Dinner

Sunday 22 May

Year 8 Mum and Daughter Breakfast

Monday 30 May

GMA Committee Meeting

Carmel Greer
President, Genazzano Mothers' Association


News from the GFA

It’s been a busy start to Term 2 for the GFA, and there is much excitement just around the corner.

GFA Father-Daughter Mass

The GFA Father-Daughter Mass for the Middle Years (Years 5-8) was held on 17 April 2016. More than 85 girls and dads attended the Mass, for what was a very special morning. Big thanks to Fr John Martis for sharing mass with us, to the students, College staff and fathers who were involved and attended, and to the dads who helped with the sumptuous breakfast afterwards - Boris Buick, Domenic Ridolfi, Richard Slatterie and Julian Di Battista. We raised $344 for the FCJ missions on the day.

Mass 1.jpg Mass 2.jpg
Mass 3.jpg Mass 4.jpg

GFA Winemakers Dinner

The 5th GFA Winemakers Dinner is on 29 April 2016 at Yiannis Tavern. “ώρα για πάρτ!!” – this is Greek for “It’s time to party!!” This is an event that will bring our community together in a fun-filled environment, whilst supporting sales of our GFA Wine Range that help to drive GFA funding efforts. Not too late to come along tonight. Cost is $90 per head. To RSVP, send me an email at, or book online.

GFA ELC to Year 4 BBQ

Calling all ELC to Year 4 families, it’s time to get excited about the GFA ELC to Year 4 Family BBQ, held next Friday, 6 May 2016 from 5.00pm-8.30pm, on the grounds of the Madeleine Centre. This is a brand new event for 2016 and one that we are all very excited about – there will be a jumping castle and face painting for the young ones, and a delicious GFA BBQ for all to enjoy – RSVP via email to

GFA Father-Daughter Camps

Bookings are now open for the Year 8 (14-15 May 2016) and Year 7 (28-29 May 2016) GFA Father-Daughter camps. Our girls love these camps, so get in early so you and your daughter don’t miss out. I need helpers to organise both camps, so if you can step up and help please send me an email at

GFA Emails

Keep up to date with the GFA: emails are the best way for the GFA to keep dads up to date with what is happening so if these are not reaching you please let me know and you will be added to the distribution list.

Save the dates for Term 2!

Friday 29 April

GFA Winemakers Dinner

Friday 6 May

ELC to Year 4 Family BBQ

Monday 9 May

GFA Talking Careers Evening

Saturday 14 May – Sunday 15 May

Year 8 Father-Daughter Camp

Saturday 28 May – Sunday 29 May

Year 7 Father-Daughter Camp

Remember that to be a father is a gift, to be a Gen dad is a rare privilege that we celebrate by Loving, Laughing and Making a Difference.

Rob Bischof
President, Genazzano Fathers’ Association


Latest News

  1. ANZAC Commemorative March

  2. Genazzano Day 2016

  3. Gen Alumnae Helping to Fight Famine


ANZAC Commemorative March

On Sunday 24 April, four Genazzano students accompanied by three teachers participated in the ANZAC Commemorative March in Kew. Below is a reflection of the event, by Georgette Tange, Juliette Noonan, Grace Burnes, and Mia Robertson (Year 9):

EDM Banner.jpg

We participated in the march, not only as students of Genazzano but as Australians remembering the sacrifices of all ANZACs and the other troops that fought on the battlefields of World War 1. It was a solemn experience that was meaningful to us and made us feel as though we really were honouring and remembering those who fought in WW1.

The event linked in with our current unit in our History class, World War 1. We were accompanied by our History teachers: Ms Bent, Ms Everitt, and Mr Annett. Participating in the march gave us an insight to what actually happened, how WW1 affected so many people and how we remember and perceive the great sacrifices made by many.

We started at Kew RSL, with other representatives marching with us. There were past and current members and representatives of the Australian military and armed forces. Local community groups such as Scout clubs and schools were also present.

Two of us laid wreaths while the two other girls carried the Genazzano banner. All the wreath layers were called to the front of the procession and were called one by one to lay their wreaths in front of the memorial. Students from other schools, current serving soldiers and important people from the community all laid wreaths, to pay their respects to the soldiers that lost their lives in the Battle of Gallipoli during WW1. 

It was a rewarding experience and we, as students, felt as though we were a part of the greater community.


Genazzano Day 2016

Genazzano Day 2016 was a huge success and full of many exciting events. To begin the day, a Mass was celebrated with the school community, bringing together all Houses to reflect on the journey of our College. After recess, three of the Houses, Stock, d’Houet and Gerda, shared their outstanding performances, focusing on the theme of musicals.  After lunch, Corry, Douglas and Winter displayed their efforts. All Houses showed great enthusiasm, leadership and sense of community when sharing their work with the College.

Congratulations to all the Prefects for their outstanding work in the preparation for this great day - Emma Borin, Amelia Scopece, Melanie James, Michaela Weinstein, Lucy Davies and Alexandra Jones.

The school community raised money for the Sisters, FCJ in the Philippines. This money was raised through various activities, such as the Chocolate Throw, a Haunted House, a Disco and Karaoke. The students were able to raise enough money to get Ms Jebb up on stage to sing a song.  Thank you to all staff and students for their contribution to the day.

Photo Gallery

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Claire Hesse
House Co-ordinator


Gen Alumnae Helping to Fight Famine

Recent Genazzano graduate and boarder, Catie Nesbitt, has chosen to defer starting university this year, to spend some time helping others in need. Catie is living and working in the small town of Chifunga, in the African country of Malawi. Chifunga is so remote, Google Maps is unable to find it.

Here, she is working as a medical assistant in the small Chifunga Health Clinic, through the worldwide organisation, Latitude Global Volunteering. Along with other volunteers, Catie has made an extraordinary commitment to helping make a change.

"It is a 45-minute walk to get food supplies. There is no electricity or running water. We sleep on the ground, using thin hospital mattresses. We have a pit latrine, a shed for bucket showers where you slop around in bird faeces instead of shiny tiles, and we cook over a small coal fire," she said.

"It averages 37C, but we have grown used to the constant mix of sweat and dirt that smears our bodies."

As a medical assistant, Catie is conducting malaria and HIV tests; even delivering babies. She is hoping this placement will help her studies when she returns to Australia in June to do medicine. After which, she is hoping to return to Africa and see if she can do more good as the doctor, rather than just as an assistant.

"Many of the students have to walk for up to four hours on an empty stomach just to get to school," Catie said.

"As you can imagine, cars are almost non-existent here, and unless a family is wealthy enough to own a bicycle, students walk to receive their education. However, this 'education' may come in the form of sitting in a classroom, hours on end, waiting for a teacher to show up."

Malawi has now been declared to be in a state of severe starvation.

To help, Catie created 'Fight the Famine'. Through this project, she is hoping to shed light on this issue, raising awareness in the community back here in Melbourne and Moama, where she is from. She hopes to raise money to help the students who are dropping out of school because their families cannot afford the A$14.50 annual school fees to send them, and raise funds to start a breakfast program for the secondary school.

"It will be the first of its kind in Malawi, aiming to provide a sufficient breakfast program before school each morning to the secondary students of Chifunga secondary school.

"To feed the school of 300 students, breakfast every day, for a year, is estimated to cost about A$6000. Just A$20 will feed one student breakfast for the whole year.

"As well as this, we are starting a bursary to fund students to attend school consistently, attempting to eradicate a family’s financial insecurities in order to limit disruptions and knowledge formation in the classroom.

"We have calculated $A1000 will send 69 Malawian students to school for a whole year."

To help Catie and her cause, you can donate to the Fight the Famine project via the Give a Little website.

Article adapted from Riverine Herald, 15 April 2016



Genazzano Fathers' Association Winemakers Dinner

Friday 29 April 2016
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Genazzano Alumnae Gen Day Mass

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Sunday 1 May 2016
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ACRATH Benefit Concert 2016


Friday 20 May 2016
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Class of 1966: 50 Year Reunion

Saturday 21 May 2016
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Litfest Grange Hill Bedtime Storytelling Night


Tuesday 7 June 2016
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Litfest: The Kids' Bookshop Event - An Evening with Leigh Hobbs


Date: Wednesday 8 June 2016
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Litfest Dinner


Wednesday 15 June 2016
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Community News

ACRATH Benefit Concert 2016

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