Newsletter - Edition 10-2016

News from the Principal

Dear members of the Genazzano FCJ College community,

Welcome to Term 3. I hope all students and families enjoyed the longer mid-year break. We have lots to look forward to this term, and I encourage all students to make the most of the many learning opportunities and challenges that this term will bring.

LitFest was a fabulous way to conclude Term 2, with the week providing an exceptional learning experience for all students at the College. The English and Library departments organised a dynamic program that promoted the literary works of local authors. LitFest exposes our students to a variety of learning experiences to inspire and enthuse. It was my first LitFest and I was able to enjoy a number of events that were engaging and interesting. I saw our students embrace the opportunities on offer and through these, they challenged themselves to improve their writing skills, read more widely and understand more fully. The LitFest Dinner was one of the highlights. We listened to two young authors, Hannah Kent and Emily Bitto, who have recently had their books published. Both of them were recognised for their writing talent through literary prizes. With many Year 9 and Year 10 students present at the dinner, I am sure the wisdom shared by Hannah and Emily has set our students on a path of discovery and possibility. One of the strongest messages they shared, was that to achieve your dreams, you will need to work hard. Success does not come easily even when you have an abundance of natural talent. To be successful in competitive fields it takes effort and persistence. The two young authors spoke about the dedication and hours needed to have a book published. They did not share this to discourage our students but wanted to send the message, that if you love what you do, work hard and dedicate the time, you are well on the way to achieving success. We have many talented writers at the College and it was an appropriate week to acknowledge our many accomplished writers. I know the message they heard at the dinner has inspired them to pursue their dreams and make the most of the gifts they have been blessed with.

Other news

Over the mid-year break, we were able to complete some office moves. The Sports Office and sports staff have relocated to the ground floor of the d'Houet building, placing them in a better location to access our sporting facilities. The Advancement Office has been relocated to ground floor Wardell, to enable a closer working relationship with Admissions and College Administration.

As announced last term, Ms Cathy Jenkins, Deputy Principal, will be leaving on Friday 12 August 2016 to take on the role of Director of the Archbishop’s Office of Evangelisation. The timing of the appointment makes it difficult to find a suitable replacement immediately, so I will take the opportunity to do a leadership restructure and look towards recruiting for the 2017 school year. The College already has three other Deputy Principals and a number of staff in Director roles, so we are in a good position to continue business as usual for the rest of this year.

With every blessing,

Karen Jebb


Faith and Mission News

Every two or three years, the worldwide Catholic Church invites young people around the world to gather to celebrate their Catholic faith and to share their stories. This event is known as World Youth Day (or WYD) and this year it will be held in Krakow, Poland from 26-31 July. The final Mass, to be celebrated by Pope Francis, is expected to be attended by more than two million people.

The first WYD was held in 1987 and was initiated by then Pope John Paull II. This year is the second time that WYD has been held in Poland, but the first time in Krakow, the hometown of now Saint Pope John Paul II.

There are five Genazzano students attending WYD 2016, Emily Attard, Rebecca Feneley and Sophie Zebrowski as part of the Melbourne Diocese group; Clara Ho is going with the Melbourne Catholic Chinese Community and Grace Nesbitt with her family and the Sandhurst Diocese.

Grace was commissioned at the end of last term, as she was leaving during the holidays. The other four girls will be commissioned in a ceremony in the College Chapel on Tuesday 19 July.

The adventure of WYD 2016 is a memorable and life-changing one, and we look forward excitedly to the safe return of our five pilgrims. We pray that God is with them throughout their pilgrimage.

We ask for your prayers for Alexandria Shaw (Year 7) and her family after the loss of Alexandria’s father, Jeffrey during the recent holidays; and for Chloe Psyhogios (Year 11) and her family, including her sisters Julie (py 2010) and Olivia (py 2012), after the loss of their grandfather, Arthur Birri. May they both rest in peace.

We pray for the Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus in their various ministries throughout the world.

Bill Fitzsimons
Deputy Principal: Faith and Mission


Dear Lord,
Throughout Term 3, help me to live each day
quietly, easily.
To lean upon your strength
truthfully, restfully.
To wait for the unfolding of your will
patiently, serenely.
To meet others
peacefully, joyfully.
To face tomorrow
confidently, courageously.
We pray that all those in the Genazzano FCJ College community
who face difficulties will be
held in your loving care.



News from Early Years

Term 2 finished on a high note, with the Prep to Year 4 girls presenting a LitFest themed assembly. Beautifully introduced by the Year 2 students, the assembly featured a delightful rendition from the Prep and Year 1 students of ‘Down by the Station’, as well as a fantastic dramatization of the much loved Mem Fox story, ‘Wombat Stew’. The assembly concluded with all students from Prep to Year 4 highlighting both the importance and the joy of reading and reading through song and dance.

P1010479 (1).jpg P1010493.jpg

P1010412.jpgAll Prep to Year 4 classes completed their respective Inquiry units at the end of the term. The Prep to Year 2 students designed posters to promote the message of sustainability while the Year 3 and 4 students presented their respective projects on Volcanoes and Erosion. These projects incorporated designing a poster and a slide show to present their research. As we begin Term 3, the girls are excited with their new Inquiry topic focusing on a variety of aspects of the upcoming Olympics.

transitions.pngThe Early Years hosted a workshop on Tuesday 12 July with a focus on preparing your child for transition to Prep. Despite the inclement weather, the workshop was well attended and Shona Boss from the Early Life Foundation provided excellent advice in an entertaining way to those present.

Jacqueline Horgan
Director of Early Years


News from Middle Years

Kryal Castle


Last semester, the Year 8s studied the Middle Ages in History. To further our understanding of this time period, we ventured to Kryal Castle in Ballarat. Upon arrival at the medieval castle, we were greeted by tour guides who were dressed in costume, representing different medieval occupations. During the excursion, we participated in activities that explored certain areas of medieval life.

The first activity was archery. We learned about its significance in this era and how to practically use this weapon. This fighting technique was regularly used in battle during the Middle Ages. We participated in a game to see who could successfully fire an arrow in the shortest amount of time.

The next activity was learning about medicine and chemistry from an acting apothecary. We prepared different herbs and learned about their medicinal properties. We also got to explore a herb garden full of plants from the medieval era. 

KryalCastle.jpgAnother activity was learning about social order in the Middle Ages. We made a human pyramid depicting the social ranks and we then investigated the legend of 'The Sword in the Stone' and how it related to the medieval time period.

The last activity was learning about torture in the Middle Ages. It involved having various barbaric methods of torture explained to us and then we walked through a mock torture chamber.

The day was an excellent experience that expanded our knowledge of the fascinating medieval period.

Ella McEvoy and Jessica Heaney
Year 8E


News from Later Years

VCE Legal Study students visit Melbourne Courts

At the end of Term 2, the Year 11 Legal Study students visited the Melbourne Magistrates and County Courts, to enhance their understanding of the operation of the court hierarchy in resolving criminal and civil disputes. Students viewed the processes used to resolve summary and indictable offences, noting the role court personnel and the jury played in contributing to promote just outcomes. The variety of cases viewed reinforced to students the broad jurisdiction of the courts, the role of the police, witnesses and the range of sanctions available.

The Magistrates and Justice's acknowledging the students' presence, highlighting and clarifying certain aspects of the proceedings and reinforcing key messages in relation to the processes the students were witnessing. The visit provided the opportunity for VCE Legal Studies students to consider aspects of the court system and processes which assist in achieving just outcomes in the resolution of disputes.

Carol Rowland
Legal Studies Teacher


Creative Arts News

Congratulations to many of our students, whose work was recently exhibited at the Camberwell Art Show. Plans are underway in the selection process for entry into the Royal Melbourne Show, where student work will be exhibited. Student names and artworks will be publicised prior to the show opening and via email if your daughter’s work has been selected.

Left to right: Amelia Miklavec (Year 12); Adriana Nelson (Year 12); Lucy Scott (Year 12)

P1000019.JPGOur Year 12 Creative Arts students are busily working on folios and final presentation SATs.

Year 9 students have completed a semester cycle of electives and their work will be on display at the ‘Art for a Cause’ event on Thursday 11 August. Students’ work in photography will be on sale and other folios in Visual Communication Design, Textiles and Media will also be exhibited. We look forward to seeing the wonderful work on display.

art for a cause.jpg

Save the date for other exciting events coming up for the department:

22 July to 16 September, Furlan Exhibition Space

Portrait Exhibition: student work and College Art collection

Wednesday 7 September, Grange Hill

Les Jeunes Artistes: ELC to Year 4 Art Show

17 to 27 September

Royal Melbourne Show

17 September (departure)

Creative Arts Tour

Friday 4 November

Graduate Art Show Opening

Joanne Saville
Curriculum Leader: Creative Arts


Information and eLearning Technologies News

The Robots are coming!

During Term 3, GenTech will continue to run on both Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes. Due to popular demand, the Genazzano Minecraft server will be up and running so your child can come along and get crafting.

The task for GenTech Minecrafters is to replicate the College within Minecraft, based on technical drawings of the College. A good understanding of relative size and proportion will be needed to start crafting, as well as an understanding of the available materials within Minecraft. We work with students to ensure they use Minecraft respectfully at all times.

Our NAO robot is slowly learning to dance. The NAO dance team has created the required dance for the competition at RMIT University on 1 September. The team will be polishing their performance for the big day, as Term 3 unfolds. 

Code Club on Friday lunchtime for Grange Hill students will also continue to run this term, in the Grange Hill Library. We will be using Scratch to program simple games.

Nathan Hutchings
Director of Information and eLearning Technologies


Languages News

2016 CECV Foreign Film Awards


It’s always so thrilling to work with students, whose passion for a subject we love to teach extends beyond our classrooms; and in this instance, I was so proud to attend, in Ms Signora Nuzzolese’s absence, the 2016 CECV Language Film Awards. It was exciting to witness three of our Year 8 Italian students receive first prize for their Italian short film submission.

Throughout Semester 1, Lara Partridge, Lola Crivelli and Cristina Mattioli worked independently and tirelessly to script, produce and edit an original short film (all in Italian) with the theme of ‘Imagining and Re-Imagining’ as their seed idea.


This dedicated trio made regular contact with the CECV organisers, ensuring they met the criteria and were on the right track to producing a tremendous short Italian film.

At the ceremony, Lola and Lara also led the prayer, speaking eloquently and with confidence, before an audience of over 120 language students and teachers.

The girls’ story, titled, ‘Spring in the park’, was well-crafted, inventive and even featured a rather comical cameo from George Clooney himself! These impressive writers have been chosen to participate in an exciting screenwriting and film workshop at ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image) in September.

If your child is passionate about film-making and would like to submit a film for next year’s CECV Language Film Awards, please have them contact Signor Bianco or Signora Nuzzolese.

Congratulations again to Lara, Lola and Cristina on this wonderful achievement!

VCE Italian Support Classes

The Dante Alighieri Society will continue to offer a conversation program for VCE students to support and enhance their preparation for the Italian oral examination. This is open specifically to Year 12 students. It is however, an opportunity for Year 11 students to continue developing their conversation skills. For more information, please email the Vice President at

Adam Bianco
Curriculum Leader: Languages


Music News

Europe Music Tour 2016

The Europe Music Tour 2016 was a wonderful success and students were able to experience an array of different cultures, musical heritage and languages. Throughout the 16 day tour we visited the following cities:

Bruges (Belgium)

We performed in the St Salvator Cathedral and celebrated Mass. Students enjoyed this beautiful town which is built around canals with buildings dating back to 1450. Another highlight in this town were the chocolate shops and the excellent fries!

Munich (Germany)

We travelled to Munich from Bruges and the students enjoyed the visit to Neuschwanstein Castle (Disney Castle) and subsequently the performance in the church of St Peter and Paul in Oberammergau. Oberammergau is a small town known for its Christmas shops, even in summer.

Salzburg (Austria)

This city is best known for the Sound of Music. We visited Mozart’s birthplace and performed in one of the oldest churches in Salzburg. Highlights were the Sound of Music Tour and also a performance of a string quartet in the Mirabell Castle.

Vienna (Austria)

Vienna is the grand city of opera and composers. It is also well known for its contribution to the annual New Year’s Concert (from the Musikverein). We attended Mass which was sung by the Vienna Boys Choir and members of the Vienna Philharmonic (with music by Anton Bruckner). We also performed in the Haus der Musik and students enjoyed exhibitions in many musea (these are free for students under 18 years of age).

Prague (Czech Republic)

This city is built alongside the Vltava river and nicknamed the 'City of a Hundred Spires’. Many buildings date from the Baroque period. The students did their last performance in the St Nicholas Church (Old Town Square) and on the last evening we enjoyed a magnificent performance of Verdi’s La Traviata in the National Theatre.

We left Prague to return back to Melbourne with nothing but amazing memories. I would like to thank the students and parents for all their support and hard work in the lead up to the trip. Thank you also to the teachers who prepared the students with their repertoire. A special mention must go to Ms Janet Dawson, Ms Emily Tarrant and Ms Mandy Lyle for accompanying the students and providing them with such an amazing experience.

IMG_9075.JPG IMG_9379.JPG
IMG_9325.JPG IMG_9321.JPG

Jan Blazejczak
Director of Music


Careers News

Subject Selection

Students are now making subject selection choice for 2017. During the holidays, they will have had time to look at the online handbook, to see what is available to them and what each subject involves. Whilst, of course, it is different for every year level, the most important thing to remember is that for each student after prerequisite subjects are chosen, students should be making selections based on their strengths (what they are good at) and their interests (what they like).

In terms of future jobs, we know that fields in Health and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) are going to be very important. However, the entrepreneurial jobs of the future will require creative types with business skills; languages will always be valued by employers; art and design is a big part of most fields including IT and Engineering; and the humanities are vital across all occupations, and employers value critical thinking and written/communication skills.

Ensure your daughter knows the prerequisite subjects (only available to current Year 10 and 11 students on the VTAC website) and then allow them to follow their heart (and head!) by working to her strengths and interests and thus be ready for careers of the 21st century!

Year 11 students going into Year 12 need to check prerequisites in the Prerequisites for 2018 document.

Year 10 students going into Year 11 need to read the Prerequisites for 2019 document. Please note, all Year 10 students are currently receiving one-on-one subject selection interviews to ensure they undertake the subjects they need to successfully complete their VCE and to allow them to pursue appropriate courses post Year 12.

Year 9 students going into Year 10, it is important to note that the prerequisites for university entrance in 2020 will not be available until July 2017. Students could use the Year 10 document as a guide only.

Further information will be available at the Subject Selection evening on 20 July.

University Open Days

All students in Years 10, 11 and 12 should attend University Open Days during July and August. It is a great opportunity to find out where the university is, what it has to offer, what current students think about it and what it really feels like to be there. It is a great time to ask questions and explore campuses in a fun and often eventful day. Each university has an Open Day website so you can find out what events they offer on the day. Have a look with your daughter and see what might be of interest.

Judy O’Donohue
Careers Advisor


Co-curricular News

An outstanding effort by our students in Semester 1, as 98% of Year 5-12 students participated in the co-curricular program. This is wonderful to see as the co-curricular program is an integral part of each student’s educational experience. Students can choose from a range of activities varying from music, sport, debating and public speaking, social justice and many other student interest activities such as art and craft, language clubs and chess. The diverse range of activities offers students the opportunity to form life-long interests outside the academic classroom.

Term 3 Co-curricular Schedule and Database

Activities will formally begin on Monday 18 July and the Term 3 co-curricular schedule is now posted in Homerooms and on GenSpace. Details of venues and times are published on this schedule and in the Daily Bulletin. Students are invited to choose and commit to their areas of preference and will be able to register their activities from Monday 18 July.

The Co-curricular Office Has Moved

If students or parents have any questions regarding Co-curricular activities please contact Mrs Vanessa Frazer (Monday/Tuesday) or Mrs Catherine Murphy (Wednesday-Friday). Our office is now located on the lower floor of the d’Houet building opposite the fitness room. Alternatively, email us with any queries:

Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award

Congratulations to Emma Lawrence (2015) on the completion of her Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. Emma will be presented her Gold Award at a special Gold Award Ceremony arranged by the State Award office. Emma began her Gold Award in 2013 whilst beginning her VCE studies and through this exciting journey of self-discovery Emma has successfully challenged herself in the areas of individual goal setting and self-improvement through persistence and achievement. A fantastic effort!

Catherine Murphy and Vanessa Frazer
Directors of Co-curricular Programs


Sports News

Student Achievements

Adele Fornarino (Year 11 Gerda) recently competed in the World Jiu Jitsu Championships in Los Angeles. From all reports, Adele acquitted herself exceptionally well and her performances were recognised with a medal. We extend our congratulations to Adele.

Congratulations to Molly McCarthy (Year 9 Corry) and Clare Vearing (Year 11 Gerda) on their selection in the 2016 GSV Representative program. Later this term, Molly will compete in Cross Country and Clare in Netball. We extend our best wishes to both girls. Furthermore, we acknowledge the appointment of our own Netball Coordinator, Sarndra Kennerley, as Coach of the GSV Rep Netball team.

Further congratulations to Molly McCarthy and also to Kaitlin Barr (Year 12 Douglas 4) on their selection in the Vic Cross Country Squad for the National Championships, held in Canberra in August. We wish them both well.

Catherine Renehan (Year 7B) travelled to Coffs Harbour for the FFA National Youth Championships as the captain of the Under 13 Victorian Squad. The team were successful and won the title for Victoria for the first time. Catherine has also recently been selected to represent the Victorian U19 School Sports Victoria Football Squad for the National Championships in Perth (20-27 August). We congratulate Catherine on her outstanding achievement.


Congratulations to Alumna, Olivia Sibillin (2012) who was recently selected in the Australian National Under 23 Rowing Team to race at Amsterdam later this year.

Rowing AGM

A reminder that the Rowing Committee AGM is to be held on Monday 18 July at 7.00pm, in the College Boardroom. Parents interested in nominating for a role should complete and submit a nomination form. Please contact President, Mrs Nicky Vergano, via should you have any queries.

Elite Sporting Scholarships at Victorian Universities

Victorian universities including ACU, Monash, Victoria, Latrobe and the University of Melbourne welcome applications from Year 12 students for sporting scholarships to support their further studies. Please see or contact Mrs Judy O’Donohue in the Careers Office (8862 1081) if interested in finding more about the requirements and benefits.

Genazzano Sports Office Has Moved

Please note the Sports office is now located on the ground floor of the D’Houet building (DG06). The office is staffed by Miss Melonie Fulton (Sports Administrator) and the phone number is 8862 1008. Alternatively, email

Matthew Wesson
Director of Sport

SSV News

SSV photo.jpgThe inaugural SSV Armadale District Soccer and Netball Round Robin hosted on Genazzano’s grounds and courts in the last week of Term 2 was a great success. Over 130 girls from four schools competed in three separate competitions; one soccer division and two netball divisions. The top two teams for each competition were from Genazzano and Loreto. Our Netball Division A team narrowly lost their grand final 11-9 and the Netball Division B team lost 14-1. Our Soccer team won their decisive game in a penalty shoot-out. They will now represent the Armadale District in next week’s Beachside Division Soccer playoffs on Wednesday 20 July. We extend our congratulations to the girls in all teams.

Izabella Morrison (Year 5B) competed in the Southern Metropolitan Region Cross Country Carnival in the first week of our holidays. In extremely difficult conditions, Izabella competed admirably to place 25th out of 70.

Finally, tryouts for the SSV Track & Field squad have begun in preparation for the District Carnival in August. There will be sessions over the first two weeks for Year 3 to 6 girls to cover all of the various events.

Adrian Daly
SSV Coordinator

GenAquatic News

Welcome back to a new term. The holiday program was very successful with a great attendance over the whole two weeks. This term timetable will be the same as 2015.

Waterlions Winter SC Meet

The Waterlions Winter SC Meet will be at MSAC on Sunday 16 July. This swim meet will be a great event for swimmers who want to gain official times and want to qualify for the Victorian Short Course Championships. Enter online.

GenAquatic AGM & Awards Night

The invitations for the GenAquatic AGM & Awards night, on Friday 22 July here at the College, have been mailed out. If you have not received your invitation please contact Amon at as soon as possible.

This is a great evening, where our parents and swimmers celebrate achievements of the 2015 / 2016 season. Come and join in the celebration.

No Training: Thursday 11 August, 6.00pm-7.30pm

Due to staff training, there will be no 6.00pm-7.30pm training on Thursday 11 August. This will not affect the morning squad sessions or Learn to Swim.

Amon Soerink
Head Coach, Aquatics

New Zealand Netball Tour 2016

During the first week of the holidays, we travelled to New Zealand for the Netball Tour. The group consisted of 19 Year 11 and 12 students, accompanied by Mr Wesson, Mrs Kennerley and Ms Williams.

Our ten day tour saw us travel to Auckland, Hamilton, Otorohonga and Rotorua, where our netball skills were improved and challenged by the talent of tall and athletic New Zealanders. We participated in two representative tournaments and played against four schools. The two teams won and lost matches and every game we played was a new opportunity to represent the College with great sportsmanship, a love for netball and the opportunity to make new friends.

We visited Westlake Girls High School, St Cuthbert’s College, Otorohonga College and Waikato Diocesan School. Our one night stay with St Cuthbert’s College families was not long enough, as we enjoyed meeting some familiar faces from their 2015 tour to Melbourne and Genazzano.

Recovery and team bonding activities were very important while we were playing such intense amounts of netball. We went to the beach for cold water therapy, did active recovery using rollers, stretching, nutritious foods and most importantly adequate sleep. We also enjoyed views from Auckland’s Sky Tower, a ferry ride to Devonport and lunch at St Heliers Bay. Our trips to the Waitomo Caves and zip-lining through the native bush in Rotorua were highlights. Even though it was raining at Mount Maunganui we still managed a trip to the hot pools to help with our recovery. Our welcome (powhiri) at Otorohanga College and overnight stay on the Marae meant that we could sing our song (waiata) that we had been working on for several weeks.

The Netball Tour was one of the best experiences we have had; full of laughter, challenges, and new friendships through a love of sport and cultural immersion.

Special thanks to our Netball Co-ordinator, Mrs Sarndra Kennerley, who organised and led the whole expedition.

NZNT5.jpg NZNT15.jpg NZNT14.png

Emma O’Shaughnessy and Ashleigh Pope
Netball Captains


College Dates for the Next Fortnight

Monday 18 July, 7.00pm

Rowing Committee AGM

Tuesday 19 July, 7.00pm

Year 8 Ski Information Evening

Wednesday 20 July

Career and Subject Selection Expo

Thursday 21 July, 7.00pm

First Eucharist Parent Information Evening

Please visit our website for a full list of 2016 Term Dates or our College calendar.


News from the GMA

Welcome back! I hope all families have enjoyed a relaxing time over the holidays. Term 3 is going to be busy, with the Annual Ball, ‘African Rhythms’. The Ball is our major fundraiser for the College and I encourage all families to support the evening. Raffle tickets have been sent home and your efforts in selling tickets are greatly appreciated. Invitations will be sent out this week, so think about putting a table together with friends or join your year level table. See below for more details.

Year 8 Morning Tea

Over thirty Year 8 mums recently attended a Biggest Morning Tea at the Thompson family home, to raise money for the Cancer Council. It was a lovely morning and a great opportunity to catch up with both old and new friends. It was a great effort, with over $430 raised for a very worthwhile cause. Thank you to everyone who attended and all of those who supplied goodies for a delicious morning tea.

Yr8 Morning Tea 2.JPG Yr 8 Morning Tea.JPG Y8 Morning Tea.JPG

There are many year level events coming up during Term 3, organised by your Year Level Reps, so check out the Save the Dates and look out for your email invitation!

2016 GMA Annual Ball - African Rhythms

Come to the Ball on Saturday 20 August

Invitations will be mailed out this week and bookings are now open online. Set up your own table of 10 or join a year level table! All ticketing enquiries can be made to Rebekah Wraith on 0407 003 605 or

Buy a Raffle Ticket!

Be in the running to win airfares to Johannesburg, or any destination valued at $5000, an Apple MacBook Air valued at $1399, lunch at Italian inspired Centonove, and a Fitbit Flex Wireless Wristband! Buy a raffle ticket or two, or better still, the whole book! Please return ticket butts, cash (or cheque made payable to Genazzano Mothers’ Association) and any unsold tickets to Student Services or Receptions at Grange Hill and All Hallows as soon as possible.

Raffle enquiries can be made to Cathy Frawley via

If you would like to contribute to the Ball in any way we would love to hear from you, please contact Johanna Nesbitt via

All proceeds from our African Rhythms Ball will go towards the building works in accordance with the College’s 2020 Vision and Master Plan.

GMA Fathers’ Day Stall: Thursday 1 September

Marisa De Maria has been busy purchasing many beautiful gifts that the girls will be able to purchase for their fathers, grandfathers, carers, etc. The stall will once again be held at Grange Hill for all Prep to Year 4 girls.

Entertainment Books

Entertainment books are still available, and with some great offers! They are the same price as last year ($65) and include many new restaurants. Contact Cathy Frawley (0421 010 347 or to reserve your copy. This year there will be a hard copy or a digital copy.

Save the Date

Sunday 17 July

Year 1 Mothers Lunch at Hellenic Republic

Monday 25 July, 7.30pm

Combined Committee and Class Reps Meeting (Wardell Theatre)

Friday 29 July

Year 7 Morning Tea at Fat Penguin

Sunday 31 July

Year 10 Mother and Daughter Breakfast at Now & Then Cafe

Saturday 20 August

GMA Ball – African Rhythms

Thursday 1 September

GMA Father’s Day Stall

Carmel Greer
President, Genazzano Mothers’ Association


News from the GFA

Welcome back to the start of Term 3. Here are some sensational events ahead for the GFA:

GFA Year 5 & 6 Father-Daughter Camp: Saturday 23 – Sunday 24 July

This is only a weekend away, and a great opportunity for dads to spend quality time with their daughter and other Gen dads. Book now on the GFA Events website.

GenOutback: Saturday 6 August

A fun-filled evening of entertainment for ELC to Year 8 students and family, including bush dancing, raffle and other prizes, and a delicious sausage sizzle. Book now on the GFA Events website.

GFA Year 9 Father-Daughter Bowling: Sunday 14 August

What a fantastic opportunity for dads to enjoy a fun night of bowling (and refreshments) with their daughters! For bookings, go to the GFA Events website.

GFA 2016 Footy Finals Luncheon: Friday 16 September

It’s getting to the business end of the AFL footy season, and this classic GFA event is a great chance for you, your friends and colleagues to have a fantastic afternoon while helping the GFA ‘make a difference’. Just like you, we love to laugh and support a good cause, so come along and be part of this great event. See the flyer for more information or book online now.


GFA Monthly Meeting

Mark it in your diary - the July GFA meeting will be held next week, on Tuesday 19 July. Commencing at 7.00pm in the College Boardroom (Wardell Building), our monthly meetings are open to all Gen dads, providing an opportunity to hear what is happening, have your say and participate in the GFA.

Remember that to be a father is a gift, to be a Gen Dad is a rare privilege that we celebrate by ‘Loving, Laughing and Making a Difference’.

Rob Bischof
President, Genazzano Fathers’ Association


Latest News

  1. Career Exploration Day

  2. Genazzano Alumna Honoured


Career Exploration Day

On 16 June, the Year 10 students embarked on the first steps of their career journeys, with Career Exploration Day.

AnishaSpeaking about their personal career journeys, the first guest was Anisha Balakrishnan who is in her third year at Monash University, studying Science and Engineering. Anisha graduated from Nossal High School in 2013 and volunteers with Engineers Without Borders, which enables her to give back to developing communities.

“Engineering is a highly rewarding profession and you can touch the lives of many with it” - Anisha.

Anisha’s ‘Tips to Succeed’

  1. Read widely
  2. Get involved with the things you’re passionate about
  3. Introspection
  4. Find people who are passionate about what they do
  5. Create a support system – know your allies
  6. It’s okay to fail
  7. Ask for help – you’re never on your own
  8. Enjoy what you do.

The second guest speaker on the day was Monique Milenkovic. Monique is a Genazzano Alumnae (py 1995) and creator and owner of The Cupcake Queens. She opened her first store in Williamstown in 2010, and in just six years has become the biggest cupcake distributor in Australia, with nine stores across Metro Melbourne. Monique is also an ambassador for the Nicholas Jac Milenkovic Foundation, in memory of her son and has raised over $25,000 in support of the Royal Children’s Hospital. She spoke to the students about her career journey, studying at Genazzano, her first full-time job and starting a family, through to starting her cupcake business. She also gave the students tips on becoming a budding entrepreneur.

“Follow your passion; just make sure it’s a viable business idea.” – Monique.

After recess, the students attended sessions with visiting universities, including Deakin, La Trobe, RMIT, Swinburne, and ACU.


Before heading to lunch, the students heard from the ANZ Graduate Programs team, who presented information about their graduate programs and insight on the skills and attributes employers are looking for, once they graduate.

ANZ’s ‘Tips for Success’ for the Graduate Program

  1. Leadership activities
  2. Good grades
  3. Work experience
  4. Volunteer experience
  5. Extra-curricular
  6. Summer internship
  7. Second language
  8. Travel

The day concluded with presentations from both the University of Melbourne and Monash University.


Genazzano Alumna Honoured

bernadette tobin

Genazzano FCJ College congratulates Dr Bernadette Tobin for her inclusion in the recent Queen's Birthday Honours Day list, where she was named an Officer (AO) in the General Division of the Order of Australia. Dr Tobin was recognised for distinguished service to education and philosophy, to the development of bioethics in Australia as an academic, and as a leader of a range of public health advisory and research councils.

Dr Tobin was a past student at Genazzano and her achievements were recognised by the College in 2013 when she was presented with the Outstanding Alumna Award.



Annual Music Concert

annual music concert
Wednesday 3 August 2016
7.30pm start
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Saturday 6 August 2016
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Open Morning

Tuesday 9 August 2016
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2016 Outstanding Alumna Award


Wednesday 10 August 2016
7.00pm start (refreshments available from 6.00pm)
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Art for a Cause

art for a cause.jpg

Thursday 11 August 2016
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GMA Annual Ball - African Rhythms

GMA ball
Saturday 20 August 2016
7.00pm for pre-dinner drinks
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Community News

2016 Independent Schools Victoria Parent Satisfaction Survey

The College is taking part in the 2016 Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) Parent Satisfaction Survey. Your opinion is valuable to us and, in the week commencing 25 July, we will be inviting you to participate in this survey.

The aim of the survey is to gain general feedback and understand your perceptions regarding the quality of your daughter’s educational experience with the College. The information obtained will be used by us to evaluate parent opinion, in order to improve the quality of education at the College for students, and will enable benchmarking of the College against other Independent schools.

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. The survey is completely anonymous, and ISV reports results to the College in aggregate only.

Dance Fitness at Genazzano in 2016

Genazzano Dance.jpg

Last chance to join us before our wonderful concert in October!

Dance Fitness conducts exciting and fun jazz classes at Genazzano after school! No extra picking up and dropping off required!

Students will experience everything dance has to offer in a familiar, fun and friendly environment.

  • ELC & Prep Jazz Class: Monday after school 3.15pm - 4.00pm
  • Grade 1 – Grade 3 Jazz Class: Wednesday after school 3.45pm - 4.30pm
  • Grade 4 – Grade 6 Jazz Class: Wednesday after school 3.45pm - 4.30pm

Enrol online now!

Please contact Ash on 0403 135 850 if you have any questions. Ensure to download the information pack.

Genazzano Dance 3.jpg Genazzano Dance 2.jpg

Youth Engagement Project (YEP) Events

Youth Led Mass and Social Sunday

The next monthly youth Masses for all the Parishes involved in YEP. It is followed by YEP’s Social Sundays. A time for us to come together as a community for pizza, sausages or ice blocks, and lots of games. All ages welcome!

Date: Sunday 7 August
Time: 5.00pm - 7.15pm
Venue: All Hallows Parish, 17 Brenbeal St, Balwyn