Newsletter - Edition 2-2016

News from the Principal

Dear Members of the Genazzano FCJ College community,

The last two weeks have seen a number of significant events in the life of the College and I trust you will enjoy reading about them in this newsletter.

Last week, we gathered in prayer for our Ash Wednesday service to begin the season of Lent. Our Ash Wednesday liturgy calls us to slow down and renew our commitment to follow Christ. Gathering as a community is an essential element of our faith expression. We read in John (11:52) that Christ came “to gather into one the scattered children of God.” It is important to remember and to live this during Lent: to be aware that the penitential journey cannot be faced alone, but together with each other in a caring and supportive community. Lent calls us to open ourselves to God and to others, to consciously move away from the superficial and material, and to delve into the depths of our hearts where we will find God’s love. Lent is a time to reach out to the other, to do something more and significant for those in need and to reflect upon our responsibility to build the reign of God here and now. The College supports the work of Caritas Australia through Project Compassion during Lent. We encourage all students and families to give generously to their 2016 mission called ‘Learning More, Creating Change.’

On Tuesday, our College gathered for our 2016 Commencement Eucharist and we further explored our 2016 College theme, ‘Fidelity and Joy in the Year of Mercy’. The opening school year Eucharist is always a special occasion for a Catholic school community. It was also the first time we had gathered as a whole school Prep to Year 12, with the 4-year-old children from the ELC joining us for the Commissioning after communion. Our College Chaplain, Fr Brendan Reed’s homily inspired students and staff to exercise mercy in our everyday lives. He gave examples of how we can reach out to the other with forgiveness, kindness and understanding.

Finally, I would like to extend my thanks to the 530 parents who attended our ‘GenWelcomes’ event last Saturday night. As a newcomer to this school community, I had heard much about this unique and special evening and how much parents were looking forward to it. The night certainly lived up to its expectations. It had a wonderfully warm and friendly atmosphere, parents enjoyed the opportunity to reconnect again and all newcomers to the College were welcomed with open arms. I hope the friendships made on Saturday last for many years to come. Every school hopes to have a positive partnership with parents and guardians because it has been proven that this relationship is beneficial to student learning outcomes. It is clearly evident that parents of this College value this partnership and are not only willing to work with us but enjoy and value their connection significantly. I would like to take this opportunity to extend an enormous thank you to our parent associations, the GMA and the GFA, for assisting with the evening along with everyone who had a part in making this happen; it is very much appreciated.

With every blessing,

Karen Jebb


Principal's Commissioning Ceremony

On Tuesday, we gathered in prayer to ask for God’s blessings on the year as we committed ourselves to exploring our 2016 College theme, Fidelity and Joy in the Year of Mercy. We also gathered to commission our new Principal, Ms Karen Jebb. The following presentation was made as part of the Opening Eucharist to welcome the new Principal:

Genazzano FCJ College was founded in 1889. It is hard for us to imagine what it would have been like for those very first Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus as they arrived in Kew 127 years ago. However, we do know that we are very blessed to be part of their story today.

This Eucharistic Celebration invites us into the rich traditions and deep faith of this Genazzano FCJ College community.

The very first Principal of Genazzano FCJ College was Mother Stanislaus Stock, a Sister of the Faithful Companions of Jesus. Since then there have been fifteen FCJ Sisters who took on the role of the College Principal.

In 1993, Mrs Pat Fitzgerald was the first lay Principal and since then only two other lay women have been Principal of Genazzano FCJ College, Ms Judith Potter and Mrs Patricia Cowling.

Today marks another milestone in the 127 year history of Genazzano FCJ College, where we formally commission our new College Principal, Ms Karen Jebb.

Companionship is central to the FCJ philosophy of education, being expressed through faithfulness, gentleness and respect. The uniqueness of each person is respected, and all students are invited to use their gifts for the service of others and for the transformation of society.

In the spirit of companionship, we present Ms Jebb with symbols that represent the breadth and depth of the community of Genazzano FCJ College as we welcome her to the ministry of leadership to our school:

Symbol - Framed Picture Marie Madeleine d’Houet

Genazzano FCJ College has its origins in the vision of Marie Madeleine d'Houët, who founded the Society of the Faithful Companions of Jesus in Amiens, France in 1820. Marie Madeleine sought to be a faithful companion of Jesus through her work and her actions in the world.

She envisioned an education that would enable children to grow to their potential, live reflective lives and respond to the needs of the world. In the spirit of Marie Madeleine, the 127 year old College seeks to create an atmosphere where all can find a place to learn, grow and develop.

May the vision of Marie Madeleine d’Houet continue to inspire Ms Jebb in her leadership of this community where each student is nurtured and appreciated for who she is, inspired to be the best she can be and to grow into the person God created her to be.

Symbol - College Constitution

The person of Jesus and the values of the Gospels are at the very heart of the FCJ charism which is animated by reflective discernment.

This spirituality seeks to prepare students for a life of leadership and commitment to the wider community where Genazzano FCJ College graduates will be seen as women of conscience, competence, compassion and courage.

May the person of Jesus continue to inspire Ms Jebb’s faith leadership and may God’s grace be ever present as she exercises stewardship and governance of our College.

Symbol - Flute

Students are encouraged to dream large, be confident in all that they do, and allow their passion for learning to grow at every opportunity.

May the gift and the beauty of the Genazzano music and performing arts and various artistic programs inspire Ms Jebb’s leadership of the creative and innovative.

Symbol - Badminton Racket

Genazzano’s school spirit is also demonstrated on the sporting field in a range of endeavours. From a rigorous game on the sports courts to a sprinting race involving strength, power and precision on the water.

May the gift of teamwork and vibrant school spirit continue to inspire the leadership of Ms Jebb.

Symbol - GMA Cookbook

Family connections with Genazzano stretch back for generations. The family spirit reaches out to the other and provides safety, comfort, support and hospitality.

May the gift of the ongoing support of our families inspire Ms Jebb’s leadership in the areas of hospitality and welcome.

Symbol - Alumnae Generations Magazine

Thousands of girls and young women have been blessed with a Genazzano FCJ College education. The Members of the Genazzano alumnae have made major contributions to the world of science, the arts, social justice. sport and commerce.

May this tradition inspire Ms Jebb’s leadership for the future of our world, where our young women will be ready to make a positive and excellent contribution to the world through their response to Jesus’ cry of “I thirst”

Symbol - Boarders Badge

Genazzano is the only Catholic Boarding school for girls in Victoria, and we celebrate the unique contribution these members of our school community make to Genazzano as they welcome our new leader. We present Ms Jebb with the Boarders Badge as a sign of our place in this College.

Our Students

At the very heart of this College is student learning, motivating every student to embrace the educational opportunities at every year level.

May the leadership of Ms Jebb inspire the learning of every student and encourage each student to see that God wants her to be more than she can imagine.

We present Ms Jebb with the following symbols from each of our groups of students. Symbols that represent our student community and how each member can be inspired to learn and grow into strong young women of faith with a passion for justice and truth.

ELC symbol - Artwork created by 4 Year Old Students

This piece of art represents the beginning of their learning journey and all that lies ahead of them at Genazzano. Along with welcoming our youngest learners we extend our welcome to Ms Jebb today.

Early Years’ symbol - Storybook

Sparking the imagination of every student, we present Ms Jebb with this story book. May it be a symbol of these important formative years in which young girls begin their journey at Genazzano FCJ College

Middle Years’ symbol – Science Test Tubes

Inspiring the discovering of the secrets to the universe, the mystery of our environment, the gift of the human body and many other wonders of this world, we present Ms Jebb with a symbol of our learning in the Middle Years.

Later Years’ symbol - Laptop

Embracing independent learning and our dreams of the future, our senior years have a world of learning at their fingertips. We present Ms Jebb this symbol as a sign of our commitment to developing our gifts and talents so that we may make a positive difference in the world beyond this College

Teacher’s symbol - Candle

Lighting the fire of our students’ imagination and igniting their desire to learn and grow. We present this symbol of the candle as a sign of their fidelity to the work of learning and teaching at Genazzano FCJ College community.

Fr Brendan invited the Congregation to stretch out hands in a gesture of blessing as he read a prayer of blessing for our new Principal at her first College Commencement Mass.

 Commencement Eucharist_14.jpg Commencement Eucharist_22.jpg


Prayer for the Beginning of Lent

Lord Jesus,

You fasted in the desert for forty days and nights.

You sought solace to be with your Father and to prepare for your future.

In Lent, you give us the opportunity to do the same:

to draw ever closer to you in your mission

your suffering and death

and your resurrection which has saved the world.

May this Lent be a time of taking stock

of examining our lives and our relationships.

May it be a time of joy

of helping others, of seeing a need and fulfilling it.

And most of all, may it be a time when you draw us ever closer to yourself as we embrace your paschal mystery.

We ask this in your name.



Faith and Mission News

Lent and the Theology of Coffee 2016

This year, I have given up coffee for Lent. I’ll come back to that later on, but it has given me cause to reflect on Thomas Merton’s idea that giving up something for Lent is really only worthwhile if it means that we think about God more often. His suggestion was that we should say a prayer every time we think about the thing we have given up. On this basis alone God and I will be in almost constant communication for the entire Lenten season!

In the Australia of 2016, we find ourselves immersed in a culture that is perpetually impatient. But God doesn’t think like that; God makes us wait. Most of the really significant events in our lives are the celebration of years of preparation and waiting. We celebrate finishing school, our eighteenth and twenty-first birthdays, finishing university and our wedding. All of these moments are a destination, but they also celebrate in a special way the years of journey.

Similarly, Easter Sunday is the destination after the seven weeks of Lent. To celebrate the great events of Christ’s resurrection without preparing ourselves during the Lenten season that precedes it would render the great events of Holy Week ultimately hollow, and rob Easter Sunday of its full majesty as the greatest day of the liturgical year.

It would certainly rob me of the transcendent insight I gain into Lent when, after mass on Easter Sunday morning, I have my first take away skinny flat white since Shrove Tuesday. The first time I did it a few years ago, my youngest daughter said to me as I took my first sip with almost incandescent joy, “Daddy, you have such a silly smile on your face”. I thought to myself, “that’s right, it’s Easter Sunday, I have a lovely wife, three beautiful daughters I’m drinking a coffee – life’s just perfect”.

Easter just wouldn’t be Easter without Lent.

Bill Fitzsimons
Deputy Principal: Faith and Mission


News from the Deputy Principal

Pastoral Interviews P-12

Thank you to the many parents and students who have attended wellbeing interviews and information nights over these past weeks.  We encourage parents to make contact with their daughter’s homeroom teacher if they ever have any concerns about the learning or emotional needs of their daughter. Please also send through any feedback about your experience of the interviews or the information evenings to to enable us to make improvements for the future.

Student Wellbeing

The two most common medical conditions managed by students are Genazzano are anaphylaxis and asthma. It is important that we ensure a safe environment for all our students so, we remind parents that students should not share food.

In addition, it is a requirement under the Ministerial Order No# 90 Anaphylaxis Management in Schools that parents of students at risk provide the College with an individual Anaphylaxis Action plan, signed by the student’s Medical Practitioner with an up to date photograph attached. The action plan must state the allergen/s and have full emergency contact details. The EpiPen must have a pharmacy label particular to their child.

Please note that our College Nurse, Mrs Virginia Boyce (8862 1180) is available to assist parents with preparing health management plans for their children.

Open Day

Open Day is a significant day in the College Calendar. Open Day enables prospective students and their families to view the College and gather information about the learning programs and services we offer. This year Open Day is on Sunday 20 March from 1.30pm-4.00pm. 

A feature of Open Day is student involvement. It is an expectation that all students participate on the day and they can contribute in two key ways:

  1. Tour Guide – in pairs, students may lead tours to showcase the College. Students receive training prior to the day and are briefed about the sorts of questions they may be asked while they are walking around the College with their guests.
  2. Show-casing curriculum events – some students may choose to participate in an activity that showcases a curriculum event or area. For example drama, music, art all use students to demonstrate some of the work we are doing in the College.

Shortly, we will be calling for students to nominate for which activities they would like to be involved.

As we move into the period of Lent with Ash Wednesday on 10 February, I wish all our families a time of living more prayerfully, simply and generously.

Cathy Jenkins
Deputy Principal


Curriculum, Standards & Innovation News

VCE Excellence Assembly

On Tuesday 9 February, we held our annual VCE Excellence Assembly at the College. The purpose of this assembly is to firstly acknowledge outstanding achievement of an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank and secondly to acknowledge excellence in individual studies.

In 2015, five students achieved an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank of 99, which placed them in the top 1% of VCE students across the state. It was wonderful for these girls to address the audience which comprised of members of the Sisters, Faithful Companions of Jesus, distinguished guests, parents, teachers and students.

160209GEN-019.jpg 160209GEN-022.jpg 160209GEN-023.jpg 160209GEN-025.jpg

In their speeches, the girls made reference to the wonderful support they had received from all their teachers and family throughout the journey here at the College. It was clear that success in learning is often the result of a successful partnership between the College and home.

At the assembly, there were current Year 12 students who had achieved equal to or highest individual study score in Unit 3 and 4 studies in 2015. We congratulate all of our students who undertook one or several Unit 3 and 4 studies in 2015 and we encourage all our students to achieve their personal best in not only all of their studies but in all that they do

Robert Tassoni
Deputy Principal: Curriculum, Standards and Innovation


Student Learning and Wellbeing News

As a parent I know the value of communication in the home, any parent does! There are so many pleasures and joys to be shared in spending quality time with our children, talking about the events of our days with each other, and making sure that those important pick up times and drop off times are negotiated and can be easily met. In many ways, a school like Gen is a large family; a very large family where clear communication is paramount.

In the late afternoon and evening of 8 February, Gen was abuzz with many conversations. Walking around the College, I spoke with parents and students in the corridors and looking into the classrooms, I witnessed homeroom teachers listening to and talking with the parents of the students of their homeroom. They were sharing important information, central to the parents’ love and hopes for their daughters. Such evenings like this are important for the wellbeing of our girls, which help ensure parents feel they have been listened to and that homeroom teachers can offer a more informed pastoral care to the girls in their charge. All this contributes to a deeper and richer learning for life.

This week, the first series of information evenings for parents and their children begin. This is another way the College seeks to continue important information sharing that can contribute to the optimum learning and wellbeing for our students. Let the conversations continue!

Lila McInerney
Deputy Principal: Student Learning and Wellbeing


News from the Business Manager

Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund

The Victorian Government has an initiative to ensure that all Victorian students can take part in school trips and sporting activities. The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) assists eligible families to cover the costs of school trips, camps and sporting activities.

The annual CSEF amount per student is:

  • $125 for primary school students
  • $225 for secondary school students.

How to apply

To apply, please complete a CSEF application form and return it to the Business Managers’ office by 29 February 2016, for submission to the government.

Further information

Please read the flyer or visit the CSEF website, for eligibility, payment and additional resource information

Mark Glover
Business Manager


News from ELC

This week, the ELC children commenced a full time program. For many of the boys and girls attending the ELC, they are experiencing a new learning environment away from the security and familiarity of their home. The greatest challenge in a young child’s life is often saying goodbye bravely to mum or dad. Our educators recognise that children belong first to a family, a cultural group, a neighbourhood and a wider community and now the greater Genazzano community. To support the children’s interdependence with others within this community, they must experience a sense of belonging – knowing where and with whom you belong.

In early childhood, and throughout life, relationships are crucial to a sense of belonging. Our ELC is a wonderful place to meet new friends and to build trusting and supportive relationships.

In the ELC the educators assist the children to develop a sense of belonging by:

  • joining together at a family picnic in the Grange Hill playground
  • visiting children within the home context to empower the child in a familiar environment and to view favourite interests
  • encouraging children to bring a family photo for the ELC4 belonging tree
  • listening to the children’s favourite interests, colours, food, toys and documenting their voice to share with the group of children
  • drawing self-images and providing identity pictures
  • providing learning experiences that reflect home life
  • involving the children in the daily routine, including cleaning tables, setting lunch tables and collecting compost for the worm farm
  • creating an ‘Essential Agreement’ - Empowering the child’s voice to discuss safety rules for the class to agree to follow.

The ELC educators look forward to the journey ahead developing authentic relationships with families and the children.

IMG_6233.JPG IMG_7779.JPG IMG_7767.JPG

 Alison Lucas
Director, Early Learning Centre


News from Early Years

Term 1 is well under way and it is great to watch the students embrace all that Grange Hill has to offer.

Lent began with a poignant Ash Wednesday liturgy in the College Chapel, during which ashes were distributed. It was lovely to see so many parents attend and Ms Jebb addressed the girls and explored the meaning of Lent. Project Compassion boxes are available in each classroom as well as at the reception desk in Grange Hill for those who wish to contribute to this worthy cause. Pancakes, as always, were the order of the day on the preceding Tuesday as the girls enjoyed a variety of pancake toppings and Shrove Tuesday activities.

P1010403 (2).jpg

Thursday 11 February saw the beginning of the Year 3 Sacrament of Penance preparatory program with a workshop run by Pia from the Presentation Family Group. The workshop enabled parents and students alike to explore the concept of reconciliation and of saying sorry.

The students from the Early Years joined the Middle and Later Years students to celebrate the Commencement Eucharist on Tuesday 16 February with some of the Early Years students taking part in the Offertory procession. All the girls participated in making a class poster celebrating our 2016 College Theme, Fidelity and Joy in the Year of Mercy, and were joined by the ELC children for a special commissioning ceremony of Ms Karen Jebb as principal of Genazzano FCJ College.

We congratulate Year 1, student Simone Leonetti on being the face of the 2016 Good Friday Appeal for The Royal Children’s Hospital.

 Please visit College Dates for the Next Fortnight for upcoming dates.

Jackie Horgan
Director, Early Years


News from Middle Years

Some special moments at the start of the Year 5C Genazzano journey

This week is the beginning of Lent. We celebrated Shrove Tuesday by eating pancakes because years ago people put all the ingredients they had together like egg, milk and flour and made pancakes before they fasted. We had a great day. On Ash Wednesday, the Year 5s had a liturgy at school. We talked about why we get crosses out of ashes on our foreheads from the leaves used in the previous year’s Palm Sunday Mass. Lent is a time when we give up something and think about people who are less fortunate than us. Every single class at Genazzano has a Project Compassion Box where we can donate money to those in need. Alex Abeyewardene

We had our first instrumental lesson. In the Madeleine Centre, some of our music teachers performed for us and it sounded great.  We tried out some of the instruments; learning how to blow, hit or strum. 5C was in the band area and we tried bass guitars, trombones, trumpets, euphoniums and French horns. Everyone made interesting noises. It was lots of fun and a great opportunity to see and hear the different instruments. Emma Purcell

My first day at school was probably one of the best days ever. When mum left the classroom I got a bit nervous but once all my friends came I started to have a lot of fun. Genazzano is very different to my old school. There are more facilities, more freedom and lots of co-curricular activities. I’m glad that I came to Gen. All the teachers are nice and understanding and all of the girls from Grange Hill were very welcoming. If we were a bit nervous they comforted us. After one day I felt like I had been going to Genazzano my whole life! Matilda Duncan


Careers News

Year 12 Interviews

All Year 12 students are currently attending careers appointments during one of their study periods to prepare them for the year ahead - outlining goals, important dates, available courses and events to attend. They are being shown how to do research on the VTAC website using Course Search and how to be prepared should they need to do extra requirements for courses such as medicine, art, design and performing arts. Ideas and suggestions are discussed with those students not sure where they might like to go after Year 12. Please remind your daughter to book into the calendars made available to them. They have been sent detailed information and instructions via email.

Year 9 Career Development

The Year 9 Career Development Program started this week with a session on being prepared for the future, having goals, and why it is important to learn how to network, make phone calls to potential employers and present well at interview. Next week they will start on learning how to put together a resume to assist in finding part time work and also as part of their preparation for work experience next year.

Useful Career Planning Website

It can be difficult finding information both support your daughter in her career planning. This government website has a wealth of information for you and your daughter to access and can provide a large amount of information to research and explore. Go to the Youth Central website for more information.

Judy O'Donohue
Careers Advisor


Drama News

The Drama department is delighted to announce that three students from the VCE Theatre Studies Class of 2015 have been invited to perform at the Melbourne Arts Centre, as part of the VCE Season of Excellence: Top Class Theatre Studies concert this year. These students were chosen from the top-scoring VCE Stagecraft examination performances.

We congratulate:

  • Phoebe Richardson for her fine performance of Mark Antony from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar
  • Amelia Costigan on her interpretation of Ruth, a rugged journalist in the Vietnam War from Terence O’Connell’s adaptation of the novel Minefields and Miniskirts
  • Freya Halse who created a striking costume and make-up design for the witch from Sondheim’s musical Into the Woods.

Well done girls!

Gabrielle Quin
Curriculum Leader: Drama


Information and eLearning Technologies News

Devices for Year 5 and 6

During the first week of term, ICT services distributed over 50 MacBook Airs to the Year 5 students and over 60 devices to Year 6 students. In addition, Mr Hutchings presented to both year levels about safe use and care of the devices. Parents are reminded that the guide, Staying Safe Online, has been created to assist parents with the effective use of these devices to support their daughter’s home learning. More ICT resources can be found on the ICT at Genazzano webpage.

Mobile telepresence - extra support in times of need


A reminder, the College mobile telepresence solution is available for students who are unable able to attend school due to an ongoing illness or unforeseen circumstances. This technology enables students to remotely attend and move around classes, via any fast internet connection. In conjunction with our College learning management system, College ICT systems are there to remotely support your daughters learning during these difficult times.

If you need to know more, please contact our ICT services desk on or contact Mr Hutchings, Director of Information and eLearning Technology directly on 8862 1261 or


GenTech co-curricular program for 2016


Last week saw the recommencement of the GenTech program for 2016. This lunchtime program is run on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes, in the multimedia room, near the ICT services desk in the d’Houet building. Year 5 and above are all welcome to attend. This semester, we are working on programmable electronics using Arduino, digital wearables and programing our new humanoid NAO robot. If your daughter has any questions about GenTech please come and see Mr Hutchings or one of the ICT service team.


Nathan Hutchings
Director of Information and eLearning Technology


Sports News

GSV Sport

It is each student’s responsibility to:

  • communicate effectively with the coach (either directly at training or through Melonie Fulton in the Sport Office or by email) if ill, injured or otherwise unavailable. This must be done prior to recess on the day before match day
  • play only for the team in which you are named/selected. Students are not permitted to swap teams without prior approval
  • attend all training sessions and ALL matches when selected; regardless of the venue
  • make their way straight to the Kew campus for home matches immediately after leaving All Hallows (for Year 9 only)
  • advise the coach and Sport Office if not continuing with the sport for that term. This is good manners.

Sports Leaders Breakfast

The 2016 GSV Sport Leaders Breakfast was held recently at Our Lady of Mercy College, Heidelberg. Four student sport leaders, Kaitlin Barr, Eliza Straford, Emma O’Shaughnessy and Ashleigh Pope, represented the College and were accompanied by Mr Wesson. World renowned netballer Australian Bianca Chatfield presented a leadership workshop to the student group. The students sat in mixed table groups so were able to make new friends from across the 24-school GSV affiliation.


The entire Genazzano Rowing team competed at the Firbank Regatta on Saturday 13 February, held on the Barwon River in Geelong. All crews performed strongly in their divisions with the crew of Isobella Dodds, Eliza Rabling, Catherine McCarthy, Mel Comito and coxswain Kate Pengelly (Coach Suzan Andrew) securing a win in their final.


On 27 February, Genazzano is hosting the Junior State Championships also to be held on the Barwon River. We wish all the crews well and thank all the parents in advance for their work in organising this major event.


2016 Centenary Swim Meet

Once again, a very successful and enjoyable edition of this event was held at the College on Friday 12 February. Genazzano finished in a close 2nd place overall behind the winning school, Sacre Coeur.

The Gen Fastest 50m Championship race was won by Megan Grimshaw (Douglas 4) in a time of 30.24secs, narrowly holding out Grace Greenwood. The full field for the Final also included: Emily Condon, Hannah Macdonald, Brianna Mercer and Sara Whitten. Well done girls.

 Centenary Swim Meet_4.jpg Centenary Swim Meet_1_8.jpg
Centenary Swim Meet_19.jpg Centenary Swim Meet_1_3.jpg
Centenary Swim Meet_21.jpg Centenary Swim Meet_18.jpg
Centenary Swim Meet_24.jpg


Swimming – GenAquatic

Victorian Sprint Championships

We congratulate all swimmers who swam in the Victorian Sprint Championships. GenAquatic had a great two days of racing with nearly every swim from the GenAquatic swimmers getting a personal best time.

Metro East All Junior

Metro East All Junior swimming competition will be at the new Aquanation in Ringwood. This competition is open to all 14 years and under except swimmers who medalled at the Victorian Age Championships. This event is open to competitive and non-competitive Swimming Victoria competitors and is one of GenAquatic’s most competed events. Competitive members can enter online.

28 February 2016- Kew Encouragement Meet

This competition is open to member and non-members of Swimming Victoria. All events are 50 meters. This is a great meet as it is local and a great introduction to competition. Enter online.

Genazzano Friends of Sport

The Friends of Sport is an informal group, committed to supporting the overall health and wellbeing of students through physical activity. The Friends of Sport group meet regularly throughout the year and extend an open invitation to interested parents to attend.

The first meeting for 2016 is scheduled for Wednesday 24 February here at the College.

For further details, please contact the Chair, Mr John King, at or 0418 383 664.

Matthew Wesson
Director of Sport


News from the GFA

Welcome back for 2016 – This will be another sensational year for all GFA Dads! Our theme for this year is ‘on a journey together’. We look forward to the many opportunities ahead of us, to share some really special times as we travel on a journey together with our children, other Gen dads and the College to make a difference.

Year 9-12 Father Daughter Mass

We started the year with the Year 9-12 Father-Daughter Mass on 7 February. Around 50 dads and daughters attended, on what was a fabulous morning. Big thanks to Fr Peter Malone for sharing Mass with us all, and the dads who helped with both the service and the sumptuous breakfast afterwards:

  • Moses El-Fahkri
  • Michael Gaffney
  • Ian McDonald
  • Neville Drake
  • Julian Di Battista.

We raised $264 for the FCJ missions on the day.

GFA9-12mass2(2016).JPG GFA9-12mass5(2016).JPG

First GFA Meeting

The first GFA meeting of the year was held on 10 February 10, with 15 plus dads present. We were honoured to have our College Principal, Ms Karen Jebb in attendance. We officially started the ball rolling and laid out our plans and targets for 2016.


GFA Footy Tipping Competition

Yes, it’s on again, the sensational competition with great weekly and end of season prizes! However, the GFA needs your support to make this a success. Please see the flyer or go to the GFA Events website to sign up yourself, your daughter, family, friends and business associates, and get ready to kick start the season!

GFA Emails

Are you receiving GFA emails? Emails are the best way for the GFA to keep dads up to date with what is happening. If these are not reaching you, please let me know ( and you will be added to the distribution list.

Remember that to be a father is a gift, to be a Gen Dad is a rare privilege that we celebrate by Loving, Laughing and Making a Difference.

Rob Bischof
President, Genazzano Fathers’ Association

News from the GMA

Class Representatives Meeting

This week was our first Class Representatives meeting, where we learnt about the role of the class rep and how to organise year level events. The notes from the presentation are available on School Box in the Class Reps folder. Class reps are now planning social events for each year level so keep an eye out for invitation emails.

Please find below the contact details of our class rep coordinators for this year:

Also below are the contact details for TryBooking:

School Textbook Donations to Charity

Gilda Riccio has done another wonderful job by packaging up over 20 boxes of school textbooks that couldn’t be used by the College. She has arranged for them to be collected by the 20th Man Youth Fund Back to School Program. This program provides books and stationery to young people in Victoria, who need assistance to continue at school. As there is such a high demand, we have decided to collect the second batch of donations. If you have any school textbooks that cannot be used, please consider giving them to a worthy cause.

School textbooks can be left at the Second Hand Uniform Shop on Tuesdays, 8.00am-11.30am or 2.30pm-4.00pm. The final day for donations is Tuesday 1 March.

Ladies Luncheon

Our inaugural Ladies Luncheon will be held on Friday 18 March at Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club. Please support this College wide event by getting a table of friends together. Bookings can be made through TryBooking.

Gen Open Day

The College Open Day is on Sunday 20 March. The GMA provides refreshments and afternoon tea, for visitors and our girls who help out. We are in need of helpers to either set up or serve refreshments on the day. Please contact Kerri Stiles ( or Cathy Woodhouse ( if you can assist.

Please visit College Dates for the Next Fortnight for upcoming dates.

Carmel Greer
President, Genazzano Mothers' Association


Latest News

  1. Matt Welsh, new Performance Mentor at Genazzano

  2. GenWelcomes 2016

Matt Welsh, new Performance Mentor at Genazzano

Matt Welsh_1.jpgFormer Olympian, Matt Welsh, has recently started as the new Performance Mentor in Genazzano's Sports and Aquatics department. Below is a piece written by Matt, outlining his thoughts on working at Gen:

After spending more than four hours at a pool every day for over 13 years, you would think that I wouldn’t ever want to set foot in an aquatic centre again! And I admit that I thought the same, but how wrong I was! There was something missing in my life being away from the pool and now in my new role as Performance Mentor with the Aquatic and Sports departments at Gen, I feel like I have come home.

The Genazzano community has been very welcoming and fantastic to work with. So far I have met many at the school through involvement with numerous PE classes, the GenStar Wellbeing Program, GenSwim (our learn to swim program), GenAquatic (our resident swimming club) and of course with the Genazzano Swim Team at the recent Centenary Swim Meet.

I have a great affection for Genazzano as my two daughters are at Grange Hill and my wife is Genazzano Alumnae as well. I too spent many hours at the Genazzano Aquatic Centre every day, in preparation for the Olympics and that training yielded me three Olympic medals and a few world records for good measure. So you could say that Genazzano holds an important place in our family.

I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to be back at the Genazzano pool and share my knowledge and enthusiasm for swimming and sport with the next ‘Gen’eration. I look forward to seeing you all on the pool deck soon.

Centenary Swim Meet_1_1.jpg

Matt Welsh
Former Olympian and new Performance Mentor (Sports & Aquatics)


GenWelcomes 2016: Another Night to Remember

The essential elements for a great night all came together last Saturday – perfect weather, good conversation and delicious food in the company of new and old friends – resulting in another memorable GenWelcomes!

The effort of parents and helpers from both the GMA and GFA was very much appreciated, not just on the night but in the weeks and months in the lead up. So much planning takes place, with nothing left to chance. The only element out of our control is the weather, but again the sun shone in the afternoon during set up, leaving us with a beautiful mild night and just a drizzle of rain at the end of the evening.

More than 530 parents and guests were treated to a sit-down meal in the Circular Drive, preceded by Mass at All Hallows earlier in the evening celebrated by Fr. Brendan. On arrival at Genazzano, guests were warmly welcomed by members of the GFA and presented with a cooling drink before moving to their allocated tables.

The night was a wonderful opportunity to showcase the strong community that exists at our College and extend a warm welcome to our new Principal Ms Karen Jebb. Watch the video of her opening remarks.

It was a magical night under the watchful gaze of the Wardell Building which was showcasing its best features under the spotlight.  

The success of the evening depends on all parties working closely and tirelessly together. Thanks must go to the College staff, the GFA and the GMA.

Photos from the evening

160213GEN-101.jpg 160213GEN-026.jpg
160213GEN-020.jpg 160213GEN-028.jpg
160213GEN-048.jpg 160213GEN-093.jpg
160213GEN-069.jpg 160213GEN-062.jpg
160213GEN-092.jpg 160213GEN-043.jpg
160213GEN-017.jpg 160213GEN-049.jpg



Open Morning

Wednesday 24 February 2016
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Anything Goes (Genazzano/Xavier Musical)

Anything Goes.jpg

Wednesday 24 - Saturday 27 February 2016
from 7.30pm
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Developing a Growth Mindset for Optimal Learning


Wednesday 9 March
Booking details to be confirmed
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GMA Ladies Lunch

Ladies Lunch.jpg

Friday 18 March 2016
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Open Day

Sunday 20 March 2016
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College Dates for the Next Fortnight

Friday 19 February, 6.00pm

GFA Greetings BBQ, Madeleine Centre

Sunday 21 February

Metro East All Junior Trials

Monday 22 February

ELC-Year 4 Learning and Wellbeing Conversations

Tuesday 23 February

Middle Years Information Evening

Wednesday 24 February

Open Morning

Wednesday 24 February, 9.00am

Early Years Assembly, Dr Judith Elizabeth Paphazy Early Learning Resource Centre

Wednesday 24 February

GMA Year 3 Morning Tea

Wednesday 24 – Saturday 27 February

Anything Goes (Gen/Xavier Musical), Eldon Hogan Performing Arts Centre, Xavier College

Sunday 28 February

10th Annual Kew Encouragement Meet

Sunday 28 February, 9.30am

ELC-Year 4 Father/Daughter/Son Mass, College Chapel

Wednesday 2 – Friday 4 March

Year 7 Camp

Please visit our website for a full list of 2016 Term Dates or our College calendar.


Community News

Catholic Parish of Ivanhoe - 2016 Sacramental Enrolments

Brochures and enrolment forms are available for Parish Sacramental programs, which include Confirmation, Reconciliation and Eucharist. Please note that enrolments are only accepted from families who live within the Parish, which includes Ivanhoe, Ivanhoe East, Ivanhoe West and Eaglemont. Proof of address is required.

Enrolment forms are available from the Parish Office. Please call 9499 1515 or email Go to the Parish website for more details.

Closing date is Friday 11 March 2016. It is not always possible to accept late enrolments.

Our Lady of Good Counsel and All Hallows Parish, Deepdene and Balwyn - Sacramental Program for 2016

Young parishioners of Our Lady of Good Counsel and All Hallows Parish are invited to enrol in the Parish’s Sacramental Program. School aged children are provided with preparation for their reception for the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Year 3), Sacrament of the Eucharist (Year 4) and Sacrament of Confirmation (Year 6). Once the preparation stage has been completed, these young people are presented for the sacrament. These sacraments will be celebrated in the parish this year as follows:


Weekends of 7-8 May, 14-15 May and 21-22 May
(Catechist Preparation Program commences Friday, 4 March)


Sunday 11 September
(Catechist Preparation Program commences Friday, 29 July)


Wednesday 9 and Thursday 10 November
(Catechist Preparation Program commences 7 October)

Please visit the Parish website and complete the relevant online enrolment form or contact Tricia Norman on 9816 9291 or for more details. Please note that the Sacramental Program is open to those families who reside within the parish boundaries.

Friends of Romania Committee - The Lady in the Van screening

You're invited to a film afternoon at the Lido (Hawthorn), to help raise funds for the Friends of Romania Committee.

Come along to see the latest Maggie Smith film, The Lady in the Van on Sunday 6 March at 2.00pm. Devonshire Tea will be served in the foyer after the movie.


Tickets are only $25! Information on purchasing tickets is available via the flyer.

RSVP by Thursday 25 February. For more information, please contact Julie Chamberlin via