Newsletter - Edition 7-2016

News from the Principal

Dear members of the Genazzano FCJ College community,

This is the end of my 17 week anniversary at the College. It sounds like only a short amount of time, but I can assure you I have been able to fit a lot into these 17 weeks. It is a busy and vibrant school community that does not stop for a rest! I have felt a very warm welcome by everyone and already know what an exceptional College community this is.

With a 127 year history and tradition, I have very much enjoyed getting to know the many aspects that are the fabric of the College. It has been a joy to be introduced to the charism of the Society of the Faithful Companions of Jesus and I still have lots to learn. I know my faith journey will be all the richer as I become immersed in the FCJ spirit.

I have also discovered from everyone I meet that there is a genuine love for the College and it is indeed extraordinary. The ‘Gen family’ is strong, loyal and passionate. The learning culture is outstanding. Our students have a passion and desire to learn, grow and develop their skills. They seem dedicated to their studies and have high aspirations.

With over 270 members of staff and over 1100 students, it has been a challenge getting to know everyone. Be assured that I am keen to know everyone’s story and I am slowly getting there. Everyone has been very patient and kind.

On Saturday evening, 30 April, I went to the Catholic Education ‘Time to Shine’ concert at the Regent Theatre. It is a concert that celebrates music, dancing and performance with talented students from all Catholic secondary schools in Melbourne. We had five of our students involved: Jacinta Ryan (Music Prefect) singing a feature song with two other students; Lorena Stents (College Captain) played trombone in the band; Isabel O’Sullivan, Grace Joycey and Lola Crivelli (Year 8 students) were dancers in many of the musical pieces. It is always a proud moment to see your students perform so well.

We also just recently had three students receive the prestigious Premier’s VCE Award for their outstanding results in VCE Theatre Studies Units 3 & 4 last year. I extend my congratulations to: Claire Warrillow (Class of 2015), and Amelia Costigan and Freya Halse (current Year 12 students) who completed VCE Theatre Studies Unit 3 and 4 whilst in Year 11 and both received perfect scores of 50. Their VCE teacher, Mrs Gabrielle Quin, was present at the ceremony and she was delighted with the exceptional success of her students.

These are just two very recent examples of the excellence that happens at the College regularly. It is wonderful to celebrate the achievements of our students in the vast array of programs and opportunities that are available to them.

On Sunday 1 May, we celebrated Genazzano Day with the Alumnae Association with a morning Mass, followed by lunch and a tour of the College. The aims of our 100 year old Alumnae Association are:

  • to foster loyalty and affection for our old school;
  • to support the Sisters FCJ; and
  • to keep old girls in touch with one another and to hold reunions.

We are grateful to the Alumnae Association for what they give back to us as a College. So much of what we have would not have been possible without the generosity of our alumnae donors. Many passionate past students attended on Sunday sharing many stories about how much they loved being a ‘Gen girl’.

Finally, after celebrating Mothers’ Day with our Prep to Year 4 students at an Assembly last Friday, I hope all students made their mothers feel special and loved on Sunday. May we continue to thank God for the gift of mothers and mothering across the world. Isaiah wrote that God is a mother to us, comforting and carrying us in her arms. “As a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you.” Isaiah 66:13.

With every blessing,

Karen Jebb


News from the Deputy Principal

Over the weekend, 115 students gathered at Blampied for the annual music camp. The camp provides our musicians with dedicated rehearsal time as they prepare for the annual concert (Wednesday 3 August).

This week, 19 Year 10 students are participating in the Silver Practice Journey of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Accompanied by Miss Caroline Hendy and Miss Chiara Romano, the students are hiking from Apollo Bay to Cape Otway (approximately 30kms) with the aim of continuing from Cape Otway to Ryan’s Den (approximately another 30km) for their qualifying journey later in the year.

The VCE Drama Ensemble performed on Monday night. With the support of VCE Drama teacher, Ms Alison Heard, the students now work toward their individual performance piece. This is also the pre-production week for the VCE Theatre Studies student performances of ‘Metamorphosis’. Performances commence at 7.00pm and will be held on Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19 May in the Wardell Theatre.

In addition to their classroom responsibilities, students have been involved in a number of sporting and music activities. Congratulations to all our students for engaging so actively in College life.  

Congratulations to all students who participated in and attended the House Athletics Carnival last week.

This time of year brings with it a number of health concerns. Colds and ‘flu spread quickly: so students who are unwell in the morning should, of course, remain at home to rest and return to school only when they are quite recovered. Please also note that students, who are not well enough to continue with their learning program and need to go home, must be collected by a parent or guardian. College Nurse, Mrs Virginia Boyce (8862 1180), is available to discuss with parents any particular health needs or concerns about their daughters at any time. 

Finally, during this Family Week may we look with the eyes of love upon families – whatever shape they may take.

Cathy Jenkins
Deputy Principal


Faith and Mission News

One of Genazzano’s richest resources is its alumnae. The alumnae hold the oral history of the College in their care, and they nurture the current school community by cherishing the past and celebrating the future. On Sunday 1 May, Genazzano held its annual Gen Day Alumnae Mass and lunch. Over 90 past students attended Mass, which was held in the Chapel and was led by Fr Peter Malone MSC. After Mass, we gathered for lunch in the Furlan Room of the Madeleine Centre. I was privileged to listen to some wonderful stories and hear some lovely memories of women who were formed in the charism of the Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus and have cherished this gift over many years.

Our next celebration was the gathering of current mothers and their daughters at the annual GMA Mothers’ Day Mass on 4 May. Fr Brendan Reed led us in a beautiful celebration of the importance of mothers in the lives of their daughters. We were blessed to hear the wisdom of current parent, Rhonda Drake, who spoke of the joys and challenges of being a mother with good humour, honesty and the insight born of experience.

As the Easter season comes to an end and we extinguish the Paschal candle, we recognise the importance of Ordinary Time; time to welcome God into our daily lives, to acknowledge the presence of God in all things and time to nurture those relationships that sustain us throughout our days. 

We pray for Maeve and Ailish Ryan, whose grandfather passed away on 29 March. May he rest in peace.

We pray for the Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus in their various ministries throughout the world.

Our Lady of Good Counsel, pray for us.

Bill Fitzsimons
Deputy Principal: Faith and Mission

Prayer for Ordinary Time to grow with Church during the year

Lord Jesus
I know that all human relations take time
if they are to grow and deepen.
This is also true of my relations
with You, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
which must grow over the course of my life.
However, this growth is not automatic;
time alone means nothing
unless I add earnest efforts to it.

You have inspired Your Church to set aside special times
when this growth can develop more intensely -
the special seasons of the Church Year.
If I fail to move toward You during these times,
I waste precious opportunities
and endanger my spiritual life.
Help me to take them seriously
and make a real attempt to use them well,
so that I may grow into the person
You want me to be.



Curriculum, Standards & Innovation News

NAPLAN Testing

All students in Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 completed the NAPLAN test between 10-12 May. The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) is an annual assessment for students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 and has been part of the school calendar in one form or the other since 2008. NAPLAN tests the sorts of skills that are essential for every child to progress through school and life, such as reading, writing, spelling and numeracy. The assessments are undertaken nationwide, every year, in the second full week in May. There are four tests in the areas (or 'domains') of: reading, writing, language conventions (spelling, grammar, and punctuation), and numeracy.

The results of the NAPLAN tests are measured against standards outlined in the Australian curriculum and are measured against national benchmarks. The information provided to the College about NAPLAN results is used to inform curriculum planning and learning and teaching programs. Teachers also use this information to individualise their programs and target their teaching to respond to areas of strength and areas of development identified in the data. In order to do this effectively, teachers look at the data provided via the NAPLAN data service where they are able to access a variety of reports demonstrating student performance across all domain areas tested. Teachers especially interrogate the Item Analysis Report which illustrates how students performed against key skill and knowledge areas. Although the data provided by NAPLAN tests is important, we must remember that it only provides us with a snapshot of where students are performing at a particular point in time. Ongoing classroom assessment is also used to develop essential skills and knowledge in students and is a very effective way of demonstrating growth and development.

It normally takes around five to six weeks to receive NAPLAN results and once the results arrive they will be distributed to parents.

Robert Tassoni
Deputy Principal: Curriculum, Standards and Innovation


Student Learning & Wellbeing News

Term 2: Leadership and Goals

It is an exciting experience as an educator, working with young people exercising their leadership abilities in an empowering way. Young people can be the most dynamic leaders because of their boundless enthusiasm, idealism and energy and their desire to work with others. Someone once wrote “Leaders don’t set out to be a leader... they set out to make a difference. It’s not about the role... it's always about the goal”.

Against the sad backdrop of numerous negative examples of leaders in our contemporary world, I ask, where do our girls receive positive models of leadership? At Gen, many girls experience positive leadership role models in their teachers, parents, and their peers. Sr Maryrose, fcJ spoke to staff this week about her upcoming trip to Paris. This is in preparation for the FCJ celebration next year of 200 years since their foundation in 1817. In Sr Maryrose, fcJ, we have a powerful example of how leadership is not about promoting and asserting self, but about the goal of leading others by gentle example, attentive presence, quiet confidence, and engagement with others for a common purpose.

Like many staff, I have the opportunity to work with all students who have the ability to demonstrate their leadership skills. In so many powerful ways, this helps a learning community like Genazzano to enable our students to become young women of compassion, conscience, competence and commitment.

Lila McInerney
Deputy Principal: Student Learning and Wellbeing


News from ELC

Last week, the ELC children invited their mums to the ELC, to celebrate Mothers’ Day. The children had prepared homemade gifts, celebration food and shared their favourite memories of mum with the educators.

The ELC3 children celebrated with a Teddy Bear’s Picnic in the Atrium. Delicious cupcakes and decorated teddy bear biscuits were shared with mum and teddy. The children sang a special song to mum and presented a decorated framed self-portrait. The ELC4 children created homemade, heart-shaped bath bombs to spoil their mums and enjoyed a special afternoon tea. Thank you to all our wonderful mothers for sharing this special time with the educators and children.

The ELC4 children have investigated nocturnal animals and created a Night Wall in the classroom. The children have shared their knowledge of possum, bat, spider, sugar glider, and owl activities in the night and explored features that assist them to survive in the night, including, camouflage colour and night eyes, sharp claws to climb and to scurry over a house roof and hiding in small dark holes from a predator, such as a fox. The children have embarked on a community project to assist injured nocturnal animals.

After discussing the valuable role of the wildlife rescue organisation, the idea to collect sheets and blankets to comfort and care for injured wildlife was considered. The children wrote a letter to families that included the written text:

“Dear Families,
We are collecting old towels and sheets for Wildlife Victoria.
Thank you. ELC4”


A group of children created drawings of nocturnal animals to decorate the collection box. Families have collected a wonderful variety of warm and a woolly blankets and sheets for the children to donate to Wildlife Victoria. A volunteer will visit the children to collect the donations and to share how they care for injured or motherless baby animals and release them back into their natural environment.

Our specialist Art class with Mrs Katrina Wheaton-Penniall has inspired the ELC4 children to observe colour, patterns and shapes. The children observed Kandinsky’s circle painting and then created their own colour circles using oil pastel. Paul Klee’s Castle and Sun is made up of many shapes, the children identified the shapes Paul Klee uses to create a castle and then created their own coloured castle building. This concept was extended in the classroom with the children exploring wooden shape patterns. The artwork is on display in the Piazza area.

Alison Lucas
Director, Early Learning Centre


News from Early Years

Term 2 is flying by, with the girls actively taking part in a variety of co-curricular events. Our inaugural ‘Keeping Fit Morning’ on Monday proved very successful, with 12 enthusiastic students and parents taking part in this new initiative, run by Ms Lisa O'Halloran and Ms Cate Kalnins. Tuesday saw the commencement of our new choral club, which again proved very popular and was well attended. Run by Ms Deon Ning and Mr Jan Blazejczak, the girls demonstrated great enthusiasm for singing.

Friday 6 May saw our Mothers’ Day Assembly and Morning Tea. It was lovely to see so many mums and grandmothers in attendance. Our Prep class shared their reasons why they love their mums, and all students featured in a video shown at the assembly. The previous day had seen the girls eagerly queue to buy their mums a special gift from the GMA Mothers’ Day Stall. They were so proud of their purchases and the Year 2 students happily showed them to Ms Jebb, when she came to visit.

IMG_5826 (1).jpg P1010100.jpg
P1010095.jpg P1010093.jpg
P1010086.jpg P1010085_1.jpg

Other activities this week have included a special magic show by Year 7 student Pru Spencer. Pru dazzled her young audience with some neat tricks at Monday lunchtime and will have a repeat performance on Tuesday lunchtime for those who missed out due to their Madeleine Strings rehearsal.

The mission reps have also been busy organising their Family Week ‘Jump 4 Justice’ incentive in aid of Catholic Care, which was well supported by the girls. A big ‘thank you’ to all the families who generously supported this worthy cause, as well as to the girls who had great fun while taking part.

In Mathematics, the girls have been busy collecting data on a variety of topics such as favourite fruit to help create fabulous graphs of their gathered information. By using the tally system to record their information, the girls have been able to compare data and interpret bar and pictographs across all levels of the Early Years.

We are also very proud of the Year 3s for the mature way in which they approached their NAPLAN test this week. Each student gave of their very best and listened carefully to the specific instructions accompanying each subtest.

Jackie Horgan
Director of Early Years


News from All Hallows

In our History lessons, we have been working on creating a game of Monopoly based on the theme of ‘Making a Nation’, which we have been studying. We have spent the last few lessons conducting research into the European settlement of Australia, from the arrival of the First Fleet in 1788, up until the outbreak of WWI in 1914.


To create the properties for our game, we had to research places and locations that have been significant in Australia’s settlement. For example, one property on our board was Ballarat, which is significant as it was the location of the Ballarat miners rebellion in 1854. 

We have enjoyed working on this activity because we have been able to use and apply our research to a fun and engaging task.

Year 9 History Class


News from Later Years

The GAT on Tuesday 7 June 2016

The General Achievement Test (GAT) will take place on Tuesday 7 June 2016 from 10.00am-1.15pm in Centenary Hall.  All students undertaking a Units 3 & 4 study are required to sit the GAT.

Students will assemble in the Atrium 40 minutes before the commencement of the GAT (9.20am).  Students undertaking the GAT will be dismissed immediately after. 

Year 11 students not undertaking a Units 3 & 4 study are not required at the College on this day.

Students are reminded to read the rules for conduct in VCAA exams prior to the GAT on Tuesday 7 June. Read the GAT brochure or other GAT publications.

Susan Whelan
VCE Coordinator


Drama News

Three Premier’s VCE Awards Recipients

The Drama department was proud to be present at the 2016 Premier’s VCE Awards, to support three students who received a Premier’s Award for Theatre Studies. Freya Halse (Year 12), Amelia Costigan (Year 12) and Claire Warrillow (py 2015) all achieved top study scores for their Theatre Studies Written Examination and their practical Stagecraft Examination last year, and their hard work and dedication was rewarded with this outstanding achievement. We wish the students well and thank them for their wonderful work in both curricular and co-curricular Drama activities.

VCE_2016730.jpg VCE_2016290.jpg VCE_2016697.jpg
From left to right: Freya Halse, Amelia Costigan and Claire Warrillow receive their award from Ms Judith Graley MP, Parliamentary Secretary to the Deputy Premier

VCE Drama Ensembles: Space

Congratulations to the VCE Drama students who performed their outstanding ensemble on all things outer space last Monday 9 May. Under the expert guidance of Ms Alison Heard, VCE Drama teacher, the students captivated their audience as they explored the outer depths of the universe and back. Many thanks go to the Gen Production students, Mia Terzo and Juliette Noonan, who helped with lighting and sound effects.

VCE Theatre Studies Unit 1 & 2 Play: Metamorphoses

POSTER 12.jpg

You are warmly invited to attend the upcoming production of Mary Zimmerman’s ‘Metamorphoses’. The VCE Theatre Studies 1 & 2 students have been busily designing and rehearsing the performance that brings some of Ovid’s famous myths to life in surprising and beautiful ways. Be prepared to be transformed by your evening at the theatre! Book tickets online.

Annie Jr.

Annie Jr.jpg

Tickets are on sale now for the Year 7 and 8 co-curricular production of Annie Jr., to be performed on Tuesday 12 to Thursday 14 July, at 7.00pm. Secure your tickets early, as they are sure to sell fast for this inaugural event! Purchase your tickets online - $15 for adults and $10 for concessions.

Gabrielle Quin
Curriculum Leader: Drama

Year 9 Drama: Page to Stage present 'Masquerade' by Kate Mulvany

Masquerade cover.jpg

A mystical journey filled with adventure as Jack Hare tries desperately to deliver a message of love from the Moon to the Sun as time seems to be forever working against him.

In another world, Tessa and her son Joe are captivated by Jack’s story whilst facing their own challenging race against time.

Join us as these two worlds collide and Tessa and Joe unite with Jack to deliver the message, and once and for all, set the world straight again.

Event details

Date: Wednesday 25 May and Thursday 26 May 2016
Time: 7.00pm
Venue: Wardell Theatre, Genazzano FCJ College, Kew Campus
$5 for children, $10 for adults
Purchase tickets online

Basia Quill
Drama Teacher


Languages News

Japanese Excursion

Students in Years 9 and 10 attended a student seminar at Monash University Clayton campus, run by the Japanese Language Teacher's Association of Victoria. This annual event, which was attended by about 900 students from all around Victoria, was called ‘Why Learn Japanese?’ Students heard presentations from English background speakers who studied Japanese and they explained how being able to use the Japanese language helps them in their professional lives. Speakers also explained the many advantages of studying a language, such as the cognitive benefits and the way it improves problem-solving skills, as well as the bonus marks at VCE level.

Students also enjoyed participating in special cultural presentations of Japanese taiko drumming, how to wear a kimono, Japanese dancing, and karate. They took home a special painting of their names written in fancy Japanese calligraphy. We topped off the day with a gorgeous Japanese sushi lunch.

I hope this event was fun and it has encouraged our students to continue on with their Japanese language studies. Pictured is Melissa Ciantar of Year 9 on the stage in the Robert Blackwood Hall, participating in a Taiko drumming workshop alongside several students from other Victorian schools. 

WLJ1.jpg WLJ7.jpg

Catherine Bryant
Years 7-12 Japanese Teacher


Maths News

Big Data Challenge Day at Monash University

Over the Term 1 holidays, some Year 12 students had the fantastic opportunity to participate in the Monash University’s annual Big Data Challenge Day. It was an excellent chance to gain some insight into typically maths-oriented courses, as well as to speak to some high achieving tertiary students about what attracted them to these courses. I was particularly interested in Actuarial Sciences and how numbers, as well as careful consideration of all environmental factors in a specific scenario, can be so instrumental in predicting trends in society.

Throughout the course of the day, we were able to tackle a second year Actuarial problem which required us to consider the superannuation plan for a fictitious client. It was amazing to see the maths we learn at high school put into practice in order to help average citizens better their lives. I was incredibly impressed with the multitude of avenues maths can take you, as well as the plethora of opportunities out there for students with a keen interest in maths and science.

Samantha Pereira
Year 12

The University of Melbourne Mathematics Competition

The University of Melbourne School Mathematics Competition endeavours to identify, reward and encourage true mathematical talent among school population. The competition is designed so that mathematical insight and ingenuity are needed for success, rather than efficiency in tackling routine examples. However, the mathematical knowledge required is present within the school syllabus. 31 students from Years 8 to 12 sat the competition this year. The Year 8 students sat a 2 hour exam while the Year 9-12 students sat a 3 hour paper. The Mathematics department congratulates these girls on their effort in participating in this challenging competition.

Carol Patterson
Curriculum Leader: Mathematics


Music News

Music Camp – Rutherford Park

We had a very successful music camp this year. Nearly 120 students from Years 6-12 attended music camp, and we were very fortunate with the lovely weather. Music camp provides many ensembles with the opportunity to rehearse for longer periods, focusing on improving skills and musicality.

A special thank you to all the Year 12 students who, under the leadership of our Music Prefect, Jacinta Ryan, organised a special trivia night.

Well done to all the students and staff for a most productive weekend.

IMG_2776.jpg IMG_2750.jpg IMG_2744.jpg
IMG_2825.jpg IMG_2823.jpg IMG_2794.jpg
IMG_2792.jpg IMG_2845.jpg

Prep to Year 4 Singing Group

Last Tuesday, we started a successful singing group for Prep to Year 4 students and their parents. The aim is to enjoy singing and vocal exercises through a 25 minute workshop. Thank you to all the students and parents who turned up and to Ms Deon Ning for leading the session.

If your daughter is interested, please join us every Tuesday morning at 8.20am in the Grange Hill music room.

IMG_8873.JPG IMG_8874.JPG

Senior Soloist Concert

Our first Senior Soloist Concert was held on Wednesday evening. Congratulations to all the performers and to our accompanist Ms Zen Zeng. The following students played at the concert: Suman Bangalore, Ella Boyhan, Maddison Casey, Acacia Cheng, Eugenie Dessent, Julie Fitt, Katy Gao, Dominique Garcia, Gia Harris, Claudia Kuner, Brigid McKeagney-Douglas, Samantha Miller, Alessia Paino, Judith Park, Madeleine Ryan, Elissa Servello,  Sarannie Tong, and Grace Zheng.

Jan Blazejczak
Director of Music

Genazzano ensembles perform at the Royal Melbourne Hospital’s ‘Live Music Is Good for You’ Festival

Monday 2 May saw some wonderful performances from the Genazzano Soul Band, Chamber Strings, Contemporary Guitar Ensemble and Contemporary Vocal Ensemble as part of the Royal Melbourne Hospital’s (RMH) 7th annual ‘Live Music is Good for You’ festival. With performances staged at various locations within the hospital, the festival is a product of the RMH Musical Therapy Department and aims to promote the important role music plays in the body’s healing processes.

This year, we were most fortunate to be asked by the festival organisers to participate in their opening ceremony. The Soul Band performed a stirring rendition of Sam Cooke’s ‘A Change is Gonna Come’, before opening speeches from the RMH Executive Director, Mr Daryl Williams, and Head of Neurology, Assoc. Prof. Bruce Campbell.

Once official proceedings had concluded, each of our ensembles performed their repertoire. The Contemporary Guitar and Vocal Ensembles combined to perform a set of wonderful pieces at two different hospital locations, and the Chamber Strings captivated a large audience in the hospital’s main foyer.

We were made to feel very welcome by the many volunteers assisting on the day; one of whom we were pleased to find, was a Genazzano Alumna, Julia Gorton (2009).

All ensembles performed to a very high standard and represented the College beautifully. Both, staff and students, enjoyed participating in this worthwhile event and learning more about the link between music, health and healing.

IMG_0373.JPG IMG_0375.JPG
IMG_0345.JPG IMG_1528.JPG
IMG_0408.JPG IMG_0404.JPG
IMG_0395.JPG IMG_0384.JPG

Soul Band directed by Mr Chris Paraha: Alison Attard, Liana D’Eramo, Genevieve Kuner, Anna Martinez, Isabella Mirabile, Elena Murphy, Adriana Nelson, Bianca Poletti, and Julia Revere.

Contemporary Guitar and Vocal Ensemble directed by Ms Katrina Buttigieg and Mr Sam Lemann: Ella Boyhan, Alexandra Condilis, Matilda Curtain, Courtney Garcia, Dominique Garcia, Jordana Grando, Imogen Hart, Rebecca McRae, Georgina Nolan, and Louisa Orlando.

Chamber Strings directed by Mr Chris Kopke: Emily Attard, Sylvie Bischof, Emma Chan, Acacia Cheng, Erika Choong, Darby Easton, Cathy Huang, Ella Jenkins, Grace Kopke, Claudia Kuner, Caitlin Law, Naomi Lee, Doris Liu, Lea Di Lorio, Allegra Mattioli, Jacinta Ryan, Madeleine Ryan, Madeleine Ryan, Ellissa Servello, Sarannie Tong, Katrina Wang, Yong Ya Yang, and Vanessa Zhang.

Emily Tarrant
Head of Jazz and Contemporary Studies


Careers News

Careers Event – Tripod (28 and 29 May 2016)

There is a new event coming up on 28 and 29 May, which may be of interest to you and your daughters. Tripod is an organisation hoping to help young people with career decision making and also to help parents understand what is happening in this space. It offers 60 master classes and workshops to choose from, one on one mentoring to answer any queries and lots of fun activities. It will be held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. For more information, visit the Tripod website.

Employability Skills, Soft Skills, Enterprise Skills

A new report has recently been released by the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) outlining the "economic and social conditions affecting young people today and into the future". The full New Work Order Report confirms that currently taking place is "the most significant disruption in the world of work since the industrial revolution". We need to be preparing our young people for the shifts in the economy and ensuring they have the skills that employers are seeking which are shown below.

enterprise skills.jpg
enterprise skills 2.jpg

Every day, our young women at Genazzano have opportunities to demonstrate, practice and refine some and/or all of these skills during class, co-curricular activities, and in their part-time jobs. All our Year 9 students experience an introduction to financial literacy during their career development program, ‘Financial Independence for Teenagers’. We are preparing our young people for an unknown future by helping them know themselves, follow their interests and dreams and developing the academic and employability skills needed for the world of work in the 21st century.

Judy O'Donohue
Careers Advisor


Performance Psychology News

Inspiring Scholars Program – Genazzano & Deakin University Initiative

Genazzano and Deakin University have partnered to launch the ‘Inspiring Scholars Program’. This initiative is part of the College’s work in developing and stimulating learning and innovation through extended learning experiences, cultivation of curiosity, encouraging creative thinking and supporting academic pursuits.

In Year 9, each student will undertake their own Individual Project where they explore a question and conduct research. To help them get started, Deakin University representatives, Dr Josh Newton, Mr Luke Ridgewell and Emma Stephens visited All Hallows to present on the research process and its application to the real world.

Dr Newton, a Senior Research Fellow, delivered an engaging and thoughtful presentation about aspects of his own work in areas of social marketing, health and sustainability, and consumer behaviour. He gave many relatable examples of simple and interesting studies to illustrate what research is, how it relates to careers and how innovative thinking and research can make a real difference in the lives of people. He provided some very practical tips on finding a research question and getting started. Deakin University will continue their support of our young researchers by attending the presentation of their work and awarding a research prize. Feedback from the students was extremely positive.

“The Deakin University presentation was very interesting and insightful. It was very different from what I expected to hear but it definitely made me think differently and more deeply about research tasks and about the way I would do my individual project. I was inspired to be creative and unique with my topic and to push the limits of learning.“

Lily Pettiona (Year 9)

Deakin Guest Speaker_22.jpg Deakin Guest Speaker_2.jpg

Catherine Brandon
Director of Research, Programs and Performance

Senior Psychologist


News from the Health Centre

Genazzano is Nut Safe

nut allergy.jpg

Genazzano FCJ College is required under Ministerial Order 706 to provide learning environments that are safe and supportive for all students. This includes providing for the safety of students who have a life-threatening allergy to nuts known as Anaphylaxis.

While it is not possible for us to guarantee that the school environment is completely free of nuts we can minimise the risk to these students by adhering to some reasonable guidelines.

Several of our nut Anaphylaxis students have reported experiencing exposure to nut products such as peanut butter and nuts in muesli bars on a regular basis. These students are so sensitive that this small exposure causes them very unpleasant symptoms and is potentially life threatening.

We would request that parents be mindful of the products that students bring in their lunch box to assist us in minimising the risk to these students.

If anyone would like to discuss this further please contact me on 8862 1180 or via email

Virginia Boyce
College Nurse


College Dates for the Next Fortnight

Monday 16 May – Friday 20 May

Year 9 Camp

Wednesday 18 May – Friday 20 May

Year 5 Camp

Wednesday 18 May & Thursday 19 May, 7.00pm

VCE Theatre Studies Units 1 & 2 Production: Metamorphoses

Saturday 21 May

FCJ Leadership and Governance Forum

Tuesday 24 May

National Sorry Day

Tuesday 24 May, 9.30am

Open Morning

Wednesday 25 May & Thursday 26 May, 7.00pm

Year 9 Drama Production: Masquerade

Friday 27 May, 3.50pm

Woodwind Concert

Please visit our website for a full list of 2016 Term Dates or our College calendar.


News from the GMA

Our very special annual Mothers’ Day Mass and Supper was held on Wednesday 4 May. Fr Brendan Reed led a beautiful and moving Mass, celebrating motherhood - not just mothers, but those who nurture our girls in maternal ways. We were joined by many grandmothers, mothers, daughters and other significant people in our lives including the Sisters FCJ, Karen Jebb, members of staff and friends of Genazzano.

After Mass, we made our way to the cafeteria for a light supper, hosted by the GMA. Our warmest thanks and appreciation go to all those responsible for bringing together this event, including Anne Dunstan who coordinated the event, Toscanos for the fruit donation, and the many mums who donated food for the supper or helped with serving and cleaning up on the night.

Thanks to the Ministry team for putting together the Mass and the Music team, who provided the beautiful music. Thank you also to Rhonda Drake who gave us an inspirational reflection on motherhood, to the special readers, ministers, servers and others who had a part in the Mass.

Mums Mass Supper.JPG Mums Mass Supper 2.JPG
Mums Mass Supper 1.JPG Mums Mass Supper 3.JPG
Rhonda Drake and family Mums Mass.JPG Mums Mass Supper 4.JPG

The Mothers’ Day Stall was held on Thursday 5 May at Grange Hill. Marisa De Maria did an amazing job choosing the gifts and coordinating the Grange Hill mothers who assisted the students to select just the right gift for the mother and grandmothers in their lives.

Mums Day Stall.jpg
Mums Day Stall 1.JPG Mums Day Stall 3.JPG

Year Level Social Events

The Year 5 Mother/Daughter Breakfast was held on 1 May. We had 44 mums and daughters who enjoyed a brisk walk, followed by a delicious breakfast at The Boulevard in Kew.

Yr5 Mum Daughter walk.JPG Yr5 Mother Daughter walk & Breakfast.JPG

Thanks to Kate and Ian Steedman for hosting the Year 12 parents social evening at the end of April. This was a great opportunity for parents to catch up and share their experience of the Year 12 journey to date.

Yr12 Parents evening 1.jpg Yr12 Parents evening 2.jpg

2016 GMA Annual Ball – Saturday 20 August

This year’s GMA Ball will have an African Rhythms theme. The largest social and fundraising event of the year is being coordinated by Johanna Nesbitt, with the assistance of a very enthusiastic committee.

If your business is interested in being a cash sponsor in return for advertising exposure, or donating a prize for the loud or silent auctions, please contact Johanna Nesbitt on or contact me.

GMA Committee Meeting

The next GMA meeting is on Monday 30 May at 8.40am in the College Boardroom.

Save the Date!

Saturday 14 May

Year 6 Parents Night at The Spread Eagle Hotel

Sunday 15 May

Year 7 Mother / Daughter Walk & Picnic at Studley Park

Sunday 22 May

Year 11 Mother / Daughter Breakfast at QPO

Friday 27 May

Year 1 Parent’s Dinner at Izakaya Jiro

Sunday 29 May

Year 1 Family Day Out at Latitude

Monday 30 May

GMA Committee Meeting

Friday 3 June

Year 8 Morning Tea

Carmel Greer
President, Genazzano Mothers’ Association


News from the GFA

The GFA continues to go from strength to strength with some awesome events over the past two weeks and great things to look forward to in Term 2:

GFA Winemakers’ Dinner

The 5th annual GFA Winemakers’ Dinner was held on 29 April – to Love, Laugh, Make a Difference or in Greek – Agapi, Yelio, Megali diafora. No matter what the language, these words speak volumes for all at the GFA!

Indeed, it was a night to remember for the just over 80 attendees, from our guest speaker and wine expert Lyn Gent, to the magnificent wine, Greek banquet, DJ music and of course the dancing! Thanks to our MC Mike Lescai (Past GFA President from 2007-08), and our passionate Wine Committee, for once again driving this event. We also acknowledge the generosity of Gippsland Natural (Paul Crock), Wine Whisperer (Stan Gawel), Bardot, Collumbo’s, Yiannis Tavern and the College for supporting our raffle on the night.


ELC to Year 4 Family BBQ

GFA ELC to Year 4 Family BBQ was held on 6 May. We had a fantastic turnout for this first time event with over 70 ELC to Year 4 students and their families (23 families), sharing in the fun of the jumping castle, face painting and a BBQ to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. Thank you to all the families and College staff for their support for this event, and we look forward to holding it again next year! Huge thanks also to Nicholas Psyhogios, Jordan Papadopoulos, Pete Grounds, Lu Italiano, David Jones and Mark Ryan for their champion efforts on the night.

ELC-4familybbq1.JPG ELC-4familybbq3.JPG
ELC-4familybbq4.JPG ELC-4familybbq2.JPG

GFA Father-Daughter Camps

We look forward to the Year 8 Camp this weekend (15-16 May), the Year 7 Camp in just two weeks’ time (28-29 May), and the Year 5/6 camp in Term 3 (23-24 July). It is a great opportunity for dads to spend quality time with their daughter and other Gen Dads they will probably know for years to come. So now is the time to book! Bookings for all GFA camps can be made on the GFA Events website. Our girls love these camps, so get in early so you and your daughter don’t miss out.

GFA Committee Meeting

The next GFA Committee meeting is on 8 June. This will feature a special presentation by our Principal, Ms Karen Jebb. The meeting commences at 7.00pm

GFA Emails

Emails are the best way for the GFA to keep dads up to date with what is happening, so if these are not reaching you, please let me know via and you will be added to the distribution list.

Remember that to be a father is a gift, to be a Gen Dad is a rare privilege that we celebrate by Loving, Laughing and Making a Difference.

Rob Bischof
President, Genazzano Fathers’ Association


Latest News

  1. Time to Shine!


Time to Shine!

On Saturday 30 April 2016, the second annual 'Time to Shine' Catholic Schools Performing Arts Gala took place at the Regent Theatre, Melbourne. This gala is the culmination of months of planning, hard work and dedication of close to 400 students from 60 Victorian Catholic secondary colleges across the Archdiocese of Melbourne.

'Time to Shine' highlights the talents of these students, giving them an opportunity to work with industry professionals to gain performing arts experience.

This year, Genazzano FCJ College was represented by five outstanding performers and musicians, Jacinta Ryan (Year 12), Lola Crivelli (Year 8), Grace Joycey (Year 8), Isabel O’Sullivan (Year 8) and Lorena Stents (Year 12).

Jacinta sang in the opening act, ‘Time to Shine’, as well as ‘Getting to Know You’.

Time to Shine 5.jpg

Lola and Grace danced in ‘That’s Entertainment’ and ‘You Can’t Stop the Beat’. Isabel also danced in these two performances, along with ‘Steam Heat’.

Time to Shine 1.jpg Time to Shine 2.jpg Time to Shine 3.jpg

Lorena was a part of the orchestra, playing the trombone.

Time to Shine 4.jpg

The gala proved to be a night of great entertainment. Congratulations to Jacinta, Lola, Grace, Isabel and Lorena on your amazing performances. We are all very proud!



ACRATH Benefit Concert 2016


Friday 20 May 2016
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Class of 1966: 50 Year Reunion

Saturday 21 May 2016
12.30pm start
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Open Morning

Tuesday 24 May 2016
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Litfest Grange Hill Bedtime Storytelling Night


Tuesday 7 June 2016
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Litfest: The Kids' Bookshop Event - An Evening with Leigh Hobbs


Wednesday 8 June 2016
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Litfest Dinner


Wednesday 15 June 2016
6.00pm start
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Community News

Family Care Sisters

The Family Care Sisters facility at Croydon, offers holistic care to all women (aged 20 to 70 years) who are in need of a peaceful environment, ‘time out’, support or nurturing.

Our residential program operates each week, Monday to Friday (February through to mid-December). A daily group session is held on topics such as ‘relaxation’, ‘well-being’, ‘self-awareness’, ‘boundaries’, etc.

Cost: $175 (which can be paid in installments). In 2016, we are trialling Day Programs on topics such as ‘boundaries’, ‘dreams’, ‘genograms’, etc.

For further information or to book in, contact us on 9723 6797, visit our website or email us via