Newsletter - Edition 6-2017

News from the Principal

Dear members of the Genazzano FCJ College community,

I extend my warm greetings to you as we begin Term 2 and trust that the Easter Season, with its promise of hope, has touched you deeply over this holiday break. As we overcome our chocolate indulgences, this new term, with its opportunities and challenges, will be greeted with rigour, eagerness and passion.

The Lenten Liturgy we celebrated at the end of Term 1 was a truly reflective and contemplative experience for all who were present, as our girls entered Centenary Hall in silent prayerfulness. The reflective atmosphere was enhanced by the beautiful singing of the choir chanting, "Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom". The music, the liturgical actions of our College Prefects, and the use of symbolism contributed to the meaningful atmosphere as we reflected on the significance of our 2017 College theme, ‘In Unity we Serve’. Our College theme was further highlighted through the Holy Thursday Gospel reading from St John of, ‘Jesus Washes the Disciples’ Feet’. Interspersed through this prayer service were several personal reflections from student representatives from Years 5-12 that reminded us all that as Faithful Companions we are called to serve others as modelled by Jesus. There was a heightened sense of unity as we reflected on the special meaning of Lent and Easter together.

In the spirit of our annual College theme, I would also like to extend my gratitude to all students and staff who have worked actively through the Season of Lent to raise money for the work of Caritas Australia by generously donating to its Project Compassion Appeal. The fundraising events at the College not only demonstrated the generosity of this FCJ learning community but also raised awareness of the Christian imperative to give help to those who are battling poverty, as well as natural or man-made disasters. Project Compassion has become an essential element in the Catholic parish and school landscape over the past 50 years, and the financial support and awareness raised has changed the lives of many people all around the world. It brings to life the true meaning of our Easter story, the gift of hope and new unimaginable beginnings in the midst of the challenges of life.

As Gen Day approaches at the end of next week, our fundraising focus will move towards supporting the work of the FCJ Missions, specifically the Sisters FCJ community and their work in the Philippines. While we will gather together for our Gen Day Mass and enjoy the festivities of the day, we know that every cent raised will be used by the Sisters to provide education, health care and resources for the very poor communities in the Philippines. Gen Day provides us with a further opportunity for our College theme to be enacted and so we encourage our girls who earn pocket money or have a part-time job to donate some of their own earnings on this day. This reminds me of the beautiful story from Mark’s Gospel (12:41-44):

Jesus sat down opposite the treasury, and watched the crowd putting money into the treasury. Many rich people put in large sums. A poor widow came and put in two small copper coins, which are worth a penny. Then he called his disciples and said to them, ‘Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put in more than all those who are contributing to the treasury. For all of them have contributed out of their abundance; but she out of her poverty has put in everything she had, all she had to live on.

Gen Day always promises to be a day of great joy in celebrating our College’s unique Catholic and FCJ identity. It marks who we are as a community and states how we endeavour to faithfully serve the wider community. It is our special day of celebration; a celebration of the wonderful community that we have and all that we are grateful for. Most importantly, it is also a day to give to others who are less fortunate than ourselves. We are blessed with wonderful lives - we have homes, people who love and support us in safe environments, we never go hungry and we have many comforts and possessions we really could live without. Such a life is in contrast to many in our world and so, in the spirit of the poor widow, Gen Day is a time to share our fortune with others.

I look forward to joining our students and staff in the joyful celebration of Gen Day and trust that everyone will have an especially enjoyable day. May it bring us all closer together as a faith-filled community and may we know the pleasure of giving to others. 

With the departure of Mr Bill Fitzsimons at the end of last term, I am delighted to announce that Mr Charles Watt has accepted the role of Deputy Principal – Faith and Mission. Charles brings much experience and wisdom to the role and I am looking forward to working with him in this capacity.

As we returned to school on Tuesday, we received the sad news that Sr Mary Kennedy, fcJ died on Easter Sunday. Sr Mary was a teacher at Genazzano FCJ College from 1960 to 1966. She was the sister of Sr Margaret Mary Kennedy, fcJ, who as you are aware, died late last term. It is a sad time for the Sisters FCJ and so I know they will appreciate your prayers. The vigil will be held at the Genazzano FCJ College Chapel on Thursday 27 April at 7.30pm, and the funeral service will be held at Mary MacKillop Aged Care Chapel on Friday 28 April at 11.30am.

With every blessing,

Karen Jebb

Faith and Mission News

“He is risen as he said, Alleluia!” (Matthew 28:6)

It is hard to believe that little more than a fortnight ago the College was capping off a busy and productive term, with Mission Reps collecting final donations for Project Compassion in Homeroom and girls in RE classes exploring how the Season of Lent helps us prepare for the resurrection of Jesus at Easter. 

Over the holiday break, we were informed of growing tensions on the Korean Peninsula; confronted with the horrible news of lives lost in the floods of New South Wales; and witnessed the horrifying images of children dying from sarin gas in Syria. Against those distressing events and experiences, many Gen families attended and celebrated the three great days that commemorate the heart of our faith: Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday. At the centre of the Christian faith is the assertion that our God is not a distant and indifferent deity. He is a God who comes among us, walks on our earth, touches us, looks upon us with loving eyes, shares our human condition and all it involves, and loves us to such a degree he gives his life for us by dying on a cross. This is a divine love that knows no bounds. And the story does not end there - Jesus rises from the dead. New life comes out of horrible suffering and death, and as such, Christ’s resurrection says that death does not have the last word. Undying love has the last word. And that continues to be a much-needed message for our world 2000 years after Jesus’ crucifixion.

Faith and Mission 21042017.png

It is no accident that the beautiful circular FCJ ‘charism painting’ or ‘mandala’ has an Easter message to it: it depicts the life-giving cross and the symbol of the Eucharist at its centre. The cross and the Eucharist, which we focus on during Easter, were central to the faith of Marie Madeleine d’Houet. Each weekday morning, hundreds of Gen girls walk through the sliding doors of Student Services and pass that FCJ mandala on their way to a new day of learning, growing and loving with their friends and teachers. As we approach Gen Day, I like to imagine that the mandala symbolises the daily blessing of the Sisters FCJ on all our daily endeavours.

The coming weeks of Term 2 mark a change of ‘seasons’ at a number of different levels. We move from Lent to Easter; the College Chapel is decorated in the celebratory white colours of Easter, and Homeroom prayer tables have moved from the purple of Lent to the white of Easter. Autumn leaves now wash our footpaths and colour our lawns, the days contract and become cooler, Gen girls proudly wear their winter uniform to and from school. Religious Education classes will reflect on the story of Easter and how Jesus’ resurrection calls all of us to be his faithful companions in our world today. We pray that the Risen Jesus we have commemorated at Easter continues to be a real presence in a world that is both broken and blessed.

Each Thursday morning, from 8.10am - 8.25am, there will be a brief prayer service in our College Chapel. The focus of our prayers will be on the Easter story and the FCJ story through our House leaders: Corry, d’Houet, Douglas, Gerda, Stock and Winter. If you happen to be visiting the College at this hour or dropping off your daughter, you are warmly welcome to join us and pray a while.

We pray for Brigid McKeagney-Douglas (Year 12), whose grandfather passed away during the holidays. May he rest in peace.

We pray for the Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus in their various ministries throughout the world.

Charles Watt
Deputy Principal: Faith and Mission


ELC News

It was a delight to welcome back the ELC community this week. The strong routines established during Term 1 have supported a seamless transition into Term 2. The children have developed a sense of belonging to their teachers and friends and shared their holiday adventures with great enthusiasm.

Learning with nature - inside, outdoors and beyond - is an integral part of the everyday play in the ELC. Nature pedagogy (the ‘how’ we learn with nature) guides the way educator’s work with the children across the three spaces: inside buildings, outside into landscapes, and beyond into wider spaces often beyond the fence of the ELC. As we celebrate Nature Week, the ELC 4 children ventured beyond the ELC to explore nature in the beautiful Genazzano grounds. Autumn is a great time to enhance the children’s senses. When we embed a variety of learning opportunities in the natural environment the children’s natural curiosity to question and inquire is sparked. Collecting leaf litter, observing autumn colours, the shapes of the leaves, the texture of the leaf matter and the smell of the growth is a natural way to draw upon everyday math, literacy, sensory and explorative skills.

What colour are autumn leaves?
Thomas could see red
Stephanie could see orange 
Peter could see yellow 
Toby could see pink 
Lola could see brown 
Ethan could see green 

We decided to collect the leaves and find as many different coloured ones as we could. After we had collected the leaves Deb asked a question...

What can we do with all these leaves?
Nick – “Paint them.”
Coco P – “Cut the leaves.”
Grace – “Make some things like a wand.”
Ethan – “Cook with them.”
Lola – “Make some bugs with them.”
Coco L – “l draw them.”
Madison – “Stick on our art work.”
Chris – “Make them into another leaf.”
Giselle – “Put shiny things on them.”
Emily N – “Make a leaf person.”
Evie – “Hang them up in our room.”
Peter – “Make a flag out of the leaves."

What do we know about Autumn?
Toby – “Leaves fall down all the time.”
Grace – "The leaves change colour.”
Emily N – “They change colour when it's cold.”
Giselle – “When its autumn time the leaves change colour.”

We look forward to extending the children’s idea into further learning experiences in the coming weeks.

IMG_0477.jpg IMG_0486.jpg
IMG_0482.jpg IMG_0466.jpg

Alison Lucas
Director of ELC


Junior School News

We warmly welcome back each of our students and their families for Term 2 after what we hope has been a relaxing and refreshing break. This term gets off to a great start with our Learning Conversations being held on Monday 24 April and Wednesday 3 May. We are looking forward to meeting each of the girls with their parents/guardians to reflect on the learning that has occurred so far and to set goals for moving forward. It is vital that your daughter attends these conversations with you so that shared goals can be created to drive her learning throughout the term. We have much to look forward to this term and are keen to share this with you.

During the last week of Term 1, Grange Hill had its first ever ‘Gallery Viewing: A Celebration of Learning’. Each class had several class ambassadors whose role it was to tell their guests about the learning they had done over the term. They each did a wonderful job and then invited the guests to browse the work samples and displays in each classroom. Our guests were the Grange Hill parents and the students from the Prep to Year 4 classes, each of whom got a glimpse into the learning across each level within Grange Hill. Parents, staff and students all enjoyed the session and are ready, willing and able to repeat 'Gallery Viewing' again – maybe with longer sessions in each room next time – so much learning to share! Thanks to the parents who joined us for the morning.

P1000350.JPG P1000360.JPG
P1000355.JPG P1000353.JPG

We are looking forward to marking Anzac Day as a Junior School on Monday 24 April. We will gather together in the Furlan Room to listen, reflect and pray for all those who have served Australia in differing ways. We are using a delightful picture story book during the prayer service that parallels the making of Anzac biscuits with the journey of a young father serving Australia in the trenches. Each student will receive a poppy at the conclusion of the prayer service – these might be a useful conversation starter for you at home with your daughter.

Mary Jones
Head of Junior School


Creative Arts News

Year 6 Art

In Term 1, Year 6 Art students completed a unit of work in the ceramics studio. The girls were taught how to make pinch pots and then asked to transform their round or oval shaped pots into an animal of their choice. Their ideas and designs for this unit were very diverse. The girls created sculptures depicting Chinese chickens, dragons, camels, mother penguins and their chicks, open-mouthed frogs, black-faced sheep, a swan, sunbaking unicorns, narwhals and foxes, to mention a few.

Their problem solving and construction skills, together with the students’ ability to come up with a creative solution to this open-ended design task was very impressive, as this wonderful array of well-made sculptures demonstrates.

ceramics 2.jpg ceramics.jpg
pinch pots.JPG

Shirley Silverstein
Art Teacher


English News

English Enrichment at Genazzano - The ROAD Reading Program

ROAD (Reading Opens All Doors) is an essential part of English at Genazzano. The ROAD classes are offered from Years 5-10, and once a cycle, the English classes are held in the Library, introducing students to different genres of writing by the teacher librarians. Students are introduced to contemporary fiction, newly released young adult writing, non-fiction (such as autobiography and biography), the classics and visual texts. Students enjoy the ROAD reading program and the opportunity it gives them to be introduced to a variety of books.

In ROAD, the students are presented with the new and the old, and they have the opportunity to share the books they have enjoyed with their classmates, and to encourage others to find writers they may not have heard of.

After the introduction to the particular genre, the students can seek advice from the teacher librarian about what they might read next.

ROAD is a pleasure for the strong readers and is also a time for those who are less confident with reading to find books they might enjoy. The program provides an opportunity for English teachers to get to know their students and their reading experience.

IMG_3029.JPG IMG_3026.JPG

Anne McIlroy
English Teacher


Institute of Learning and Brain Sciences News

The Importance of Feedback

‘Feedback’ is information about a person’s performance on a task for the purposes of improvement. In terms of teaching and learning, research shows that giving feedback has a powerful effect on student achievement. Parents can also use this tool to encourage, motivate and support skill development. However, if feedback is not given appropriately it can backfire and impede progress. Some guidelines to assist are:

  1. Be honest. Even if it may cause some disappointment, the child needs to know that they can rely on you for authentic feedback. Start with positives and focus on just a couple particular aspects of the task that could be improved. The feedback must be perceived by the child as supportive and constructive for it to be helpful. Criticism that is harsh or feels personal can lead to the child feeling defensive, humiliated and disheartened.
  2. Be encouraging and support the child to believe that they can improve. Be specific and emphasize actions they can take to build on things that are within their control (practise time; perseverance, asking for help, etc.) In the face of failure, sometimes a focus on effort (“Well, at least you tried your best!”) may be discouraging. Take the learning from the experience and look ahead.
  3. When things go well, it can be helpful to focus praise on effort, persistence, attitude, strategy and other things within the child’s control, rather than ‘ability’. This idea is at the core of Growth Mindset. Research has shown that children who have been praised for their talent or intelligence may be more likely to avoid or give up when faced with a challenge that they perceive as too great as it may show them to be ‘not smart’ or ‘not talented’.

Discover more about supporting your child optimise their learning at the Genazzano Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences Launch event next Thursday evening 27 April at 7.00pm. Andrew Fuller will speak on The Learning Brain: Maximising Academic PotentialBook online now.

11417-GEN Institute for Learning and Innovation-EDM.jpg

Catherine Brandon
Director of Research: Programs and Performance


Sports News

GSV Sport - Term 2

Practice sessions and tryouts commenced this week and matches will start very soon. AFL, Netball, Hockey and Cross Country are the GSV sports offered this term. Please contact the Sport Office with any enquiries.


Chloe Landy 1.png The Boroondara Netball Association held its AGM on the 15 March where Chloe Landy (Year 12) received the Karen Hopper Umpire Award for outstanding contribution to umpiring at BNA.

Chloe was awarded her C badge in 2015, which has seen her go on to umpire every Saturday for the College. Chloe was a member of the 2016 Genazzano New Zealand Netball Tour and received the Kooyong Student Prize - recognising students who go above and beyond in what they do. Sarndra Kennerley.png

Additionally, our Netball Coordinator, Mrs Sarndra Kennerley received the Boroondara Netball Association Distinction Award for ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Association’.

Congratulations to them both.


The 2017 Dr Rowan’s Tennis Cup was held on the College courts on Thursday 30 March.



  • Winner - Anna Stone (Year 6) (Back To Back Winner)
  • Runner up - Simona Crivelli (Year 6)


  • Winner - Alice O'Loughlin (Year 9)
  • Runner Up - Ally Richardson (Year 9)


  • Winner - Leeann Bushnaq (Year 12) (Runner Up 2016)
  • Runner Up - Madeleine Buttifant (Year 12)

Prize Pack Winners (random draw)

Sub-Junior: Anna Stone (Year 6)
Junior:  Alice O'Loughlin (Year 9)
Senior: Lucy Pearse (Year 12)

Congratulations to all students who participated.

Genazzano Snowsports 2017 – Information Evening

All current Snowsports team members plus all interested and prospective students and parents are invited to come along and hear about our Snowsports program.

For more information please contact the Sport Office or Genazzano Snowsports Parent Support Group at

Date: Tuesday 2 May
Time: 7.00pm-8.00pm
Venue: Furlan Room, Madeleine Centre for Music and the Performing Arts

Australian Open 2018 Ballkids Program

A reminder to parents that for your child to be considered as an Australian Open Ballkid volunteer, they must meet the following criteria:

  • be aged between 12-15 years in January 2018
  • demonstrate a good understanding of the game of tennis
  • be reliable and willing to work hard
  • demonstrate excellent team work
  • have full availability for selection trials conducted at specified venues
  • have full availability to attend compulsory training sessions between August and November
  • have unrestricted availability in January/February 2018.

For more information, please visit the Tennis Australia website.


New research shows that many teenage girls are walking away from exercise. Statistics state that 60% of girls aged 15-17 surveyed reported doing little or no exercise. These girls could face a future of obesity, depression and osteoporosis.

The’#girlsmakeyourmake’ campaign seeks to warn girls and their parents that the decision to opt out of regular exercise can have lifelong impacts. It need not be organised, structured sport; but any other options for physical activity.

Take a look at their commercial for more information.

Genazzano Sports Office

Please note, the Sports Office is located on the ground floor of the d’Houet building (DG06). The office is staffed by Miss Melonie Fulton (Sports Administrator) and the phone number is 8862 1008. Alternatively, email

Matthew Wesson
Director of Sport

SSV News

There are plenty of opportunities to stay active through sport across Years 3 to 6 in Term 2. 

Training for swimming will continue this term but has changed to Thursdays during lunchtime. As we prepare for the District Cross Country Carnival on Monday 22 May, training will now run on Mondays at lunchtime and Thursday mornings, with trials occurring in Week 3. We are grateful to have the expertise of former Almunae, Miss Georgia Mort and Miss Monica Clarke, to assist in coaching the girls.

There are also some talented Year 6 girls who are taking part in SSV TeamVIC trials in the hope of making state teams for their respective sports. Congratulations to the following girls for representing the College in these sports:

  • Basketball – Chiara Chiarelli, Izabella Morrison and Isabelle Whelan
  • Soccer – Samantha Bianco
  • Netball – Francesca Farmer, Pascal Salinas-Byrne and Meg Somerville

Year 5 and 6 girls will also be playing weekly games of teeball and basketball respectively on Tuesday afternoons, beginning on 9 May. The full fixture for this term can be found on the 5/6 Sport and SSV GenConnect page.

Adrian Daly
SSV Coordinator

Swimming – GenAquatic

Wyndham City Swim Club Short Course (MSAC) – Saturday 20 May 2017

The next swim meet for GenAquatic is the Wyndham City Swim Meet at MSAC. The competition is open to registered competitive swimmers who want to gain an official time. Gold Squad and Silver Squad swimmers should enter this competition to qualify for the State Championships. Entries close on 14 May 2017. Enter this event online.

Squad Equipment

It is a requirement that all squad swimmers have their own swimming equipment. Kickboard, pull buoy, fins, goggles and caps are mandatory. Equipment should not be borrowed from the equipment room or office. Equipment can be purchased at the office or at your local sports store.

Future Events - Term 2

Tuesday 25 April Anzac Day – No training
Friday 12 May Club Night at Genazzano FCJ College
Saturday 20 May Wyndham City Swim Club Short Course at MSAC
Friday 16 June Club Championships at Genazzano FCJ College

Amon Soerink
Head Coach Aquatics


At the end of last term, a team of ten students travelled to Penrith in NSW for the Australian Championships Rowing Regatta. Genazzano crews raced the School Girls Eight and the School Girls Single Scull.

The Eight (pictured) received a bronze medal in the sprint event, with a thrilling finish. There was a very small margin between five boats, making it one of the best races of the regatta. The students also excelled with their cooking each evening and handling themselves under the pressure of the Championships environment.

Rowing 21042017.jpg


Based on race results, ergometer times and physical traits, two Genazzano students were invited to trial for the Victorian Junior Pathways Eight. Brigid McKeagney-Douglas (Year 12) and Gabby Clarke (Year 11) were both successful and are now training for the selection race for the Junior World Championships. We wish the Pathways Eight all the best in their quest to be selected to represent Australia.

Jane Robinson
Rowing Coordinator

College Dates for the Next Fortnight

Monday 24 April Prep to Year 12 Learning Conversations, 3.30pm - 8.00pm
Tuesday 25 April Anzac Day
Thursday 27 April

Genazzano Institute of Learning and Brain Sciences Launch, 7.00pm - 8.30pm

Friday 28 April Gen Day
Year 11 Formal, 7.00pm
Sunday 30 April Alumnae Genazzano Day Eucharist, 10.00am
Tuesday 2 May Year 9 Immersion Day
Snowsports Information Evening, 7.00pm
Wednesday 3 May Prep to Year 12 Learning Conversations, 4.00pm - 8.00pm
Thursday 4 May Year 3 Reflection Day
Piano Concert, 4.00pm
Friday 5 May Generations in Jazz (Mt Gambier)
GFA Winemakers' Dinner, 7.00pm

Please visit our website for a full list of 2017 Term Dates or our College calendar.


GMA News

Welcome back everyone!

I hope you all had an opportunity to spend some relaxing time with your family. Now that the weather is getting cooler, we certainly have many fun social events planned this term to warm your social spirit!

Events Held

  • Year 10 Ladies Lunch on 31 March 2017
  • Year 6 Mum's Dinner on 29 March 2017

Grange Hill Easter Raffle

At the end of last term, Grange Hill held an Easter Raffle and the total raised was $297.50 for Project Compassion. Seven hampers were raffled.  Thank you to Mrs Jean Losinno & Mrs Susan Houlihan for coordinating this fun event.

The lucky winners were:

  • ELC 3: Miya Ran
  • ELC 4: Lola Welsh
  • Prep: Isabelle Bisignano
  • Year 1: Cartia Kotzapanagiotis
  • Year 2: Isabelle Ansell
  • Year 3: Emma Lui
  • Year 4: Lauren Murphy


Mothers’ Day

The Mothers’ Day Mass & Supper is on Wednesday 10 May. If you can contribute by baking or helping serve on the evening, please contact Mrs Carmel Greer on

The Mothers’ Day Stall is being prepared for Wednesday 10 May and Thursday 11 May so ELC to Year 4 will have an opportunity to buy Mum, Grandma or a special person a gift.

Gen Book Club

If you are interested in joining a book club, please consider joining the Genazzano Book Club. Meetings are held once a month on a Tuesday evening at the College, during school term.

The meetings are very casual gatherings, which involve discussing an interesting range of books and other topics within the comfort of the Boardroom.

Please contact Mrs Marie-Anne Fitt on or 0409 859 809 to find out more.

Entertainment Books

The 2017/2018 Entertainment Book is now available for purchase in either digital or hard copy. $70 gives you access to thousands of discounts, and for each copy sold, there is $13 profit back to the College.

Order yours online today. Any enquiries, please contact Mrs Cathy Frawley on 0421 010 347 or

GMA Fundraising Annual Ball – Saturday 19 August 2017 – ‘Hollywood at the Park Hyatt’

Planning is well underway for this year’s GMA Fundraising Ball, which will be bigger and better than ever! The greatest social and fundraising event of the year is being coordinated by Mrs Johanna Nesbitt and I, together with a very enthusiastic committee. If your business is interested in being a cash sponsor or donating a prize for the Loud or Silent Auctions, we will provide your business with advertising opportunities. Please contact me for more information at

Save the Date

Monday 1 May GMA combined Committee & Year Level Reps Meeting
Thursday 4 May Year 9 Mothers Dinner
Wednesday 10 May Mother's Day Mass & Supper
Wednesday 10 May &
Thursday 11 May
Grange Hill Mother's Day Stall
Thursday 18 May Year 7 Pizza Night

Jacqui Pirone
President, Genazzano Mothers’ Association


GFA News

Winemakers' Dinner - Friday 5 May

You and your partner are warmly invited to the sixth annual GFA Winemaker's Dinner – the Mediterranean at its best. Come along to Yiannis Tavern on Friday 5 May to enjoy great Greek food, organic Spanish wines, and most of all, wonderful company.

The guest speaker for the evening will be Maria de Una, a specialist Spanish winemaker. The night will also feature a full Greek banquet including dessert, coffee and tea, and wines to complement the banquet. Beer and the new range of the Genazzano Fathers' Association Premium Wines will also be available for purchase.

Sound interesting? Why don’t you come and meet some other parents and learn about Spain, its history and wines. You can book on Trybooking or if you want to know more please contact:

GFA Special Projects

The GFA have a number of special projects we need to complete this year to help us provide a better service to the College community. If you prefer to assist in your own time on your own computer, we would love you to help. The project roles include:

  • Bookings Coordinator
  • Website Coordinator

If you want to know more please contact me on or 0419 885 701.

Open Day

This year, Open Day was held on Tuesday 28 March in its new twilight format. It was a perfect day; the College grounds were immaculate and the girls presented their College proudly to the community. The event was supported by both parents associations with the GMA providing cakes and refreshments, while the GFA provided a BBQ for our visitors; in fact, we cooked up over 350 sausages on the day!

I would like to thank our Vice President - College Support, Mr Peter Grounds for organising our team of volunteers who included: Mr Anton Fernandopulle, Mr Dom Berry, Mr Nick Shea, Mr Ross Kentish, Mr Matthew Wheelahan, Mr Michael Gaffney, Mr Nick Psyhogios and Mr Lu Italiano. The College have indicated their thanks to the GFA for supporting them on this important day and for making it a success.

170328GEN-073.jpg 170328GEN-004.jpg

Pizza Party – ELC to Year 4

On the last day of Term 1, the ELC to Year 4 Pizza Party was held at Grange Hill. It was a very successful event with over 175 participants registered and even more in attendance. The party started when school ended, with children from the ELC to Year 4 attending along with their parents, including many fathers who arrived after work. There were plenty of activities organised, including a jumping castle, face painting, balloon art, music and an Easter bonnet parade with prizes. Of course there was plenty of pizza for everyone and a coffee cart for the parents.

The event was initiated last year by our previous President, Mr Rob Bischof, and was hosted again this year under the leadership of our Vice President - Father Daughter Events, Mr Lu Italiano. I would like to thank all the volunteers who made the event possible, including Mr Vince Giamo, Mr Tim Boyle, Mr Tim Lunn, Mr Mark Gao, Mr Simon Hourigan, Mr Rob Bischof, Mr Nicholas Psyhogios and Mr Jordan Papadopoulos. A special thanks to our event subcommittee including Mr William Wong, Mr Denove No and Mr Ben Tran under the leadership of our Event Coordinator, Mr Michael Paphazy.

IMG_0915.JPG IMG_0959.JPG
IMG_0990.JPG IMG_0908.JPG
ELC BBQ_9.jpg ELC BBQ_15.jpg

GFA Executive

Every month, a friendly bunch of guys meet to plan our events and discuss other items of interest. Our liaison from the College provides an outline of upcoming College activities, listens to our feedback and answers our questions. Sometimes the discussion is followed by a guest presentation, but always by refreshments and an opportunity to catch up with other dads. I hope you will consider attending our next meeting to be held on: Wednesday 17 May at 7.00pm in the Wardell Boardroom.

Save the Date – Term 2 Events

Friday 5 May GFA Winemakers' Dinner
Tuesday 16 May Talking Careers
Sunday 21 May Years 7 & 8 Father Daughter Bowling
Sunday 28 May Year 7-12 Eucharist & Breakfast
Saturday 17 June Year 5 & 6 Father Daughter Camp

Our motto is to Love, Laugh and Make a Difference. Why don’t you ‘Get Involved’ this year? You’re welcome to participate - meet other dads, spend time with your girls and do a little something outside of your commitments which is manageable.

Bruce MacIsaac
President, Genazzano Fathers’ Association



The Learning Brain: Maximising Academic Potential

11417-GEN Institute for Learning and Innovation-EDM.jpg

Date: Thursday 27 April 2017
Time: 7.00pm - 8.30pm
Venue: Madeleine Centre for Music and the Performing Arts, Genazzano FCJ College​
Book online


Community News

Women for the World Luncheon

Women for the World.png

You are warmly invited to Caritas Australia's third annual Women for the World luncheon! 

It promises to be a wonderful, vibrant afternoon of delicious food and great company. Lawyer and social justice advocate Clare Johnstone will introduce Leonor Montiel, who runs the Maryknoll Project - Seedling of Hope - in Cambodia. This is an outstanding project that supports women who have been impacted by HIV/Aids.

Event Details

Date: Friday 19 May 2017
Location: Encore, St Kilda Beach, 6/10 Jacka Blvd, St Kilda, Victoria
Time: 11.30am – 3.30pm
Price: $150pp (includes arrival champagne, 3-course lunch with wine), or $1400 for a table of 10

Buy tickets online